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Seated Liberty Dollar in 1842....

Item #222723

May 21, 1842

DOLLAR WEEKLY, N.Y., May 21, 1842.


* Seated Liberty Dollar masthead

Has an engraving of a dollar coin in the masthead, the cost of a yearly subscription. The front page has a 3 by 3 1/4 inch engraving: Meeting Of The Antipodes and a humorous caption.

Has two other engravings inside. Seveal topical reports throughout. A volume I issue (number 26). Some minor tears in the oute
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God's hand of judgement?

Item #222711

October 17, 1818

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, Oct. 17, 1818.

* Early 18th century view of breaking the Sabbath...

A front page report from Buffalo says that a sailboat returning from a party of pleasure overturned Sunday and a young man drowned, although his four companions survived. Concludes by stating: "An extraordinary fatality appears to attend Sabbath-breakers." A pg. 2 item says:
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An unused document from the mid-1800's...

Item #222605

January 01, 1854

An interesting "Quite-Claim" document, printed but never used so not dated on the front save for the printed portions as seen in the photos below, although curiously there is a date on the reverse of 1854. Measures about 8 1/2 by 14 inches, very nice condition.

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Scarce Woman's title for 1807...

Item #222492

October 10, 1807

THE LADYS MISCELLANY, N.Y., Oct. 10, 1807.


* scarce woman's newspaper

An uncommon title containing topical reports and literary-related content, apparently for women. Quarto-size, 8 pages., has lite staining in the lower and right margins extending into some text, otherwise good. 8 pages.

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Ship Constitution in 1832....

Item #222483

November 13, 1832

EVENING POST, N.Y., Nov. 13, 1832 Page 2 report:

* Launch.--The ship Constitution, under the command of Josiah Wilson, will be launched to-morrow, 14th inst. at half past one oclock P. M. from the yard of her builders, Smith, Demon & Cornstock. Other news of the day includes: "Artic Land Expedition" "Fire" and more. 4 pages in good condition. Some foxing in the upper half.
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4th of July Fireworks...

Item #222463

July 10, 1855

NEW YORK HERALD, July 10, 1855.


* 4th of July Fireworks Display

Front page report: "The Fourth Of July Fireworks Grand Exhibition in the City Parks--Immense Concourse of People--Fun and Frolic in the Crowd--An Alarm of Real Fire, and General Excitement--Glorious Wind Up, and a Good Deal of Smoke." Has the Order Of Arrangement and detailed description of the fireworks.

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Santa Anna - James Cooper in 1829....

Item #222447

September 19, 1829

COLUMBIA CENTINEL, Boston, Sept. 19, 1829.


* Santa Anna

* James F. Cooper

* Early 19th century original reading

On the front page at the bottom of the last column is a Proclamation by Santa Anna to the Mexican Troops concerning the invasion of the Spanish. Concludes on pg. 2 urging ...Independence or Death..., signed in type: Santa Anna.

Another report says: Mr. Coopers new
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P.T. Barnum's Baby Show in 1855....

Item #222413

June 08, 1855

NEW YORK HERALD, June 8, 1855


* P. T. Barnum baby show

* Pre civil war era

Front page has: Barnum's Baby Show Third Day--Another Day--Statistics of the Show--Barnum Excited--A Full House Again--Who Pinches the Babies?--The Prize Children Shown Up & more. Other news of the day includes: "Marine Affairs" "Cricket" "Police Intelligence"
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Giant Mudslide in 1804....

Item #222408

July 12, 1804

BOSTON GAZETTE, July 12, 1804


* Virginia mudslide disaster

* Early 19th century original reading

Page 2 has an interesting letter from Winchester, Virginia, that says:


* ...a mountain, 15 or 20 miles from that place, had recently burst; and area of 15 or 20 acres of earth fell into the adjacent valley...the force of violence being such as to have crushed and destroy
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Masonic in 1802...

Item #222380

October 20, 1802

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, dated Oct. 20, 1802.


* Masons - Masonic

* Early 19th century original reading

A page 2 report from New-York states in part:

* ...yesterday morning, the most worshipful master, attended by the officers of the grand lodge...laid the foundation stone of a Masonic Hall. This building is to be situated in Frankfort-street, near the Park; and when
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Texas to be a State?

Item #222281

July 05, 1833

EVENING POST, N.Y., July 5, 1833.


* Texas to be a State ?

* Santa Anna

* Quapaw Indians

A page 2 report from Texas states in part that " of the Commissioners had returned from the city of Mexico, with the most friendly assurances from President Santa Anna, that Texas will become a State of the Union.... ".

Also has a detailed letter from the Sub-Agent for t
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Eagle shot and killed in 1826....

Item #222277

March 24, 1826



* Large Golden Eagle shot 

* Early 19th century original reading

Page 3 has a report stating that a Golden Eagle was shot at Corton Point, N.Y. Says the eagle was a yearling, & measured 7 feet 8 inches across the wings, 3 feet from his beak to feet, and that his beak was 3 inches long and 5/8 inches in circumference. Other ne
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John Tyler Resigns from Senate...

Item #222240

March 03, 1836

NEW YORK TIMES, March 3, 1836.

* John Tyler Resigns

* Congress - Senate

On the front page under Resignation Of Mr. Tyler is John Tylers letter of resignation that was laid before the Senate, signed in type: John Tyler.

Other news of the day with several advertisements throughout.

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1854 Montpelier Vermont...

Item #222101

November 02, 1854

WALTONS DAILY JOURNAL, Montpelier, Vt., November 2, 1854.


* 19th century Montpelier Vermont

Mostly advertisements, a few topical items and news from the state legislature. An uncommon title from the capital of Vermont. Small folio-size, 4 pages in nice condition

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Watches made in 1833.....

Item #222081

January 08, 1833

EVENING POST, N.Y., Jan. 8, 1833.


* Swiss watches and more

* Early 19th century original reading

Page 2 has an item that says:

* It is estimated that 150,000 watches are annually made in France, and about 200,000 are finished only, the movements of which are made in Switzerland, chiefly of gold, and 350,000 clocks, in bronze, gilt, or alabaster cases.

Other news of the day in
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Hartfords vs. Mutuals - Baseball in 1876...

Item #222048

August 28, 1860

THE NEW YORK TIMES, August 28, 1860  This issue features the review of a game between Hartford and Mutual.  A box score for the event accompanies the text.  Additional articles are printed on the inside and back pages as well, covering events of the time.

Complete in 8 pages, generally in nice condition due to the use of "rag paper&q
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Manhattan vs. Harlem - Baseball in 1860...

Item #222045

August 31, 1860

THE NEW YORK TIMES, August 31, 1860  This issue features the reviews of three Baseball games: Manhattan vs. Harlem, Eckford vs. Newburgh, and Brooklyn vs. New York.  A box score for each event accompanies the text.  Additional articles are printed on the inside and back pages as well, covering events of the time.

Complete in 8 pages, gene
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Brooklyn vs. New York - Baseball in 1860...

Item #222042

August 21, 1860

THE NEW YORK TIMES, August 21, 1860  This issue features the reviews of two games between Brooklyn and New York (Excelsior vs. Empire, and Mutual vs. Atlantic).  A box score for each event accompanies the text.  Additional articles are printed on the inside and back pages as well, covering events of the time.

Complete in 8 pages, gen
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Early Astronomy in 1801.....

Item #222031

April 07, 1801

SALEM GAZETTE, Salem, Mass., April 7, 1801.


* Early Astronomer Dr. Herschell death

* Early 19th century Salem Massachusetts

Among the page 3 Deaths is one that reads: In England, Dr. Herschell, the celebrated astronomer, and discover of the new planet, Georgium Sidus. This planet is better known as Uranus. Other news of the day includes: "Destructive Floods" "Nothern Powers" a
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Sag Harbor in 1844....

Item #222021

April 10, 1844

THE CORRECTOR, Sag-Harbor, (L.I.), N.Y., April 10, 1844.


* Uncommon Sag Harbor, Long Island title

A page 3 report says that ...a brutal outrage [was] committed on the body of a virtuous female... at Alleghany City near Pittsburgh, and that: The villain gagged her mouth and tied her hands, after which he accomplished his purpose. Being threatened with punishment, he married his vict
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Columbia College in 1832....

Item #221964

April 28, 1832

NEW-YORK EVENING POST, April 28, 1832.


* Columbia College

* Early astromony

* Comet Biela

Page 2 testimony dated Columbia College, 27th April, 1832 describes a planetary apparatus invented by Dr. Kile to represent the Comet of Biela.

Other news of the day includes: "Case Of  Gen. Houston" "New African Expedfition" and more. Several advertisements throughout. 4 pages
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Winslow Homer...

Item #221952

January 05, 1861

Harper's Weekly dated January 5, 1861. (print only)

This is a double-page print. The print contains the engraving "Seeing The Old Year out - Watch Night "by Winslow Homer.

The print size is approximately 15.75 x 22 inches.... See More  

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Item #221946

January 01, 1856

The Evansville Daily Journal dated circa 1856.

This is a multi-framed layout. This includes the title from the masthead of the newspaper; an article on the nomination of Millard Fillmore for president; two separate advertisement listings; plus the newspaper name and year from the volume binder.

The overall matted size approximately is 18.75 x 24 inches. The matting color is a medium shade of g... See More  

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Pauline Bonaparte death in 1825....

Item #221908

November 05, 1825

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, Nov. 5, 1825.


* Death of Marie Pauline Bonaparte

* Early 19th century original reading

On page 2 under Foreign Obituary Notices is a report about the death of ...Marie Paulina Buonaparte, Princess of Borghese, aged 45, second sister of the late Napoleon Buonaparte... Has a few details about her life, plus some of the bequests she made showing ...t
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Druid's Circle found in 1832....

Item #221904

January 28, 1832



* Druidical circle

* Druid's Circle - Druid Stones

Page 2 has a report about the discovery of a Druidical circle near the village of Cloughton in England. Says the circle is about 12 yards in diameter ...having the altarstone remaining, and is in a direction bearing N.N.E. from the Wharton circle. Its site is in a vale, called Hulleys Slack..
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John Quincy Adams....

Item #221799

August 08, 1842



* John Quincy Adams

* Veto message

The front page has: Mr. Adams's Report On The Veto Message, signed in type: John Quincy Adams, and by several others. Other news of the day includes: "A Tornado" "Naval Court Martial" "The Cunard Steamers" and more.

Some wear, fold creasing, small h
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Death of Commodore John Rogers...

Item #221785

July 21, 1832



* Commodore George Washington Rodgers death & funeral

Page 2 has a report: "From La Plata--Death of Commodore Rogers". There is a second, more detailed report about the funeral of Commodore Rogers at Buenos Aires, which includes the Order Of The Procession and more. Some minor creasing here. Other news of the day incl
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Transylvania College Fire in 1829...

Item #221684

May 27, 1829

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, May 27, 1829.


* Old Morrison

* Transylvania College Fire

Page 2 has a report: Burning Of Transylvania--The beautiful College edifice, the principal building of Transylvania University, was burnt the 9th inst. Much more about the damage, losses and insurance coverage, plus mention that classes resumed in a makeshift manner the usual hours on Monda
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State House of Massachusetts....

Item #221681

June 19, 1856

NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, Washington, June 19, 1856.


* Western cities described

* Pre civil war era

On the back page under The Great West is a lengthy extract from a lecture delivered by a gentleman from St. Louis to the State House of Massachusetts. Has many interesting facts and details about the cities and regions of the northwest, central west and far west. Good content! O
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Religion and Governement in 1855...

Item #221680

July 04, 1855

NEW YORK HERALD, July 4, 1855.


* Religion & government

* Know Nothing Party

Page 2 has a lengthy and compelling letter to the editor: Impossibility of Uniting Religion with Politics in this Country. Concerned the religious intolerance of the Know Nothing party. News of the day includes: "The Prohibitory Liquor Laws" "The War of the Railroads" "The Watering Places" and much mo
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Early hunting in 1858...

Item #221621

February 06, 1858

PORTERS SPIRIT OF THE TIMES, New York, NY dated Feb. 6, 1858.


* Early sports related news

* Elk hunting

Front page has: Wild Sports In India, Elk Hunting In Ceylon. Second page has: My First Buck. Detailed summary and results of a cricket match under Cricket in San Francisco. Another pg. has: Life On The Plains which mentions in part: For nine days of our travel we passed
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Horace Greeley goes west....

Item #221294

August 17, 1859

THE NEW-YORK TRIBUNE, August 17, 1859  Page 6 has: "An Overland Journey. XX. The Emigration". Initialed at the end: H.G. Takes a little more than two columns.

Horace Greeley, founder & editor of the New York Tribune, visited the Yosemite Valley in 1859 during his trip to the West. The series of 34 travelogue articles is significant as it was the first widely-distr
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Pre Civil War Baseball, 1858....

Item #221255

September 11, 1858

NEW YORK HERALD, September 11, 1858  Page 5 report: The Great Base Ball Match between Brooklyn and New York--The New Yorkers Victorious. One paragraph summary of this match played at the Fashion Course says there were over five thousand spectators and that...the New Yorkers won handsomely. Has a box score of the game. Other news of the day includes: "The Norwalk Tragedy" "Th
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Fraser River Gold Discoveries in 1858....

Item #221244

August 10, 1858

THE NEW YORK HERALD, Aug. 10, 1858.


* Fraser River

* Gold Discoveries

Pg. 8 has: "The Frazer River Movements in Minnesota", "Overland Communication with the Pacific", "The High Northern Route via the Red River of the North", "Lake Winnipeg and the Saskatchewan River", and "Very Interesting Geographical, Topographical, Geological, Commercial and Political Facts, Discoveries and St
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David Ricardo's Death....

Item #221241

December 01, 1823



* Death of David Ricardo

This 4 page newspaper has one page under: "Deaths" is: "In England, David Ricardo, esq. a Member of the British Parliament, and one of the most profound financiers of the age. He was of the Jewish Religion; and while a barber, amassed a fortune of nearly five millions of d
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Skowhegan, Maine toll bridge receipt, 1835...

Item #221199

November 07, 1833

Here is a very early toll bridge receipt for the Skowhegan Bridge, dated at Bloomfield, (Maine), Nov. 7, 1833. The receipt is part-printed and reads: "For value received, I promise the Proprietors Of Skowhegan Bridge to pay them or order one dollar. If not paid by the last day of September next, interest after. And conform to their regulations." It is signed by Edmond Mirow with "his mark" whi... See More  

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The Question of Southern Slavery, 1858....

Item #221192

November 06, 1858

THE NEW YORK HERALD, New York, NY, dated Nov. 6, 1858.

* Southern Slavery
* Hon. James R. Hammond

The back page has: The Slavery Question In The South Comprehensive and Conservative View of the Field by a Southern Statesman The Northern Agitation Exhausting Itself--A Hopeful View of the Future Speech of Hon. James R. Hammond, Delivered at Barnwell Court House, October 28
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James Polk in 1847....

Item #221190

February 06, 1847

DAILY UNION, Washington, Feb. 6, 1847.


* James K. Polk treaty with Winnebago Indian Tribe

On the ftpg. under Official is the text of a treaty between the U.S. and the Winnebago tribe of Indians. Includes the names of the Indian leaders who signed the treaty with an x mark. Also signed by various officials and in type: James K. Polk. Other. Other news of the day includes: "Texas Ind
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Item #221099

April 27, 1827

Unknown Title dated April 27, 1827.  (print only)

The is a advertisement print for the New-York Goose and Gridiron Refectory, No. 7 Park. The print size is approximately 2.5 x 2.75 inches and the overall matted size approximately is 6.5 x 6.75 inches. The matting color is a medium shade of green/grey color.

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Item #221092

January 08, 1825

Baltimore Patriot and Mercantile Advertiser, Baltimore, MD, January 8, 1825.  (print only)

The is a advertisement print for a coach line and steam boat and also features the paper's masthead information. The print size is approximately 2.25 x 5.5 inches and the overall matted size approximately is 7.25 x 10.5 inches. The matting color is a medium shade of green/grey color.... See More  

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Oberon & Puck in 1835....

Item #220481

March 07, 1835

EVENING GAZETTE, Boston, March 7, 1835.

* Oberon - King of Fairies

This title has an unusual masthead which features an engraving of Oberon, the king of the fairies, giving instructions to Puck, the mischievous fairy, both of whom are characters from Shakespeares A Midsummer Nights Dream. Has general news and content with advertisements. Lite dampstaining in the upper left corner
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1807 Lady's title....

Item #220419

October 03, 1807

THE LADYS WEEKLY MISCELLANY, N.Y., October 3, 1807. Apparently for women as suggested by the title. Content includes a topical report about Seduction, plus Anecdotes Of Filial Reverence and Anecdotes Of Fashion. Other topics as well. An early and uncommon title. Quarto-size, 8 pages, some foxing.

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William Henry Harrison, 1840...

Item #220368

February 06, 1840

THE MADISONIAN, Washington, dated Feb. 6, 1840.


* William Henry Harrison

* Campaign Song

Page 3 has a brief letter from Luzerne County containing the lyrics of an Irish Song in honor of Harrison, sung to the Air--Spring of Shillalah. Other news of the day with some advertisements. 4 pages in good condition.
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Magazine in the Welsh language...

Item #220265
SEREN GOMER, Argraffwyr, Wales, (1834).

* Scarce Wales - Welsh periodical

A quite uncommon magazine from Wales, totally in the Welsh language. Although commonly spoken in the 19th century, its use had diminished in the 20th century. Efforts are being made to bring it back today. Here is a rare opportunity for an issue of this 32 page periodical, printed totally in Welsh. There is no year i
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Napoleon Bonaparte treaty...

Item #220235

December 18, 1809

BOSTON GAZETTE, Dec. 18, 1809.


* Napoleon Bonaparte treaty of peace

* Austria & France

On page 2 under Definitive Treaty of Peace is the text of a treaty between Austria and France, signed in type: Napoleon. Other news of the day includes: "Affairs Of Spain" "Congress" and more. Lower half of the spine has numerous tears and is very tattered , lower margin is tat
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Thomas Jefferson in 1827.....

Item #220150

January 03, 1827

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, Jan. 3, 1827.


* Thomas Jefferson family relief plan

A page 3 item says: The legislature of South Carolina has passed a resolution, appropriating ten thousand dollars of six percent stock, redeemable in 1850, for the relief of the family of THOMAS JEFFERSON. The resolution in the Senate had but three negatives, and in the House of Representatives it pa
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1824 Circus...

Item #220105

January 03, 1824



* Circus Notice

On page 3 under Circus are details about the performances, including the grand equestrian melodrama of Timour The Tartar. Other news of the day includes: "Mr. Booth", "Daring Attempt at Robbery", "Another Circus", and more. Other ads as well. Lite staining in the upper left corner, some lite foxi
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1812 James Madison....

Item #220103

January 31, 1812

SALEM GAZETTE, Salem, Mass., Jan. 31, 1812.


* James Madison Army Law

* Salem  Massachusetts

On the front page under The New Army Law is: An Act To Raise And Additional Military Force. Takes two columns on the front page and concludes on page 2, signed in type: James Madison. Other news of the day with some ads. Has a foxing spot in the first head, bit of lite rubbi
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Whiskey Manufacturing in 1856...

Item #220060

November 20, 1856

NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, Washington, Nov. 20, 1856.


* Manufacturing of whiskey

* Early Superior Wisconsin settlement

A page 3 report under Manufacture of Whiskey describes the large scale production of whiskey at Cincinnati. Another item says that Superior, Wisconsin, was first settled in 1854 and by January 1856 had a population of 500, and presently had 100 families cultivating
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Superintendent of Scavengers....

Item #220048

July 27, 1805

NEW-YORK HERALD, New York, July 27, 1805


* Superintendent of Scavengers

* Oysters

Page 3 has a municipal item: A Law for the amendment of the law for the appointment of a Superintendent of Scavengers. Concerned the possession or sale of oysters in the city from June thru September. Other news of the day. Area of foxing in unrelated content, otherwise in good condition.
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