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Electing a President in 1854...

Item #209882

January 07, 1854

NEW YORK DAILY TRIBUNE, NYC, January 7, 1854. This 8 page newspaper is in good condition. A page 4 article is headed: "ELECTING A PRESIDENT" which talks about the changes in the process of electing the President of the United States. Other articles include: "DISASTER AT SEA" "CENTREVILLE, RHODE ISLAND" and much more. Many advertisements as well.

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1854 Lawrenceburg IN Women Temperance...

Item #209863

June 07, 1854

INDEPENDENT PRESS, Lawrenceburgh, Ind., June 7, 1854 This 4 page newspaper is in good condition. The back page has: An Address Delivered before the Daughters of Temperance...of Lawrenceburgh. By Mrs. Pauline E. Christian What Has Woman To Do In The Temperance Reformation? Other articles include: "Prohibitory Liquor Law" "Baby Show in Canada" and much more. Many interesting advertisement... See More  

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A newspaper by & for the Masons...

Item #209850
MASONIC MIRROR, Boston,  1830 Subtitled: "Science, Literature & Miscellany", and in the masthead is: "The Masonic, is a 'Society Whose Liberal Principles are Founded on the Immutable Laws of Truth & Justice.'--Washington". This is a newspaper by & for the community of Masons with a nice Masonic-themed engraving near the top of the front page. This 8 pag... See More  

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Ornate masthead takes over half of the front page...

Item #209739

April 30, 1853

DODGE'S LITERARY MUSEUM, Boston, April 30, 1853 See the photo below for one of the more detailed and certainly one of the largest masthead illustrations to be found. As the title suggests this 16 page issue has mostly literary content but there is some current news near the back, including "Santa Anna in Mexico". Measures about 10 1/2 by 14 inches, just a bit of light foxing, general... See More  

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Franklin Pierce State of the Union Address...

Item #209716

December 13, 1853

LONG ISLAND DEMOCRAT, Jamaica, N.Y., December 13, 1853. The Presidents Message to Congress takes all of the front page and much of page 2, signed in type: Franklin Pierce. Mentions, among other issues and topics, the expedition to Japan by Commodore Perry. Other news of the day includes various court proceedings and the Jamaica Lyceum. Many advertisements as well. First ... See More  

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Jamaica Long Island NY Carrier's Address...

Item #209705

January 04, 1842

LONG-ISLAND DEMOCRAT, Jamaica, N.Y., Jan. 4, 1842. Taking a full column on the front page is the Carriers Address Of The Long-Island Democrat. Others news of the day including reports on the slave trade, James Glentworth Speech, amendments to the constitution, Wall Street Crash and much more. Staining in the lower right corner, bit of edge wear, small hole above the masthead affecting each le... See More  

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Jamaica Long Island Carrier Address...

Item #209704

January 04, 1853

LONG ISLAND DEMOCRAT, Jamaica, N.Y., Jan. 4, 1853 Front page has the Carriers Address To The Patrons Of The Long-Island Democrat. Takes a column and a bit more. Others headlines throughout this issue include references to: Long Island Railroad, Broadway Railroad, Female Physicians and much more. Stray writing above the masthead, bit irregular at the spine, a few scattered foxing spots, otherwise i... See More  

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The Egypt pyramids are studied...

Item #209500
THE GENTLEMAN'S MAGAZINE, London, August, 1802 and is about 55 pages in length. The front page of this issue has a nice masthead of St. John's Gate and contains news & stories from around the world during this very early time in history. VERY INTERESTING READING from the day it was first reported which includes a report from Giza on the Egyptian pyramids. (see) This issue is in nice co... See More  

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Dollar Coin Newspaper...

Item #209328

October 29, 1842

DOLLAR WEEKLY, N.Y., Oct. 29, 1842 The front page has an engraving and a lengthy caption: The Militia Captain. Has an engraving of a dollar coin in the masthead (the cost of an annual subscription). Tattered and few tears in the outer margin of each leaf, bottom margin is a bit tattered, lite dampstaining in the lower half, otherwise good.  4 pages.

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Concord New Hampshire...

Item #209317

August 04, 1842

NEW-HAMPSHIRE PATRIOT AND STATE GAZETTE, Concord, Aug. 4, 1842 On the front page under Impeachment of the President are the charges which Mr. Botts proposed to prefer against the President. Stray writing above the masthead, some fold foxing, otherwise in good condition.

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John Tyler Veto Message...

Item #209206

September 15, 1841

THE CORRECTOR, Sag-Harbor, September 15, 1841. Page 2 has The Second Veto Message Of President Tyler addressed to Congress and signed in type: John Tyler. Concerned the Fiscal Bank Bill. Archival mend to a small fold tear at the spine, otherwise in good condition.

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Ocean steamers...

Item #209166

May 22, 1851

NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, Washington, May 22, 1851. Page 2 report taking two columns and a bit more: Ocean Steamers The Rise, Progress and Condition of American Ocean Steam Navigation. News of the day. Small hole in the second leaf, otherwise in good condition. 4 pages.

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Presidential Inaugurations...

Item #209038

March 16, 1853

NEW HAMPSHIRE PATRIOT AND STATE GAZETTE, Concord, March 16, 1853. On the front page under Presidential Inaugurations is a full column article with facts and particulars about each of previous sixteen inaugurations. First leaf has two minor holes and an archival mend in the first column, a few non-archival mends inside on pages 3 and 4, traces of foxing.

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Grizzly Bear Attraction...

Item #208978

September 29, 1852

NEW HAMPSHIRE PATRIOT AND STATE GAZETTE, Concord, Sept., 29, 1852. The back page has: The Grisly Bear of California with the report beginning: One of the greatest attractions at the late Ohio State Fair, was a big Grisly Bearfrom the Pacific coast... 4 pages in nice condition.

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General Wilkinson...

Item #208931

November 07, 1806

NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER; AND WASHINGTON ADVERTISER, Nov. 7, 1806. A page 2 report from New Orleans says that Gen. Wilkinson will not resume his duties as governor of Upper Louisiana, and that he recommended Dr. Browne, a brother-in-law of Aaron Burr, to be his successor. Other news of the day. Topical report on pg. 3 about making Good Cider. Inked library stamp on the ftpg. & pg. 3.

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Martin Van Buren...

Item #208924

December 16, 1840

THE CORRECTOR, Sag-Harbor, N.Y., Dec. 16, 1840.The Message From The President Of The United States To The Two Houses Of Congress, takes 3 col. on the front page, all of page 2 and concludes on page 3, signed in type: Martin Van Buren. Some discussion about the measures employed to suppress the slave trade. Bit of margin dirtiness, some foxing.

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Harrison & Tyler....

Item #208908

June 04, 1840

THE MADISONIAN, Washington, June 4, 1840. Has news of the day. Page 3 has a nice engraving supporting the Harrison-Tyler ticket. Nice to have in this uncommon title from Washington. 4 pages in nice condition.  DO NOTE that the issue you recieve will differ in date than the pictured issue.  However it will be of similar content and condition.

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Slavery article on the front and back pages...

Item #208853

February 05, 1845

THE VERMONT CHRONICLE, Windsor, Feb. 5, 1845 The front page has an article: "Dr. Wayland On Slavery--To the Rev. Richard Fuller, D.D." this being letter #5 of a series. This letter takes 2 1/4 columns on the front page & half of a column on pg. 2. The bkpg. has: "Frederika Bremer on Slavery". Complete in 4 pages, a Christian-themed newspaper, very nice, clean condition.

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Andrew Jackson...

Item #208818

May 07, 1831

THE CORRECTOR, Sag-Harbor, N.Y., May 7, 1831. On the front page under Resignation of the Cabinet are the resignation letters of War Sec. Eaton, Treasury Sec. Ingram and Navy Sec. Branch, signed in type by each, with President Jacksons responses, each signed in type: Andrew Jackson. 4 pages in nice condition.

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Indian Battle...

Item #208813

September 30, 1837

THE CORRECTOR, Sag-Harbor, N.Y., Sept. 30, 1837 Page 3 report: Glorious and Tremendous Battle with the Indians!!!, with the report stating in part: The Army have met the enemy, and they are ours!--All hail Columbia, happy land!, plus mention that two principal chiefs, Phillip and Uchee Billy, were captured. Archival mends to three minor tears in the lower margin, area of lite dampstaining, occasio... See More  

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Franklin Pierce...

Item #208800

December 03, 1856

PATRIOT AND UNION, Harrisburg, Pa., Dec. 3, 1856. The Presidents Message takes all of the front page and concludes on page 2, signed in type: Franklin Pierce. Small piece missing at the spine, non-archival mends to four tears, one in this text, small hole at the fold juncture, several short margin tears.

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Sag Harbor circus ad...

Item #208740

May 04, 1839

THE CORRECTOR, Sag Harbor, May 4, 1839  On the front page under Circus are details about the splendid Equestrian Establishment performed by A. Turner, Sons & Co. 4 pages in good condition. Early for circus advertisements.

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Buried alive story...

Item #208737

May 10, 1837

THE CORRECTOR, Sag Harbor, New York, May 10, 1837  On pg. 2 under Buried Alive is part of diary from a man in England, who describes being buried alive. Says the man suffered from attacks especially when there was a full moon, and was believed to be dead, but later awoke after his coffin had been placed in the church vault, and then was rescued after two men heard his cries for help.

Minor p... See More  

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Silk American flag...

Item #208734

February 14, 1831

UNITED STATES TELEGRAPH, Washington, Feb. 14, 1831  On the front page under "Flag Of American Silk" is report about the presentation of a silk American flag to the House of Representatives, with much about the manufacture of the flag and the silk industry. Takes 3 1/2 columns. Foxing.

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New Year's Address to Patrons...

Item #208732

January 07, 1842

MANCHESTER REPRESENTATIVE, New Hampshire, Jan. 7, 1842

* New Year's Address

The front page has the New Years Address To the Patrons of the Representative. Small hole in unrelated content affects each leaf. Foxing in the upper left quarter of the ftpg., with a bit in this content, a few foxing spots.
... See More  

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For the family...

Item #208720

October 04, 1831

THE FAMILY READER, Portland, Maine, Oct. 4, 1831  Has news and topical reports. Old address label above the masthead, archival mends to a few minor margin tears, some margin staining, lite even foxing. 4 pages.

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William Henry Harrison...

Item #208716

September 02, 1841

NEW HAMPSHIRE PATRIOT AND STATE GAZETTE, Concord, Sept. 2, 1841. Pg. 3 has: Funeral Expenses Of William Henry Harrison, Late President of the United States. Quite a detailed list of the expenses. Small area of foxing on pg. 3, other traces of foxing.

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Discovering lime...

Item #208711

May 03, 1851

NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, Washington, May 3, 1851  On pg. 2 under Interesting And Important Discovery is a report discussing the discovery "...of and valuable mineral, Phosphate of Lime, occurring in large quantities in Hurdstown, near the...Morris Canal, in New Jersey..." and more.

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Carrier's Address To Patrons...

Item #208700

January 05, 1824

NEW HAMPSHIRE PATRIOT & STATE GAZETTE, Concord, Jan. 5, 1824 The front page has: The Post Boys Address To The Patrons of the New Hampshire Patriot and State Gazette. Takes 2 1/3 columns. Hole affects two words in the address, bit of lite fold foxing.

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P.T. Barnum...

Item #208685

September 13, 1854

INDEPENDENT PRESS, Lawrenceburgh, Indiana, Sept. 13, 1854 On the ftpg. under Auto-Biography Of Barnum is an excerpt from an early chapter about his first visit to New York. Takes two columns. Lite foxing.

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John Greenlief Whittier...

Item #208683

January 11, 1855

COUNTRY GENTLEMAN, Albany, N.Y., Jan. 11, 1855 Bkpg. has a poem: Maud Muller by John Greenlief Whittier. Quarto-size, 16 pgs., the bkpg. has some foxing, with just a bit in the poem.

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Nathaniel Hawthorne...

Item #208609

August 01, 1842

LONG ISLAND DEMOCRAT, Jamaica, N.Y., Aug. 1, 1842 Taking much of the front page is a short story: The Threefold Destiny. A Fairy Legend. by Nathaniel Hawthorne. Also a poem: Life. By William Cullen Bryant. Subscribers name written above the masthead. Lite foxing.

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James Monroe...

Item #208600

August 14, 1820

NATIONAL ADVOCATE, N.Y. Aug. 14, 1820 The front page has a land claim notice and a land survey notice, each signed in type: James Monroe. First leaf has a small, narrow hole in unrelated content.

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Slave population...

Item #208596

October 13, 1801

MERCURY AND NEW ENGLAND PALLADIUM, Boston, Oct. 13, 1801  Brief item on pg. 2 says: "The slaves form about one sixth part of the population of the United States; and three fifths, the number represented in Congress, about one tenth." Bkpg. ad headed: Spermaceti and Whale Oil with details.

Ftpg. has some ink stains in the left margin, some foxing.

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Nice front page print of Owego, New York...

Item #208585

September 24, 1859

GLEASON'S PICTORIAL LINE-OF-BATTLE SHIP, Boston, Sept. 24, 1859 See the photo for what has to be one of the more ornate & decorative front pages to be found from the 19th century--very displayable! The bottom of the front page has a nice print captioned "View Of The Town of Owego, New York" with a front page article on the town as well. You get the complete 8 page issue which has a few ot... See More  

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Odd Fellows...

Item #208571

September 12, 1851

INDEPENDENT PRESS, Lawrenceburgh, Ind., Sept. 12, 1851 On the front page under Odd Fellows Emblems is a lengthy article which explains the various emblems of the Odd Fellowship. Minor archival mend on the second leaf.

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James Monroe...

Item #208561

March 04, 1822

NEW-HAMPSHIRE PATRIOT AND STATE GAZETTE, Concord, NH March 4, 1822 On the front page under an engraving of an eagle and shield is a Treaty of Peace and Amity between the United States and the Dey and Regency of Algiers, signed in type: James Monroe. Subscribers name written above the masthead.

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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania...

Item #208558

May 23, 1834

AMERICAN SENTINEL, Phila., May 23, 1834  An uncommon title containing mostly ads. Some news and other content on page 2. Occasional foxing.

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New York...

Item #208555

November 09, 1838

NEW YORK TIMES, AND COMMERCIAL INTELLIGENCER, Nov. 9, 1838 Has many ads, some news. A volume I issue of this uncommon title. Each leaf has an archival mend to a minor tear at the spine, bit of lite staining along the spine.

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With interesting illustrations...

Item #208490

November 04, 1807

NEW YORK EVENING POST, Nov. 4, 1807 The front page is filled with ads including 12 illustrated ship ads. Page 3 has an interesting column which contains illustrations of the mocking bird, a squirrel, and a dog (see photo). Eaerly for such illustrations. Complete in 4 pages, nice condition.

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The War of 1812...

Item #207496
COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, dated during the War of 1812.   The issue you will receive is similar to the issues shown in the image - slight wear, minor staining and foxing, etc..  The issue will be dated from during the War of 1812 (between 6/18/1812 and 2/18/1815), and will have war related news and news of the day.  A great issue to own at an incredible price. Although the im... See More  

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Introductory issue at a low price...

Item #207492
THE GENTLEMAN'S MAGAZINE, London,  England. This magazine is dated in the 1820's and contains about 56 pages. The front page has a nice engraving of St. John's Gate.

The issue contains news & articles from around the world and is in nice condition. A nice period item form the 19th century. Please note - the issue you will receive will be dated from the 1820's, and will be... See More  

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Pennsylvania canals & railroads...

Item #207285

October 17, 1829

NILES' WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore, October 17, 1829  This 16 page newspaper has interesting news of the day throughout. A lot of the news in this newspaper is government related. Featured in this issue are interesting reports and figures on Pennsylvania canals and railroads. This issue is in nice condition except for little staining.

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Yellowstone Expedition...

Item #207125

January 09, 1819

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, MA, Jan. 9, 1819 A pg. 2 report from "Kentucky" says that Col. Johnson is preparing two steam boats to ascend the Missouri in the spring, with troops and provisions to the Yellowstone River. Mentions that the expedition group is building a fort at Cow Island 400 miles above St. Louis, that the Indians exhibit a "hostile disposition" and that they cannot proceed withou... See More  

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The Yellowstone expection... Is President Monroe dead?

Item #207123

June 26, 1819

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, June 26, 1819  Page 2 has: "Yellowstone Expedition" which has two letters from Col. Johnson, the first from "off Cape Girardeau" and nearly "50 miles against the current of the Mississippi" with mention of difficult perils encountered on the river, and a second letter reporting that he was at St. Louis with 200 tons of provisions but t... See More  

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Manchester, New Hampshire...

Item #207077

December 22, 1841

MANCHESTER MEMORIAL AND PEOPLES, HERALD, New Hampshire, Dec. 22, 1841  Has literary content, topical reports, bits of news, and ads. Nice masthead.

Has a small hole at the fold juncture, a few stains above the masthead, and a foxing spot in the middle.

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James Monroe returns to Washington...

Item #207041

September 26, 1817

SALEM GAZETTE, Salem, Massachusetts, Sept. 26, 1817 On the front page under "Presidents Return" are details about the reception for President Monroe upon his return to Washington, including the text of a "verbal salutation" from a military officer, plus an address from the mayor, and the Presidents reply, signed in type: James Monroe. In good, untrimmed condition.... See More  

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San Diego as described in 1849...

Item #207024

July 13, 1849

THE SALEM GAZETTE, Massachusetts, July 13, 1849 Page 2 contains an interesting article headed: "San Diego, California" which gives one of the earliest descriptions of this now-famous and now-large city to be found in print anywhere. See the photos below for the full text which describes what was then a quite small village which was: "...a collection of one story adobe hovels & the filth ... See More  

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James Monroe...

Item #206988

May 12, 1823

NEW-HAMPSHIRE PATRIOT & STATE GAZETTE, Concord, May 12, 1823 On the ftpg. under a woodcut of an eagle is: "An Act to regulate the Commercial Intercourse between the United States and certain British colonial ports," signed in type: James Monroe. Subscribers name written above the masthead, two foxing spots in this content.

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African colonization... Artic expedition...

Item #206985

August 22, 1850

NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, Washington, Aug. 22, 1850  Pg. 3 has a letter to the editor: "On African Colonization". Under "Arctic Expedition" is a dispatch from Lieut. De Haven, commander of the U.S. expedition in search of Sir John Franklin.

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