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Ottoe & Missouri Indian Tribe in 1826...

Item #219802

February 25, 1826

NATIONAL JOURNAL, Washington, Feb. 25, 1826.


* Ottoe and Missouri Indian treaty

* President John Quincy Adams

On page 2 under an engraving of an eagle and shield is a treaty between the United States and Ottoe and Missouri tribe of Indians, signed in type: John Quincy Adams. Includes the names of the Indians who signed the treaty with an x mark. Has the English translation of
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Dromedary camel in 1806....

Item #219732

May 10, 1806



* Dromedary camel exibit advertisement from Arabia

A page 3 notice for an exhibition of the Two Dromedaries from Arabia, mentioning that:These are the first of the species eve imported into this country. Describes the unique characteristics of this unusual creature, better known as a camel. Some details about a deer-like creature from the interior par
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Washington Irving hurt in Accident...

Item #219728

July 02, 1833

EVENING POST, N.Y., July 2, 1833.


* Washington Irving hurt in wagon accident

Page 2 has a report stating that Mr. Washington Irving was hurt when the one-horse wagon he was operating ...down a steep and rocky hill in West Chester... overturned after the horse became frightened. Both Irving and a nephew were thrown to the ground and both laid unconscious for some time until they wer
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King Louis XVIII of France 1815... Hudson River Steamboat ad...

Item #219703

June 28, 1815

THE NEW-YORK EVENING POST, New York, June 28, 1815  Page 2 has a Declaration issued by the King which describes the circumstances confronting France, and contains an appeal to his subjects to let their principles guide them and to "...Rally round your King...  to put an end to a revolt...  which might become fatal to our country...", signed in type Louis. Other new
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Commodore Thomas MacDonough...

Item #219683

November 30, 1825

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, Nov. 30, 1825.

* Death of Commodore Thomas MacDonough
The Obituary Notices is a report stating that William Hull, a General during the Revolutionary War passed away. Also a report stating that Commodore Thomas MacDonough, late commander of the Constitution, died at sea, with a few other details. Top & bottom of these reports are black-bordered. Other ne
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Carthage New York Bridge...

Item #219657

July 28, 1819



* Carthage New York Bridge

Page 2 has a detailed report: Bridge At Carthage, N.Y. Also an article: Emigration--Hard Times. Other news of the day includes: "American Squadron" "Royal Divorce" and more. Area of foxing in the lower right corner, otherwise in good condition.
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Andrew Jackson in 1832...

Item #219656

January 30, 1832


* Andrew Jackson
* The Sugar Tax

Beginning at the bottom of the last column on the front page is a letter from the citizens of Philadelphia presenting a set of astral lamps made of coal to the President. Concludes on page 2, followed by a gracious reply signed in type: Andrew Jackson. Other news of the day includes: "The Sugar T
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Elizabeth, Pennsylvania 1837...

Item #219647

July 28, 1837

THE GLOBE, Washington, July 28, 1837.


* Elizabeth, Pennsylvania

* Ship Building Community

Page 2 has a report about the prosperous ship building communities of Elizabeth and West Elizabeth, both on the Monongahela River, 15 miles above Pittsburg. Says that since 1826 the two villages produced 78 steamboats. Other news of the day includes: "Wheat In Mississippi", &
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Martin Van Buren in 1840...

Item #219637

December 09, 1840

THE GLOBE, Washington, Dec. 9, 1840.


* Martin Van Buren State of the Union Address

* From Washington D.C.

Taking much of pg. 2 is the Message of the President to Congress, signed in type: M. Van Buren. This was Van Burens last annual message. Nice to have in a Washington paper. Stray writing above the masthead bleeds through a bit to pg. 2 into this text, two minor archival mends
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Early St. Louis in 1818...

Item #219636

October 10, 1818

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, Oct. 10, 1818.


* Early St. Louis Missouri growth

A pg. 2 report from Missouri datelined St. Louis says that ...three millions of bricks...have been laid here since...April..., and that there is a printing office and two banks there, it is situated near rich lead runs, enjoys a great commerce with the Indians, has a population of 2000 and a bit more. Anot
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Early Michigan Census in 1833...

Item #219632

September 20, 1833

EVENING POST, N.Y., Sept. 20, 1833.


* Early Michigan census population

A page 2 report says that the population in Michigan increased by 10,000 during the present season due to emigration. States that the area is rapidly developing in other respects like the cultivation of wheat, along with internal improvements, plus mention ...that territories... covered with dense forests during
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Early Michigan Laws in 1844...

Item #219618

February 28, 1844

THE CORRECTOR, Sag-Harbor, (L.I.), N.Y., February 28, 1844.

* Early seduction law in Michigan

* Sag Harbor, Long Island, New York

Page 3 has an item: Law against Seduction.--The state of Michigan have [sic] just passed a severe law against seduction and licentiousness, punishing them with imprisonment in the State Prison for 3 to 5 Years. Other news of the day includes: "Destructive Confl
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Champlain Canal Completed...

Item #219560

December 07, 1822

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, Dec. 7, 1822.

* Champlain Canal Completed

* Lake Champlain to Hudson River
Pg. 2 has a report: ...The last stone of the Canal, from Lake Champlain to [the] Hudson River, was laid by Gov. Clinton, on the 28th. ult. On this route are 46 mile of artificial and 15 1/2 of improved natural navigation.--There are 21 locks. The work...commenced June 10th, 1818... n
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Alligator attack in North Carolina in 1816...

Item #219555

July 02, 1816

CONNECTICUT COURANT, Hartford, July 2, 1816.


* Woman killed by alligator in North Carolina

Page 3 has a report from Lumberton, N. Carolina about a woman attacked and killed by an alligator while riding across the Gum Swamp, with mention that the gator was killed later and measured eleven feet in length. Other news of the day includes: "Execution" "A Good Method of Destroying Crows"
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Giant Sawfish

Item #219553

September 19, 1818

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, Sept. 19, 1818.

* Giant Sawfish Caught

* North Carolina
Pg. 2 has a report: A Saw Fish 13 feet 4 inches, with a saw of 28 teeth on each side, and upwards of 3 feet long, has been taken in one of the sounds in North Carolina, skinned and preserved. Other news of the day includes: "Exchange of Prisoners", "Connecticut Convention", and mor
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Two-headed snake killed in 1839...

Item #219551

October 26, 1839

THE MADISONIAN, Washington, Oct. 26, 1839.


* Two-Headed Snake found and killed

* Leavenworth Iowa

Page 2 has a report from a Leavenworth, Iowa, paper about a snake killed on a farm. Says the snake was two feet in length had a head at each end, and could crawl both ways, plus a few other details. Mentions that the snake might be the only one of its kind ever known in America. O
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Two Sicilies treaty in 1833....

Item #219504

August 31, 1833

EVENING POST, N.Y., Aug. 31, 1833.


* United States treaty with the King of the Two Sicilies

* Andrew Jackson

Pg. 2 has A Proclamation announcing a Convention between the U.S. and the King of the Two Sicilies. Includes the text of the convention, signed in type: Andrew Jackson. Other news of the day includes: "Bank of the United States" "Shipwreck" and more.
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Fight Breaks Out in Government in 1844....

Item #219488

May 01, 1844

THE CORRECTOR, Sag-Harbor, (L.I.), N.Y., May 1, 1844.


* Fight breaks out on the House Floor in U. S. governement

A pg. 2 report from Washington has details about a fight on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives between Mr. White of Kentucky and Mr. Rathbun of N.Y. After Mr. White defended a speech made by Henry Clay, words were exchanged, and they struck one another. More
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Schenectady and Utica railroad company in 1833...

Item #219477

April 27, 1833

NEW-YORK EVENING POST, April 27, 1833.


* Schenectady and Utica Railroad Company est.

A page 2 report begins: It will be a matter of public congratulations that the senate...passed the bill from the house to incorporate the Schenectady and Utica railroad company, by a unanimous vote. A few other details as well. Other news of the day includes: "Stage Robbery" "importation and Com
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Early Steamships in 1839...

Item #219475

July 31, 1839



* Early steamboat travel

The front page has a committee report on the subject Atlantic Steam Navigation. Report takes 2 1/2 pages. Other topics throughout. A volume I issue. Quarto-size, 16 pages, small piece missing from the left margin of the last leaf, otherwise in nice condition.
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Henry Rowe Schoolcraft....

Item #219472

October 14, 1837

THE NEW-YORKER, N.Y., Oct. 14, 1837.


* Henry Rowe Schoolcraft

* "The Birchen Canoe"
The fourth page has a poem: The Birchen Canoe--By H. R. Schoolcraft. Other literary and news items throughout. Quarto-size, 16 pages, A few foxing spots in the text of the poem, other occasional foxing.
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An instant mini-collection of early newspapers...

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(10) WHOLESALE VARIETY LOT of ten different titles dating from the 1820's - 1890's, in average or better condition---not a damaged lot and no pulpish newspapers. A popular way to assemble a variety of titles at a low price. We will give you ten different American newspapers ranging from 1820 to 1899 (no pulp issues) in average condition with good reading. A wealth of varied issues for unde... See More  

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Goose and Gridiron in 1827

Item #219430

May 04, 1827



* Goose and Gridiron

A page 3 notice for The New-York Goose and Gridiron Refectory states that the owner has returned to his old stand and is ready to serve the public. Includes a small engraving of a goose on a flatiron. News of the day includes: "Police" "Virginia Elections" and more. Some edge wear, foxing spot in unrelated content, otherwise in g
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Anthracite Coal mine discovery in 1833....

Item #219424

September 19, 1833

EVENING POST, N.Y., Sept. 19, 1833.


* Anthracite Coal discovered in Virginia

A page 3 report begins: A mine of Anthracite Coal of a very superior quality, has lately been discovered in the western section of Berkeley county, Virginia. A bit more about the quality, and the potential size of this deposit. "The Next President" "From The Pacific" and more. 4 pages in good condition.
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Franklin Pierce annual message in 1856

Item #219419

December 04, 1856



* President Franklin Pierce State of the Union Address

The Presidents Message takes 6 1/2 columns on pg. 2, signed in type: Franklin Pierce. Several interesting advertisements. First leaf has an archival mend to a tear in the outer margin that extends slightly into the text of the message, otherwise in good condition.
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Early Wine making in 1819...

Item #219412

December 08, 1819



* Early wine making

* Vevay Indiana

A pg. 2 item says: A Vevay, Indiana paper, of Oct. 28, says--The season for making wine is just over; and not withstanding the uncommon dry season, the wine presses near Vevay, have made 4,832 gallons of wine--(153 quarter casks). Other news of the day includes: "Fire" "The Stoneham Murder"
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Martin Van Buren in 1840....

Item #219403

June 30, 1840

THE GLOBE, Washington, June 30, 1840  On page 2 under an engraving of an eagle and shield is: An Act to carry into effect a convention between the United States and the Mexican Republic. Act is signed in type: M. Van Buren. Other news of the day. Ads as well. Lite fading on the front page, some lite foxing, mostly on the front page, otherwise in nice condition.
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Submarine Telescope in 1843...

Item #219395

December 21, 1843



* Submarine Telescope invention

* Used for boat inspection

Page 2 has an interesting report about The Sub-Marine Telescope which used a camphine lamp placed in a glass globe, and sunk in the water. This allowed a person on the deck of a boat to examine the hull, plus other details. Says the instrument was invented by Sara
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Uncommon title - Churchman in 1839....

Item #219387

December 21, 1839

THE CHURCHMAN, N.Y., Dec. 21, 1839.


* Uncommon title

As the name implies, contains mostly religious-related news and content. Second leaf has a narrow piece missing in the outer margin, front page has an area of lite dirtiness and a bit of lite fold rubbing, archival mends to two minor fold tears, some lite foxing.
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Travel on the Great Lakes....

Item #219382

April 01, 1833

EVENING POST, April 1, 1833.

* Great Lakes Travel

* Michilimackinac, Michigan
Pg. 2 has a report about the New York Fur Company stating in part that: ...110 men proceeded by Lakes Ontario, Erie and Huron; 50 of whom are to remain at Michilimackinack, on the last lake mentioned. The remaining 60 to proceed by Lake Michigan to Green Bay... and more about their itinerary that would go
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Rocky Mountains exploration in 1832....

Item #219380

April 16, 1832

NEW-YORK EVENING POST, April 16, 1832.


* Early exploration of the Rocky Mountains
* Col. Henry Leavenworth

Pg. 2 has various particulars offered by a member of an expedition authorized by Congress to explore the Rocky Mountains, and north from the Mexican line to the Bering Straits. Says the expedition headed by Col. Henry Leavenworth left 11 years prior and al
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Princeton College in 1833....

Item #219375

November 16, 1833

EVENING POST, N.Y., Nov. 16, 1833.


* Andrew Jackson

* Princeton university

An item on page 2 says: President Jackson has presented to Princeton College, for its museum, a collection of insects from South America, which is...very valuable, and as adding considerably to the interest of the entomological department. Other news of the day includes: "Italian Opera" "Latest From M
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Chesapeake & Ohio Canal in 1840...

Item #219370

April 07, 1840

THE GLOBE, Washington, April 7, 1840  On the front page under Chesapeake And Ohio Canal are two resolves passed by the president and directors of the C & O Canal Company, plus the Report Of The Chief Engineer of the company. Other news of the day throughout. 4 pages in good condition.

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Sir Walter Scott...

Item #219361

November 26, 1832


* Sir Walter Scott's Biography

* Scottish Novalist
Taking much of pages 2 and 3 is: Some Account Of The Life And Works Of Sir Walter Scott, Bart. Other news of the day includes: "Kentucky Election" "Georgia Convention" and more. An uncommon title. 4 pages in good condition.
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Jamaica Long Island Carrier Address...

Item #219282

January 03, 1843

LONG ISLAND DEMOCRAT, Jamaica, N.Y., Jan. 3, 1843.

* New Year's carrier address

* 19th century Jamaica New York

Page 3 has the Carriers Address headed: "New-Year's Dialogue". Takes almost an entire column. News of the day includes: "A Desperate Villain" The Somer's Mutiny" "From The Sandwich Islands" and more. Interesting advertisements as well. 4 pages with
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A Great Illustrated Masthead...

Item #219203
EVENING GAZETTE, Boston, Massachusetts, dated in 1835.  The outstanding feature of this title is the great illustrated  masthead (see images).  The issues describe themselves as "A Family Newspaper, Devoted To News, Arts, Sciences, Literature, Religion, Commerce, & C.  The issue is in very good condition due to being printed on rag paper (typical for the period). ... See More  

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Emigration out West in 1826....

Item #219143

November 24, 1826



* Early emigration out West in Missouri

* Early America expanding

On pg. 3 under Domestic is a report stating: ...St. Louis...shows a tide of emigration to the upper part of Missouri. It was stated by a gentleman traveller who arrived at that place...that in the course of two days he fell in with between sixty and seventy wagons. The
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Communipaw, New Jersey...

Item #219043

February 07, 1857

BALLOU'S PICTORIAL DRAWING-ROOM COMPANION, Boston, February 7, 1857  This title was formatted much like the more popular "Harper's Weekly" being tabloid-size with several pages of prints. This title actually precedes Harper's, which did not begin publication until 1857. Within this issue are prints captioned: "Communipaw, New Jersey", "The Dogs of St. B
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Liberty Dollar Coin 1842...

Item #218407

October 08, 1842

DOLLAR WEEKLY, New York, Oct. 8, 1842

* Liberty Dollar coin

Has an engraving of a dollar coin in the masthead, the cost of an annual subscription. Back page has an engraving and caption: The Young Thief. A volume I issue (number 46). Some of the topics in this issue include: "The Prize Fighters", "Western Railroad", "Mr. Webster" "John Quincy Adams&quo... See More  

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Runaway Slaves Caught 1844...

Item #218332

July 26, 1844

THE NEW YORK HERALD, July 26, 1844.

* Runaway Slaves Caught

This 4 page newspaper has news of the day throughout with the following one column headlines: "More Runaway Negroes Caught", "The Affair At Frederick", "Atrocities In Cuba", "Saratoga Springs", and much more. Some noticeable creasing, and minor staining, otherwise in good condition.
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Yellowstone Expedition in 1819....

Item #218297

July 21, 1819

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, MA, dated July 21, 1819 July 21, 1819.


* Yellowstone expedition

* Missouri

On page 2 under Yellowstone Expedition is a report stating that the steamboat Western Engineer arrived safely at St. Louis and that Her passage from Pittsbuagh [sic] averaged about eight miles an hour. She met with some difficulties, but none very important. Some Indian
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Uncommon Political Title from 1835...

Item #218163

January 08, 1835

REGISTER OF DEBATES, Washington, Jan. 8, 1835.


* Uncommon political title from 19th century Washington D.C.

An ocatavo-size publication containing debates from both Houses of Congress, published by Duff Green. Has 30 pages. First leaf has some loss in the upper left corner, small hole near the dateline, has an inked library stamp in the upper right corner. Uncommon title.
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Early Big City Population in 1801...

Item #218153

June 20, 1801

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, June 20, 1801.


* Early big city population census

* early 19th century original

A pg. 2 report says: The Society of Friends of Philadelphia, have remitted Four Thousand pounds to the assistance of distressed Quakers of England and Ireland. A Population report lists Boston as fourth behind, Philadelphia (72,136), New York (60,483) Baltimore (31,514) with a
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Hudson New York in 1837...

Item #218124

February 11, 1837

THE RURAL REPOSITORY, Hudson, New York, February 11, 1837  An interesting little newspaper of 8 pages which was never bound nor trimmed filled mostly with literary items but various other tidbits as well. Among the various items in this issue are: "Women of the United States" "American Generals". Scattered foxing throughout with some minor tears at the margins. The masthea... See More  

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Chalybeate water found in 1816....

Item #218044

August 05, 1816

 INDEPENDENT CHRONICLE, Boston, Aug. 5, 1816.


* Chalybeate water found at Chappaqua New York

A page 2 report says: A chalybeate spring has been discovered at Chapequa....about three miles from the Hudson River, and 30 above New York....and its waters...containing iron enough to cause a beneficial effect, and not enough to do harm. Other news of the day includes: "Civilization... See More  

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DeWitt Clinton - Grand Canals in 1816...

Item #218019

December 30, 1816

INDEPENDENT CHRONICLE, Boston, December 30, 1816


* Canal between Great Lakes Erie & Hudson - DeWitt Clinton

Page 2 has a report stating that the Commissioners of New York headed by DeWitt Clinton presented a memorial to Congress ...praying for an appropriation, in lands or money in aid in the construction of the GRAND CANALS between the navigable waters of the Hudson an
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Walk-in-the-Water Steamship in 1820....

Item #218009

June 24, 1820



* 1st Steamship on Lake Erie

* Walk-in-the-Water reporting

A page 3 report from Buffalo states that: The Steam-Boat Walk-in-the-Water, left this place...for Mackina [sic], with a full freight and about 50 passengers....her freight consisted...of goods belonging to the American Fur Company, amounting in value of upwards of 100,000 dollars. Othe
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John Qunicy Adams in 1826....

Item #217991

March 30, 1826

NATIONAL JOURNAL, Washington, March 30, 1826.


* President John Quincy Adams acts

* 19th century Washington D.C.

On the front page under a woodcut of an eagle and shield is an Act for making appropriations for the Indian Department, signed in type: John Quincy Adams. Pg. 3 has an Act making appropriations for the Military Service of the U.S., also signed in type by Adams. Other
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1840 Washington D.C....

Item #217957

January 11, 1840

THE MADISONIAN, Washington, Jan. 11, 1840.


* Uncommon title

* New Year's song

Front page has lyrics: The Hero Of The Thames Song Written For The Celebration Of New Years Eve, By The Unionist And Others. Also has an Extract From An Address Delivered by Gen. Harrison, at Vincennes, Ind. To Gen. Willam Harrison" "Dissolution Of The Vsn Buren Party" and more. 4 pages in nice condit
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Delaware & Chesapeake Canal...

Item #217840

June 03, 1829



* Chesapeake & Delaware Canal

* Paul Revere

A pg. 3 report says the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal will be navigable by July 1st. The report describes the canal as of the greatest works of human skill and ingenuity in the world; the greatest perpendicular of which is upwards of 76 feet, the whole lengthy four miles, and over the deepe
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