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Woman Civil War spy... Thomas Nast print... Negro in stock...

Item #173006

July 14, 1866

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, July 14, 1866 An inside page has a small scene:  'Negro in Stocks: A Scene in Florida'. Another interesting print and article is: "Residence of Mrs. Van Lew", which tells of Elizabeth Van Lew, a spy for the Union army who worked in a Confederate prison hospital caring for Union soldiers, and ultimately helping many to escape to the north.

Yet ... See More  

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Death reports os Edward Smith and Al Loving - noteworthy Black Americans...

Item #668359

July 09, 2005


* Death reports of 2 noteworthy Black Americans

* Edward Smith - co-founder of the Black Stuntmen's Association

* Al Loving - African-American abstract expressionist painter

Page B12 and B13, under "Obituaries", has "Edward Smith; 81; Fought for Film Work for Black Stuntman" and "Al Loving, 69; African American Abstract Artist
... See More  

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W.A. Rogers... Baseball championship cup... Chicago...

Item #175302

June 23, 1888

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, June 23, 1888 (with Supplement of The City of Chicago)  Full ftpg. shows: 'William II, Emperor of Germany & King of Prussia'. Fullpg W.A. Rogers: 'A Street in a Mining Village in Penna.' & Fullpg: 'The Whipple Institutes & Buildings at Farbault, Minnesota'. Article: "The Base-Ball Championship Cup" with accompanying ... See More  

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King Edward VII Goes Hunting.... death of Frederic Remington...

Item #177550

January 08, 1910

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, January 8, 1910

The front page of this issue has a photo of "An Interpreter of the West", portrait of Frederic Remington who recently died.

There is an article of "The Price of Peace" by Major R. C. Croxton, 9th U.S. Infantry. Also in this issue are several photos of "His Majesty Goes Shooting" and there is an article of "... See More  

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James Montgomery Flagg print...

Two Thanksgiving-themed prints...

Item #177544

November 27, 1909

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, November 27, 1909 (no color cover)

This issue has a photo of "A Militant Man of Letters" and a poem with illustrations called "Thanksgiving" by Francis Medhurst and illustrations by J. A. Williams. There are photo spreads of "Chicago's Outdoor Art Exhibit" and "The Play and the Players." There is a photo of "Mm

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Famous anti-slavery newspaper...

Item #151887
THE LIBERATOR, Boston, MA 1861-65 (with minor water-staining or other minor imperfections which make them somewhat 2nd-rate)

* Ornate masthead

* Anti-Slavery Title

* edited by William Lloyd Garrison

See the photo below for the terrific masthead of this famous anti-slavery title. The ornate woodcut in the masthead features three scenes: a slave auction, an image of Jesus breaking the bonds ... See More  

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The "so called" captain of the slave ship Echo...

Item #683832

September 16, 1858

DAILY NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, Washington, D.C., Sept. 16, 1858  Page 3 has an article: "Capt. Townsend of the Slaver" which begins: "Capt. Townsend, so called, of the slaver Echo, was brought before the U.S. Commissioner...It was distinctly proved that the Echo attempted to escape before her character was suspected...There were found on board 318 African negroes..." w... See More  

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Much on the slaves from the slave ship Echo...

Item #683866

December 25, 1858

DAILY NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, Washington, D.C., Dec. 25, 1858  Page 3 has over half a column of detailed reporting headed: "The Slaves of the Echo", an infamous slave ship. It mentions in part: "...71 of the 271 in the ship took on board died...the negroes appeared generally a stupid and listless set of heathens...Most of them would lie from day to day like cattle upon the deck... See More  

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Latest news from the Rebel capital...

Item #683014

November 21, 1862


* Rare from the capital of the Confederacy

The ftpg. has: "Interesting Historical Relations --The Last Effort To Save The Union" Also within: "The End Not Yet" "From Fredericksburg" "Atrocities of the Enemy" "Latest From the North" "Programme of Rosecrans--Successful Dash In
... See More  

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Early "Postscript" notice of the death of President Polk... Great content on the Gold Rush.... Capture of a slave ship...

Item #687005

June 19, 1849

DAILY NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, Washington, D.C., June 19, 1849  The most notable report is the black-bordered "Postscript" at the upper right of page 3 which is headed: "Death Of Ex-President Polk" with the brief report noting: "...announcing; the melancholy news of the decease of Ex-President Polk at Nashville..." with a bit more.

We have never had an earlier re... See More  

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Indian dance illustration... Mormon illustration...

Item #173892

January 02, 1875

HARPER'S WEEKLY Jan. 2, 1875 The full fron page is a print: "Alone with the Dying Year" showing a small child in a snow storm.

Full page print: "Bringing Home the Fifth Wife--A Sketch in Mormondom" also includes a small article. Nice doublepage centerfold: "Indian Sun Dance - Young Bucks Proving Their Endurance by Self-torture". Full page Thomas Nast: "The O... See More  

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Christmas Eve In The Shopping District...

Item #177065

December 22, 1900

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, December 22, 1900  The doublepage centerfold has the frameable, "Christmas Eve In The Shopping District" by Everett Shinn; The cover has a color illustration, "The Toy Shop";  front page "Lassoing Bears In Arizona" by Deming; fullpage "Sawdust and other Christmas stuff..."; Across the Great Divide in Midwinter; The Im... See More  

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1952 Canada Lee death....

Item #687458

May 10, 1952


* Canada Lee death (1st report)

* Professional boxer & actor

* African American acting pioneer

Page 4 has a one column heading: "Canada Lee, Famous Negro Actor, Dead" with small photo. (see)

Complete with 24 pages, light toning and minor wear at the margins, small binding holes along the spine, generally nice.... See More  

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Much on the Fugitive Slave Law and the troubles ion Boston: the Shadrach Minkins case...

Item #695950

February 27, 1851

THE NATIONAL ERA, Washington, D.C., February 27, 1851  An anti-slavery newspaper that is best known for its link to the best-selling novel of the 19th century, "Uncle Tom's Cabin" by Harriet Beecher Stowe. This historic work first appeared as a 41-week serial in The National Era, starting on June 5, 1851.

The complete serialization appeared almost entirely in the National Er
... See More  

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The Mormons, Frederick Douglass, and a freed slave's industriousness...

Item #683802

January 19, 1879

NEW YORK TIMES, Jan. 19, 1879  Pg. 7 is: "Frederick Douglass On The South" (see images). The bottom of page 5 has: "The Mormon Polygomists' Reply" (not photoed). One of the more interesting articles is found on page 2: "A Colored Man's History", which tells of a young slave boy who managed to save a few pennies here-and-there until he was given his freedo... See More  

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1987 James Baldwin death...

Item #700284

December 02, 1987


* James Baldwin death (1st report)

* African American writer - activist

Near the bottom of the front page is a two column heading: "Baldwin Dies at 63; Writer Explored Black Experience" with photo. (see)

Complete with all sections except classifieds (60+ pages), nice condition.

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Washington signs an Act of Congress concerning the Whiskey Rebellion...

Item #688472

June 23, 1796


* re. The Whiskey Rebellion

* President George Washington

Page 2 has an: "ACT Making an Appropriation to Satisfy Certain demands attending the late Insurrection...", which provided money: " the discharge of certain incidental demands, occasioned by the trial of persons for crimes and offences... See More  

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Confederate viewpoint on the Civil War...

Item #690875

August 26, 1864

RICHMOND EXAMINER, Virginia, Aug. 26, 1864  A newspaper from the capital of the Confederacy. Among the reports are: "The War News" "Negro Prisoners of War..." "The War In Florida" "From Atlanta" "The So-Called 'Peace Mission' To Richmond--The True History of the Affair" and much more.

The back page has the always interesting editorial... See More  

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Martin Luther King & the Montgomery bus boycott: found guilty...

Item #671727

March 26, 1956

DAILY WORKER, New York, March 26, 1956 

* Martin Luther King Jr. found guilty

* Montgomery, Alabama bus boycott

* Pushed into the national spotlight

The top of the front page has: "Thousands Here Hail Convicted Alabama Leader" with the text beginning: "Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., leader of the historic anti-segregation bus boycott in the Montgomery, Ala., struggle, wa... See More  

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Reports from the Confederacy...

Item #639394

February 03, 1864

DAILY RICHMOND EXAMINER, Virginia, February 3, 1864 

* Rare rebel title

A newspaper from the capital of the Confederate states, the city through which all news reports flowed during the Civil War. The front page has much on the war with items headed: "From the Blackwater Region" "The Enemy at New Bern, North Carolina" "From Charleston" "Arrest of Ex-Se... See More  

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From the Confederacy...

Item #651715

March 11, 1864

DAILY RICHMOND EXAMINER, Virginia, March 11, 1864 

* Rare rebel publication

A nice newspaper from the capital of the Confederacy. Among the front page reports on the Civil War are: "The War News--Engagement At Suffolk & Repulse of the Enemy" "The Grab Game" "Escape from the Penitentiary" and some other items, in addition to many advertisements and notic... See More  

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Critical thoughts on Mordecai Noah's plans for a Jewish homeland... A curious parallel to Mormon efforts a few years later...

Item #685000

January 21, 1826

NILES' WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore, Jan. 21, 1826  The prime article is: "Re-assemblage of the Jews" which has a letter somewhat critical of the efforts of Mordecai Manuel Noah to create a homeland for the Jews on Grand Island in the Niagara River.

This is followed by some responses by Mr. Noah.

Some have drawn a curious parallel to the efforts of Noah to found a Jewish homelan... See More  

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Front page print of the infamous slave ship "Wanderer"...

Item #172224

January 15, 1859

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, January 15, 1859  The front page features a rather large print of: "The Yacht 'Wanderer'" along with a related article.

Its infamy is in that it was the last documented ship to bring a cargo of slaves from Africa to the United States, which it did on November 28, 1858. Part of the article notes: "...after detaining the Wanderer for a week... See More  

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Jesse Owens wins gold at the Berlin Olympics...

Item #697233

August 03, 1936


* Jesse Owens 100-meter gold medal victory

* Olympic games in Berlin Germany

* In front of Adolph Hitler & Third Reich

The front page has a one column heading: "OWENS BREAKS WORLD RECORD IN OLYMPICS" with subhead. First report coverage continues in section 2 (sports) with related photo.

A sidebar to the Olympic games was Adolph Hit... See More  

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Abraham Lincoln on Negro regiments...

Item #674985

August 13, 1862

DAILY DISPATCH, Richmond, Virginia, Aug. 13, 1862 

* Rare Confederate publication

* Abraham Lincoln - Negro troops

From the Confederate capital.  Among the front page reports on the Civil War are: "The Fight at Southwest Mountain--Further Particulars" "From the Rip Raps" "Norfolk Portsmouth & Suffolk" "Important Decision of Lincoln--Negro Reg... See More  

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"A Tale of Two Cities" by Charles Dickens...

Harper's Ferry insurrection... John Brown...

Item #172306

October 29, 1859

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, October 29, 1859  The front page of this issue is the "Fac-Simile of the Last Record of the Franklin Expedition, Found by Lieutenant Hobson on King William's Land". A half page illustration 'Harper's Ferry -- The Scene of the Late Insurrection' with an article on John Brown as well. A 'Map of Vancouver Island and Washington Territor... See More  

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1798 Engraving of a porcupine in the masthead...

Item #671759

March 29, 1798

PORCUPINE'S GAZETTE, Philadelphia, March 29, 1798 

* Rare 18th century American title

* 3 runaway slaves advertisements

The masthead features an engraving of a porcupine. The entire front page is taken up with ads. The front page has a runaway slave ad under: "Ten Dollars reward" Two more appear on the back page. (see) News of the day and other advertisements.

Four pages... See More  

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1st African American plays Masters golf... Quite historic...

Item #674156

April 11, 1975

SUN-TIMES, Chicago, April 11, 1975

* Lee Elder breaks the color barrier

* 1st African American in Masters (day 1)

* PGA Professional Gold Accociation

The bottom of the back page has a photo showing Lee Elder teeing off on the 1st hole with small heading: "Historic Moment" Also a heading: "Nichols leading Masters" with reporting on the color barrier being broken. Coverag... See More  

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Nice print of Frederick Douglass...

Item #174132

April 21, 1877

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, April 21, 1877  Certainly the feature of this issue is the nearly one-quarter pg. print of: "Frederick Douglass" with an article on him as well mentioning him being the new Marshall of D.C., with talk of his newspaper The North Star.

Other prints include a full ftpg. political cartoon by Thomas Nast: "Young American Roast Beef For Old England&quo... See More  

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Great title for an anti-slavery newspaper...

Item #693315

January 18, 1844

EMANCIPATOR AND FREE AMERICAN, Boston, Jan. 18, 1844  As the title would suggest, this is an anti-slavery themed newspaper, and a great name for a newspaper with this focus.

Page 2 has a political notice supporting: "For President, James G. Birney" for the Liberty ticket, created by abolitionists who believed in political action to further antislavery goals. It existed only from 18... See More  

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Death of Coretta Scott King... MLK wife...

Item #692936

February 01, 2006


* Coretta Scott King death

* Martin Luther King's wife

* Civil Right activist

* African American equality

The front page has a two column heading: "She Built a Legacy by Preserving One" with subhead and photo. (see) Much more on pages 10 & 11 with 5 more related photos.

Complete with all section (90+ pages, great condition.

... See More  

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George Washington provides a patent...

Item #688478

June 13, 1796


* President George Washington

* Patent signed in type

* Inventor Robert Dawson

* Improvement in bolting cloths

Page 2 has a document headed: "The United States of America...Letters Patent..." which is signed in type by the President: Go. Washington. The document notes a patent has been given to: &quo... See More  

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Howard University's 40th anniversary... Encouragement to Black students...

Item #684916

November 16, 1907

THE OMAHA DAILY BEE, Nebraska, Nov. 16, 1907  A front page 1-column heading provides details of the orations given at Howard University's 40th year anniversary celebration: "FUTURE THE NEGRO", with subheads: "President Roosevelt Speaks of Good Work of Medical Men" and "ADVICE GIVEN TO GRADUATES", and "British Ambassador and Steel King Cong... See More  

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Full page print by Winslow Homer...

Item #173798

February 07, 1874

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, Feb. 7, 1874  The prime print in this periodical famous for its many illustrations is the full page captioned: "Station House Lodgers" done by the famed artist Winslow Homer. There is a related article on the facing page.

Other prints within this issue are the full ftpg. political cartoon by Thomas Nast captioned: "The Emancipator of Labor & ... See More  

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Slaves being liberated...

Item #172748

January 23, 1864

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, January 23, 1864  The full front page is a dramatic print: "Sufferings In A Snow-Storm on the Michigan Central". Inside has full page prints: "Colored Troops Under General Wild, Liberating Slaves In North Carolina" and "Under The Flag".

Other prints within include: "Hon. Leland Stanford, President of Central Pacific Railroad&q... See More  

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Emancipated slaves... Ice skating ... Early submarine...

Item #172750

January 30, 1864

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, January 30, 1864  The most desired & notable print is likely the full page captioned: "Emancipated Slaves, White and Colored" showing one man with a brand on his forehead.

The front page shows the: "Ruins of the Church of the Compania, at Santiago, Chili, After the Conflagration". Inside has a full page: "Snowy Morning--On Picket&qu... See More  

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Confederates occupy Manassas Junction...

Item #674984

August 29, 1862

DAILY DISPATCH, Richmond, Virginia, Aug. 29, 1862  Among the front page reports on the Civil War are: "Correspondence Between Butler & Phelps in Regard to the Negro Brigade" "Brilliant Maneuvering of Gen. Jackson--How He Broke Up a Yankee Arrangement" "...Occupation of Manassas Junction by Our Advance" and more.

Complete as a single sheet, some flaking at th... See More  

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Barack Obama becomes America's first African-American president...

Item #680272

November 05, 2008

(2) NEW YORK TIMES, Nov. 5, 2008 and Jan. 21, 2009  A great pair of issues reporting both the election and inauguration of the first African-American president to occupy the White House.

The banner headline of the 5th is a simple: "OBAMA" beneath which is: "Racial Barrier Falls In Decisive Victory". The banner headline of the 21st announces: "OBAMA TAKES OATH, A... See More  

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Early Savannah, Georgia...

Item #668281

June 08, 1839

THE DAILY GEORGIAN, Savannah, June 8, 1839 

* Chatham County

* Rare title

* Antebellum

A rather uncommon title from the South 22 years before the Civil War.  Various news & ads of the day with several slave reward ads, one being a bit unusual in the detail: " a Negro man named George belonging to John C Neal, the following negroes..." with details on them... See More  

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Reports from the Civil War with a Confederate perspective...

Item #671823

February 24, 1863

DAILY RICHMOND EXAMINER, Richmond, Virginia, Feb. 24, 1863 

* Capital of the Confederacy

The front page includes: "The Northern Press & the Mediation Question" "The Radicals on the War" which has several subheads including: "Re-Union--The South Independent--the Army Conservative--The Proclamation A Failure" and more. Also on the front page: "Horrib... See More  

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On vegetarians... Fugitive Slave... Traveling to California...

Item #692177

July 06, 1850

THE GREENSBOROUGH PATRIOT, (Greensboro), North Carolina, July 6, 1850  Rarely are we able to secure antebellum newspapers from this city.

This issue is chock full of interesting articles, a few on the front page including: "Effects of a Vegetable Diet" which is a curious item with refutations from "...a beef-eating German..."; "Milwaukie" [Milwaukee] which conce... See More  

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The Monitor versus the Merrimac...

Item #172562

April 12, 1862

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, April 12, 1862  The front page has prints of: "Major-General Buell" "Brigadier-General Shields" and "Bomb-Proof Sandbag Battery at New Bern, North Carolina, Taken by General Burnside's Troops."

Inside has a full page with 3 prints: "Views at New Madrid and Point Pleasant" and another full page with 2 naval prints: &qu... See More  

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Uncommon woman suffrage paper from Syracuse...

Item #693888

January 01, 1879

THE NATIONAL CITIZEN & BALLOT BOX, Syracuse, New York, January, 1879  

* Rare Woman's suffrage publication

A quite rare women's suffrage newspaper which lasted less than 3 1/2 years under this title.

Mott notes in his "History Of American Magazines" that this publication was financed in part by Susan B. Anthony, and that having failed with The Woman's Campaign... See More  

Item from Catalog 338 (released for January, 2024)

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Carl B. Stokes... First African-American Mayor of a large U.S. city...

Item #647897

November 09, 1967

THE SPRINGFIELD UNION, Massachusetts, November 9, 1967

* Carl  B. Stokes becomes 1st African-American mayor of a large U.S. city

* Elected mayor of Cleveland, Ohio

* Richard G. Hatcher becomes 1st African American mayor of Gary, Indiana

The front page has a four column heading: "Negro Elected Mayor in Gary, Ind.; Stokes Apparent Victor in Cleveland" First report coverage on ... See More  

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Death of Martin Luther King, Jr...

Item #688608

April 06, 1968

THE PRATT TRIBUNE, Kansas, April 6, 1968 

* Martin Luther King Jr. assassination (2nd report)

* America riots - protests - racial violence

The top of the front page has a three column headline: "Troops Ordered To Protect Capital" Also on the front page is another three column heading: "Nation's Cities Threatened By Wave Of Racial Violence" More on the back ... See More  

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One of the less common illustrated newspapers from the Civil War...

Item #692095

June 15, 1861

NEW YORK ILLUSTRATED NEWS, June 15, 1861  Formatted very much like the more popular 'Harper's Weekly' but considerably more uncommon.

The front page shows: "Shackles & Handcuffs Used by Slave Drivers in Virginia" and: "Brilliant the Rescue of Two of Their Comrades who were to be Hung by the Rebels at the Village of Fairfax, Va."; a full-page p... See More  

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Everglades of Florida...

Item #175168

March 12, 1887

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, March 12, 1887  Full ftpg: 'Henry Ward Beecher'. Fullpg: 'The Everglades of Florida' shows 5 scenes, including 1 of Lake Okeechobee. 3/4 pg: 'Pushing Thru the Everglades'. Dramatic dblpgctrfld: 'After The Blizzard' shows a dead family snowbound in their wagon. Fullpg: 'Sketches in the U.S. Senate'.

Other news and advertis... See More  

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Many Civil War related prints...

Item #172466

May 11, 1861

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, May 11, 1861  The front page has prints of: "Colonel Ellsworth of the Fire Zouaves" and "Colonel Wilson of Wilson's Brigade" with related text.

Inside has many war-related prints including: "View of Fort McHenry, Baltimore" "The Burning of the Bridge at Canton, Maryland, by the Mob" "The Rendezvous of the Virgini... See More  

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Promoting the abolitionists' cause...

Item #694617

January 08, 1845


* Rare anti-slavery publication

* Abolition movement - free slaves

* 16 years prior to the American Civil War

One of the less common anti-slavery newspapers with content as you might suspect.

This abolitionist newspaper was first published in New York City and by this time in Boston. It was founded as the official newspaper of the A... See More  

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The fugitive slave case of Bill Fisher...

Item #692805

July 27, 1853

NEW YORK DAILY TIMES, July 27, 1853 

* Fugitive Slave Case

* Bill Fisher

The front page has: "The Fugitive Slave Case--The Health of the City, etc." being the slave case of Bill Fisher. This report takes three-quarters of a column and includes: " soon as the marshal drove off with the slave, a number of them followed the carriage. The friends of the slave will follo... See More  

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