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Jerome Park Reservoir...

Item #593777

June 01, 1901

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, New York, June 1, 1901  The front cover of this issue features five photos of "the Water Supply of New York City - Jerome Park Reservoir" which has an accompanying article within the issue. Inside is: "Double-Track Railway Viaduct Over the Des Moines River"; "The United States Experimental Model Basin"; "Removing the Disabled 65-Ton Gun ... See More  

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The Wright brothers fly... A nice first report...

Item #177848

January 02, 1904

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, January 2, 1904  The significance of this issue is the lengthier-than-most report on page 10 headed: "A Flying-Machine That Flies" which is the great and very historic report of the first successful flight of the Wright brothers at Kitty Hawk. 

The article begins with a cautious note: "Stories of flying machines that fly are to be received w... See More  

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Early Flight... Buttenstedt's Flying Machine...

Item #592215

February 11, 1899


* Early flying machine

* Pre-Wright Brothers

* Early automobiles

* Prints

The front page of the issue is "The New Bridge Over the Rhine at Dusseldorf". Within the issue is: "An Improved Steam-Boiler Furnace", "The Paris Cycle and Automobile Exhibition"; "Buttenstedt's Flying-Machine In Mid-... See More  

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Early beginnings of IBM?...

Item #592132

January 26, 1889

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, New York January 26, 1889

* IBM in it's infancy ? 

* Pre computers

See the photo below for the listing of a patent issued for "Statistics, apparatus for compiling" to H. Hollerith, and two other patent numbers to H. Hollerith for "Statistics, compiling". This company by H. Hollerith would go on to become IBM ! Here is a terrific, incon... See More  

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Sinking of the Maine...

Item #591868

December 24, 1910

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, New York, Dec. 24, 1910 The front page of the issue is a full illustration: "How The Army Engineers Will Uncover The 'Maine.'" along with two small illustrated insets show a: "Longitudinal Section Through Cofferdam" & "Plain View of Cofferdam." which includes a report about this retrieval inside.

Within the issue is:"How Altitu... See More  

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Washington Navy Yard...

Item #591867

March 14, 1891

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, New York, March 14, 1891 

* Heavy guns ordinance 

* Washington Navy Yard 

The front page has seven illustrations: "Manufacture Of Heavy Ordnance At The Washington Navy Yard", plus a report that concludes inside with two more illustrations. Other articles within the issue are: "Plate Flanging Machine for Marine Boiler Work"; "Lib... See More  

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Detecting conterfeit gold... a King's patent woodcut...

Item #591472

December 01, 1757

THE LONDON CHRONICLE, London, December 1, 1757  Within this issue is an ad for an instrument which helps detect fraudulent/counterfeit gold, which includes a nice illustrated woodcut of the patent for the device: "Bradford Darby & Hull's - by The Kings Patent".  News of the day with reports from throughout the world along with period advertising are present throughout.&... See More  

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A bell within a base...

Item #591408

March 04, 1876

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN SUPPLEMENT, New York, March  4, 1876  An inside page contains a fascinating baseball-related article, titled: "Novel Base-Ball Base" which includes beneath the base, submerged a bit into the ground, a bell which signals when a base runner has touched the base. Includes a diagram of how it works. The article notes this devise would: "...clearly announce ... See More  

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New York Times Building...

Item #591403

August 25, 1888

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, New York, August 25, 1888. The front page of this issue features "The New 'Times' 'Building, New York--Erection of the New Structure Prior to Removal of the Old One." There is a related article on this on an inside page. Also within the issue are: "Improved Refrigerating Machine"; "The New Rouen Bridge", and additional illustrations an... See More  

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Rameses and Ancient Egypt...

Item #591400

February 25, 1899

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN SUPPLEMENT, New York, February 25, 1899  This issue contains illustrations, most of which pertain to the latest inventions of the day, with accompanying text including: "Statue of Rameses III as It Now Appears in Front of the Temple at Karnak", "Column of Taraga, Court and Colossi of the Temple of Rameses III, After Restoration", "Interior
... See More  

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First automobile advertisement in America...

Item #591192

November 05, 1898

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, New York, Nov. 5, 1898 A very significant issue in the history of automobiles, as the noted reference work "Kane's Famous First Facts" records that the first automobile advertisement ever published in America is on the back page (not the very first appearance, which was in the July 30, 1898 issue). 
The top of the back page has an advertisement headed
... See More  

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Nile Kinnick named All "Big Ten"...

Item #590643

November 28, 1939

THE CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR, Boston, November 28, 1939 

* Nile Kinnick "All Conference" 1st choice 

* Iowa Hawkeyes - NCAA college football 

* James A. Naismith death (1st report)

This 18 page newspaper has a two column headline on page 14: "Nile Kinnick Is Unanimous Choice on All-Big Ten Team" (See images for text here). Also a 1st report on the ... See More  

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The Grand Opera...

Item #590623

May 29, 1897

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, New York, May 29, 1897  The front of the issue features a terrific full front page which is captioned: "Behind The Scenes At the Grand Opera" showing how the various scenes work, etc. There is a related article on this on an inside page, which includes two more illustrations. A nice, decorative item on opera from 1897! Additional articles and advertisements are ... See More  

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James Naismith death... Father of basketball...

Item #590565

November 28, 1939

TAUNTON DAILY GAZETTE, Taunton, Massachusetts, November 28, 1939

* James Naismith death (1st report)

* "Father of Basketball" - inventor

This 16 page newspaper has one column headings on page 12: "Naismith Has Fatal Attack", "Invented Game Of Basketball In 1891" with photo of Naismith. This is a first report coverage on the death of James Naismith, known as th... See More  

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Colt's Armory Testing Machine...

Item #590462

March 16, 1872

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, New York, March 16, 1872  This 16 page issue is in nice condition and contains illustrations of the latest inventions of the day including: the "COLT ARMORY TESTING MACHINE",  "Extension Ladder", "Firearm Projectile", "Water Wheel Governor", "Saw Filing Machine". Additional illustrations, articles and a... See More  

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Scientific American....

Item #590314

December 12, 1874

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN December 12, 1874 This 16 page issue is in nice condition and contains illustrations of the latest inventions of the day including the following inventions: KEOKUK IA RAILROAD BRIDGE - PITTSBURGH PA CENTERFOLD OF STEEL INDUSTRY - HOT AIR BALLOON & much more. These illustrations also have text that goes along with them. Very interesting advertisements as well, back... See More  

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Early computer invention ENIAC...

Item #590097

December 13, 1947

THE NEW YORK TIMES, December 13, 1947

* Eniac 1 invention (early computer)

* 1st electronic computer

* Aberdeen Proving Ground

This 32 page newspaper has one column headlines on page 16: "'BRAIN' SPEEDED UP FOR WAR PROBLEMS" and "Electronic Computer Will Aid in Clearing Large Backlog in Weapon Research". See photos for text.

Other news, sport ... See More  

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Lighthouses of New York... New York's water supply...

Item #589993

March 01, 1913

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN SUPPLEMENT, New York, March 1, 1913 Within is issue is an article entitled "Lighthouses and Buoys of New York Harbor - Safeguards for the Mariner" which also contains several accompanying illustrations. Other articles include "The New York Water Supply - Notes on New York City's Water Supply System"; Modern Pumps for High Vacua"; Halos in Minerals -... See More  

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Antique Rope Sky Railway Lift...

Item #589827

April 27, 1872

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, New York, April 27, 1872  The front page features "The Hawley Brick Kiln" illustrations with accompany article. Inside are: "Muller's Improved Rope Railway", "Myers' Improved Press"; "Holcomb's Hot Air Furnace" with additional articles and advertisements within the issue as well.

This is complete in 16 pages with a sl... See More  

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William Preece wireless telephony....

Item #589642

September 17, 1899

THE OMAHA SUNDAY BEE, Omaha, Nebraska, September 17, 1899

* Sir William Henry Preece

* wireless telephony invention - telegraph

This 24 page newspaper has one column headlines on the front page: "RIVAL OF MARCONI", "Sir William Preece Conducts Experiments in Wireless Telephony", "Sound Transmitted Without A Wire", "Results Are Successful and the Inventor W... See More  

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Item #589570

August 19, 1868

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, New York, August 19, 1868

* Hanlons' Patent Improved Velocipede, with image

An inside page has a nice article, "Improvement in the Velocipede", which is accompanied by a 4 3/4 inch square print, "Hanlons' Patent Improved Velocipede".  Other interesting inventions and period advertising are present throughout.

Complete in 16 pages, meas... See More  

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Opening of the St. Louis World's Fair issue...

Item #589445

January 31, 1904

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, New York, May 7, 1904  The front cover of the issue is entitled "The Opening of the Louisiana Purchase Exposition" which is comprised of two photos with additional photos inside the issue. Within the issue is "The Russian Ice-Breaker 'Ermack' Capable of Forcing Her Way Through Ice Twenty-Five Feet Thick"; "High-Velocity 6-inch Wire-Wound G... See More  

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Edison Day advertisement...

Item #589428

October 17, 1914

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, New York, October 17, 1914  The backpage of this issue features a fullpage advertisement for "1879 Edison Day - Oct. 21st 1914" which includes Thomas  Edison standing by two of his lamps, his first lamp and his Mazda lamp. The frontpage is a colored print of an armored military vehicle. Within the issue are: "Our Knowledge of the Planet Mars" &quo... See More  

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Very early automobile print & article...

Item #589423

January 01, 1881

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, New York, Jan. 1, 1881  Inside has an interesting illustration and article on a: "Novel Road Engine" with the print captioned: "Warrington's Road Engine". It is described as an early internal combustion engine: "...The fuel, which is at the same time the motive agent, is common illuminating gas, which is mixed with a certain proportion of air,... See More  

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Roentgen's x-ray discovery...

Item #589078

February 08, 1896

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, New York, February 8, 1896  The second page of this issue contains "Prof. Roentgen's Discovery" (Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen) which is of the further reporting of his discover of the x-ray. The frontpage of this issue contains "New Harlem River Bridge and Park Avenue Improvement, New York City" which contains an accompanying article inside. Additio... See More  

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The discovery of x-rays by accident... Vanderbilt's Biltmore castle...

Item #589077

February 01, 1896

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, New York, February 1, 1896 The 3rd page of this issue contains a report "Prof. Roentgen's Discovery" which is the accounting of how the discovery of x-rays was made by accident. The frontpage of this issue is of the United States Navy yard in New York. Also within the issue are articles: The Bassett Curtain Fixture; An Electric Welding Machine for Use on Bicycle ... See More  

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Printing and folding press...

Item #589001

July 22, 1876

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, New York, July 22, 1876  The front page shows the: "The Campbell Perfecting Printing and Folding Press". Other prints within include: "Steam Jet Pump" "Self-Discharging Coal Hod" "Car Box Grinder" "Saw Gumming Machine" "Megascope" and much more. Related articles for each as well.

Sixteen pages, light staining, o... See More  

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A sewing machine for book binders...

Item #589000

October 07, 1876

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, New York, Oct. 7, 1876  The front pages features a nice print and article on: "The Singer Book-Sewing Machine, the article headed: "A Bookbinder's Sewing Machine.

A wealth of other inventions and innovations reported as well.

Sixteen pages, nice condition.

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Cornell University in 1885...

Item #588976

October 17, 1885

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, New York, October 17, 1885 This issue contains illustrations of the latest inventions of the day including the following inventions/prints: Sibley College & Cornell University - Iron Holder - Hame Fastener - Photographic Apparatus - Kneading Machine - Bread Oven & More. These illustrations also have text that goes along with them. Very interesting adv
... See More  

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Great for the telephone collector...

Item #588974

May 29, 1886

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, New York, May 29, 1886 The front page has a nice print showing "Early Telephones" from before Alexander Graham Bell's invention, with each of the 6 models labeled by date, name, and inventor. Also a nice ftpg. article titled: "Early Telephones". Other articles are: "Badia's Improved Life Preserver"; "The Lemurs in the Berlin Zoologica... See More  

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USS Maine...

Item #588969

June 13, 1903

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, New York, June 13, 1903  The front page of this issue features a half page photo of "United States Battleship "Maine" with an accompanying article within. Also within the issue is: "A Novel Automobile Lawn Mower" which is used at the United States Capitol; "New Instruments for Enabling the Deaf to Hear"; "The New Motor Chair"; ... See More  

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1927 aviation endurance record...

Item #588894

April 14, 1927

THE OMAHA MORNING BEE, Nebraska, April 14, 1927 

* Airplane endurance record broken 

* Bertrand Blanchard Acosta & Clarance Chamberlin 

* Bellanca monoplane

This 20 page newspaper has one column headings headline on the front page that include: "American Air Record Broken"  and  "Acosta and Chamberlin Pass Previous Mark of 36 Hours; Attempt... See More  

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Bizarre airplane invention...

Item #588854

January 26, 1932

THE NEW YORK TIMES, January 26, 1932

* Very bizarre airplane design

* Early aviation invention

This 48 page newspaper has one column headlines on page 25 that include: "ODD AIRCRAFT BUILT IN BROADWAY LOFT", "Machine That Modifies Rotor Principle Constructed Behind Locked Doors at 110th St.", "Spindles Replace Wings", "Text Planned Next Month" and mor... See More  

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Robert H. Goddard rockets...

Item #588702

February 14, 1947

THE NEW YORK TIMES, February 14, 1947

* Nazis rockets were American ?

* Robert H. Goddard - rocketeer

This 44 page newspaper has a one column headline on page 5: "NAZIS' ROCKET CALLED AMERICAN INVENTION".

Other news, sports and advertisements of the day throughout. Rag edition, some tear on pages 3-4 (unrelated), otherwise in great condition.

wikipedia notes: Wernher Ma... See More  

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Death of aviator Leon Delagrange... Cutting a Redwood tree...

Item #588562

January 22, 1910

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, New York, January 22, 1910 The front page of the issue features an illustration of "Cutting a Redwood Tree with a Saw Driven by an Engine" which also has an accompanying article inside. Within the issue are articles pertaining to: "The Scherl Gyroscopic Monorail Car - The Principle of Its Operation"; "The Death of Leon Delagrange"; "A New Eng... See More  

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Latest inventions from 1876...

Item #588404

February 19, 1876

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, New York, February 19, 1876  This 16 page issue is in nice condition and contains illustrations of the latest inventions of the day including the following inventions: Dumping Cart - Variety Wood Worker - Bolt Cutter - Sewer Ga Trap & Much More. These illustrations also have text that goes along with them.

Very interesting advertisements as well, back in the day when... See More  

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Reinhold Tiling rocket test death....

Item #588324

October 12, 1933

THE NEW YORK TIMES, New York, October 12, 1933

* Reinhold Tiling death

* German rockets pioneer

This 50 page newspaper has one column headlines on page 12: "ROCKET CONSTRUCTOR AND WOMAN AIDE DIE" and "Reinhold Tiling and Assistant Hurt Tuesday in Explosion at Osnabrueck, Germany" which tells of the death of Reinhold Tiling by rocket explosion.

This issue contains othe... See More  

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On the 1928 Founding of television...

Item #587947

February 21, 1928

THE NEW YORK TIMES, February 21, 1928

* John Baird - father of television

* TV in it's infancy - inventions

Page 27 has a one column heading: "Baird Puts Television on Sale; Opening Branch in Selfridge's". A very significant report during the founding of television, an invention which would change not only the worlds of entertainment & communication forever, but socie... See More  

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1926 Color cover shows moving dinosaurs...

Item #587728

August 01, 1926

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, New York, August, 1926  Still has the outer color wrappers, the front cover showing the: "Modern Method Of Moving Monsters" showing 2 dinosaurs midway through their construction being moved (see). Inside has a nice photographed article on: "The Education of a Parachute Jumper"  & another on early aircraft carriers (see) as well as other intere... See More  

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Bolts and Nuts manufacturing...

Item #586812

January 08, 1881

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, New York, January 8, 1881  The front cover of the issue is entitled "The Manufacture of Bolts and Nuts - Russell, Burdsall & Ward, Port Chester, N.Y." and is comprised of several illustrations. Within the issue is "Sewer outlet on Tidal River or Sea Shore"; "Jenkin's Improved Valves"; "B. F. Stephens' Solid Steel Hand and Ben... See More  

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Thomas Edison in 1879...

Item #585971

December 08, 1879

THE NEW YORK TIMES, December 8, 1879

* Inventor Thomas Edison

* Tasimeter invention

This 8 page newspaper has small one column headings on page: "Edison's Tasimeter" and "Mr. Proctor On It's Uses-The Statements Of Prof. Young"

Other news and advertisements of the day. Complete, light browning with a little margin wear, should be handled with care.... See More  

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Very early toy railroad train ad... Columbia Motor Carriage...

Item #585414

May 22, 1897

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, New York, May 22, 1897 Within the issue is a small but very early illustrated advertisement for a "Complete electric railway with battery and track..." from the Carlisle & Finch company. Ad measures about 1 by 2 1/2 inches on one of the back pages. Also in the issue is "Southern Station of Harvard Observatory, Peru"; The Anderson Typewriter (shorthand),... See More  

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Thomas Edison close to death...

Item #585070

August 02, 1931

PRESCOTT JOURNAL MINER, Arizona, August 2, 1931 

* Thomas Edison's health takes downturn 

This 6 page newspaper has one column headings on the front page: "THOMAS EDISON SERIOUSLY ILL", "Three Physicians Caring For Inventor At His West Orange Home". 1st report coverage on the famous inventor's illness in which he would never recovery from with his death ... See More  

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Thomas Edison 50th year celebration...

Item #585021

October 22, 1929

PRESCOTT JOURNAL MINER, Arizona, October 22, 1929 

* Thomas Edison 50th year anniversary 

* Dearborn MI celebration 

* Henry Ford

This 8 page newspaper has a two column headline on the front page: "THOMAS EDISON HONORED BY PRESIDENT HOOVER'S VISIT TO ELECTRICAL WIZARD'S DEN"

1st report coverage on the dedication of the Edison Institute in Dearborn ... See More  

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The Chippewas Indian Ghost Dance.....

Item #584764

October 22, 1898

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN SUPPLEMENT, New York, October 22, 1898 The front page has two photos of Indians entitled: "The Ghost Dance - Larger Circle" and "Smohalla Church on Yakima Reservation". Within the issue are additional photos" "The Ghost Dance - Praying", "Arapaho Ghost Shirt" and "Chief Joseph". Other articles are ""The Beaver&quo... See More  

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Avoca, Pennsylvania coal mine disaster...

Item #584754

June 03, 1938

FITCHBURG SENTINEL, Fitchburg, Massachusetts, June 3, 1938 

* Avoca, Pennsylvania mine disaster (1st report) 

* Robert Goddard - Rocket invention

This 18 page newspaper has a one column heading on the front page: "Ten Killed, Six Injured In Mine Blast" coverage of the explosion of the Volpe Coal Company mine near Avoca, Pennsylvania.

Also on the front page is a two c... See More  

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Record flight in an airplane...

Item #583875

September 09, 1911


* Aviator Harry N. Atwood

* Record airplane flight

Full front page is a photo of: "Atwood in the Aeroplane in which he flew from St. Louis to Chicago and afterward from Chicago to New York". "The Longest Aeroplane Flight On Record". There is a related article & 2 more photos inside.

Twenty pgs., small library sta... See More  

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Thomas Hunt Morgan death in 1945...

Item #583397

December 05, 1945

THE NEW YORK TIMES, December 5, 1945

* Thomas Hunt Morgan death

* Biologist - geneticist - embryologist

This 44 page newspaper has one column headlines on page 25: "T. H. MORGAN DEAD; FAMED BIOLOGIST, 79", "Clarification of Heredity, Laws Won Nobel Prize in '33 for California Ex-Professor" with photo of Thomas H. Morgan. A first report on his death.

Other news, sp... See More  

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Edison's work on the telephone...

Item #582916

July 17, 1877

THE NEW YORK TIMES, July 17, 1877 

* Early Thomas Edison

* Telephone demonstration

The bottom of the front page has an article headed: "Prof. Edison's New Telephone" which begins: "This evening Prof. Edison gave a public rehearsal of his telephone, which consists of a musical instrument not nearly as loud in tone as that of Prof. Gray of Chicago..." with more (... See More  

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Sputnik 5... Soviet space dogs...

Item #582711

August 22, 1960

THE RUSSELL DAILY NEWS, Russell, Kansas, August 22, 1960

* Sputnik 5 - Soviet space dogs

* 1st successful round trip (alive)

* Belka and Strelka

This 6 page newspaper has a two column headline at the bottom of the front page: "Strelka, Relka Hold Press Conference". This tells of the very 1st space flight to bring back animals still alive. (historic)

Other news of the day throu... See More  

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