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The fugitive slave case of Bill Fisher...

Item #692805

July 27, 1853

NEW YORK DAILY TIMES, July 27, 1853 

* Fugitive Slave Case

* Bill Fisher

The front page has: "The Fugitive Slave Case--The Health of the City, etc." being the slave case of Bill Fisher. This report takes three-quarters of a column and includes: " soon as the marshal drove off with the slave, a number of them followed the carriage. The friends of the slave will follo... See More  

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Monkeys in Central Park... Morocco...

Item #174764

April 28, 1883

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, April 28, 1883  Nice full ftpg. shows 5 children: "The Transit of Venus". A fullpg. shows monkeys at the Museum of Natural History, Central Park. Fullpg: "The Salt Mine of Petite Anse" in Louisiana. Half pg: "The Drummers' Room in a Western Hotel" & "Sketches on the West Coast of Africa". Full page with 5 scenes: &... See More  

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Harper Lee court case... "To Kill A Mockingbird" under fire...

Item #673844

January 16, 1966

THE NEW YORK TIMES, January 16, 1966 (1st section only)

* Harper Lee, author of To Kill A Mockingbird joins court case

Kasturba Gandhi tries to win leadership roll in India

Page 82 contains the heading: "Harper Lee Twits School Board in Virginia for Ban on Her Novel", followed by an explanation on how she humiliated the school board saying, "To hear the novel is immora... See More  

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Famous & dramatic fireman print...

Item #173694

February 08, 1873

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, February 8, 1873  Full front page is a very dramatic & displayable print for a fireman: 'The Rescue', showing a fireman with a young girl in his arms, climbing down a ladder. Full page 'Transplanting Fish' includes 4 illustrations along with an accompanying article. Nearly full page with 3 illustrations; 'The U.S. Mail Service in the Nort... See More  

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Uncommon woman suffrage paper from Syracuse...

Item #693888

January 01, 1879

THE NATIONAL CITIZEN & BALLOT BOX, Syracuse, New York, January, 1879  

* Rare Woman's suffrage publication

A quite rare women's suffrage newspaper which lasted less than 3 1/2 years under this title.

Mott notes in his "History Of American Magazines" that this publication was financed in part by Susan B. Anthony, and that having failed with The Woman's Campaign... See More  

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Promoting the abolitionists' cause...

Item #694617

January 08, 1845


* Rare anti-slavery publication

* Abolition movement - free slaves

* 16 years prior to the American Civil War

One of the less common anti-slavery newspapers with content as you might suspect.

This abolitionist newspaper was first published in New York City and by this time in Boston. It was founded as the official newspaper of the A... See More  

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John Q. Adams promises to rescind the infamous "Gag Rule"...

Item #684786

December 03, 1844

NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, Washington, D.C., Dec.  3, 1844 

* President John Quincy Adams

* To suspend the notorious Gag Rule

* Anti slavery movement - slaves

Page 3 has a report from the House of Representatives concerning infamous "Gag Rule" which prevented members of the House of representatives talking about slavery or related topics.

The report notes that Adams would... See More  

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One of the less common illustrated newspapers from the Civil War...

Item #692095

June 15, 1861

NEW YORK ILLUSTRATED NEWS, June 15, 1861  Formatted very much like the more popular 'Harper's Weekly' but considerably more uncommon.

The front page shows: "Shackles & Handcuffs Used by Slave Drivers in Virginia" and: "Brilliant the Rescue of Two of Their Comrades who were to be Hung by the Rebels at the Village of Fairfax, Va."; a full-page p... See More  

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General Fremont... his bridge... his march... Hampton Roads...

Item #172520

November 16, 1861

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, November 16, 1861  Full front page is a print captioned: "Last Meeting Between General Scott and the Cabinet" which shows Lincoln among them.

Other prints inside include: "The Great Expedition--General Sherman Giving His Final Orders to His Brigadier-Generals on Board the 'Wabash' " "Consultation Between General Viele & the ... See More  

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University of Georgia integration in 1961...

Item #676181

January 12, 1961

THE NEW YORK TIMES, January 12, 1961 

* Charlayne Hunter-Gault & Hamilton Holmes

* University of Georgia 1st African-American students

The top of the front page has a one column heading: "GEORGIA STUDENTS RIOT ON CAMPUS; TWO NEGROES OUT" with subhead and photo of Hunter-Gault leaving campus. Coverage continues on page 20 with another photo of Hunter-Gault sitting in a cla... See More  

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Louisiana Colored soldiers... Centerfold by Winslow Homer...

Item #172654

February 28, 1863

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, February 28, 1863  The full front page is a print of: "Major-General Hooker, Commanding the Army of the Potomac". .But perhaps the most notable print is the nice doublepage centerfold done by noted artist Winslow Homer: "Pay Day in the Army of the Potomac".

Other prints within include a half pg: "Our Colored Troops--Line Officers of the... See More  

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Martin Luther King Jr. is arrested...

Item #696026

August 11, 1962

THE SPRINGFIELD UNION, Mass., Aug. 11, 1962 


* Albany Georgia civil rights rally - prayer

* Martin Luther King Jr. arrest and jail release

The top of page 6 has a one column heading: "NEGROES GET PROBATION IN GA. PROTESTS" with subhead. (see)

Complete with 30 pages, light toning at the margins, nice condition.

wikipedia notes: The Albany Movement was a desegregatio... See More  

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Bobby Grier breaks Sugar Bowl color barrier...

Item #696507

December 03, 1956

THE SPRINGFIELD UNION, Mass., Dec. 3, 1956

* Bobby Grier breaks color barrier

* 1956 Sugar Bowl classic

* Georgia Tech vs. Pitt

The top of page 23 has a two column heading: "Tainted Tech Tally Beats Pitt Team, 7-0" with subhead and lineups. (see) Other major bowl games reported as well.

Complete with all 28 pages, light toning at the margins,

nice condition.

wikiedpia notes... See More  

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"Cabin in the Sky" premiere review....

Item #661458

October 26, 1940

THE NEW YORK TIMES, October 26, 1940

* Cabin in the Sky 1st review

* Broadway musical w/ Ethel Waters

This 36 page newspaper has the very 1st review of the all black cast Broadway musical "Cabin in the Sky"

Page 19 has a heading: "Ethel Waters Heads Players of 'Cabin in the Sky,' a Musical Fantasy With a Negro Cast" with photo of Waters and list of cast (see ima... See More  

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Early from the capital of Florida...

Item #671841

October 14, 1854

THE FLORIDIAN AND JOURNAL, Tallahassee, Florida, Oct. 14, 1854 

* Rare pre-Civil War publication

A nice & uncommon opportunity for a very early newspaper from the capital of Florida.

Very rarely are we able to find antebellum Florida newspapers, particularly from the capital. Formatted much like other newspapers of the day with various news reports both local & national, and a ... See More  

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Considerable detail on the slave ship Haidee...

Item #683977

October 05, 1858

NEW YORK TIMES, Oct. 5, 1858  The ftpg. has: "The Montauk Point Mystery Explained" "A New York Slave-Ship Scuttled Off Long Island" "Nine Hundred Slaves Landed by the Haidee in Cuba" "Arrest of the Mate and Five of the Crew--Description of the Ship" with the text taking over a full column.

It mentions in part: "...that the Haidee was fitted out at... See More  

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Academy Award winners 1964...

Sidney Poitier wins... 1st black male...

Item #688591

April 14, 1964

LEOMINSTER ENTERPRISE, Mass., April 14, 1964

* Sidney Poitier wins Best Actor Oscar

*1st African American male to win an Academy Award

Near the bottom front page is a two column heading: "Poitier, Neal, 'tom Jones' Receive Academy Awards" (see) Sidney Poitier, who came from very humble beginnings, was the 1st African American man to win an Academy Award. Quite historic.

... See More  

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A slave map of Georgia...

Item #172528

December 14, 1861

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, December 14, 1861  The entire front page is taken up with: "A Chart Map Of Georgia, Showing The Percentage of Slaves In Each County." Inside has a full page with seven: "Scenes in & Around Beaufort, South Carolina"; another page has 3 prints of: "The Stone Fleet on its Way to the Southern Coast"; a full page with 3 prints: "... See More  

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First African-American in the House of Representatives...

Item #693452

March 01, 1869

THE PRESS, Philadelphia, March 1, 1869

* 1st African American to make speech in Congress

John Willis Menard has the distinction of being the first African-American to be elected to the House of Representatives, representing Louisiana, and consequently on February 27 he became the first to address the chamber.
The back page is mostly taken up with reports from Congress & includ
... See More  

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University of Michigan prints from 1887...

Item #616767

July 09, 1887

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, July 9, 1887 

* University of Michigan - U-M

* Ann Arbor buildings prints

Nice, tipped-in double page centerfold: "The University Of Michigan, At Ann Arbor" features 9 illustrations of the notable buildings on the campus, including: "The Library" "The Museum" "The Medical School" "The School Of Dentistry"... See More  

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Mordecai Noah & his plans for a Jewish refuge in America...

Item #683320

January 29, 1820

NILES' WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore, Jan. 29, 1820 

* Mordecai Manuel Noah

* Jewish homeland on the Niagara River

Inside has over 2 pages taken up with: "The Slave Question" as it relates to the on-going Missouri Compromise debate.

Another page has: "The Jews" which concerns the famed Mordecai Noah, considered the first American-born Jew to rise to national promi... See More  

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P.T. Barnum's Museum fire... Ludlow Street Jail...

Item #173184

March 21, 1868

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, March 21, 1868  The prime feature of this issue is the set of full-page images related to the fire at P.T. Barnum's American Museum: 'Burning of Barnum's Museum - the Animals during the Fire,' and the 'Exterior of Barnum's Museum After the Fire'. Related text is present as well.

Full front page shows the 7: 'Portraits of Managers... See More  

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Uncle Sam's 1st appearance with chin whiskers... National Colored Convention...

Item #173276

February 06, 1869

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, February 6, 1869  This issue features a large front page view of "Young Men's Christian Association Building, San Francisco, California". Also, a half page illustration "National Colored Convention in Session at Washington, D.C." with a related front page article. There are two full page illustrations "The Long Sleep" and "... See More  

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Great, Navy-themed centerfold...

Item #172460

April 20, 1861

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, April 20, 1861  The front page shows: "Hon. Charles F. Adams, U.S. Minister to England" as well as a view of: "The Confederate Batteries Opposite Fort Pickens, Florida". Inside has a full page 5 panel print of: "Commander Dahlgren, U.S.N. and the Dahlgren Gun", and a full page of: "The Washington Navy-Yard With Shad Fisheries I... See More  

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Attack by Mormon gang... The Great Chicago Fire of 1857...

Item #698403

October 27, 1857

THE NORWALK EXPERIMENT, Huron County, Ohio, Oct. 27, 1857

* Mormon gang attacks traveler (?)

* Brigham Young mentioned

* Great fire in Chicago

Page 2 has: "The Mormons", which is an article describing a letter from a W. P. Landon who tells of being attacked by a gang of Mormons in Salt Lake City, which necessitated his fleeing to Placerville, California, leaving his wife and chi... See More  

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Murder of Ellsworth... Events in Virginia & Florida...

Item #172476

June 15, 1861

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, June 15, 1861  Most of the front page is a three-part print captioned: "Secessionist Prisoner Captured at Alexandria--The Marshall House at Alexandria" with some front page text headed: "The Murder of Ellsworth".

Three-quarters of a page shows: "Company of Secession Cavalry Surrendering to Colonel Wilcox of the First Michigan Regiment, ... See More  

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"The Book Thief" - premier ad and review...

Item #683332

November 08, 2013




Page D2 has a large ad for the premiere of "The Book Thief", with a corresponding review on page D7. Page D6 has an advertisement for "12 YEARS A SLAVE". Other large ads include: "CAPTAIN PHILLIPS", "ABOUT TIME" and "ALL IS LOST". 

The issue is beli... See More  

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Early anti-slavery themed newspaper...

Item #678302

April 20, 1843

NATIONAL ANTI-SLAVERY STANDARD, New York, April 20, 1843  As the title would suggest, an anti-slavery newspaper from 18 years before the Civil War.

Among the articles are: "Another Outrage In Maryland" "Anti-Slavery Items" includes a report on: "The Latimer Case" being the case of noted fugitive slave George Latimer. Also: "The Slave Trade" and othe
... See More  

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Capture of the slave ship "Brothers"... California gold... Indian Wars...

Item #678328

November 15, 1858

THE NEW YORK HERALD, Nov. 15, 1858  The 1st column of page two has: "Arrival of Another Captured Slaver at Charleston", which tells of the capture of the slave ship 'Brothers". Another related article providing additional details is found on page 4.

Page 2 also has: "Our California Correspondence - A Visit to Fraser River - The Gold Diggings and the Yield of the Preci... See More  

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Lengthy on the trial of John Brown...

Item #689626

October 31, 1859

DAILY NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, Washington, D.C., Oct. 31, 1859  Page 2 has nearly 3 columns taken up with: "The Harper's Ferry Conspiracy--Trial of Captain Brown" with very detailed, verbatim testimony.

Page 3 has two related articles: "The Harper's Ferry Trials" and: "Gerrit Smith and Capt. Brown" as seen in the photos.

This insurrection was an effort b... See More  

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The Cortina troubles in Brownsville, Texas... John Brown's invasion...

Item #689701

November 15, 1859

NEW YORK TRIBUNE, Nov. 15, 1859

* Juan Cortina - Brownsville, Texas attack

* John Brown's Harper's Ferry invasion

 Inside has nearly a full column on: "JOHN BROWN'S INVASION" "Continued Excitements".

Additionally there is some lengthy reporting concerning the Cortina Troubles in Brownsville, Texas, with reports headed: "Later From the Rio Gra... See More  

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Selma-Montgomery march ruling... Johnson's voting bill...

Item #617623

March 18, 1965

WALL STREET JOURNAL, Pacific Coast Edition, March 18, 1965  On the front page under the heading "World Wide" reports "Johnson Sent his new Negro voting bill to Congress"; "Alabama Officials were barred from hindering a 50-mile civil-rights march" and "Martin Luther King, Jr. triumphantly announced the decision to hundreds of his followers massed before the c... See More  

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Early prints of the Southwest, including San Diego...

Item #688560

December 22, 1855

FRANK LESLIE'S ILLUSTRATED, New York, Dec. 22, 1855  The ftpg. shows: "Sunken Schooner Eudora, From City Island" with more relate prints inside including: "The Eudora Tragedy--Arrest of the Negro" and "Burning of the Steamers at Memphis". Also a print of: "Greytown, Nicaragua" "Explosion of a Steam Fire-Engine, Cincinnati" a doublepg. cent... See More  

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On John Brown's invasion of Harper's Ferry...

Item #172312

November 19, 1859

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, November 19, 1859 The full front page shows 3 illustrations of: 'Effect of John Brown's Invasion At The South', one being: 'A Southern Planter Arming His Slaves to Resist Invasion' and the other two showing Blacks as well. A halfpage illustration is entitled 'Chatham Street, N.Y., on Sunday'.  A third-page illustration features the &q... See More  

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Ada Lois Sipuel vs. Supreme Court ruling...

Item #590469

January 13, 1948

THE NEW YORK TIMES, January 13, 1948

* Ada Lois Sipuel - Supreme Court ruling (1st report)

* Sipuel v. Board of Regents of University of Oklahoma

* Law school for African Americans

This 52 page newspaper has a two column headline near the bottom of the front page: "Supreme Court Orders Oklahoma to Admit a Negro to Law School". Text continues on the back page (p. 52) with a one c... See More  

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Harvard's 'special' commencement on the end of the Civil War... Slavery abolished in Georgia...

Item #688527

July 25, 1865

NEW YORK TIMES, July 25, 1865 

* Harvard University commencement

* Georgia no longer a slave state

* Post civil war reconstruction era

The entire front page features the coverage of "HARVARD" "Culmination of the Grand Commencement" which concludes on the back page.

Although the Civil War had not formally concluded, Harvard's Commencement Week, celebrated th
... See More  

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Three slave ads in an antebellum newspaper...

Item #688471

March 14, 1859

THE MEMPHIS DAILY AVALANCHE, Tennessee, March 14, 1859  From not long before the Civil War containing on the front page 2 illustrated ads for slaves, with details. One notes: "For Sale...A no. 1 cook and laundress..."; and the other "Valuable Plantation and Negroes..." with details. Another reward ad inside.

Four pages, cleanly cut at the spine with ample margin, tears at... See More  

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Slave ads in this antebellum Louisiana newspaper...

Item #684378

July 30, 1850

THE DAILY DELTA, New Orleans, July 30, 1850  Newspapers from the pre-Civil War South are rather difficult to find. Here is one from Louisiana.

Among the front page ads is one headed: "Slaves! Slaves! Slaves!" which notes in part: "The subscribers are prepared to receive, on consignment, for sale in this market, any number of slaves, having one of the best showrooms in the city... See More  

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Negro League star Satchel Paige signed with the Atlanta Braves...

Item #672324

August 13, 1968

LEOMINSTER ENTERPRISE, Mass., August 13, 1968

* Negro League star Satchel Paige signed with the Atlanta Braves at 70 years of age.

* He may pitch!

Page 6 has: "Ageless Satch Paige Has Signed On With Atlanta", which includes approx. 8 inches of supporting text. See images for details.

Complete in 10 pages, evenly toned, overall good.

Background: Satchel Paige had the honor of... See More  

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Stock Market... Cocking's Parachute... Steam-Plows...

Item #172082

September 12, 1857

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, September 12, 1857  Fine front page illustration plus an article on: "The New York Stock Board In Session" being a fine and early graphic on the Stock Exchange. "Barth's Travels in North and Central Africa" features several illustrations. "Flirtation at Newport" article features several small illustrations. The "Home the Am... See More  

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St. Peter's Cathedral... Curling...

Item #173376

January 22, 1870

HARPER'S WEEKLY New York, January 22, 1870  The full front page is taken up with a print of: "The Ecumenical Council-Head of the Procession Entering the Grand Nave of St. Peter's."

Inside is a full page illustration of "Curling, or Bonspiel" with an associated article; one-third page illustration of: "Chinese Coolies Crossing the Missouri River".  T... See More  

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Noted fugitive slave case... Describing the Great Salt Lake area...

Item #689546

June 29, 1850

NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, Washington, D.C., June 29, 1850  Page 3 has half a column headed: "Fugitive Slave Case" "The Constitution & Laws Vindicated" which is concerning a suit: "...for the recovery of damages for aiding & abetting the escape of slaves...the Circuit favor of the plaintiff. A verdict of $2856 was given by the jury against... See More  

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Early Flight...

Item #177815

August 27, 1910

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York City, August 27, 1910  Full front page photo:  A New Triumph In The Science Of Flight. the photo shows John B. Moisant standing next to the plane he recently flew with a passenger aboard, across the British Channel between Calais and Tilmanstone.

The flight set a record for two persons in one plane.

Unrelated report inside: The Aeroplane In War So... See More  

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A Winslow Homer print, and Civil War scenes...

Item #172538

January 18, 1862

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, January 18, 1862  The front page has two prints: "Port Royal Ferry, Scene of the Battle of First January, 1862" and a cartoonish print showing a: "Scene in the Parlor of Mrs. Barnwell's House at Beaufort, South Carolina" showing various African-Americans.

Inside has a full page of: "The Vessels of General Burnside's Expedition a... See More  

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Marching towards Peekskill... Packing peaches...

Item #175212

August 13, 1887

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, August 13, 1887  Great full ftpg: 'Packing Peaches for the New York Market' includes a Black man. Halfpg: 'In Search of Bait on the Newfoundland Coast'. Fullpg: 'A Bit of New Hampshire Coast' shows 10 scenes & is very displayable. Fullpg: '22nd Reg. on the March to Peekskill'. Very nice fullpg: 'Salt Water Day on the Coast... See More  

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Black Bass Fishing... Alaska...

Item #174904

August 30, 1884

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, August 30, 1884  Nice full ftpg: 'Black-Bass fishing in the Adirondacks' by Zograum. Good fullpg: 'The Ice Industry of New York' shows 8 scenes. Full page Thomas Nast political cartoon: "A Feather That George Washington Never Had In His Cap". Full page print: "The New Steel Cruisers for the United States Navy". Fullpg: 'Sk... See More  

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First African-American to win the Kentucky Derby...

Item #643703

May 05, 1898

THE NORTH AMERICAN, Philadelphia, May 5, 1898 

* Kentucky Derby

* Plaudit - horse

* Willie Simms

The top of pg. 3 has column heads on the Kentucky Derby. The winning jockey was Willie Simms, an African-American. He also won in the 1896 running as well. His name is only mentioned in the results (and misspelled; see). Heads include: "Kentucky Derby Won By Plaudit" "Aristo... See More  

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Grand Central Station...

Item #177062

November 17, 1900

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, November 17, 1900 Frontpage "The New Waiting-Room In The Grand Central Station"; The President-Elect (President McKinley); Foreign Troops at Shanghai; Automobile Show at the Madison Square Garden; doublepage centerfold "The Quarter-Back's Dream" by Levering; Progress of the Work on the Underground Railroad;  The Torpedo-Boat "Ar... See More  

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Much on the John Brown Harper's Ferry case...

Item #689623

October 27, 1859

DAILY NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, Washington, D.C., Oct. 27, 1859  

* John Brown's insurrection - invasion - raid

* Harpers Ferry, West Virginia trial

Page 3 has over 1 1/2 column taken up with: "Examination Of The Conspirators" in the John Brown insurrection case. One bit mentions: " examine the prisoners captured in the recent insurrection...directed to bring in t... See More  

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Much reporting on the John Brown raid at Harper's Ferry...

Item #689622

October 26, 1859

DAILY NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, Washington, D.C., Oct. 26, 1859  

* John Brown's Negro insurrection

* Harpers Ferry WV West Virginia

Close to half of page 2 is taken up with: "More Letters Of The Conspirators" which has a prefacing report noting in part: " publicity to another series of letters which have been obtained from the Harper's Ferry conspirators..... See More  

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