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Early Tightrope Walking Ad 1827...

Item #215438

November 10, 1827

NATIONAL JOURNAL, Washington, Nov. 10, 1827.

* Early tightrope walking (funambulism) ad

* Mr. Villalave

Page 3 has a notice for a performance by Mr. Villalave and Company at the Washington Theatre. Has details about the performances, plus a woodcut of a tight rope walker doing a juggling routine. News of the day includes: "The Presidency" "Pennsylvania" "Important From Ver
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Henry W. Longfellow Poem 1849....

Item #215386

May 04, 1849

SALEM GAZETTE, Salem, Mass., May 4, 1849.

* Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

* Front Page Poem
The front page has a poem: Resignation. By Henry W. Longfellow. News of the day includes: "Kentucky Emancipation Convention" "Cholera at New Orleans" "California Emigrants" and much more. Interesting advertisements as well. First leaf is trimmed close at t
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1810 Trade with France Resumes.....

Item #215364

November 12, 1810

CONNECTICUT MIRROR, Hartford, Nov. 12, 1810.

* Trade with France resumes

* President James Madison proclamation

The front page has A Proclamation reinstating trade with France, signed in type: James Madison. Madison did so because he thought the Berlin and Milan Decrees had been rescinded by France. Such was not the case and the French continued to harass American shipping
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Robert Fulton 1807 Invention....

Item #215318

July 23, 1807

INDEPENDENT CHRONICLE, Boston, July 23, 1807


* Robert Fulton invention

Page 2 has a report from New-York stating that the Governor, Sec. of War and others "...attended at Ft. Jay, when Mr. Fulton exhibited and explained the principles of his machinery for blowing up ships..." plus a few details about the experiment to be conducted the next day. Other news of the day in
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Pennsylvania Deer Hunting 1839...

Item #215183

November 30, 1839

THE MADISONIAN, Washington, November 30, 1839


* Pennsylvania Deer Hunting

* 1839 Washington D.C.

Front page topical report: Deer Hunting In Wyoming (Pa.) Obviously discusses hunting red deer but also mentions Wilkesbarre, Luzerne, and Harveys Lake.

Other news of the day includes: "New Lead Mines" "The National Convention" "Election Of President&q
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1828 Religion....

Item #215146

January 02, 1828

ZIONS HERALD, Boston, Jan. 2, 1828.

* Carrier's Address
* 1828

Back page has a poem: "New Years Address To The Patrons Of Zions Herald". Mostly Religious content throughout. Scattered foxing spots. 4 pages in good condition.

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1854 Prints.....

Item #215121

March 01, 1854


* Genesse Falls print
* Map of Virginia, Dora Coal Mines

Inside has a nice 4 1/2 by 5 1/2 inch view: Rochester And The Genesee Falls and a 3 1/2 by 5 3/4 inch view: Railroad Bridge At Portage (N.Y.) Full page map: Map of Virginia Showing the location of the Dora Coal Mines. Ornate masthead has a nice illustration of the Capitol buil
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Ransom Cook On Convicts In 1843...

Item #215056

February 04, 1843

NEW YORK STATE MECHANIC, Albany, Feb. 4, 1843.


* Ransom Cook

* The Employment of Convicts

Mr. Cook's Report On The Employment Of Convicts takes all of the front page, and all of pages 2 and 3, signed in type: Ransom Cook.

Other topics include: "The Piano Forte" "Discovery Of Coal In New York" "Self Made Men" and more. Quarto-size, 8 pages, subscribers name written in the left
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1829 Rare Title....

Item #215043

May 27, 1829

THE SOUVENIR, Phila., May 27, 1829.

* Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
* 1829

Inside has a Soliloquy Of A Drunkard's Wife. Other various topics such as: "The Menageries" "Cinnamon Fields Of Ceylon" and more. Quarto-size , 8 pages, has areas of lite staining, with some in this content, otherwise in good condition.
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Martin Van Buren Act 1840....

Item #215036

August 07, 1840

THE MADISONIAN, Washington, Aug. 7, 1840.


* Martin Van Buren

* Treasury Act

On the front under The Subtreasury Bill is: An Act to provide for the collection, safe-keeping, transfer and disbursement of the public revenue. Known as the Independent Treasury Act, it is signed in type: M. Van Buren. Other news of the day includes: "Libel Suits" "North Carolina Election" "The Reported
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From a Confederate stronghold just months before the Civil War breaks out...

Item #215025
THE DAILY JOURNAL, Wilmington, North Carolina, 1861 Here is an issue from the early months of 1861 not long before the "official" outbreak of the Civil War in April, 1861. Wilmington was a strategic port city which was not captured by the Yankees until early in 1865. As such it held much significance during the War. This is a very nice four page issue filled with various news of the day & a hu... See More  

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Handsome masthead makes it nice for display...

Item #215016
MIDDLESEX GAZETTE, Middletown, Connecticut, 1826 Not only is this a nice, "newsy" newspaper from the early part of the 19th century, but perhaps the best feature of this issue is the very handsome masthead which includes nice lettering and a large engraving of a heraldic eagle with sunrays emanating behind it, making it a nice candidate for display. Many of the ads are illustrated as well. Co... See More  

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Chess Player's Chronicle...

Early sports and theater - 1847...

Item #214868
SPIRIT OF THE TIMES, newspaper from New York City, dated in 1847. There is much reporting on sports of the day, as this newspaper is subtitled: "A Chronicle of the Turf, Agriculture, Field Sports, Literature and the Stage." An interesting feature is the back page which contains a column titled "Chess Player's Chronicle" which illustrates a particular chess situation, plus o... See More  

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Four issues from our nation's capital...

Item #214718
(4) A lot of 4 issues from Washington, D.C., all dated from the 1820's through 1850's - from four different titles.  They contain a wealth of both political and non-political news from the early period of our federal capital.  All are complete and in good condition. Some foxing & minimal wear, generally in nice condition.  The issues shown are representative of... See More  

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Colonel Atkinson & Peter Kerr...

Item #214664

November 10, 1819


* Expedition of the Upper Missouri
* Colonel Atkinson

Page 2 has Intelligence for the Expedition to the Upper Missouri stating that Kerr left Manuels Fort and later met ...the Western Engineer, Maj. Long and party, 12 miles below the mouth of the river Platte....On the 12th he met Col. Atkinson 175 miles below the Council Bluffs. The
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Stock Prices Of 1806...

Item #214362

January 27, 1806

BOSTON GAZETTE, Jan. 27, 1806.


* Stock Prices

* 1806 Boston Massachusetts

Taking much of the front page is a large chart: Wholesale Prices Current At Boston. Also has the Prices Of Stocks Premiums of Insurance and Course Of Exchange. News of the day includes: "Colonial Trade" "Inland Improvements" "Grand Army" and more. 4 pages in good condition.
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James Monroe 1820 Message...

Item #213917

November 22, 1820

MASSACHUSETTS SPY, OR WORCESTER GAZETTE, Nov. 22, 1820 Page 2 has: The MESSAGE of the President of the United States. Concludes on page 3, signed in type: James Monroe. Bit of lite soiling in the upper part of the front page, some margin dirtiness, traces of foxing. Untrimmed.

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Joseph Mckean Bowdoin College 1802....

Item #213833

September 10, 1802



* Joseph McKean

* 1st Bowdoin College President

* 1802 Original

Brief report on page 3: The Rev. Joseph McKean, was formally inducted into the office of Bowdoin College, on the 2d inst. The College Edifice is called Massachusetts Hall.

Other news of the day includes: "Fever At Philadelphia" "The Indians Becoming Tr
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Horace Greeley journeys west.....

Item #213786

July 19, 1859

NEW-YORK DAILY TRIBUNE, July 19, 1859  Page 6 has: "An Overland Journey. XIV. Lo! The Poor Indian" initialed at the end: H.G.

Horace Greeley, founder & editor of the New York Tribune, visited the Yosemite Valley in 1859 during his trip to the West. The series of 34 travelogue articles is significant as it was the first widely-distributed news about Yosemite that brought Yosemit... See More  

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1831 Carrier's Address....

Item #213668

January 03, 1831


* Carrier's Address

* 1831 Original News

 Page 2 has a lengthy poem: The Post Boys Address, To the Patrons of the New Hampshire Patriot and State Gazette. News of the day and several interesting advertisements as well. A bit irregular at the spine, otherwise in good condition.
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Seated Liberty Dollar Coin 1842 News...

Item #213667

September 17, 1842

DOLLAR WEEKLY, Phila., Sept. 17, 1842.


* Seated Liberty

* Dollar Coin Masthead

* Print

* 1842 Original News

The masthead has an engraving of a dollar coin which was the cost of an annual subscription. Page 3 report: Great, Bloody and Brutal Prize Fight between Otis Lilly and Tom McCoy--Death of McCoy.

Other news of the day includes: "The Late Indian Murders In Florida" "Pre
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Uncommon Title From 1807....

Item #213583

May 02, 1807



* Uncommon Title

* 1807 Original

* Small Sized Issue

* Measures 8 x 5 inches

Has commentary, topical items, bit of news and some literary content, including a political poem: De Witt And His Gang. A volume II issue. Uncommon title. Octavo-size, 16 pages.
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Uncommon Title From 1850...

Item #213536

August 15, 1850

THE MESSENGER BIRD, N.Y., Aug. 15, 1850.


* 1850 Orignal

* Uncommon Title

Described in the masthead as: A Literary And Musical Journal. Various literary and music-related content. Quarto-size, 16 pages, tattered and worn at the edges, worn at the spine, fold tear on the front page, a few stains.

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Advertisement Extra In 1805....

Item #213522

May 06, 1805

BOSTON GAZETTE EXTRA, May 6, 1805 A folio-size singlesheet containing all advertisements and notices. Nice condition.

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1854 Lawrenceburg IN....

Item #213508

February 14, 1854

INDEPENDENT PRESS, Lawrenceburgh, Ind., Feb. 14, 1854.


* Lawrenceburg IN

* 1854 Original

* Indiana

* Uncommon

Has bits of news, topical reports, anecdotes, ads, and some literary content.

News of the day includes: "Sad Suicide" "A Sheriff Missing" and more Several interesting advertisements as well. Bit of lite rubbing on the front page, stain on the back page, otherwi
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1818 Northwest Expedition

Item #213486

December 01, 1818

CONNECTICUT COURANT, Hartford, Dec. 1, 1818.

* Northwest Expedition

* Ship Isabella

* 1818
On page 3 under Northern Expedition is a very detailed letter from an officer aboard the ship Isabella, employed in the North-West Expedition. Mentions Wygatt Island, Greenland, Four Island Point, Disko, Riskoll, Woman Islands, Black Hook, and Sandersons Hope. Much about the weather c
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1817 Missouri Lawyer Murder....

Item #213451

November 07, 1817

SALEM GAZETTE, Salem, Mass., Nov. 7, 1817.


* Thomas Hart Benton

* Missouri Lawyers

* Murder

* 1817 Original News

On pg. 2 under Missouri is a report from St. Louis, stating in part: Charles Lucas, Esq. a lawyer, was honoroubly murdered in that place, by Col. Benton, another lawyer. The quarrel originated in an electioneering canvas..., plus a few other details. Probably th
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John Quincy Adams In 1825....

Item #213410

December 14, 1825

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, Dec. 14, 1825.


* John Quincy Adams

* 1825 Annual Message

* Original News

The Message of the President takes much of the front page and concludes on page 2, signed in type: John Quincy Adams. Other news of the day includes: "Fire" "Boston Banks" "Bankrupt System" and more. Several interesting advertisements as well. Subscribers name written above
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Martin Van Buren In 1839...

Item #213395

April 22, 1839



* Martin Van Buren Act

* 1839 Concord NH

* Florida Indians

An Act making appropriations for the...expenses of the Indian Department, and for fulfilling treaty stipulations with the Various Indian tribes, for 1839, signed in type: Martin Van Buren. Other news of the day includes: "Florida Indians" "New York Electi
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1823 Albany NY....

Item #213335

March 22, 1823



* Albany New York NY

* Uncommon Title From 1823

* Original

Has some literary content, various commentary and a few ads. A volume II issue. Measures 14 3/8 by 10 1/4 inches, 4 pages, some lite foxing, otherwise in good condition. Early and uncommon from Albany.
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1811 Edmund Charles Genet....

Item #213279

September 24, 1811

NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, Washington, Sept. 24, 1811.

* 1811 Edmund Charles Genet

* Original Newspaper

The front page has a letter: Comments On Armed Neutrality, By Edward C. Genet, a citizen of New-York, signed in type: Edmund Charles Genet. Other news of the day and several interesting advertisements. Two minor stray notations next to the masthead, a few foxing spots.
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1827 Warren, Rhode Island Newspaper....

Item #213259

January 06, 1827

NORTHERN STAR, AND WARREN AND BRISTOL GAZETTE, Warren, Rhode Island, January 6, 1827

* 1827 Warren Rhode Island

* Original Newspaper

Has general news of the day including: "Florida Lands" "Congress" "To The Unmarried" and more. Many interesting advertisements as well.

A Volume I issue of this uncommon title from the Ocean State. Lite margin staining, otherw
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1832 Concord NH - Martin Van Buren....

Item #213216

April 16, 1832


* Martin Van Buren

* Creek Indians

* 1832 Concord NH

Page 2 has a letter to the citizens of New York signed in type: Martin Van Buren. Concerned the rejection of his nomination to the Senate. Also a report stating that the Senate ratified the treaty with the Creek Indians.

Other news of the day includes: "Mutiny" "Life
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1811 Samuel Chase Address....

Item #213212

August 03, 1811

NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, Washington City, Aug. 3, 1811.


* Samuel Chase Address

* 1811 Original Newspaper

* Complete

The front page has the Address of Samuel Chase, Esq. To his Constitutents, the voters of Anne Arundle county, on the right of Constituents to instruct their Representatives, signed in type: Samuel Chase. Other news of the day with advertisements. Subscribers n
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1803 Chelmsford MA Glass House....

Item #213174

November 19, 1803



* Chelmsford Massachusetts MA

* Glass House Built

* Glass Manufacturing

On page 2 under Massachusetts Glass is a report stating that an extensive Glass-House has been constructed at Chelmsford at the junction of the Middlesex Canal and the Merrimack River by the proprietors of the Glass Manufactory. Says: The furnaces have been blowing for som
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1817 Salem MA - Stolen $100 Notes....

Item #213037

April 15, 1817

SALEM GAZETTE, Salem, Mass., April 15, 1817.


* $100 Notes Stolen

* Suspect Swallowed Them

* He Was Made To Cast Them Up
* 1817 Salem MA

A pg. 3 report from Philadelphia mentions that four persons were arrested on suspicion of stealing eight $100 notes. Says emetics were administered and one of the suspects ...cast up two notes...each one hundred dollars. Other news of the day inclu
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1827 Fire Engines....

Item #212985

September 24, 1827

CONNECTICUT COURANT, Hartford, Sept. 24, 1827.


* 1827 Fire Engines

* Hartford Connecticut

Page 2 has a report from a Windsor, (Vt.) Journal: Coopers Patent Rotative Fire Engine. Other news of the day includes: "Counterfeit Notes" "Destructive Fire" "The Frigate Hussar" and more. Several interesting advertisements as well. 4 pages in nice condition.
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1810 Mungo Park Scottish - African Explorer....

Item #212973

November 19, 1810

CONNECTICUT MIRROR, Hartford, Nov. 19, 1810.


* Mungo Park

* Scottish Explorer

* Africa

The front page has a letter concerning the safety of the enterprising explorer, Mungo Park, stating in part: ...I have received authentic information...that Mungo Parke, the African Traveller, was seen...the month of March last, eight days journey, or about 120 miles east of Tombuctoo...
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1832 Andrew Jackson...

Item #212969

December 03, 1832



* Andrew Jackson

* 1832 Election

The back page has a poem about Andrew Jackson: The Patriot President. Tune-- Whall be King but Charley.

News of the day includes: "Louisiana Election" "Presidential Election" "Federal Calculation" and much more. 8 pages in nice condition.
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1827 Frontier Posts Inspected....

Item #212932

September 18, 1827

AMERICAN MERCURY, Hartford, Sept. 18, 1827.


* Frontier Posts

*1827 Hartford Connecticut

A page 3 letter under General Orders discusses the recent military inspection of the frontier posts south and west of the Hudson River, and the Lower Lakes, by the General Chief of the Army, mentioning his sentiments of proud satisfaction, signed in type: R. Jones, the Adjutant General. Other news o
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1811 Snake Bite Cure...

Item #212909

August 06, 1811

NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, Washington, Aug. 6, 1811

* 1811 Snake Bite Cure

* U.S. Frigate Constitution

The front page has a lengthy article: On The Cure Of Persons Bitten By Snakes. Brief item on pg. 2 says: The frigate Constitution sailed from Annapolis, bound to France, with Mr. Barlow, and others on board....

Other news of the day includes: "To The People of Maryland" "Insurrection and M
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1860 Pemberton Mills Fire....

Item #212901

January 12, 1860

NEW YORK HERALD, Jan. 12, 1860.

* Pemberton Mills Fire

* Lawrence Massachusetts

Front page has: The Lawrence Catastrophe Full Particulars of the Falling and Burning of the Pemberton Mills An Immense and Horrid Holocaust of Human Life 600 Operatives Buried Beneath the Ruins 300 Persons Killed and Wounded & more. A detailed report about this tragic fire in Massachusetts in which man
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1810 James Madison & The French...

Item #212900

November 14, 1810

CONNECTICUT COURANT, Hartford, Nov. 14, 1810.


* James Madison

* Trade With France & U.K.

Page 2 has A Proclamation which reinstated trade with France and forbade any trade with Great Britain, signed in type: James Madison. Believing that Napoleon had rescinded the Berlin and Milan Decrees, Madison issued the aforementioned proclamation. He was, however, deceived by the French, and
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1806 New York Harbor Survey....

Item #212895

August 22, 1806

THE REPERTORY, Boston, Aug. 22, 1806.


* New York Harbor

* Size Survey

Page 2 has a report about a survey of the harbor, bay and narrows of New York with a few details about specific distances and depths. Mentions Signal Hill, Powles Hook, Buttermilk Channel, and Whitehall slip.

Other news of the day. Archival mend to a tear at the bottom of each leaf, and in the upper left corner, ot
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1812 Hartford Connecticut....

Item #212847

February 10, 1812

CONNECTICUT COURANT, Hartford, Feb. 10, 1812.

* Early Recreational Vehicle ?

* 1812 Hartford Connecticut

On page 3 under Inland Navigation is a report about the arrival at Keene, N.H., of the dovel built vehicle called the Travelling Abode. Describes this self-contained moving cottage in detail. Was this the forerunner of the present-day recreational vehicle? Quite interesting! Other news of th
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1853 Manchester New Hampshire...

Item #212836

January 05, 1853

UNION DEMOCRAT, Manchester, N.H., Jan. 5, 1853.


* Manchester New Hampshire

* Carrier's Address...

Page 2 has a lengthy poem: Carriers Address To the Patrons of the Union Democrat. News of the day includes: "The Presidential Election at Sea" "Female Heroism" "California News" and much more. Several interesting advertisements as well. Small piece missing in the lower right corner of the s
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America's oldest continually published newspaper...

Item #212728

August 14, 1805

THE CONNECTICUT COURANT, Hartford, Aug. 14, 1805

* Predecessor of the Hartford Courant, America's oldest newspaper

This is a nice, early issue of America's oldest continually published newspaper, now known as the Hartford Courant, but with this title for most of its history. Over half of the front page is taken up with ads. The inside pages have various news of the day & ads as well... See More  

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Yellowstone Expedition In 1820...

Item #212443

January 14, 1820

CONNECTICUT COURANT, Hartford, Jan. 14, 1820 Pg. 3 has news about Yellow Stone Expedition noting the arrivals of Cols. Atkinson Chambers, Major Biddle, Capts. Smith and Carney at St. Louis, plus a few more details and word about the arrival of other personnel. Other news of the day includes: "Kentucky" "The Vermont Murder" "Restriction Of Slavery" and much more. Some lite staining in unrelated con... See More  

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1859 Horace Greeley Western Journey...

Item #212442

July 16, 1859


* Horace Greeley's journey

* Pikes Peak Diggings

Page 6 has: "An Overland Journey. XIII. The Gold In The Rocky Mountains" initialed at the end: H.G. Horace Greeley, founder & editor of the New York Tribune, visited the Yosemite Valley in 1859 during his trip to the West. The series of 34 travelogue articles is significant as it was the... See More  

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Horace Greeley's famous journey to the West...

Item #212207

October 08, 1859

NEW-YORK DAILY TRIBUNE, Oct. 8, 1859  Page 8 has: "An Overland Journey. XXXI. California Physically Considered"initialed at the end: H.G.

Horace Greeley, founder & editor of the New York Tribune, visited the Yosemite Valley in 1859 during his trip to the West. The series of 34 travelogue articles is significant as it was the first widely-distributed news about Yosemite that bro... See More  

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