Newspapers from the 1700s

The eighteenth century saw the heyday of the Age of Reason, and the rising popularity and increased distribution of newspapers played a key role in deepening and expanding public discourse. We carry only absolutely authentic original newspapers, and there's no better way to discover the history of the 1700s than to hold a newspaper from that century in your own hands.

Newspapers from the 1700s

The eighteenth century saw the heyday of the Age of Reason, and the rising popularity and increased distribution of newspapers played a key role in deepening and expanding public discourse. We carry only absolutely authentic original newspapers, and there's no better way to discover the history of the 1700s than to hold a newspaper from that century in your own hands.
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George Washington makes the front page... Jewish colony in the East Indies...

Item #656526
GENTLEMAN'S MAGAZINE, London, May, 1757 

* Early Major George Washington 

* Jewish colony in the East Indies

The first 2 1/2 pages have reports from the French & Indian War in America, including five letters written by General Braddock datelined Williamsburgh and Alexandria. In the introductory comments on the first page is mention that: "...concerning the territorie... See More  

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Newspaper edited by the famed Jonathan Swift...

Item #656181

July 01, 1713

THE EXAMINER, London, 1713  This editorial-format newspaper was edited by the famed Jonathan Swift at this time (of Gulliver's Travels fame), It promoted a Tory perspective on British politics, at a time when Queen Anne had replaced Whig ministers with Tories.

Complete as a single sheet newspaper as was typical of the day, 7 1/2 by 13 inches, nice condition.

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The Great Awakening... Christian revival in New-Londonderry, PA...

Item #653754

May 21, 1743

THE CHRISTIAN HISTORY, Boston, Massachusetts, May 21, 1743

* Rare colonial periodical

This was the first successful magazine in America although formatted unlike typical magazines. It was exclusively a chronicle of the Great Awakening in America, exclusively of secular news reports. It was preceded by just a few magazines which lasted but a couple of issues--one of which was by Ben Franklin... See More  

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Battle of Savannah... Captain Cook...

Item #653341
THE GENTLEMAN'S MAGAZINE, London, February, 1780 

* Siege of Savannah - Georgia

* Benjamin Lincoln letter

* Captain James Cook - South Seas

Near the back is a section headed: "Advices Received from America" which includes: "Gen. Lincoln's Letter to Congress on the defeat of the combined Army before Georgia" with a dateline of Charleston, Oct. 22, 1779. This... See More  

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The kangeroo described... Approval of the Jay Treaty by Congress...

Item #653296
GENTLEMAN'S MAGAZINE, London, June, 1796  Included is an interesting and quite descriptive article on the kangaroo, perhaps the earliest such report we have seen. Bits include: "...The Gamgarou, or, as Pennant calls it, Kangaroo, is a native of New South Wales and first discovered by that able and much lamented navigator Capt. Cook. The proportions of this animal are singular in a gr... See More  

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Northwest Passage... Admiral De Fonte's letter...

Item #653060

July 23, 1768

THE LONDON CHRONICLE, England, July 23, 1768  The front page has the conclusion of the lengthy letter from Admiral De Fonte, "giving an Account of the most material Transactions in a Journal of his from the Calo of Lima in Peru, on his Discoveries to find if there was any North-West Passage from the Atlantic Ocean into the South and Tartarian Sea," followed by considerable text. The... See More  

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Item #652857

October 14, 1789

THE DIARY OR WOODFALL'S REGISTER, London, Oct. 14, 1789  Page 2 has a great letter stating the considerable economic growth of the United States in producing their own manufactured goods, etc. It begins: "A letter from Philadelphia speaks of the rapid advancement of the American in all those manufactures which heretofore were chiefly derived from Europe..." and going on to cite ... See More  

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Trial of Admiral Keppel...

Item #652592

January 19, 1779

THE MIDDLESEX JOURNAL & EVENING POST, London, Jan. 19, 1779  The entire front page & a bit of pg. 2 are taken up with verbatim: "Proceedings of the Court Martial on the Trial of Admiral Keppel". As Wikipedia notes: 'During the American Revolutionary War Keppel came into a notorious dispute with Sir Hugh Palliser over Palliser's conduct as his second-in-command at the... See More  

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1751 - reports from throughout the world... a Highwayman robs a Post Office...

Item #652458

June 01, 1751

THE LONDON GAZETTE, June 1, 1751 This issue has period advertising and news from throughout the world, including reports from Parma, Rome, Turin, Vienna, Berlin, Hague, Middleburg, and Whitehall. Another article is in regards to The East-India House, and there is an interesting detailed report of a Post Office being robbed by a Highwayman.

The front page has a partial (3/4ths) red tax stamp.

Com... See More  

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A victory by Horatio Nelson...

Item #652437
GENTLEMAN'S MAGAZINE, London, October, 1796  Included is a nearly column long letter signed in type: Horatio Nelson, written on board his ship Victory near Toulon, mentioning in part: "I have the pleasure to inform you that the troops...troop possession of the forts & town of Puerto Ferrajo this day..." with further details. 

Includes both plates called for, one o... See More  

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Conflict between the Cherokee and Iroquois Nations... Smoking the Calumet of Peace...

Item #652387

February 13, 1768

THE LONDON CHRONICLE, February 13, 1768  As inside report under the heading, "AMERICA - New York," tells of a visit from South Carolina by a number of chiefs of the Cherokee Nation requesting the U.S. government mediate a dispute between the Cherokee Nation and the Six Nations of the Iroquois. Included is a mention that on the day after their arrival, "...three of the Mohawk Ch... See More  

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Benjamin Rush's "Moral Temperance Thermometer"...State of Kentucky... Constitution of Georgia...

Item #652342
THE COLUMBIAN MAGAZINE, Philadelphia, January, 1789  Among the articles are: "An Account of the Manners of the German Inhabitants of Pennsylvania" which takes 7 1/2 pages. Also a full page chart of the: "Moral and Physical Thermometer", created by Dr. Benjamin Rush.

Near the back is "The Chronicle" with the latest news of the day including 8 pages of report unde... See More  

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Reports from America...

Item #652297

June 04, 1768

THE LONDON CHRONICLE, England, June 4, 1768  Multiple inside page reports are from various locations in America including a letter from Massachusetts Bay and two articles from New York.

Also included are excerpts from Voltaire's new satire: "The Man of Forty Crowns" which is accompanied by a lengthy review which concludes with: "...This plausible discourse made me reflect ... See More  

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Independent spirit of those from Vermont...

Item #651190

September 20, 1783

THE LONDON CHRONICLE, England, Sept. 20, 1783  The bkpg. has a report: "Private letters from New York mention that the inhabitants of the new State of Vermont are determined to encounter every danger, and even to form alliances with the Indian nations, rather than be incorporated with, or, as they conceive, subjected to the control of any of the United American States...".

Earlier ... See More  

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Debate on the Maryland Constitution...

Item #651129
THE GENTLEMAN'S MAGAZINE, London, November, 1763  Over two pages within are taken up with: "Queries Relative to the Constitution of Maryland" which raises such questions as: "Does not the legislature of Maryland consist of three branches...?...Who composes the Upper House?...Does not the council consist of 12 members when complete?...Who sits as judges in the superior court... See More  

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Large front page engraving...

Item #650994

May 04, 1706


* Rare & early 18th century German periodical

A very unusual periodical as most of the front page is taken up with a very intricately engraved print. This issue contains 8 pages and is in the German language, measuring 6 3/4 by 8 inches, some light damp staining near the margins, nice condition. ... See More  

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"Courier From the Lower Rhine"...

Item #650951

July 24, 1793

COURIER DU BAS-RHIN, July 24, 1793 This translates to "Courier From the Lower Rhine". Totally in French, this is the first of this title we have offered. Eight pages, 6 1/2 by 7 3/4 inches, very nice condition. 

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Military events in the Caribbean...

Item #650798

July 01, 1781

THE LONDON MAGAZINE, England, July, 1781  Although near the back are two pages headed: "American Affairs" the content is primarily concerning events in the Caribbean. Otherwise various article of an eclectic nature as was the format at the time.

The two plates called for are lacking.

Complete in 48 pages, 5 by 8 inches, very nice, clean condition.

Formatted very much like the G... See More  

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A "newspaper" for commoners...

Item #650694

February 28, 1754

THE CONNOISSEUR "By Mr. Town [pseud.], Critic, and Censor-General", London, Feb. 28, 1754  A weekly paper which lasted about 2 1/2 years as a "commoner's" counterpart to "The World" (which we sell as well), a periodical of about the same time which dealt more with the interests of aristocrats.

James Boswell says in his "Life of Johnson", "...I... See More  

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Early on Japan... Washington honored by the French...

Item #650618

September 01, 1780

THE LONDON MAGAZINE, England, September, 1780  A early article on Japan with: "Curious Account of the Inhabitants of the Empire of Japan, Their Government, Manners, & Customers..." which takes 3 1/2 pages.

Near the back is: "American Affairs"  taking nearly a full page, mostly on naval events in the Caribbean, but it also includes a report from Hartford noting Wa... See More  

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On the coronation of King Louis XVI...

Item #650591

April 13, 1793

MASSACHUSETTS MERCURY, Boston, April 13, 1793  Most of the ftpg is a recollection of the: "Ceremony of Consecrating & Crowning the Late King of France" in 1775, given that he was beheaded recently. The prefacing note begins: "The transition from the throne to the scaffold has been short..." with some details in the following issue.

Four pages, 8 3/4 by 10 12 inches, a... See More  

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Frederic Remington and W.A. Rogers illustrations...

Item #650411
HARPER'S NEW MONTHLY MAGAZINE, New York, February, 1895  The article "French Fighters In Africa" contains eleven illustrations by Frederic Remington. Another article entitled "Down the West Coast" eight illustrations by W.A. Rogers. Additional articles, poems and illustrations are within.

Complete in 150+ pages, disbound, measures 6 1/2 x 9 1/4 inches and is in very n... See More  

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Very uncommon title...

Item #650341

October 13, 1753

THE WESTMINSTER JOURNAL OR NEW WEEKLY MISCELLANY, London, Oct. 13, 1753  A rather rare title with basically British reporting with some news from elsewhere including a small report from Boston headed "Plantation News". Page 3 reports on "Robberies & Commitments" "Accidents" "Marriages" and "Deaths".

Four pages, never-trimmed margins, red ... See More  

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Settlement on the Mississippi...

Item #650335
THE GENTLEMAN'S MAGAZINE, London,  February, 1772  This issue contains a lengthy article titled: "Sketch for a Settlement on the Mississippi" (see for portions). A plate is called for however it is lacking.

This issue also includes a full page plate titled: "Hudson Bay Ptarmigan..." which shows two views of this bird (see images). There is also a related art... See More  

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Concerns for political troubles in creating a new government...

Item #650328
THE GENTLEMAN'S MAGAZINE, London, February, 1784 

Among the articles are: "Ancient Customs Elucidated--The Feast of Yule" "History of the Race of Gypsies Further Illustrated" which takes nearly 3 pages; "An Account of the Experiments Made by the Aerostatic Machine of M.M. Montgolfier" the famous balloonist (see); and more.

There is over half a page on the Q... See More  

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Relating to the French & Indian War...

Item #650314
THE GENTLEMAN'S MAGAZINE, London, May, 1754  Included within is an article: "New Invented Sea-gage Described" which includes a half page illustration (see). Near the back is the "Historical Chronicle" which has the latest news of the day including some items under the heading "America". they include report relating to the French & Indian War such as: &quo... See More  

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Bostonians complain...

Item #650311
THE GENTLEMAN'S MAGAZINE, London, August, 1767  Among the articles within are: "Observations on the American Locust" which takes nearly two pages and includes three illustrations of them (see); "Journey to the Written Mountains" includes a foldout plate showing the inscriptions there, near the Red Sea (see), measuring 8 by 10 1/2 inches; "Acts for the Preservation... See More  

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All happy in Portugal that a treaty with America has been finalized...

Item #650137

July 29, 1783

THE LONDON CHRONICLE, England, July 29, 1783  Page 4 has a report: "...from Lisbon says, that a treaty of commerce and amity is near being concluded on between  that Court & the United States of America, which has given great joy to the people in general there, and look upon it a a very happy event as they expect great advantages will arise by trading with the Americans."

... See More  

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Loyalists are leaving Charleston with their slaves...

Item #649648

April 10, 1783

THE LONDON CHRONICLE, England, April 10, 1783  Page 4 has: "American News" which includes: "The fleet left Charlestown [Charleston] bar on the 18th...part of which having on board Loyalists & their negroes, was conducted to St. Augustine by the convoy...part went to New  York with his Majesty's ships...having on board  troops and inhabitants, many families of ... See More  

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New York, Williamsburg, and Boston reports...

Mount Vesuvius erupts...

Item #649332

February 16, 1768

THE LONDON CHRONICLE, February 16, 1768  As inside report, "An account of the Great Eruption of Mount Vesuvius, the 10th of October, 1767...", which provides considerable details of the great eruption of 1768. Other articles include reports from New York, Williamsburg, Virginia, and Boston (see images).

Complete in 8 pages, 9 by 12 inches, only minor rubbing, nice condition.... See More  

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An eighty year span of news from England...

Item #649310
(8) GENTLEMAN'S MAGAZINE, London, England  A nice lot of eight issues, one from each decade from the 1730's thru 1809. A nice group of complete issues covering a period of 80 years, each with full title/contents page which features an engraving of St. John's Gate. Each is complete, but may exclude plates/maps (if called for). Nice condition.

Item from Catalog 340 (released for March, 2024)

If an image(s) is shown, it is only representative of the style and condition of what you will receive. Actual items will vary.

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At a lesser price... from Boston...

Item #649301
(6) COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, a lot of six 2nd rate issues dating from 1795-1799. Various news of the day from this famous colonial town. This was arguably the most successful & well-known newspaper of in 18th century America. Could contain close-trimming, staining, archival mending, etc., but will not have loss of text. Please note: The S&H for this lot is a bit higher than that of a si... See More  

Item from Catalog 340 (released for March, 2024)

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Uncommon provincial title with a decorative masthead...

Item #649299
THE GLOCESTER JOURNAL, England, 1769 (currently spelled Gloucester). Here is a very nice, four page issue from just a few years before the outbreak of the Revolutionary War in the colonies. This issue has a very nice & decorative masthead featuring engravings on either side. The front page also has a red-inked tax stamp. This issue contains various news of the day and a wealth of ads as well. ... See More  

Item from Catalog 340 (released for March, 2024)

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Five British newspapers from the 1760's - 1790's...

Item #649294
(5) An interesting lot of five British newspapers, containing at least three different titles. They span the 1760's thru the 1790's and include at least one from each decade. In average or better condition. Some may have red ink stamps (partial or otherwise). Certainly a one-of-a-kind grouping. The photos are representative of the look and condition of what you will receive.

Item from Catalog 340 (released for March, 2024)

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The oldest continuously published English language newspaper...

Item #649293
(5) THE LONDON GAZETTE  A  lot of five issues of the world's oldest continually published English language newspaper, all from the early 1700's (1712-1739), priced at a bargain due to being a blend of 2nd rate and slightly damaged issues. A great opportunity for authentic issues from the early 18th century at a fraction of their typical cost. The image shown is just an example of... See More  

Item from Catalog 340 (released for March, 2024)

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Post-Revolutionary War Boston, with John Adams signatures...

Item #649292
(5) COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, lot of 5 issues dating from 1797-1801, each containing at least one John Adams signature. Somewhat 2nd-rate but not damaged.  Issues with his signature are increasingly hard to find, and these are priced at a significant discount.

Item from Catalog 340 (released for March, 2024)

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Beautiful masthead in this 1795 Canterbury newspaper...

Item #649281

January 01, 1795

KENTISH GAZETTE, Canterbury, England, 1795  We seldom have titles to offer from Canterbury, and this newspaper has one of the more decorative & beautiful mastheads of the era. Note the two very detailed engravings on either side, one of which is the fabled Canterbury Cathedral. A coat-of-arms in the middle, with very ornate lettering for 'Kentish Gazette'.

A fine issue of this ti... See More  

Item from Catalog 340 (released for March, 2024)

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Unusual, short-lived newspaper...

Item #649279
THE VISIONS OF SIR HEISTER RYLEY: WITH OTHER ENTERTAINMENTS, London, 1710  Sir Heister Ryley, the fictitious editor of the Visions of Sir Heister Ryley, is a man interested in all fields of learning, a "stickler in the business of truth" and absolutely averse to siding with any political party. His little newspaper was a 4 page serial. It contained essays, letters and miscellaneous ... See More  

Item from Catalog 340 (released for March, 2024)

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At a reduced price... Early issues with the great masthead...

Item #649273
THE POST-BOY, London, 1710's (2nd-rate)  A lot of 5 issues of this early title with the great masthead containing two engravings. Lightly or heavily inked or other minor problem causing them to be a bit '2nd rate'. Offered at a considerable discount.

Item from Catalog 341 (released for April, 2024)

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Handsome display newspaper from the early 1700's...

Item #649264
THE POST-BOY, London, 1723-1726  A very nice single sheet newspaper featuring two handsome engravings in the masthead (see). Various news from Great Britain and the continent of Europe, plus a partial red tax stamp on the reverse. Measures 14 1/4 by 8 1/8 inches, nice condition and great for display.

Item from Catalog 341 (released for April, 2024)

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Pre-Revolutionary War era lot...

Item #649258
THE LONDON CHRONICLE, London, 1760's  A lot of 10 issues of this famous & popular newspaper at a bargain price.  A good set to show the state of affairs in England and the world shortly before the American Revolution.  All are complete in 8 pages, 8 1/2 by 11 inches, & are in nice condition.

If an image(s) is shown, it is only representative of the style and condition of what you will receive. Actual items will vary.

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Pre-Stamp Act to just prior to the Revolutionary War...

Item #649252
(10) THE LONDON CHRONICLE. A collection of ten issues, one from each year 1763 thru 1772, crossing the critical period from the just prior to the Stamp Act to just before the outbreak of the pre-Revolutionary War tensions. Each is 4-8 pages, may have slight imperfections, but in overall nice condition.   

Item from Catalog 341 (released for April, 2024)

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Eighteenth century perspective from England...

Item #649234
(10) THE LONDON GAZETTE, a lot of ten issues of this famous newspaper covering at least 5 decades from the 1700's.  All are in good condition.  A nice way to gain Britain's perspective of world affairs from the 18th century. The image shown is representative of the "look" of what you will receive. Actual issues/dates will vary.

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18th century Scotland...

Item #649233
(5) THE EDINBURGH EVENING COURANT, Scotland, late 1750's  A very early lot of five newspapers from Scotland, with news of the day.  A great period set at a considerable discount from the regular per-issue price. Nice condition.  The images shown are representative of the look and condition of those you will receive.  Actual dates vary in the later 1750's.... See More  

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Early issues with the great masthead...

Item #649232
THE POST-BOY, London, 1720's  A lot of five issues of this early & decorative title with a great masthead featuring two engravings. Offered at a substantial discount. Single sheet and in good condition.

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Decorative masthead... late 1700's...

Item #649227
THE NEWCASTLE CHRONICLE, England, 1784-1788  See the photo for the very nice & ornate lettering in the masthead, making this a displayable issue. This is a folio size newspaper of 4 pages which was never bound nor trimmed--difficult to find as such.

Various news of the day & a wealth of ads, and a red-inked tax stamp at the bottom of the front page. Minor wear to the edges a
... See More  

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Full page engravings from the 1700's to early 1800's...

Item #649224
(10) A lot of ten engraved plates from "Gentleman's Magazine", London, all from the 1700's to early 1800's (though not dated). The lot may include foldouts, prints of buildings, diagrams, maps, etc. A few defects at the margins, some of the fold lines of multi-panel plates may be archivally mended from the reverse, but otherwise nice condition.

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A variant and short-lived title...

Item #649223
THE REHEARSAL OF OBSERVATOR, London, England  1704-1706  A variant title --& earlier date--of the newspaper titled "The Rehearsal", and much less common. A single sheet newspaper printed on both sides measuring 8 by 13 inches. The image shown is only an example of the layout and condition of what you will receive. Actual issues vary within the specifications given.

Note: U... See More  

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Rare, early title...

Item #649222
FOG'S WEEKLY JOURNAL, London, 1731 A quite rare title from England with a very early date and a partial red tax stamp in a lower corner of the front page. Various news of the day both from England and the rest of Europe.

Four pages, approximately 10 by 13 inches, a bit of foxing, overall very good. The image shown is only representative of the look (format) and condition of the issue you will... See More  

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Early and notable 18th century title... Addison & Steele...

Item #649221
THE SPECTATOR, London, England, 1712  One of the more famous of the early newspapers and by the famed Addison & Steele. Nice condition, trimmed, some light browning. A single sheet issue measuring 8 by 11 1/2 inches. Red ink stamps do not appear to be present.

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