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Slaves on a slave ship are liberated...

Item #596423

June 09, 1860

NEW YORK TRIBUNE, June 9, 1860

* Slavery - slaves

Page 9 has over half a column titled: "The Latest Slave Capture" which is a fascinating article on the liberation of some 450 slaves from the ship. A few bits include: "...the increasing odor placed beyond all doubt the fact that the bark had under her hatches a cargo of negroes. And now we began to hear a sort of suppressed mo... See More  

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Selma to Montgomery march in 1965....

Item #689269

March 26, 1965

FITCHBURG SENTINEL, Mass., March 26, 1965

* Selma to Montgomery AL Alabama

* Martin Luther King Jr.

* Viola Liuzzo murder

The front page has a three column heading: "4 Held In Ala. Murder" with lead-in: "KKK Men Charged With Woman's Death-" (see) This was the 3rd and final try which ended in success.

Complete with all 22 pages, small binding holes along the spine, ... See More  

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1965 Selma, Alabama....

Item #695283

March 28, 1965

THE NEW YORK TIMES, March 28, 1965

* Post Selma to Montgomery march

* Martin Luther King Jr. & Civil Rights

* re. Viola Liuzzo murder - memorial service

The front page has a six column headline: "Wallace to Blame, Top Ala. Aide Says" with subheads. Also a two column heading: "200 Protest Slaying in March at Selma" with photo. (see) More inside.

Complete 1st section... See More  

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Civil Rights March on Washington... "I have a dream..." fame...

Item #701382

August 30, 1963


* Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. "I Have a Dream" speech fame

* March on Washington D.C. (THE DAY AFTER)

* Fight for Civil Rights era original

The top of page 2 has a three column photo showing the National Mall with small heading: "After the March" Also a one column heading: "Leaders Urge More Marches" (see images)

Com... See More  

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Flashpoint for the school integration issue...

Item #692713

August 19, 1958

THE DETROIT NEWS, Aug. 19, 1958 

* Little Rock, Arkansas

* Negro students

* Central High School

The top of the front page has a six column headline: Little Rock to Fight Integration Ruling" with subheads. This concerning the integration of schools in Little Rock, Arkansas, a flashpoint for the who desegregation issue of the 1950's and 1960's.

Complete with 44 pages, sma... See More  

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1856 Battle of Osawatomie... Johm Brown...

Item #696783

September 10, 1856

THE NEW YORK HERALD, Sept. 10, 1856

* Battle of Osawatomie, Kansas

* Abolitionist John Brown

* Free-Staters vs. Border Ruffians

* Fight for pro and anti-slavery

The top of the back page has one column headings: "THE KANSAS NEWS" "The Fight at Osawatomie-Mob Murders at Leavenworth..." and more. Text takes up over a full column.

Complete with 8 pages, a little spine we... See More  

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1965 Malcolm X assassination...

Item #694665

February 22, 1965

THE EVENING TELEGRAM, Herkimer-Ilion, New York, Feb.  22, 1965 

* Malcolm X assassination

* Fiery Negro extremist

The top of the front page has a six column headline: "Arrest Made in Assassination" (see)

Complete with 10 pages, small tape mend along the central fold near the left margin, minor spine wear, generally very nice.... See More  

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Much on the slave trade with Liberia...

Item #683834

September 18, 1858

DAILY NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, Washington, D.C., Sept. 18, 1858  Page 3 has three-quarters of a column taken up with: "Liberia And The Slave Trade". Included is a lengthy letter regarding how slaves are procured. Keep in mind that the importation of slaves had been outlawed in the U.S. since 1808.

Four pages, small archival mend at the top margin, nice condition. Folder size no... See More  

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St. Valentine's Day...

Item #172756

February 20, 1864

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, Feb. 20, 1864  The full front page is a nice print captioned: "General Grant Crossing the Cumberland Mountains, January 7, 1864". Other prints inside include: "Military Ball of the Third Corps, Army of the Potomac" "The Negro Sentinel Shooting the Guerrilla Burroughs" "Railroad Accident In Kentucky" "Scenes In & A... See More  

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Death of President Taylor, inauguration of Fillmore...

Item #687991

July 13, 1850

NEW YORK WEEKLY TRIBUNE, July 13, 1850  The front page begins with: "Two Weeks Later From California - Battles With The Indians - Troubles with the Foreign Miners" which has some nice content concerning the situation in California. The ftpg also has: "Slave Cases in California".

Inside has: "Slavery And Freedom" as well as an editorial: "Death Of the Presid... See More  

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Harlem race riot of 1935...

Item #672633

March 20, 1935

THE NEW YORK TIMES, March 20, 1935

* Harlem race riot of 1935

* Black teenage shoplifter

The top of the front page has a two column heading: "Police Shoot Into Rioters; Kill Negro in Harlem Mob" with subhead. (see) Lengthy text continues on page 15. Great to have in this famous NYC publication.

Complete with all 44 pages, rag edition in very nice condition.

wikipedia notes: Th... See More  

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1961 Albany, Georgia movement... MLK...

Item #697045

December 18, 1961


* Albany Movement - Georgia

* Desegregation & voters' rights

* re. Martin Luther King Jr. arrested

* Freedom Riders trial protests - arrests

The top of page 6 has a three column heading: "Negro Leaders Divided On New Georgia Protests" (see images)

Complete with all 44 pages, A few small library stamps near the top of the front page,... See More  

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The Texan revolution for independence has begun...

Item #680080

November 21, 1835

NILES' WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore, Nov. 21, 1835  Inside has a report headed: "From Texas" which includes: "...confirm the fact of the Texians having captured the garrison at Golish [sic: Goliad], but attribute it to a forced march on their part at midnight during the absence of general Cos & the sleeping of the Mexicans...". Included as well is a letter from Grego... See More  

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Flight 421 airplane disaster... Jackie Robinson hits for the cycle...

Item #698849

August 30, 1948

THE NEW YORK TIMES, August 30, 1948 

* Northwest Airlines Flight 421 disaster 

* Winona, Minnesota 

* Jackie Robinson hits for the cycle

The top of the front page has a two column heading: "Plane Crashes in Midwest; All 36 on Board Are Killed" with subhead. (see images) Report continues on page 8 with related map.

Page 21 is a 7 column headline that reads: &... See More  

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Mormons to settle in Kansas... Interesting slavery item...

Item #692509

October 05, 1854

NEW YORK TRIBUNE, Oct. 5, 1854  Page 6 has a report headed: "Mormon Emigration to Kansas" which begins: "We learn from one of the 'Mormon faith' that movements are on foot to establish a 'stake' for Mormon settlers in the Territory of Kansas, about 100 miles interior from the town of Kansas..." with much more. And further on is: "...Those emigrants who... See More  

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Sohn Kee-chung (Son Kitei) wins 1936 gold medal...

Item #688692

August 10, 1936

THE KNICKERBOCKER PRESS, Albany, New York, Mass., Aug. 10, 1936

* Sohn Kee-chung - Son Kitei

* Wins gold medal in marathon

* 1936 Berlin Summer Olympics

* Jesse Owens vs. Nazi Germnay fame

The top of the front page has a one column heading: "RECORD MADE IN MARATHON BY JAPANESE" with subhead. (see) More in the sport's section.

Complete with all 18 pages, light toning and a l... See More  

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Jefferson versus Callender...

Item #666988

August 03, 1802

THE BALANCE & COLUMBIAN REPOSITORY, Hudson, New York, August 3, 1802 

* President Thomas Jefferson

* James Callender squabble

Inside has about a full page of interesting content on the on-going feud between Thomas Jefferson and James Callender, including a lengthy letter signed by the latter.

Callender had a reputation as a "scandalmonger", due to the content of some of ... See More  

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1945 concentration camp for children liberated...

Item #696900

April 24, 1945


* Concentration camp for children found

* Jewish holocaust realization

The front page has a two column heading: "Camp of 'Slave Children' Freed by Russian Troops" First report coverage of a concentration camp for children that was found by Russian troops in Poland. What better evidence to confirm of what really happened then havi... See More  

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Willie Mays 1st MLB hit is a home run...

Item #701917

May 29, 1951

FITCHBURG SENTINEL, Mass., May 29, 1951 

* Willie Mays very 1st MLB career hit 

* New York Giants baseball home run 

The sport's section (page 8) has a report giving the highlights of the games played the previous day. Within the article is text that begins with: "Willie Mays, 20-year-old Negro rookie recently brought up from Minneapolis, smashed his first major le... See More  

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1930 Darien, Georgia Negro lynchings...

Item #675023

September 09, 1930

CHICAGO DAILY TRIBUNE, September 9, 1930 

* George Grant & Willie Bryan Negro lynchings 

* Darien, McIntosh County, Georgia martial law

The top of page 5 has a one column heading: "NEGRO LYNCHED AS SLAYER; CALL GEORGIA TROOPS" with subhead. (see) First report coverage on the lynching of Negroes George Grant & Willie Bryan at Darien, Georgia. Always nice to have ... See More  

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Early report of the gold diggings in California... Slave ship captured...

Item #680902

December 16, 1848

NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, Washington, D.C., Dec. 16, 1848  The ftpg. has a brief report headed: "Value Of Land in California" due to the discovery of gold.

Page 3 has over half a column of detailed reporting headed: "Later From the Gold Region" which is an early report, as most gold diggings were in 1849.

Also on page 3 is a report: "The Mormons in California have lai... See More  

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1965 Martin Luther King Jr...

Item #689270

October 06, 1965


* Martin Luther King Jr. civil rights rally

* Crawfordville , Taliaferro co., Georgia

* re. desegregation in Southern schools

The top of page 10 column heading: "King Enters Georgia School Row" with lead-in: "Threatens March On Capital" and photo. (see)

Complete with 30+ pages, tiny binding holes along the spine, generally very nice.... See More  

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18th century Baltimore... slavery ads...

Item #689239

May 04, 1796


* Rare 18th century American title

* (2) slaves related advertisements

* Land for sale along the Potomac River

The full ftpg. is taken up with advertisements including 14 illustrated ship ads. The back page has 2 runaway slave ads. Also a land for sale for the Washington D.C. area. (see)

Four pages, nice condition.... See More  

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Marvin Griffin and the 1956 Sugar Bowl controversy...

Item #659527

December 03, 1955

THE SPRINGFIELD UNION, Mass., Dec. 3, 1955

* Georgia Governor Marvin Griffin

* Southern Armageddon at Sugar Bowl ?

* Bobby Grier - 1st African American ?

The sport's section (page 33) has a two column heading: "Governor's Bowl Stand Is Opposed by Regents" with subhead and related pictorial. (see)

Complete with all 40 pages, light toning and minor wear at the margins, gen... See More  

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Inkster, Michigan Ford Motor employees recovery...

Item #685747

December 17, 1931

THE NEW YORK TIMES, December 17, 1931

* Inkster, Wayne County, Michigan

* Henry Ford Motor Company employees

* African American Detroit suburb experiment

* The Great Depression era

The top of the front page is a two column heading: "Ford Acts to Aid Debt-Ridden Workers; Begins Rehabilitation of a Whole Village" (see) First report coverage on Henry Ford trying an experiment in In... See More  

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Rosa Jordan shot deasd... Montgomery bus boycott...

Item #693048

December 21, 1956

THE DETROIT NEWS, December 29, 1956 

* Black pregnant woman Rosa Jordan shot dead

* Martin Luther King Jr. becoming known

* Montgomery, Alabama bus segregation ending

A landmark decision by the United States Supreme Court outlawed bus segregation throughout the country, doing much to create defiant reactions throughout the South. The new law went into effect on Dec. 21st.

The front p... See More  

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Advertisement for a Frederick Douglass speech on the Civil War, plus a war map...

Item #689524

February 08, 1862

NEW YORK TRIBUNE, February 8, 1862

* Frederick Douglass speech on civil war

* Cooper Institute advertisement (eve of event)

The bottom of the first column on page 2 has a interesting advertisement for "A Black Man on The War!! Frederick Douglass Lecture at Cooper Institute..." with the date & time noted (see image).

Various Civil War reports on pages 5, 6 and 8 with 2 related... See More  

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Jesse Owens wins Olympic tryouts...

Item #651457

July 10, 1936

THE NEW YORK TIMES, July 10, 1936 

* Jesse Owens broad jump w/ photo

* Pre-Olympic games in Berlin Germany

* To be in front of Adolph Hitler & Third Reich

The sport's section (page 23) has a two column heading: "Owens Rated in Class by Himself For Olympic Broad-Jump Laurels" with subhead and photo. (see) The Olympics would begin just a few weeks later.

A sidebar to ... See More  

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Alamo, Tennessee Negro lynching...

Item #686373

May 30, 1929

THE NEW YORK TIMES, May 30, 1929 

* Joe Boxley Negro lynching in Alamo, Tennessee

Page 21 has one column headings: "NEGRO, 19, LYNCHED BY TENNESSEE MOB" "Youth Accused of Attacking Woman Is Taken From Jail at Alamo and Hanged" "SHERIFF'S HOME STORMED" First report coverage on the lynching of Negro Joe Boxley in Alamo, Tennessee. Always nice to have nota... See More  

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Green Bay Packers wins NFL championship...

Item #691880

December 14, 1936

ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH, December 14, 1936

* Green Bay Packers victorious

* Boston Redskins (Washington)

* NFL football championship

* Jesse Owens wins best athlete award

Page 3 of section II has a two column heading: "Green Bay's Passing Attack Nets Victory In "Pro" Title Game" with stats and lineups. (see)

The top of the same page has another two column heading:... See More  

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Sugar Ray Robinson vs. Jake Lamotta...

Item #621748

February 06, 1943

THE TIMES-PICAYUNE, New Orleans, February 6, 1943

* Sugar Ray Robinson vs. Jake Lamotta

* 2nd fight - Robinson's 1st ever loss

* Boxing - Boxers

This 22 page newspaper has one column headlines on page 9: "ROBINSON WIN STRING BROKEN" and "La Motta Floors Negro as He Takes Decision". This was the famous second fight in which LaMotta beat Robinson.

Other news, sports... See More  

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Front page Civil War map of Florida...

Item #595931

January 31, 1862


* Cedar Keys Florida

* Civil War map

The front page has a Civil War map headed: "Cedar Keys and Its Railroad Connection to Fernandina, Florida". Maps of the Civil War showing the greater portion of Florida are very uncommon. There are nice first column heads as well including: "War Against Treason!" "Rebel Steamer &#... See More  

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Discussing the Jay Treaty... Troubles around Detroit...

Item #684631

May 24, 1796


* Rare 18th century American publication

Page 2 and a bit of page 3 are mostly taken up with a report from Congress: "On motion for making provision for carrying into effect the treaty with Great Britain." which refers to the controversial Jay Treaty.

Page 3 has a report headed: "Pittsburg" no... See More  

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Earl Wilson throws 1st African American no-hitter...

Item #637096

June 27, 1962

THE SPRINGFIELD UNION, Massachusetts, June 27, 1962

* Earl Wilson throws no-hitter

* Boston Red Sox

* 1st African American in AL

* Major League Baseball - MLB

The very top of the front page has a banner headline: "Wilson Hurls No-Hitter for Boston Red Sox" with subheads and photo. (see) First report coverage on Boston Red Sox pitcher, Earl Wilson, pitching the very no-hitter for... See More  

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Death of Cab Calloway, in a Los A ngeles newspaper...

Item #644760

November 20, 1994

LOS ANGELES TIMES, November 20, 1994

* Cab Calloway death (1st report)

* African American jazz - scat singer

* Cotton Club, Harlem, New York City

Neat the bottom of the front page is a two column heading: "Cab Calloway, Legendary Hi De Ho Man of Jazz, Dies" with photo. (See) Nice to have this report in a newspaper from the capital of the entertainment industry.

The complete firs... See More  

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John James Audubon... The Comanche Indians... The California Gold Rush...

Item #686985

May 02, 1849

DAILY NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, Washington D.C., May 2, 1849  

* John James Audubon

* American ornithologist

Page 3 has a report beginning: "Col. Webb, commander of a large California expedition...They give quite a gloomy account of their adventures. Mr. Audubon remained behind, and had determined to prosecute his journey towards California with a party..." with more.

Also on ... See More  

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The fall of Manilia... African-American regiment at the charge of San Juan Hill...

Item #176378

October 15, 1898

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, October 15, 1898  Full front page illus. of "The Fall of Manila." Inside has two full pages showing: "Scenes Attending the Surrender of Manila." 1/2 pg. of illus. of "Launch of the United States Battle Ship 'Illinois' at Newport News, Virginia, October 4, 1898." Full pg. illus. of "Our Occupation of Puerto Rico."

... See More  

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Dr. Joseph Priestley... A slave insurrection...

Item #686805

September 21, 1791

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, Sept. 21, 1791  

* Joseph Priestley Riots

* Birmingham, England

* Religious Dissenters

The front page has a lengthy: "Dr. Priestley's Letter To the Inhabitants of the Town of Birmingham" concerning the recent riot there, signed in type: J. Priestley. Joseph Priestley is credited with discovering oxygen.

Page 2 has: "Western Territory&quo... See More  

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A centerfold view of Fredericksburg... Charles Dickens...

Item #172634

December 20, 1862

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, December 20, 1862  The full front page shows: "Identification of Indian Murderers in Minnesota by a Boy Survivor of the Massacre". Other prints inside include: "Belle Plains, on the Potomac--Burnside's Principal Commissary Depot" showing a long wagon train. Fullpg. has three prints: "Seminary at La Grange, Tennessee, Now Used as a Pr... See More  

Please Read Note Concerning HW Images & Supplements!

(Alert: Jan. & Dec. HW's have more than typical wear.)

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A slave uprising on board a slave ship...

Item #679848

August 20, 1772

THE LONDON CHRONICLE, England, Aug. 20, 1772  The back page has a: "...Letter from on Board the Louisa, Capt. Laurence Hill, dated at James Town in Virginia" which begins: "We set sail from this place on the 2d of April bound to the Guinea coast for slaves..." when they came upon a boat crowded with men, very emaciated, rescued them, and inquired as to their situation. The... See More  

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Prohibition era - hospitals want whisky... A modern Paul Revere's warning...

Item #693957

March 06, 1923

THE NEW YORK TIMES, March 6, 1923

*Interesting Prohibition Headlines

The 2nd page has fascinating Prohibition coverage including: “CITY WANTS WHISKY FOR HOSPITAL USE”,“MODERN PAUL REVERE WARNS OF LIQUOR RAID” and “RUM-RUNNING ON THE SOUND”

Other single-column headlines include: “LAUDS NEGRO EDUCATION”, "Harding Foresees B... See More  

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Slave ads in this antebellum Louisiana newspaper...

Item #684368

December 03, 1850

THE DAILY DELTA, New Orleans, Dec. 3, 1850 

* Rare antebellum publication

* Runaway slaves & for sale ads

* From the deep South

Newspapers from the pre-Civil War South are rather difficult to find. Here is one from Louisiana.

Among the many inside page ads is one headed: "Slaves! Slaves! Slaves!" which notes in part: "The subscribers are prepared to receive, on co... See More  

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Kit Carson fights the Navajo Indians... Lincoln's famous rally-letter endorsed...

Item #689176

September 04, 1863

NEW YORK TIMES, Sept. 4, 1863 

* Kit Carson

* Abraham Lincoln

Although much of the front page is taken up with reports from the Civil War, perhaps the most interesting item is the brief page 5 item headed: "Victory of Kit Carson Over the Indians", reading in part: "...had a fight with the Navajoe Indians beyond Fort Canby. The Indians were defeated with the loss of 13 ki... See More  

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On the John Brown Harper's Ferry invasion... Fugitive slave Columbus Jones...

Item #690299

November 16, 1859

NEW YORK TRIBUNE, Nov. 16, 1859 

* John Brown's insurrection - invasion - raid

* Harpers Ferry WV West Virginia

Among articles are: "The John Brown Fund" "JOHN BROWN'S INVASION--Expulsion of Strangers" which takes a full column; "Southern Protest Against The Virginia View of Harper's Ferry" taking half a column.

Page 5 has a report of noted fu... See More  

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First African American to serve as governor of the United States Virgin Islands, as a federal judge, and as a federal appellate judge...

Item #673733

July 20, 1950

NEW YORK TIMES, July 20, 1950  Page 50 has a small and somewhat inconspicuous article headed: "NEGRO JUDGE CONFIRMED" "Senate Unanimously Approves Hastie for Appeals Bench". William Henry Hastie was the first African American to serve as governor of the United States Virgin Islands, as a federal judge, and as a federal appellate judge.

I suspect this is one of the few pub... See More  

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The New York Stock Exchange... Golfing...

Item #177152

April 26, 1902

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, April 26, 1902  Frontpage illustration "The Right of Way" by Mears; fullpage photos The President at the Charleston Exposition; fullpage photos The Coronation of the King of Spain; fullpage illustration "The New Home of the Stock Exchange" by Meeker; A Girl's Adventures in Cloudland with photos; The Drama of the Circus with photos; Openin... See More  

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Much on John Brown's funeral, etc...

Item #678210

December 12, 1859

NEW YORK TRIBUNE, Dec. 12, 1859 

* Post John Brown execution (hanging)

* Much on the funeral services - burial

Almost the entirety of page 6 is taken up with: "The Burial Of John Brown" "The Passage of the Body to North Alba" "The Funeral" "Speeches of Mr. McKim and Mr. Phillips" "John Brown's Last Will" "Charlestown Intelligen... See More  

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Annual Message... President James Buchanan...

Item #678326

December 07, 1858

THE NEW YORK HERALD, Dec. 7, 1858.


* President James Buchanan

* State of the Union Address

* Much regarding slavery, the slave states, Kansas, etc.

The first column of the front page has: "NATIONAL AFFAIRS", "THE PRESIDENT'S MESSAGE", "New Political Epoch in the United States", and more, which provide the text followed by commentary regardin

... See More  

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Colonel Mosby hangs six prisoners....

Item #177340

December 09, 1911

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, December 9, 1911 (our last issue)

The front page of this issue is a photo of "The American Who May Cause War."

This issue is has an article with some illustrations of "Sizing Up the Presidential Timber" by McKee Barclay. There is a double page illustration of "Mosby's Death Raffle" by Sidney w. Riesenberg and there is a full pa... See More  

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Early Flight...

Item #177637

November 05, 1910

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, November 5, 1910  Full front page photo: "Aviation Meet at Belmont Park, Long Island", with a crowd of spectators. Fullpg. inside has nine photos from the Aviation Meet. Other photos and illustrations with text throughout this 32 page issue.

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