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Discovering lime...

Item #208711

May 03, 1851

NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, Washington, May 3, 1851  On pg. 2 under Interesting And Important Discovery is a report discussing the discovery "...of and valuable mineral, Phosphate of Lime, occurring in large quantities in Hurdstown, near the...Morris Canal, in New Jersey..." and more.

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Carrier's Address To Patrons...

Item #208700

January 05, 1824

NEW HAMPSHIRE PATRIOT & STATE GAZETTE, Concord, Jan. 5, 1824 The front page has: The Post Boys Address To The Patrons of the New Hampshire Patriot and State Gazette. Takes 2 1/3 columns. Hole affects two words in the address, bit of lite fold foxing.

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P.T. Barnum...

Item #208685

September 13, 1854

INDEPENDENT PRESS, Lawrenceburgh, Indiana, Sept. 13, 1854 On the ftpg. under Auto-Biography Of Barnum is an excerpt from an early chapter about his first visit to New York. Takes two columns. Lite foxing.

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John Greenlief Whittier...

Item #208683

January 11, 1855

COUNTRY GENTLEMAN, Albany, N.Y., Jan. 11, 1855 Bkpg. has a poem: Maud Muller by John Greenlief Whittier. Quarto-size, 16 pgs., the bkpg. has some foxing, with just a bit in the poem.

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Nathaniel Hawthorne...

Item #208609

August 01, 1842

LONG ISLAND DEMOCRAT, Jamaica, N.Y., Aug. 1, 1842 Taking much of the front page is a short story: The Threefold Destiny. A Fairy Legend. by Nathaniel Hawthorne. Also a poem: Life. By William Cullen Bryant. Subscribers name written above the masthead. Lite foxing.

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James Monroe...

Item #208600

August 14, 1820

NATIONAL ADVOCATE, N.Y. Aug. 14, 1820 The front page has a land claim notice and a land survey notice, each signed in type: James Monroe. First leaf has a small, narrow hole in unrelated content.

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Slave population...

Item #208596

October 13, 1801

MERCURY AND NEW ENGLAND PALLADIUM, Boston, Oct. 13, 1801  Brief item on pg. 2 says: "The slaves form about one sixth part of the population of the United States; and three fifths, the number represented in Congress, about one tenth." Bkpg. ad headed: Spermaceti and Whale Oil with details.

Ftpg. has some ink stains in the left margin, some foxing.

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Nice front page print of Owego, New York...

Item #208585

September 24, 1859

GLEASON'S PICTORIAL LINE-OF-BATTLE SHIP, Boston, Sept. 24, 1859 See the photo for what has to be one of the more ornate & decorative front pages to be found from the 19th century--very displayable! The bottom of the front page has a nice print captioned "View Of The Town of Owego, New York" with a front page article on the town as well. You get the complete 8 page issue which has a few ot... See More  

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Odd Fellows...

Item #208571

September 12, 1851

INDEPENDENT PRESS, Lawrenceburgh, Ind., Sept. 12, 1851 On the front page under Odd Fellows Emblems is a lengthy article which explains the various emblems of the Odd Fellowship. Minor archival mend on the second leaf.

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James Monroe...

Item #208561

March 04, 1822

NEW-HAMPSHIRE PATRIOT AND STATE GAZETTE, Concord, NH March 4, 1822 On the front page under an engraving of an eagle and shield is a Treaty of Peace and Amity between the United States and the Dey and Regency of Algiers, signed in type: James Monroe. Subscribers name written above the masthead.

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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania...

Item #208558

May 23, 1834

AMERICAN SENTINEL, Phila., May 23, 1834  An uncommon title containing mostly ads. Some news and other content on page 2. Occasional foxing.

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New York...

Item #208555

November 09, 1838

NEW YORK TIMES, AND COMMERCIAL INTELLIGENCER, Nov. 9, 1838 Has many ads, some news. A volume I issue of this uncommon title. Each leaf has an archival mend to a minor tear at the spine, bit of lite staining along the spine.

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With interesting illustrations...

Item #208490

November 04, 1807

NEW YORK EVENING POST, Nov. 4, 1807 The front page is filled with ads including 12 illustrated ship ads. Page 3 has an interesting column which contains illustrations of the mocking bird, a squirrel, and a dog (see photo). Eaerly for such illustrations. Complete in 4 pages, nice condition.

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The War of 1812...

Item #207496
COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, dated during the War of 1812.   The issue you will receive is similar to the issues shown in the image - slight wear, minor staining and foxing, etc..  The issue will be dated from during the War of 1812 (between 6/18/1812 and 2/18/1815), and will have war related news and news of the day.  A great issue to own at an incredible price. Although the im... See More  

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Introductory issue at a low price...

Item #207492
THE GENTLEMAN'S MAGAZINE, London,  England. This magazine is dated in the 1820's and contains about 56 pages. The front page has a nice engraving of St. John's Gate.

The issue contains news & articles from around the world and is in nice condition. A nice period item form the 19th century. Please note - the issue you will receive will be dated from the 1820's, and will be... See More  

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Pennsylvania canals & railroads...

Item #207285

October 17, 1829

NILES' WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore, October 17, 1829  This 16 page newspaper has interesting news of the day throughout. A lot of the news in this newspaper is government related. Featured in this issue are interesting reports and figures on Pennsylvania canals and railroads. This issue is in nice condition except for little staining.

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Yellowstone Expedition...

Item #207125

January 09, 1819

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, MA, Jan. 9, 1819 A pg. 2 report from "Kentucky" says that Col. Johnson is preparing two steam boats to ascend the Missouri in the spring, with troops and provisions to the Yellowstone River. Mentions that the expedition group is building a fort at Cow Island 400 miles above St. Louis, that the Indians exhibit a "hostile disposition" and that they cannot proceed withou... See More  

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The Yellowstone expection... Is President Monroe dead?

Item #207123

June 26, 1819

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, June 26, 1819  Page 2 has: "Yellowstone Expedition" which has two letters from Col. Johnson, the first from "off Cape Girardeau" and nearly "50 miles against the current of the Mississippi" with mention of difficult perils encountered on the river, and a second letter reporting that he was at St. Louis with 200 tons of provisions but t... See More  

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Manchester, New Hampshire...

Item #207077

December 22, 1841

MANCHESTER MEMORIAL AND PEOPLES, HERALD, New Hampshire, Dec. 22, 1841  Has literary content, topical reports, bits of news, and ads. Nice masthead.

Has a small hole at the fold juncture, a few stains above the masthead, and a foxing spot in the middle.

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James Monroe returns to Washington...

Item #207041

September 26, 1817

SALEM GAZETTE, Salem, Massachusetts, Sept. 26, 1817 On the front page under "Presidents Return" are details about the reception for President Monroe upon his return to Washington, including the text of a "verbal salutation" from a military officer, plus an address from the mayor, and the Presidents reply, signed in type: James Monroe. In good, untrimmed condition.... See More  

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San Diego as described in 1849...

Item #207024

July 13, 1849

THE SALEM GAZETTE, Massachusetts, July 13, 1849 Page 2 contains an interesting article headed: "San Diego, California" which gives one of the earliest descriptions of this now-famous and now-large city to be found in print anywhere. See the photos below for the full text which describes what was then a quite small village which was: "...a collection of one story adobe hovels & the filth ... See More  

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James Monroe...

Item #206988

May 12, 1823

NEW-HAMPSHIRE PATRIOT & STATE GAZETTE, Concord, May 12, 1823 On the ftpg. under a woodcut of an eagle is: "An Act to regulate the Commercial Intercourse between the United States and certain British colonial ports," signed in type: James Monroe. Subscribers name written above the masthead, two foxing spots in this content.

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African colonization... Artic expedition...

Item #206985

August 22, 1850

NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, Washington, Aug. 22, 1850  Pg. 3 has a letter to the editor: "On African Colonization". Under "Arctic Expedition" is a dispatch from Lieut. De Haven, commander of the U.S. expedition in search of Sir John Franklin.

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Item #206983
THE GENTLEMAN'S MAGAZINE from London England. This magazine is dated: July 1, 1802 and is about 55 pages in length. The front page of this issue has a nice masthead of St. John's Gate and contains news & stories from around the world during this very early time in history. Very interesting reading from the day it was first reported which includes a lengthy article on the life of G... See More  

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Earth rotation study...

Item #206974

May 31, 1851

NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, Washington, May 31, 1851  Ftpg. article: "To Make Artificial Marble And Stone". Also under "Communications" are three letters: "Rotary Motion Of The Earth" "M. Foucaults Demonstration Of The Earths Rotation" "Mr. Foucaults Experiment". Lite rubbing on the front page. 

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The census of 1800...

Item #206938

October 06, 1801

SALEM GAZETTE, Massachusetts, Oct. 6, 1801  Ftpg. has: "New Census" "Views Derived From The New Census". Different tables showing the population changes and the effect on the number of Representatives allotted for various states. Takes a full column.

Archival mend to a tear in the lower left corner of each leaf, occasional foxing.

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Santa Anna...

Item #206930

December 10, 1841

MANCHESTER REPRESENTATIVE, Manchester, N.H., Dec. 10, 1841 Front page: poem: "The Death of the Flowers. By W. C. Bryant". Brief report on pg. 2: "Santa Anna is now said to be...established as Dictator in Mexico. It is also reported that he will...march into the Mexican territory, with an army of 10,000 men.". Bit of lite rubbing on the front page, traces of foxing.

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Mississippi River...

Item #206902

May 01, 1851

NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, Washington, May 1, 1851 Interesting correspondence on the front page under: "Travel On The Mississippi River" takes about 1/2 the column. Page 2 essay: "Means Of Compensating For The Scarcity Of Silver Coin". Bit of rubbing in unrelated content on the ftpg.

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Miniature watch made...

Item #206882

October 26, 1821

SALEM GAZETTE, Salem, Massachusetts, Oct. 26, 1821 An interesting page 2 report reads: "Phineas Davis, of York, Pennsylvania, has made an ingenious little exhibited in the Philadelphia Museum. Its circumference is a little less that a six penny bit, and only 3 16ths of an inch in depth; it...keeps good time, and goes for 30 hours...". Good condition, untrimmed.

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American exports...

Item #206879

February 01, 1812

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, Feb. 1, 1812  Page 2 has a report made to Congress concerning "American Exports". Also a list of "Promotions and Appointments" in the "old establishment" of the United States Army. Occasional foxing. Untrimmed. 4 pages.

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Houses Of Congress...

Item #206877

February 18, 1834

REGISTER OF DEBATES, Washington, Feb. 18, 1834 An ocatavo-size publication containing a "full report" of the debates in both Houses of Congress. A volume I issue (number13) of this title published by the famous Duff Green. Lite stain in the upper right corner, occasional foxing. Has 32 pgs.

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Sunday School...

Item #206847

January 26, 1856

SUNDAY SCHOOL ADVOCATE, N.Y., Jan. 26, 1856 Mostly religious-related content, with a few illustrations and a nice religious-themed masthead. Quarto-size, 8 pgs., traces of foxing. Uncut.

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Newburgh New York...

Item #206823

March 06, 1858

DAILY NEWS from Newburgh, NY and dated March 6, 1858. This 4 page newspaper is in good condition due to the use of cotton and rag paper during this time in history. This issue has news of the day & many interesting advertisements which gives a good idea how life was back then.   A nice issue from this Southern New York town.

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Poet Louise Chandler Moulton...

Item #206735

July 22, 1847

BOSTON EVENING TRANSCRIPT, July 23, 1860 The ftpg. has a poem: "The House In The Meadow. By Louise Chandler Moulton". Moulton was one of the more famous female poets of the era.

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Item #206734

July 22, 1847

NEW YORK HERALD, July 22, 1847 Page 2 articles: "The Watering Places" "Visit to  Saratoga Lake--Magnificent Scenery--Sulphur Springs--The Park at the U.S. Hotel" & "Steamboat St. Louis--Pleasure Trip to Green Bay--Milwaukie--Green Bay and its Island Scenery--The Manitou Islands" & " Mackinaw Island--The Scenery of the Queen Island of the Lakes--The F... See More  

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Holiday Carrier's Address....

Item #206698

January 09, 1826

NEW-HAMPSHIRE PATRIOT & STATE GAZETTE, Concord, Jan. 9, 1826 The front page has: " The Post Boy To The Patrons Of The N.H. Patriot & State Gazette". Bit of lite fold wear and two minor foxing spots in this content, spine is a bit irregular, occasional foxing.

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Holiday Carrier's Address....

Item #206697

January 03, 1831

NEW-HAMPSHIRE PATRIOT AND STATE GAZETTE, Concord, NH, Jan. 3, 1831 Pg. 2 has: " The Post Boys Address To the Patrons of the New-Hampshire Patriot and State Gazette". Lite fold rubbing on the ftpg. causes a small hole in unrelated content, occasional foxing.

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Holiday Carrier's Address....

Item #206696

January 02, 1832

NEW-HAMPSHIRE PATRIOT AND STATE GAZETTE, Concord, Jan. 2, 1832 Taking two columns on pg. 2 is: " The Carriers Address To the Patrons of the New-Hamsphire and State Gazette. 1832". Trimmed close at the top causing minor loss to the masthead, very small hole in the background of the address.

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Civil Rights at Union College...

Item #206693

January 26, 1859

NEW-YORK TRIBUNE, Jan. 26, 1859  On pg. 7 under "Equal Rights At Union College" is a letter which asks if the college, "endorsed by the state", can refuse the admission of a "young colored man", despite his stellar qualifications. Says the college president asked the junior class to make the decision who, by a majority of ten, voted in favor of admission, but he ... See More  

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Siamese Twins Chang-Eng...

Item #206686

February 27, 1837

DAILY NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, Washington, Feb. 27, 1837 Ftpg. ad: "Last Day The Siamese Twin Brothers---CHANG-ENG...have fixed, Wednesday, March 1, as...their last day of...stay in this city...At The Globe Hotel...". Subscribers name written above the masthead.

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Andrew Jackson's State of the Union Address...

Item #206680

December 12, 1831

NEW HAMPSHIRE PATRIOT AND STATE GAZETTE, Concord, Dec. 12, 1831  The " Message" from the President to Congress takes much of pg. 2, signed in type: Andrew Jackson. Bit of lite rubbing in the message, stray writing above the masthead "bleeds" through to pg. 2, occasional foxing.

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Andrew Jackson Treaty...

Item #206603

June 13, 1831

NEW-HAMPSHIRE PATRIOT AND STATE GAZETTE, Concord NH June 13, 1831 On the front page under an engraving of an eagle and shield is "A Proclamation" concerning a "Treaty of Commerce and Navigation between the United States and His Majesty the Emperor of Austria". Includes the articles of the treaty, signed in type: Andrew Jackson. Occasional foxing.

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Various 1847 treaties...

Item #206602

May 14, 1841

NEW-HAMPSHIRE PATRIOT AND STATE GAZETTE, Concord NH May 14, 1841  On pg. 3 under an engraving of an eagle is "A Proclamation" concerning a "Treaty Of Commerce and Navigation between the United States of America and His Majesty the King of Hanover". Includes the articles of the treaty, signed in type: M. Van Buren. Lite fold foxing, mostly on the front page, otherwise in ni... See More  

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Various 1847 treaties...

Item #206601

January 28, 1847

NEW-HAMPSHIRE PATRIOT AND STATE GAZETTE, Concord, Jan. 28, 1847  On the ftpg. under an engraving of an eagle and shield are a "Convention With The Grand Duchy Of Hesse Cassel For The Abolition Of The Droit DAuabaine And Of Taxes On Emigration", a "Treaty With Belgium, Of Commerce And Navigation", a "Treaty With The Two Sicilies Of Commerce And Navigation", a &quo... See More  

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Russell Russell Lowell Poem ...

Item #206593

February 07, 1850

THE DEMOCRAT, Manchester, N.H., Feb. 7, 1850 The ftpg. has a poem: "The First Snow Fall. By James Russell Lowell". Vertical dampstaining in unrelated content affecting each leaf. 4 pages.

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Franklin Pierce resigns from the Senate...

Item #206563

March 10, 1842

NEW-HAMPSHIRE PATRIOT AND STATE GAZETTE, Concord, March 10, 1842  On pg. 2 under "Mr. Pierces Resignation" is a letter from Franklin Pierce to Gov. Page resigning his seat in the U.S. Senate, signed in type: Franklin Pierce.

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Henry Longfellow poem...

Item #206557

January 31, 1850

THE DEMOCRAT, Manchester, N.H., Jan. 31, 1850  Ftpg. has the words of a poem: "The Day is Gone By Longfellow". Vertical dampstaining through the middle does not affect this content.

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United States Bank...

Item #206554

December 23, 1820

NATIONAL ADVOCATE, N.Y., Dec. 23, 1820 Pg. 2 has a "Description Of The Interior Of The New U. States Bank Building". Stray writing above the masthead, trimmed close at the bottom causing minor unrelated loss.

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General William Henry Harrison...

Item #206506

February 19, 1841

MANCHESTER REPRESENTATIVE, Manchester, N.H., Feb. 19, 1841 On pg. 2 under "Arrival of General Harrison" is a commentary stating in part: "Gen. Harrison has...already falsified the profession of log cabin plainness, simplicity and modesty...".

Lite rubbing on the ftpg. some lite foxing.

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Pirate capture & circus advertisement...

Item #206471

July 03, 1820

NATIONAL ADVOCATE, New York, July 3, 1820  "Daring Outrage" on pg. 2 describes the capture of a ship off Cape Henry by a "piratical brig". Pg. 3 has an ad for a "Circus" on Broadway with details about "Monsieur Godreau", a tight- rope walker.

First leaf has a small hole in unrelated content.

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