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Early mention of Davy Crockett...

Item #549623

December 19, 1829

NILES' WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore, December 19, 1829  In the reports from Congress is discussion of land in Tennessee, which includes: "...but after a brief debate Mr. Crockett's resolution was agreed to. The following are the names of the select committee, Messrs. Crockett, Evans of Me. Tracy, Polk, Hawkins, and Grennell..." and more.

Sixteen pages, 6 1/2 by 10 inches with... See More  

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Davy Crockett...

Item #549484

August 05, 1831

ALBANY ARGUS, Albany, New York, August 5, 1831

* Davy Crockett

* House of Representatives

On page 2 under "Dignity of a Congressman" is a humorous report reading, in full: "Davy Crockett, one of the wig leaders in congress made a speech, for his own benefit, in Cincinnati, on his way home. Twenty-Five Cents! was demanded of all admitted into the room. Dear enough! A whole ca... See More  

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Battle of Tuxpan, Veracruz...

Item #549472

May 17, 1847

EVENING POST, New York, NY, May 17, 1847

* Battle of Tuxpan, Veracruz

* Commodore Matthew C. Perry

On the front page under "The Capture Of Tuxpan" is a brief report, followed by the "Official" account of the capture, datelined "United States Flag Ship Mississippi, At sea, off Vera Cruz, April 24, 1847." The account is signed in type: M. C. Perry.

There is ... See More  

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Natural Bridge caverns... Early Florida colony...

Item #549464

May 25, 1822

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, Massachusetts, May 25, 1822 

* Natural Bridge caverns 

* Watertown, New York

* Early Florida colony 

Page 2 has a brief report that says: "A stupendous Cavern has recently been discovered in Jefferson county, N.Y. which has been explored 100 rods"

The cavern mentioned is located at Watertown, N.Y.

Other news of the day includes... See More  

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School Laction Act...

Item #549461

February 11, 1826

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, from Massachusetts, dated February 11, 1826.

* President John Quincy Adams

* Education

On the front page under an engraving of an eagle and shield is:

* An Act to authorize the Legislature of the State of Ohio to sell the lands heretofore appropriated for the use of Schools in that State...

signed in type: John Quincy Adams.

Other news of the day inc... See More  

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Anti government act by residents of Illinois...

Item #549413

May 13, 1825

RECORDER & TELEGRAPH, Boston, Massachusetts, May 13, 1825

* Early Union Illinois report

* Anti government act by residents

Page 3 has a report: "More Decency!--In the town of Union, (Illinois,) the citizens fasted the effigy of Mr. Cook, their Representative, to a whipping post, scourged it, hung it, shot it, and burnt it."

Other news of the day,  mostly religious.

... See More  

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Daniel Webster's wife dies...

Item #549252

January 26, 1828

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, Massachusetts, January 26, 1828

* Daniel Webster's wife's death

Listed among the page 3 obituaries is one that begins: "In New-York, on Monday Morning last, Mrs. Grace Webster, consort of the Hon. Daniel Webster, Member of the Senate of the United States, From Massachusetts. Her remains are to be removed to this City for interment..." and more, ... See More  

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A new poem by Tennyson...

Item #549194

July 26, 1859

NEW-YORK TIMES, New York, NY, July 26, 1859

* English Poet Alfred Tennyson

* 1st Baron

On page 2 under "Tennyson' New Poem" is a report about Tennyson's new poem, "The Idylls of the King". A lengthy poem taking most of the page. Tennyson added to this poem in 1869 & 1872, and completed the great work in 1885.

Other news of the day includes: "The State Of Ita... See More  

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Gold discovered at Pike's Peak...

Item #549122

August 29, 1858

THE WASHINGTON UNION, Washington, D.C., August 29, 1858 

* Pike's Peak gold discovered 

* Cherry Creek 

* Start of Colorado gold rush

A page 2 report headed "Newly Discovered Gold Mines" says: "Monsieur Borden and company have arrived in Kansas City, from Pike's Peak, Nebraska Territory. He reports newly discovered mines. He brought with him several... See More  

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Augusta, Maine capital building...

Item #549018

October 11, 1828

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, Massachusetts, October 11, 1828

* Early Augusta, Maine capital building cornerstone 

* Madame Johnson makes a 3 mile aerial excursion near Philadelphia

* The Presidency of Harvard College 

Page 2 "Mail Items" has: "Preparations of for the erection of the Capitol of Maine have...commenced at Augusta."

The new College in Charleston, ... See More  

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Exploration and Expeditions...

Item #548986

November 23, 1822

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, November 23, 1822 

* Sante Fe New Mexico 

* Camanche Indians

A page 2 report from St. Louis says: "Col. Cooper's party have returned from their commercial enterprise to Santa Fe....they found no difficulty in traversing the wilderness with their wagons which they drove into Santa Fe....The people of Santa Fe expressed a desire to have comm... See More  

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Item #548903

January 08, 1817

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, Massachusetts, January 8, 1817

* Hamilton College, Clinton, New York

* Reverend Dr. Azel Backus

Among the page 2 "Deaths" is one that reads: "At his residence at Hamilton College, in New-York State, after a...severe attack of the fever, The Reverend Doctor Backus, President of that Institution....[he] was universally of the most em... See More  

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Sunday School newspaper for children...

Item #548805

November 08, 1856

SUNDAY SCHOOL ADVOCATE, Cincinnati, Ohio, November 8, 1856

* Sunday School newspaper for children

Has religious-related content for young folks. Some illustrations and an ornate masthead.

Small folio-size, 4 pages, large are of staining, some lite foxing.

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Formalizing the United States flag as new states join the Union...

Item #548749

April 25, 1818

NILES WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore, April 25, 1818 

* Design of the United States flag

Actually a very historic issue, as an inside page has a nice article headed: "Flag of the United States" which references the recent Act of congress which provides that: "...from & after the fourth day of July next the flag of the United States shall be thirteen horizontal stripes, al... See More  

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Thomas Hart Benton...

Item #548572

September 03, 1847

EVENING POST, NY, September 3, 1847 

* Thomas Hart Benton 

* Missouri Senator 

Page 2 has a report: "The honorary of L.L.D. was conferred on the Hon. Thomas H. Benton, at the late annual convention of the Missouri State University..."

Other news of the day includes: "Western Steamboat Disasters" "Money Digging" "Attempt To Kill" a... See More  

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All aboard for Cape May...

Item #548444

August 08, 1857

WASHINGTON UNION, Washington D.C., August 8, 1857

* Cape May via railroad advertisement

* Pre civil war news from Nation's Capital

Page 3 has an ad for passenger service to Cape May via the Washington Branch Railroad. Has details about departure and schedules, connections and ticket prices, as well as carriage hire "on the island".

News of the day includes: "Later Fro... See More  

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General Tom Thumb...

Item #548438

October 08, 1847

EVENING POST, New York, October 8, 1847

* General Tom Thumb - "On Display"

Page 2 has a report: "Gen. Tom Thumb continues to attract crowds at the Museum. Every Levee is fully attended, although he holds five distinct ones every day....Everybody who has seen him will want to see him again..." and a bit more.

Other news of the day includes: "Laws of New York" "... See More  

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Horace Greeley as editor...

Item #548403

February 24, 1838

THE JEFFERSONIAN, Albany, New York, February 24, 1838

* William Henry Harrison son's death

Lists Horace Greeley as the Editor in the masthead. Has general news, state legislative business and commentary on political issues of the day.

The back page has a report about the death of William Henry Harrison, Jr., the 36 year old son of Gen. Harrison.

A volume I issue (number 2) issue. Quar... See More  

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Early mention of Davy Crockett...

Item #548344

December 19, 1829

NILES' WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore,  Dec. 19, 1829  In the reports from Congress is discussion of land in Tennessee, which includes: "...but after a brief debate Mr. Crockett's resolution was agreed to. The following are the names of the select committee, Messrs. Crockett, Evans of Me. Tracy, Polk, Hawkins, and Grennell..." and more.

Complete in 16 pages, 6 1/2 by 10 in... See More  

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Early Summer resorts...

Item #548074

August 04, 1836

NEW-YORK TIMES, New York, NY, August 4, 1836

* Early Summer resorts

* Long Beach and more

* Original 19th century reading

A pg. 2 report says: "It is estimated that... 2000 citizens of Philadelphia are absent from the city at this time. At least 500 are at Cape May..." plus mention that the others are at Brandywine Springs, Long Beach, Long Branch, Saratoga, York Springs & Ye... See More  

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Early shark fishing...

Item #548067

July 13, 1827

BOSTON RECORDER & TELEGRAPH, Massachusetts, July 13, 1827 

* Early shark fishing

Page 3 has a report: "A New Haven papers says, that 17 large sharks were taken in that harbor July 2d, at one haul in a seine for taking white fish..." plus mention that most of the white fish escaped because of the damage to the nets caused by the sharks.

Other news of the day includes: &quo... See More  

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Robert John Walker...

Item #548043

July 22, 1857

WASHINGTON UNION, Washington D.C., July 22, 1857 

* Kansas troubles 

* Robert John Walker 

Page 2 has a "Proclamation" addressed "To The People Of Lawrence", signed in type: R. J. Walker, the Governor of the Kansas Territory.

A page 2 report about the visit of the "railroad excursionists" includes a letter signed in type: James Buchanan.

... See More  

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Vacation in 1855...

Item #547696

July 19, 1855

THE NEW YORK HERALD, dated July 19, 1855.

* Vacation in 1855

On page 2 under "The Watering Places" are interesting letters from visitors at the following locations: "West Point Highlands", "N.J. Cape May" (has two letters), "Old Point Comfort", and "Richmond & Warrenton Springs, Virginia" These letters take most of three columns.

Altho... See More  

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Governor Simon Snyder... Runaway ad...

Item #547685

December 21, 1815

NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, from Washington D.C., dated December 21, 1815.

* Pennsylvania Governor Simon Snyder

On pg. 2 under “Pennsylvania” is the “Governor’s Message”, signed in type: Simon Snyder. The back page has a reward ad for a runaway “Negro Man named David”.

Other news of the day includes: "Congress" "Banking Fraud" &quo... See More  

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Gloucester, Massachusetts... Ticonderoga, New York...

Item #547623

July 01, 1854

GLEASON'S PICTORIAL, Boston, Massachusetts, July 1, 1854

* Gloucester Massachusetts

* Ticonderoga, New York

* Prints

This title was formatted much like the more popular "Harper's Weekly" being tabloid-size with several pages of prints. This title actually precedes Harper's, which did not begin publication until 1857. Within this issue are prints:

* Bass
... See More  

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Vacation in 1855...

Item #547604

July 28, 1855

THE NEW YORK HERALD, in good condition, dated July 28, 1855.

* Vacation in 1855

Page 3 has: "Our Summer Retreats Pleasant Letters from the Lake, Sea and Mountain Side Accounts of the Season at Cape Island, Schooleys Mountains, Lake Mahonpac & Lake Winnipisseogee". Also has a letter from Coney Island and a report: Southern Watering Places. Various letters and the report take mos... See More  

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Item #547557
SACRAMENTO UNION, California 1859.

* Sacramento, California

This is one of the earliest California newspapers we have the pleasure to offer. As might be imagined issues from the Gold Rush vicinity--just ten years after the start of the rush--are difficult to find. As perhaps you've noticed most of our California inventory is from the 1870's and 1880's.

This issue has a wealth of... See More  

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Item #546866

April 01, 1854

THE MOTHER'S ASSISTANT & YOUNG LADY'S FRIEND, Boston, Massachusetts, April, 1854

* Uncommon title

* Parental themed magazine

Has content designed to aid in "domestic education" and promote "parental responsibility" using the Bible as a guide. Octavo-size, 32 pgs., some wear, & tattered a bit at the edges. Still has original pink wrapper.... See More  

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Thomas Hart Benton kills opponent in a duel...

Item #545779

November 05, 1817

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, Massachusetts, November 5, 1817

* Thomas Hart Benton in a duel

* Kills Charles Lucas

* Andrew Jackson

On page 2 under "Missouri" is a report from St. Louis dated "Sept. 29" that reads in full: "On Saturday last Charles Lucas, Esq. a lawyer, was honorably murdered in this place, by Col. Benton, another lawyer. The quarrel originated in a... See More  

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Early Springfield, Massachusetts....

Item #545662

May 18, 1827

BOSTON RECORDER & TELEGRAPH, Boston, Massachusetts, May 18, 1827 

* Early Springfield, Massachusetts... 

* Population... 

A page 3 report about Springfield, Mississippi, says the population there is 5764. The report continues, mentioning that: "...Within 10 years, 4 spacious and elegant houses of public worship have been erected; also 53 dwelling houses, and 12 s... See More  

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Andrew Jackson...

Item #545615

March 19, 1833

EVENING POST, New York City, New York, March 19, 1833

* Andrew Jackson... 

* re:
invitation to visit Hartford, Connecticut...

Page 2 has a reply from the President concerning an invitation from the citizens of Hartford, stating he would visit there soon when his schedule would permit, signed in type: Andrew Jackson.

Other news of the day with ads. 4 pages in nice condition.... See More  

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Item #545214

July 20, 1827

BOSTON RECORDER & TELEGRAPH, from Boston, Massachusetts, dated July 20, 1827. Page 3 features a report * Hampton Beach--A Hotel has been erected on Boat's Head, near Hampton Beach, in New Hampshire... ...the Hotel at Nahant ....On the 4th of July...300 persons were provided a... sumptuous dinner at the hotel

Other news of the day includes: "Indians In Canada" "S... See More  

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Future President resigns from the Senate...

Item #545211

March 03, 1836

NEW-YORK SPECTATOR, March 3, 1836.

* John Tyler resigns senate

* Future President

* Early 19th century original

On page 3 under "Mr. Tyler's Resignation" is the text of John Tyler's letter informing the Senate that he has resigned his seat as a Senator from Virginia, signed in type: John Tyler.

Other news of the day includes: "Fire" "The Brooklyn Fire" &q... See More  

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Item #545209

July 08, 1834

ALBANY ARGUS, Albany, New York, July 8, 1834

Page 3 has a report from the "N.Y. Eve. Post" about the deaths of two firemen (Eugene Underhill & Frederick Ward) who perished in a fire, with mention that "...the fire department has taken prompt...measures to pay a tribute of respect..."

Other news of the day includes: "West point Military Academy" "Medica... See More  

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Drownings in the Schuylkill River...

Item #544777

June 20, 1828

BOSTON RECORDER, Boston, Massachusetts, June 20, 1828 

* Drowning tragedies...  Schuylkill River... 

* Creek Indians of Georgia... 

Page 3 has a report: "Solemn Warnings.--Nine young men were drowned in the River Schuylkill, near Philadelphia, on the Lord's day, June 1st, while out in a boat on a party of pleasure. On the 8th inst. (Sabbath) Henry Demeritt, aged... See More  

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Collecting newspapers... reference book...

Item #544766

January 01, 1990

"IN THE COMPANY OF WRITERS - A Life In Publishing", by Charles Scribner, Jr., Based on the oral history by Joel R. Gardner, (1990)  192 pgs. with dust jacket

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Indian content...

Item #544701

June 14, 1836

NEW YORK TIMES, from New York, New York, dated June 14, 1836.

* Chief Schachipkaka death

* Winnebagoes Indians

A page 2 article reports The Green Bay Intelligencer announces...the death of Schachipkaka, or Decari the White Head, Chief of the Winnebagoes...

It also mentions that 3 days prior to his death he asked to be baptized.

Also within this issue is other news and advertisements... See More  

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Civil War era boxing and chess...

Item #544660

May 24, 1862

WILKES' SPIRIT OF THE TIMES, New York, May 24, 1862.

* Boxing

* Chess

This newspaper, which was primarily a sporting newspaper, has a quite lengthy article headed: "The Ring in England" features the "Conclusion of a Fight Between Gannon and Hatton".  An additional subhead discusses a fight between Cook and Kenny.

Another article found within this issue and en... See More  

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Item #544497

March 28, 1857

PORTER'S SPIRIT OF THE TIMES, New York, March 28, 1857.

* Chess

As noted in the masthead: "A Chronicle of the Turf, Field Sports, Literature and the Stage", this is a volume 1 issue of a very early sporting publication. Near the back of the issue is a column entitled:  "Our Chess Department", which includes a chess "problem of the week" in addition to the s... See More  

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Item #544325

June 11, 1817

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, Massachusetts, June 11, 1817

* Long Island Navy depot sought

Page 2 has a report stating: "We learn the President...has appointed Com. William Bainbridge, Capt. Samuel Evans, and Capt. Oliver H. Perry, Commissioners (under a resolution of the Senate) to examine and survey this harbour and bay and the eastern entrance into Long-Island Sound, with a view to th... See More  

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Military Journal...

Item #544209

December 20, 1845

MILITARY JOURNAL, New York, December 20, 1845

* Uncommon title...

* United States military periodical...

A volume I issue (number 5) of this uncommon title "Devoted to the interests of the Military Institutions of the Republic" as stated in the masthead. Has various military-related content. Octavo-size, 16 pages.

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John Quincy Adams...

Item #542294

June 19, 1827

NATIONAL JOURNAL, Washington D.C., June 19, 1827

* President John Quincy Adams testimonies

Page 2 has an ad headed: "Wanted--300 Cords Of Wood". Ad says proposals "...will be received by the Superintendent of the Treasury Building..." for 150 cords each of Ash and Black Jack wood, plus a few other details.

On pg. 3 under an engraving of an eagle and shield are five ... See More  

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Before Carrie Nation...

Item #542122

March 29, 1854

INDEPENDENT PRESS, Lawrenceburgh, Indiana, March 29, 1854  Page 2 has a report that says: "The cause of Woman's Rights is making rapid progress in Jeffersonville...On Friday night a number of women broke open a grocery and coffee-house...and demolished all the bottles and barrels containing liquor."

Other news of the day with several ads.

First leaf has a small piece missing i... See More  

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Remains of Stephen Girard to be transferred...

Item #541764

October 29, 1833

EVENING POST, New York City, Oct. 29, 1833

* Stephen Girard remains moved

* Girard College founded

A page 2 report from Philadelphia says:

* "A resolution was adopted by both Councils...instructing the building committee of the Girard College, to cause a vault to be constructed on the premises of that edifice...for the reception of the remains of Stephen Girard; and furthermore, t... See More  

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Famous Methodist minister attracts large crowds...

Item #541668

January 28, 1840

THE MADISONIAN, Washington D.C., Virginia, January 28, 1840 

* John Newland Maffitt...  Methodist preacher... 

* From the Nation's Capital... 

Page 3 has a report: "Religious Excitement in Cincinnati" which says: "Since...early...December, the Rev. J. N. Maffit has been preaching in the Wesleyan Chapel of this city. He delivers four or five sermons...e... See More  

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Early Toledo...

Item #541667

October 26, 1833

EVENING POST, New York, October 26, 1833

* Early Toledo Ohio

* Fort Wayne Indiana

Page 2 has report:

* "Valley Of The Maumee.-- We are informed that the number of emigrants who have settled on the rich lands along the Maumee unprecedentedly great.

We learn by a gentlemen from Vistula, M.T. (a town near the mouth of the Maumee) that the Buffalo and Detroit steamboats... See More  

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Equal Rights...

Item #541620

July 21, 1836

NEW YORK TIMES, from New York, New York, dated July 21, 1836.

* President Martin Van Buren

* Newly formed towns in Mississippi

Page 2 has a letter from the "Democratic Party" of New York to the Vice President concerning "Equal Rights" and opposition to monopolies, containing a "Declaration of Principles", with a reply signed in type: M. Van Buren.

Also a r... See More  

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Discover of lead near the Platte River...

Item #541513

May 14, 1833

EVENING POST, New York City, New York, May 14, 1833

* Mississippi River

* Missouri Territory

* Van Buren, Missouri

A page 2 report states that: " of lead ore have been made upon the east bank of the Mississippi, between the Platte and Grand Rivers, in Iowa County, M.T." Says the ore is of the "best quality" and that 400,000 pounds of lead ore have b... See More  

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Captain Ford... United States Dragoons...

Item #541332

November 18, 1833

EVENING POST, New York, November 18, 1833

* Captain Lemuel Ford

* United States Dragoons of Indiana

* Rocky Mountains expedition

A page 2 report from "Fort Wayne (Ind.)" says that Captain Ford was appointed Captain of the "U. States Dragoons" and directed to raise a company of 70 men in Indiana. Mentions that "next summer" the regiment will be sent on an expl... See More  

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Famous sculptor dies... did reliefs in Capitol building....

Item #541330

September 14, 1833

EVENING POST, New York, September 14, 1833.

* Italian sculptor Enrico Causici death

* 19th century original

On page 2 under "Obituary" is a report stating that the famous sculpture Enrico Causici died at Havana from the Asiatic cholera. Describes him as the "...most successful pupil of the renowned Canova..." and says in part that he "...executed the two basso reli... See More  

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