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Bolivar Victory... Concord New Hampshire...

Item #203573

July 09, 1816

NEW-HAMPSHIRE PATRIOT, Concord, July 9, 1816 Page 2 has a report: Bolivar Victorious". Front page has stray writing above the masthead and an area of rubbing, occasional foxing. 4 pages.

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New York Prices Current...

Item #203552

September 02, 1801

THE SPECTATOR, N.Y., Sept. 2, 1801 On the front page under "New York Prices Current" is a list of prices for various goods. Takes the entire first column. Lite stain in the lower margin, occasional foxing.

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Andrew Jackson Extends Missouri...

Item #203546

June 20, 1836

NEW HAMPSHIRE PATRIOT AND STATE GAZETTE, Concord, June 20, 1836 On the front page under a woodcut of an eagle is "AN ACT to extend the western boundary of Missouri to the Missouri River", signed in type: Andrew Jackson. This created what is now the northwest boundary of Missouri. Has a non-archival mend to a tear in the outer margin, occasional foxing.

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Angel Masthead...

Item #203523

September 13, 1828

TRUMPET AND UNIVERSALIST MAGAZINE, Boston, Sept. 13, 1828 Has religious-related content, a few news items. Masthead has a woodcut of a trumpeting angel. Lite foxing. 4 pages.

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Six James Monroe Acts of Congress...

Item #203433

April 16, 1821


* Six James Monroe Acts

* Signed in type by James Monroe

On the front page under a woodcut of an eagle are six "Acts" and "A resolution authorizing the cause astronomical observations to be made, to ascertain the Longitude of the Capitol, in...Washington, from some known meridian in Europe"... See More  

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Fontainebleau Decree...

Item #203392

January 25, 1810

UNITED STATES GAZETTE FOR THE COUNTRY, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Jan. 25, 1810

*Napoleon type signature...

*Adieu to Love...

The back page of this issue has the "Fontaineblue Decree" signed in type: Napoleon. Concerned the import and export of "colonial produce".  This issue also has:  "Manuscript Fugitive Poetry, No. II, An Adieu To Love". Uneven at the spine, sma... See More  

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Franklin Pierce Letter...

Item #203350

March 18, 1842


*Franklin Pierce Informs the Senate of His Resignation

*Textual Sketch of Pierce's Career

A page 2 letter signed in type: Franklin Pierce informs the Senate of his resignation from that body. Also a textual sketch of Pierce's career under "The Honorable Franklin Pierce". First leaf has a small hole in unrelated content, f
... See More  

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Letter signed by President James Buchanan...

Item #203341

May 05, 1821

THE PLOUGH BOY, Albany, New York, May 5, 1821

*"Mr Buchanan on Slavery" by James Buchanan

An uncommon title containing mostly agricultural-related content. The masthead has a woodcut of a farmer plowing a field. This issue  contains an address from the Agricultural Society of the County of Oneida, signed by Thomas R. Gold.  There is also a letter titled: "Mr. Buchana... See More  

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Volume 1 Providence Rhode Island...

Item #203327

January 09, 1829

LITERARY SUBALTERN, Providence, Rhode Island, Jan. 9, 1829.

* Maria Antoinette Jones

Has literary content, topical items, bits of news and ads. A volume I issue (number 3) of this uncommon title. Feature article concerns Maria Antoinette Jones.  Folio-size, 4 pages., foxing in the margins, otherwise in nice condition.
... See More  

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Struggle for the throne in Hawaii...

Item #203103

December 02, 1820

NILES' WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore,  Dec. 2, 1820  Within this issue is a report headed: "South Sea Islands" which reads in part: "Since the death of Tamahamaha, king of the Sandwich Islands, we hear there has been a desperate battle fought for the right of succession to the crown. It terminated in the dethronement of the young prince, son of the king--and the queen mot... See More  

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Niagara Falls Print & Text...

Item #202846

August 02, 1845

AMERICAN PENNY MAGAZINE AND FAMILY NEWSPAPER, New York, August 2, 1845. This small sized 16 page newspaper has a front page woodcut of Niagara Falls which measures 6 x 4 inches. Text concerning these falls starts on the front page and continues to page 3. Good condition.

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Item #201779

October 01, 1853

GLEASON'S PICTORIAL, Boston, Oct. 1, 1853 Halfpg. inside has a view of: " The Narrows, from Staten Island, New York". Third of a pg: " Steamboat Landing, Foot Of Lake George". Nearly a fullpg: "The Great California Cedar Tree".

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Webster... Ashburton Treaty...

Item #201733

September 02, 1842

MANCHESTER REPRESENTATIVE, Manchester, N.H., Sept. 2, 1842 On pg. 2 under "A Treaty" is the text of the Webster-Ashburton Treaty, signed in type: Ashburton & Daniel Webster. Treaty settled various disputes between the U.S. and Great Britain, including the northeastern boundary with Canada. Three areas of lite to moderate foxing, with a bit in the text of the treaty.

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General News...

Item #201664

February 03, 1827

NORTHERN STAR, AND WARREN AND BRISTOL GAZETTE, Warren, R.I., Feb. 3, 1827 A volume I issue (number 50) of this uncommon title. Has national and state legislative business, brief news items and ads. Lite wear, bit of stray writing in the margin above the masthead, minor ink stain, some lite staining in the margins, lite foxing.

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Poet William Cullen Bryant...

Item #201636

August 08, 1835

NEW-YORKER, Aug. 8, 1835 Back page poem: " To The Appenines. By W. C. Bryant." Staining in the lower left corner affects each leaf, archival mend to a minor margin tear on the first leaf, some foxing. 4 pages.

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Very early Wisconsin... from Milwaukie...

Item #201630
MILWAUKIE DAILY SENTINEL, 1845 Has all ads on the front and back pages, with bit of news, ads and other content on pgs. 2 and 3. A volume 2 issue of this early title from "Milwaukie", three years before Wisconsin became a state! Dampstaining in much of the lower half affecting each leaf, plus a few stains here as well, the text however, is still quite readable. The photo shown is &q... See More  

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Nice Secular Content...

Item #201532

December 13, 1844

THE WELL-SPRING, Boston, Dec. 13, 1844 A weekly published by the Massachusetts Sabbath School Society as stated in the masthead. Mostly religious-related content for Sunday School youngsters, with a few related illustrations. Religious-themed masthead has five small illustrations with embellishments. A volume I issue (number 50). Quarto-size, 4 pgs., lite war, otherwise in good condition.

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Nice literary content and ads...

Item #201481

May 13, 1854

NICHOLS JOURNAL, N.Y., May 13, 1854 Described in the masthead as: "A Weekly Newspaper, Devoted To Health, Intelligence, Freedom; Individual And Social Harmony." A volume II issue of this uncommon title containing literary-related content, topical items, and a few ads. Note: Gregory has no listing for this title. In very good condition.

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Nice literary content and ads...

Item #201447

January 06, 1829

LITERARY SUBALTERN, Providence, Jan. 6, 1829.

A folio-size newspaper with four pages, contains some literary content but also news, commentary and ads. This is the volume I, number 2 issue of this uncommon title. Note: Gregory has no listing for this title. Small part of the lower spine is a bit irregular, scattered lite foxing, with slightly more in the margins.

... See More  

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General Andrew Jackson...Indian Battles...

Item #201379

May 21, 1818


On pg. 2 under "Domestic" and "Of The Indian War" is an "intelligence" report from an officer about the operations of General Jackson. Mentions the conflagration of the Indian town Missiskauki and that Jackson "..proceeded to St. Marks--the Spanish garrison surrendered...and [he] had arrived at Pensacola.." The rep... See More  

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1846 Augusta Maine...the Democratic State Convention...

Item #201354

July 10, 1846

THE AGE (EXTRA), Augusta, Maine., July 10, 1846 Has state legislative business, news reports, content from the Democratic State Convention and ads. Uncommon from the capital of Maine. Small folio-size, 4 pages in nice condition.

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James Madison declaration... U.S. census...

Item #201241

June 14, 1811

UNIVERSAL GAZETTE, Washington City, June 14, 1811  The back page has a declaration issued by the President suspending certain building regulations in the city of Washington, signed in type: James Madison.

Lite staining and occasional foxing at the corners, lite foxing to unrelated text on the back page.

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American Party Or "Know-Nothing" Candidates...

Item #201232

July 07, 1856

DAILY AMERICAN ORGAN, Washington, D.C., July 7, 1856 The inset shows the pg. 2 endorsement of the American Party or " Know-Nothing" candidates. Below this is a "Circular" announcing that "... satisfactory arrangements for the...maintenance of the AMERICAN ORGAN as an authoritative and advocate of the principles of the American Party, have been completed." Front page has the "Platform ... See More  

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Chemistry Discovery Of Kreosot...

Item #201137

September 27, 1834

THE NEW-YORKER, Sept. 27, 1834 An interesting pg. 3 report begins: "A great discovery in Chemistry, has...been made by Dr. Reichenback, of Germany; he having succeeded in extracting from tar and smoke a hitherto unknown substance which he calls Kreosot..." and more. A few traces of foxing.

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Treaty Of Amiens... Napoleon...

Item #201111

May 17, 1802

BOSTON COMMERCIAL & POLITICAL GAZETTE, Boston, Massachusetts, May 17, 1802  On the bkpg. under "Definitive Treaty" is the text of a famous treaty known as the Treaty of Amiens which brought a brief lull to the Napoleonic Wars and relaxed trade restraints affecting American shipping. Signed in type by Bonaparte, Cornwallis and two other gentlemen. Archival mends to a few minor te... See More  

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Nantucket Sheep Shearing Festival...

Item #201093

June 30, 1826

THE STATESMAN, N.Y., June 30, 1826.

Page 2 has a brief report about a destructive storm at New Harmony. Also a detailed report on pg. 3 about the sheep-shearing festival on Nantucket. Some rubbing and areas of foxing, with some in the sheep-shearing report.

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Early Baby Show Montpelier VT 1854...

Item #201021

October 27, 1854

WALTONS DAILY JOURNAL, Montpelier, Vt., Oct. 27, 1854 Taking all of the ftpg. is a report: "National Baby Show" "Young America In Arms". Pg. 2 report: "Additional Particulars Concerning The Fate Of Sir John Franklin And His Companions". Small folio-size, in good condition.

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South Carolina Census... Philadelphia Fire...

Item #200976

October 16, 1839

UNITED STATES COMMERCIAL & STATISTICAL REGISTER, Phila., Oct. 16, 1839 Detailed reports inside under "The Fire At Philadelphia" & "Destructive Conflagration at N. York". Also figures from the "S. Carolina State Census". A volume I issue. Octavo-size, 16 pages., occasional foxing.

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1820 James Monroe Act... Missouri...

Item #200404

May 22, 1820

BOSTON COMMERCIAL GAZETTE, May 22, 1820 Pg. 2 has: "AN ACT to limit the term of office for certain officers therein named, and for other purposes", signed in type: James Monroe. Under "Missouri" is a report mentioning an election "... to form a state Constitution...". Typical ads, including an illustrate ship ad, are present.  Lite foxing. 

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1838 Fight on Congress Floor...

John Bell and H.L. Turney

Item #200286

June 05, 1838

SALEM GAZETTE, Salem, Mass., June 5, 1838.

On pg. 2 under "Disgraceful Conflict" is a detailed account of the events that resulted in a fight on the floor of the House between John Bell and H. L. Turney, both from Tennessee. Bell would later be a presidential candidate for the Constitutional Union party in 1860. Occasional foxing.

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1822 Unicorn Killed in Africa?...

Item #200230

June 21, 1822

SALEM GAZETTE, Salem, Mass., June 21, 1822 A detailed report under "The Unicorn" describes the head of a beast killed in Africa and then brought to a museum in London. Includes an engraving of the beasts head which resembles a rhinoceros, although some thought it to be the "Unicorn of Holy Writ". First leaf has a small piece missing in the outer margin, occasional foxing.

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1857 Issue from Newburgh...

Item #200226

September 23, 1857

DAILY NEWS from Newburgh, NY and dated September 23, 1857. This 4 page newspaper is in good condition due to the use of cotton and rag paper during this time in history. This issue has news of the day & many interesting advertisements which gives a good idea how life was back then. A nice issue from this Southern New York town.

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1810 Yazoo Claims with ads...

Item #200103

March 24, 1810

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, March 24, 1810  A page 2 report "From Washington" says: "I have the satisfaction to inform you that the Supreme Court...affirmed the judgement in the Courts below, unanimously on all the points, in favor of the Yazoo claims. We understand that in this case the Judges gave their opinions seriatim.", and a bit more. Rubbing in unrelated text, some... See More  

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1858 Diary of A Sportsman...

Item #200073

February 18, 1858

PORTERS SPIRIT OF THE TIMES, N.Y., Feb. 18, 1858 Ftpg. has: "A Winter In Florida: Extracts From The Diary Of A Sportsman". Narrow piece clipped from text of an inside leaf, minor loss to two lower corners inside, a few foxing spots, occasional foxing as well.

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1860 Famous Charles Dickens Magazine...

Item #200070
ALL THE YEAR ROUND, London, 1860  This was a Victorian weekly literary publication founded and owned by Charles Dickens, published from 1859 to 1895. Edited by Dickens, it was the direct successor to his previous publication "Household Words", abandoned due to differences with his former publisher. It hosted the serialization of many prominent novels and after Dickens' death
... See More  

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1858 Early Newburgh New York Issue...

Item #200069

March 10, 1858

 DAILY NEWS from Newburgh, NY and dated March 10, 1858. This 4 page newspaper is in good condition due to the use of cotton and rag paper during this time in history. This issue has news of the day & many interesting advertisements which gives a good idea how life was back then. A nice issue from this Southern New York town.

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Gold Rush era...

Item #200048
NEW-YORK DAILY TRIBUNE, 1849   Although this issue does not have specific gold rush content, it is a great “period” item with 1849 in the dateline. The issue contains many ads related to California and westward expansion, including several that have small wood-cut prints. The images shown are representative of the condition and format of the issue you will receive, but actual... See More  

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1818 Alexander Arbuthnot Court Martial..

Item #200019

December 15, 1818

NEW-ENGLAND PALLADIUM & COMMERCIAL ADVERTISER, Boston, Dec. 15, 1818 On the ftpg. under "Arbuthnot" are the charges and specifications pertaining to Alexander Arbuthots court martial ordered by Andrew Jackson. Rubbing and some lite dirtiness does not affect this report.

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Crossing Niagara on a tightrope... Gold in Kansas...

Item #200017

June 28, 1859

NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, Washington, June 28, 1859  On the ftpg. under "Gold In Kansas" is part of a detailed account which describes the scene at the gold region at Pikes Peak. Also another report: "Crossing Niagara Falls On A Tight Rope" re. Mons. Blondin. Occasional foxing in the margins.

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1829 Kitchen Stove Advertisement...

Item #200015

July 20, 1829

COMMERCIAL ADVERTISER, N.Y., July 20, 1829 Has many ads, including one on pg. 3 for "Moodys Patent Portable Ovens". Includes a woodcut of an oven used with a charcoal furnace. The oven emitted very little heat and could be used in the home or "out of doors". A bit uneven at the spine.

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1866 Early Concord Issue...

Item #200013

August 09, 1856

NEW HAMPSHIRE STATESMAN from Concord NH and dated August 9, 1856. This 4 page newspaper is in good condition (except for small ad clipped out on the 2nd leaf) due to the use of cotton and rag paper during this time in history. This issue has news of the day & many interesting advertisements which gives a good idea how life was back then. A nice issue from this Southern New Hampshire city.

... See More  

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1859 Horatio Alger Story "500 A Year"...

Item #200011

December 03, 1859

  GLEASON'S PICTORIAL LINE-OF-BATTLE SHIP newspaper from Boston, dated Dec. 3, 1859. This quite ornate newspaper contains on the back page a story titled "Five Hundred A Year"which was written specifically for this newspaper (scarce as such) by Horatio Alger, Jr. (see photos). Complete 8 page issue, various tears at the margins not no problems affecting the Alger story.... See More  

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Inventor's & Inventions Collection III

The Two Century Set

Item #180182
Inventors & Inventions Collection III The Two Century Set - $38 (lot #80182) Each set contains 5 issues of Scientific American Magazine, one each from 1850s-1860s, 1870s-1880s, 1890s-1900s, 1910s-1920s, and 1930s -1940s. Follow nearly a century of technological and scientific progress, as seen through the eyes of the experts of the day.

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Inventor's & Inventions Collection I

The Late 1800's Set

Item #180180
Inventors & Inventions Collection I The Late 1800s Set - Each set contains 5 issues of The Scientific American Magazine, one each from 1850s, 1860s, 1870s, 1880s and 1890s. Follow scientific and technological progress through the 2nd half of the 1800s. Many inventions seemed like great idea at the time, but An interesting look at both the accomplishments and failures of over 100 years ago.

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Literary Collection I

Variety Set...

Item #180125
Literary Collection I Variety Set - Over 50 years of the literary press spanning the Turn of the Century. A set of 5 literary issues containing one each from the 1850's, 1860's-1870's, 1880's-1890's, 1900's-1910's, and 1920's-1930's. Titles include Household Words (edited by Charles Dickens), Outlook, Atlantic Monthly, Scribners, and Harpers Monthly. This is a great way to follow the progression o... See More  

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Illustrating Their World Collection II

The Victorian Era

Item #180171

January 01, 1850

Illustrating Their World Collection II The Victorian Era - Each set contains 5 illustrated issues, one each from 1850s, 1860s, 1870s, 1880s, and 1890s, which include 2 issues of the Illustrated London News and 3 issues of Harpers Weekly. This is a great way to follow news of the day in both textual and print form, including the progression of illustrations from wood engraved prints to photographs... See More  

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The War of 1812 in context collection...

Item #180132
War of 1812 in Context Collection - five issues, one each from 1806-1811, 1812, 1813, 1814, and 1815-1820. Issues from just before, during, & just after the war place the war in context.

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The War in Focus collection...

Item #180131
War of 1812 in focus collection  A group of three issues, one each from 1812, 1813, and 1814, providing a perspective of the entire war. All issues have war-related reports.

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Abraham Lincoln through Grover Cleveland...

Presidential Collection III - covering 7 administrations...

Item #180102
(7) Presidential Collection III - a seven-issue set of American newspapers containing one issue each from the administrations of Abraham Lincoln, Andrew Johnson, Ulysses S. Grant, Rutherford B. Hayes, James Garfield, Chester Arthur, and Grover Cleveland (1st), providing a single-day snapshot of the atmosphere during each administration. This is set three of a six-part series.... See More  
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Pre-Civil War view of Brooklyn...

Item #153617

June 14, 1851

GLEASON'S PICTORIAL, New York June 14, 1851  Half the ftpg: "View Of Moro Castle". Halfpg: "Burning Of St. Paul's Church, Pittsburgh". Pg. inside has two halfpg. illus: "View Of Brooklyn, New York" & "Landing From An Emigrant Ship". Halfpg: "A Winter Encampment In California". Other news, illustrations and advertisements are within... See More  

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