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About Us...

     We have been dealers in rare and historic newspapers for nearly half a century and are currently members of both the American Antiquarian Society and the Ephemera Society of America. We have been referenced in The Wall Street Journal, Nicholson Baker's #1 best seller "Double Fold", the New Yorker, The Robb Report, as well as scholarly and historically-themed publications.

     Our issues have been or are on display in museums and at historical sites throughout the world, are found hanging on the walls of the Supreme Court, in Walt Disney World and at the former Newseum, have been on tour with the Smithsonian, and perhaps most importantly, are in the hands of tens-of-thousands of collectors who find joy in preserving history. We are acknowledged as one of the top collectors and dealers of original and historic newspapers in the world. Every item we offer is guaranteed to be absolutely genuine.

     We are a faith-based, family-friendly entity. Over the years, seven of our children have been "helpers" at one time or another, and there is now a full quiver of grandchildren waiting in the wings.

     Our desire is to "conduct ourselves honorably in all things" (Hebrews 13:18b), and our hope is to demonstrate our appreciation for all those who fall under the umbrella: "red and yellow, black and white, they are precious in His sight", by providing service which leaves everyone who seeks to buy from us knowing they are valued.

Six Full-Time Staff (w/ additional part-time helpers)...

     Timothy Hughes started the business as a hobby in 1975, operating it part-time in the evenings and weekends for several years. As the business continued to grow, it became a full-time enterprise in 1988, with full-time and part-time employees eventually being hired for our current compliment of six (plus helpers) engaged in the sale of early and rare newspapers from the 1500's to the present day.

The Rare & Early Newspapers' Archives...

     Our 10,000 sq. ft. office and warehouse complex is located in South Williamsport, Pennsylvania, and features state-of-the art equipment for the efficient management of an inventory of over three million newspapers and 18th century magazines, as well as the production of the archival-quality protective folders which we create in custom sizes for proper newspaper storage. Every effort is made to preserve the rare & early newspapers within our holdings.

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What Others Have Said About Us ...

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