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Aliens from Mexico...

Item #217621

July 10, 1827

NATIONAL JOURNAL, Washington, July 10, 1827  On the front page under a woodcut of an eagle and shield is a State Department notice stating in part: "Whereas, in the regulations published in the city of Mexico, by order of the Government, no foreigner can pass the frontier, or land in any ports of the Republic, or travel thence into the interior, without a regular passport, issued
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Early Midwest prairies report...

Item #217618

July 01, 1820

NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, Washington, July 1, 1820


* Early prairies of the Midwest report - Farmland fertile\

On page 3 under The Prairies Of The West is report describing the barren aspects of the prairies, but also mentions that the soil is extremely fertile. Other news of the day includes: "Debate On The Missouri Bill (Lengthy)" "Spain" and more. 4 pages in
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Military newspaper in 1838...

Item #217607

March 08, 1838

ARMY AND NAVY CHRONICLE, Washington, March 8, 1838.


* Uncommon military periodical from nation's capital

Taking two inside pages is a Statement of Armament required for the Fortification on the Sea-board, as well for war, also of ammunition, showing the state of supplies at the Forts, and deficiencies. Other heads include: "Florida War" "Sailors Snug Harbor" and more. Octavo-size, 16 pag
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Thomas Jefferson in 1808....

Item #217564

August 30, 1808

THE BALANCE, Hudson, New York, Aug. 30, 1808


* Thomas Jefferson

* USS Chesapeake winning prizes

Page 3 brief commentary: Mr. Jeffersons war against the United States, says a remarker, is carrying on very successfully. The Chesapeake, which has been but a few days on a cruise, has already sent in six or eight prizes. Some other news as well. Quarto-size, 4 pages in nice condit
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Migration in America Westward in 1816....

Item #217559

June 20, 1816

INDEPENDENT CHRONICLE, Boston, June 20, 1816.


* early emigrants (emigration) moving to Missour in 1816 original reporting

A page 3 report from Columbus, (Ohio) says: Sailed from...Delaware County, the Adventure of Little Walnut...bound for Missouri. The Adventure is [a] seventy five feet keel and 16 tons burthen. It was built on Little Walnut one mile from its mouth.... Loaded princi
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Washington College in 1826....

Item #217544

May 19, 1826

BOSTON RECORDER AND TELEGRAPH, May 19, 1826  A back page report under Washington College says this college at Hartford, Conn. "...though in its infancy, and...without state patronage, is in a flourishing condition. The buildings already completed, are planned and executed in fine taste." A few more details about the campus, plus word that 50 students are enrolled and that &q
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Harvard University Commencement in 1825....

Item #217542

September 09, 1825

RECORDER & TELEGRAPH, Sept. 9, 1825.

* 1825 Harvard University commencement

A back page report under Harvard University has some details about the recent commencement, mentioning in part that the degree of L.L.D. was conferred on the Hon. Henry Clay, Secretary of State. Also word that Lewis Cass, the governor of Michigan, received an honorary degree of L.L.D. at the commencement at
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Amherst College 1st Commencement in 1825....

Item #217540

September 02, 1825

RECORDER & TELEGRAPH, Boston, Sept. 2, 1825.


* Amherst College has 1st Commencement - Dartmouth College - Middlebury College

A back page report about Amherst College begins: The First Commencement (under the Charter) was celebrated the 24th inst. Details about the degrees conferred (lists the names of the recipients), and the appointments made by the trustees. Also comm
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Thomas Jefferson's Monticello estate in 1826...

Item #217538

February 24, 1826

BOSTON RECORDER AND TELEGRAPH, Feb. 24, 1826  Page 3 news under Summary includes: An application has been made to the Legislature of Virginia for a lottery, for Mr. Jefferson, to dispose of his estates to relieve himself of embarrassment, without a sacrifice of his remaining property. Granted in the House of Delegates 90 to 86.

The back page has details about the Capitol building in
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Cumberland Road Bill in 1822....

Item #217485

May 15, 1822

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, May 15, 1822.


* Cumberland Road Bill for tolls vetoed

On the front page under Cumberland Road Bill is word that the President returned the bill for erecting toll gates on the Cumberland Road, his reason being ...that the Constitution does not authorize Congress to pass a bill of this kind.... Says that the Congress voted in the negative to override
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Steubenville, Ohio 1816...

Item #217465

December 05, 1816

INDEPENDENT CHRONICLE, Boston, Dec. 5, 1816.


* Steubenville, Ohio

On page 2 under Western Improvements is a report about the growth of Ohio, plus various particulars about the business and industries in the town of Steubenville. Says that the town has a steam paper mill, a steam grist mill, a woolen factory, a cotton factory, an extensive brewery, a soap and candle factory and an a
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Early Erie Pennsylvania...

Item #217460

October 06, 1826

BOSTON RECORDER AND TELEGRAPH, Massachusetts, Oct. 6, 1826


* Early Erie Pennsylvania PA census

* Beginnings - 1,000 inhabitants

On page 3 under"Domestic" is a report stating: Erie, Pa., "...30 years ago was a wilderness, and the path of the Indian its only road. Now it has upwards of 1000 inhabitants; and a road leading to Buffalo, Cleveland and Pittsburgh, equal
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Early Washtenaw County Michigan in 1826....

Item #217457

September 01, 1826



* Early Washtenaw County Michigan - 3,000 inhabitants - Indian territory

On page 3 under Domestic is a brief item: Washtenaw county, in Michigan Territory, which three years ago contained but a single white inhabitant, has now a population of three thousand. Other news of the day includes: "Palestine Mission" "Williams College" "Steam Boa
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Fertile Land along the Mississippi River....

Item #217436

July 15, 1825

RECORDER & TELEGRAPH, Boston, July 15, 1825.


* Exploration along the Mississippi River

* Fertile land found there

A back page item says: The soil on the Illinois side of the Mississippi river is literally encumbered with crab-apples and plumbs [sic] growing wild. The crab-apple varies from one to two inches in size. The plumbs are large, very solid & sweet. Grapes are
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1816 United States Canada border....

Item #217427

January 22, 1816



* United States & Canada border

* General Peter Porter

A page 2 report states that John Holmes of Maine and General Peter Porter of New York were appointed commissioners by the President and Congress ...under the late treaty with Great-Britain, to settle the boundary between the United States and the British Provinces. Other news of th
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James Monroe Land Sales in 1818....

Item #217403

June 30, 1818

AMERICAN MERCURY, Hartford, June 30, 1818.


* James Monroe public land sales notices

* Hartford, Connecticut 1818

On the front page under a small woodcut of an eagle and shield are five separate Acts plus three notices for the sale of public lands, each signed in type: James Monroe. Another act and notice on pg. 4 are also signed in type by Monroe. Other news of the day inclu
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Military appointments in 1847...

Item #217362

January 09, 1847

THE UNION, Washington, Jan. 9, 1847  The front page has a statement showing the number of recruits who enlisted in the regular army during the previous year, plus there is a letter about enlistment from the Adjutant General. Page 3 has an Act concerning the terms of enlistment as ordered by the Adjutant General, plus there is a table with the rates of pay.

Other news of the day. Fou
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James Fenimore Cooper...

Item #217349

May 26, 1826


* Early James Fenimore Cooper

* The Prairie

Page 3 has an inconspicuous report about James Fenimore Cooper: We understand that Mr. Cooper, the novelist, with his family has taken passage on board tho [sic] Hudson...which sails the 1st of June...for London. A new novel of his is announced by Messrs. Carey & Lee, Philadelphia, entitled The Pra
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DeWitt Cinton Proclamation...

Item #217348

December 27, 1806



* New York City

* Dewitt Clinton Proclamation

Page 3 has a Proclamation issued by the Mayor of New York offering a reward for the apprehension of the disorderly persons who insulted the Congregations of the Roman Catholic Church in the city and violated the public peace which resulted in the death of a watchman, signed in type: DeWitt Clinton. O
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Arikara Tribe treaty in 1826....

Item #217302

February 14, 1826

The NATIONAL JOURNAL, Washington, D.C., February 14, 1826

* Treaty with Arikara Indian tribe

* John Quincy Adams
On the back page under a woodcut of an eagle and shield is a treaty between the U.S. and the Ricara tribe of Indians. Includes the names of the Indian leaders who signed the treaty with an x mark, plus various military officers, and in type: John Quincy Adams. Other news o
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Trade on the Mississippi...

Item #217291

July 04, 1839

THE ATLAS, Boston, July 4, 1839.


* Shipping trade on the Mississippi River
* St. Louis 1839

Page 2 has a report about the Trade of St. Louis says that 105 different boats Traded at the wharf this season, and that 86 are regular traders. Lists the number of regular trader boats from various ports like Pittsburg, New Orleans, Galena, the Missouri and Illinois Rivers and Nashville. Oth
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Barnburners Party...

Item #217272

August 15, 1848

NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, Washington, Aug. 15, 1848  The front page has a list of Marine Corps promotions made by President Polk. On pg. 3 under The Barnburner's Convention are the preamble and resolutions adopted at Buffalo by the Free-Soil Party. The Barnburners were the progressive faction of the Democratic Party and they opposed the extension of slavery, championing free soil, f
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Crystal Palace Prints in 1853...

Item #217017

October 15, 1853

GLEASON'S PICTORIAL, Boston, October 15, 1853.

* 6 items from the Crystal Palace

This title was formatted much like the more popular "Harper's Weekly" being tabloid-size with several pages of prints. This title actually precedes Harper's, which did not begin publication until 1857. Within this issue are prints captioned: "Marble Mantel, Crystal Palace" "Table Sewing Machine, C
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Charlestown Massachusetts in 1854...

Item #217009

September 09, 1854

GLEASON'S PICTORIAL, Boston, Massachusetts, September 9, 1854.

* Charlestown Massachusetts town scene
* Suspension Bridge, Niagara

This title was formatted much like the more popular "Harper's Weekly" being tabloid-size with several pages of prints. This title actually precedes Harper's, which did not begin publication until 1857. Within this issue are prints cap
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1843 New Year's Carrier's Address...

Item #216973

January 07, 1843

SUPPLEMENT TO THE COURANT, Hartford, Jan. 7, 1843.

* Carriers' Address Poem
* Hartford, Connecticut

The entire front page and one-third of page 2 are taken up with the: "New Year's Address to the Readers of the Connecticut Courant", which is the lengthy poem considered the "Carrier's Address"  and typically found in the first issue of the year (see photos). Thi
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Poughkeepsie New York Prints...

Item #216811

August 29, 1857

BALLOU'S PICTORIAL, Boston, August 29, 1857  This title was formatted much like the more popular "Harper's Weekly" being tabloid-size with several pages of prints. This title actually precedes Harper's, which did not begin publication until 1857. Within this issue are prints captioned: "Poughkeepsie, New York(6 scenes)", "Brighton, Staten Island, New Yo
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Winslow Homer Print...

Item #216508

July 04, 1857

BALLOU'S PICTORIAL, Boston, Massachusetts, July 4, 1857

* Winslow Homer Print

* "Hon. William Haile"

Winslow Homer prints are very desirable, and among the more difficult periodical  titles in which to find Homer prints is "Ballou's Pictorial", as it rarely comes on the collector market from the Homer era.

Here is one such issue, with a Winslow Homer print on ... See More  

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Henry Rowe Scoolcraft...

Item #216325

August 03, 1839

NEW-YORK MIRROR, August 3, 1839.

* Henry Rowe Schoolcraft

* "The White Feather"

Nice to have this story by Schoolcraft in the this famous literary title. Other topics throughout this 8 page newspaper. Measure 13 3/4 by 10 1/2 inches, some lite foxing, otherwise in good condition.

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Sandy Hook - Irving MA Prints in 1857...

Item #216303

May 16, 1857

BALLOU'S PICTORIAL DRAWING-ROOM COMPANION, Boston, May 16, 1857  This title was formatted much like the more popular "Harper's Weekly" being tabloid-size with several pages of prints. This title actually precedes Harper's, which did not begin publication until 1857. Within this issue are prints captioned: "State Of Alabama" "Cold Spring Harbor, Long Isl
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Boston Advertisement Extra

Item #216173

May 25, 1809



* Advertisement Extra !

A folio-size singlesheet containing mostly ads and notices. A bit irregular at the spine, occasional foxing.

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Rahway, New Jersey fire...

Item #216062

May 16, 1860


* Rahway, New Jersey fire... John C. Denman & Co. carriage factory

* Chicago Convention

This 8 page newspaper has original news of the day with advertisements. Some of the headlines in this issue include: "Fire at Rahway, N.J.", "Arizona News", "The Chicago Convention", "Marine Affairs", and much
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Pony Express...

Item #215993

April 02, 1860


* Pony Express

* Saint Louis, Missouri

Page 3 has a very interesting article concerning the beginning of the Pony Express service, outlining the charges. The text is headed: "The California Pony Express" and is datelined St. Louis, with portions including: "We learn...that they commence receiving despatches for the California Pony Expres... See More  

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Henry Schoolcraft 1839 Story....

Item #215715

July 27, 1839

NEW-YORK MIRROR, July 27, 1839.


* Short Story by known writer

* Henry C. Schoolcraft
Famous literary title, inside has a short story: The Celestial Sisters. By Henry R. Schoolcraft . Other topics include: "Employment For The Unhappy" "Arab Horses" "Progress Of Music" and more. Measures 14 by 10 1/2 inches, 8 pages, some lite margin stain
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New York City Tenement House Fire....

Item #215686

February 03, 1860

NEW-YORK TRIBUNE, Feb. 3, 1860.

* Terrible tenement housing fire in New York City

* Instrumental is the advancement of significant building codes
Page 5 report: Terrible Calamity! Burning Of A Tenement House Great Loss Of Life Narrow Escapes Names Of The Sufferers Daring Of The Firemen. Note: The subsequent public outcry forced the legislature to pass a law requiring fire
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Treaty with Mexico....

Item #215654

May 04, 1840

NEW HAMPSHIRE PATRIOT AND STATE GAZETTE, Concord, May 4, 1840  On the front page under a woodcut of and eagle is: A Proclamation issued by the President of the United States, stating that: "...a convention for the adjustment of claims of citizens of the United States upon the Government of the Mexican Republic was signed at Washington...", signed in type: Martin Van Buren. T
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Martin Van Buren 1839....

Item #215631

March 14, 1839

THE CORRECTOR, Sag-Harbor, (L.I.), N.Y., March 14, 1839.


* President Martin Van Buren Act

* Sag Harbor, Long Island, New York

Page 2 has: An Act giving to the President of the United States additional powers for the defence of the United States, in certain cases, against invasion, and for other purposes... signed in type: Martin Van Buren. Other news of the day includes: "
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Uncommon Military Periodical 1838....

Item #215567

March 29, 1838

ARMY AND NAVY CHRONICLE, Washington, March 29, 1838.


* Uncommon military title
Inside has the "Regulations For the enlistment and employment of Boys who may be entered to Serve in the Navy until they arrive at the age of twenty-one years". Other topics include: "Medical Corps Of The Navy" "Florida War" "Indian Affairs" "From The Sa
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1809 John Quincy Adams dinner....

Item #215482

July 27, 1809

INDEPENDENT CHRONICLE, Boston, July 27, 1809. 

* John Quincy Adams dinner tribute
* New Orleans

On page 3 under Tribute Of Respect are details about a public dinner for John Quincy Adams prior to his departure to Russia, plus his reply signed in type: John Quincy Adams. Other news of the day includes: "New Orleans Address" "British regulation of American trade" and
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1858 Santa Anna Manifesto....

Item #215439

June 19, 1858

NEW YORK HERALD, June 19, 1858.


* Antonio Lopez De Santa Anna Manifesto

Front page has: Santa Annas Manifesto General Antonio L. de Santa Anna to his Countrymen. Takes two col. on the ftpg. and most of three more on page 2, signed in type: Antonio Lopez De Santa Anna. Other news of the day includes: "The Flood at Cairo Ill." The Howard Street Tragedy" and moe. 8 pages in good
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Early Tightrope Walking Ad 1827...

Item #215438

November 10, 1827

NATIONAL JOURNAL, Washington, Nov. 10, 1827.

* Early tightrope walking (funambulism) ad

* Mr. Villalave

Page 3 has a notice for a performance by Mr. Villalave and Company at the Washington Theatre. Has details about the performances, plus a woodcut of a tight rope walker doing a juggling routine. News of the day includes: "The Presidency" "Pennsylvania" "Important From Ver
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Henry W. Longfellow Poem 1849....

Item #215386

May 04, 1849

SALEM GAZETTE, Salem, Mass., May 4, 1849.

* Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

* Front Page Poem
The front page has a poem: Resignation. By Henry W. Longfellow. News of the day includes: "Kentucky Emancipation Convention" "Cholera at New Orleans" "California Emigrants" and much more. Interesting advertisements as well. First leaf is trimmed close at t
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1810 Trade with France Resumes.....

Item #215364

November 12, 1810

CONNECTICUT MIRROR, Hartford, Nov. 12, 1810.

* Trade with France resumes

* President James Madison proclamation

The front page has A Proclamation reinstating trade with France, signed in type: James Madison. Madison did so because he thought the Berlin and Milan Decrees had been rescinded by France. Such was not the case and the French continued to harass American shipping
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Robert Fulton 1807 Invention....

Item #215318

July 23, 1807

INDEPENDENT CHRONICLE, Boston, July 23, 1807


* Robert Fulton invention

Page 2 has a report from New-York stating that the Governor, Sec. of War and others "...attended at Ft. Jay, when Mr. Fulton exhibited and explained the principles of his machinery for blowing up ships..." plus a few details about the experiment to be conducted the next day. Other news of the day in
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Pennsylvania Deer Hunting 1839...

Item #215183

November 30, 1839

THE MADISONIAN, Washington, November 30, 1839


* Pennsylvania Deer Hunting

* 1839 Washington D.C.

Front page topical report: Deer Hunting In Wyoming (Pa.) Obviously discusses hunting red deer but also mentions Wilkesbarre, Luzerne, and Harveys Lake.

Other news of the day includes: "New Lead Mines" "The National Convention" "Election Of President&q
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1828 Religion....

Item #215146

January 02, 1828

ZIONS HERALD, Boston, Jan. 2, 1828.

* Carrier's Address
* 1828

Back page has a poem: "New Years Address To The Patrons Of Zions Herald". Mostly Religious content throughout. Scattered foxing spots. 4 pages in good condition.

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1854 Prints.....

Item #215121

March 01, 1854


* Genesse Falls print
* Map of Virginia, Dora Coal Mines

Inside has a nice 4 1/2 by 5 1/2 inch view: Rochester And The Genesee Falls and a 3 1/2 by 5 3/4 inch view: Railroad Bridge At Portage (N.Y.) Full page map: Map of Virginia Showing the location of the Dora Coal Mines. Ornate masthead has a nice illustration of the Capitol buil
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Ransom Cook On Convicts In 1843...

Item #215056

February 04, 1843

NEW YORK STATE MECHANIC, Albany, Feb. 4, 1843.


* Ransom Cook

* The Employment of Convicts

Mr. Cook's Report On The Employment Of Convicts takes all of the front page, and all of pages 2 and 3, signed in type: Ransom Cook.

Other topics include: "The Piano Forte" "Discovery Of Coal In New York" "Self Made Men" and more. Quarto-size, 8 pages, subscribers name written in the left
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1829 Rare Title....

Item #215043

May 27, 1829

THE SOUVENIR, Phila., May 27, 1829.

* Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
* 1829

Inside has a Soliloquy Of A Drunkard's Wife. Other various topics such as: "The Menageries" "Cinnamon Fields Of Ceylon" and more. Quarto-size , 8 pages, has areas of lite staining, with some in this content, otherwise in good condition.
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Martin Van Buren Act 1840....

Item #215036

August 07, 1840

THE MADISONIAN, Washington, Aug. 7, 1840.


* Martin Van Buren

* Treasury Act

On the front under The Subtreasury Bill is: An Act to provide for the collection, safe-keeping, transfer and disbursement of the public revenue. Known as the Independent Treasury Act, it is signed in type: M. Van Buren. Other news of the day includes: "Libel Suits" "North Carolina Election" "The Reported
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From a Confederate stronghold just months before the Civil War breaks out...

Item #215025
THE DAILY JOURNAL, Wilmington, North Carolina, 1861 Here is an issue from the early months of 1861 not long before the "official" outbreak of the Civil War in April, 1861. Wilmington was a strategic port city which was not captured by the Yankees until early in 1865. As such it held much significance during the War. This is a very nice four page issue filled with various news of the day & a hu... See More  

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