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Daniel Webster's letters... "Defender of the Constitution"......

Item #679332
HARPER'S NEW MONTHLY MAGAZINE, New York, Aug., 1867  The prime feature of this issue is likely the 5 1/2 pages dedicated to the: "PRIVATE CORRESPONDENCE OF DANIEL WEBSTER", which includes excerpts from many of his private correspondence along with background and commentary. The article serves well as an unofficial biography of this great "defender of the Constitution".... See More  

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Mormons in England...

Item #565651

August 01, 1867

THE NEW YORK TIMES, New York, August 1, 1867 

* Mormons in England 

* John H. Surratt trial 

* re. Lincoln's Assassination

Page 2 has an article: "The Mormons in England" which notes the drop in the number of Mormons there, ending with: " ...Those who could get away are gone; those who could & would not have apostalized, & those who wou... See More  

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General Custer...

Item #173116

August 03, 1867

HARPER'S WEEKLY, Aug. 3, 1867 Fullpg. with 4 illus: 'Sioux Indians Attempting to Stampede Gen. Custer's Horses' with a view of Custer. Halfpg: 'Colored Emigrants Seeking Homes in the North'. 

Complete in sixteen pages.

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1867 William G. Brownlow re-elected governor... ...

Item #667369

August 03, 1867

NEW YORK HERALD, Aug. 3, 1867

* William Gannaway "Parson" Brownlow

* Governor of Tennessee re-election victory

Page 4 has an article headed: "THE TENNESSEE ELECTION" "Governor Brownlow Re-elected by Thirty Thousand Majority" and more. (see)

Complete with 8 pages, irregular along the spine, otherwise nice.

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1867 Omar Pasha fighting in Crete...

Item #667399

August 05, 1867


* Ottoman field marshal Omar Pasha

* Fighting rebels in Kingdom of Candia (Crete)

Page 4 has a heading: "Omar Pasha's Report of His Work in Candia" with the report on  page 5 under: "The Eastern Question"

Other news and advertisements of the day during the reconstruction era shortly after the American Civil War. Complete with 8... See More  

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Verz Cruz... Farm life...

Item #173118

August 10, 1867

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, Aug. 10, 1867 Ftpg. includes: 'View of Queretaro, Mexico'. Halfpg: 'Beaver Dam on Pawnee Fork, Kansas' & 'The City & Port of Vera Cruz, Mexico' fullpg: 'Camp Meeting of the Methodist Episcopal Church at Sing-Sing'. Nice doublepage centerfold: 'Life on the Farm' with 11 vignettes.

Complete in sixteen pages.

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Item #152137

August 10, 1867

FRANK LESLIE'S ILLUSTRATED NEWSPAPER from New York, dated Aug. 10, 1867. See the photo below for the terrific full page print captioned:"Fork Grinders, Sheffield, England" is a great print on how silverware was made in the 19th century--great print for any collector of early flatware! This print measures about 9 by 14 inches. This issue is complete in 16 pages with many other unrelated prints, and... See More  

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Indians attack railroad camps... The mining regions..

Item #648249

August 14, 1867

NEW YORK WEEKLY TRIBUNE, Aug. 14, 1867  The ftpg. has a detailed report headed: "The Indian War", portions including: "The Indians have made 3 separate descents on the working parties along the railroad beyond Fort Hays...Several Indians were killed...It is reported here that six men were surrounded by the Indians at Milk Creek. Two men were killed & scalped...number killed... See More  

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Wagon Box Fight... Red Cloud's War...

Item #673351

August 15, 1867

THE NEW YORK TIMES, August 15, 1867

* Wagon Box Fight... Red Cloud's War

* Fort Phil Kearny, Wyoming

The front page has a small one column  heading: "Encounter with the Savages near Fort Kearny--The Indians Routed" 1st report coverage on the Wagon Box Fight during Red Cloud's War.

Other news of the day. Complete in 8 pages, some printing flaws including one in the me... See More  

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General Custer battles the Sioux...

Item #173120

August 17, 1867

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, Aug. 17, 1867  The entire front page has an article: "Indian War Scenes" with illustrations captioned: "Pawnee Killer & His Braves" and: "Discovering the Remains of Lt. Kidder and Ten Men of the Seventh U.S. Cavalry" which includes an illustration of George A. Custer.

Other prints within include: "Sioux Indians Attacking a... See More  

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Item #554935

August 18, 1867

NEW-YORK TIMES, August 18, 1867

* The game of Chess

* Post civil war reporting

On the back page under "Chess" is a report:

* The Late Match Between Detroit & New-York

Includes the position of the opposing forces at the time of the "abandonment" of the game, mentioning that it "...forms a very fine study..." Also has another report: "American ... See More  

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Edwin Booth's Theatre to be built...

Item #602377

August 19, 1867

THE NEW YORK TIMES, August 19, 1867

* Edwin Booth's Theatre

The back page has a small one column heading: "Edwin Booth's New Theatre--Description of the Building" See images for text here. Nice to have in this famous NYC title.

Other news of the day. Complete in 8 pages, minor foxing, nice condition.

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Martha's Vineyard... Methodist Camp Meeting...

Item #687612

August 21, 1867

SPRINGFIELD REPUBLICAN, Massachusetts, August 21, 1867  Page 1 provides considerable details concerning the Methodist Camp Meeting at Martha's Vineyard, known as Wesleyan Grove (or Wesleyan Camp Grove). Another article tells of a similar Camp Meeting in Hatfield. Although many of the gingerbread cottages remain, and a summer camp meeting schedule continues into the present, the popularity... See More  

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Westward expansion confronts the Native American tribes...

Item #675652

August 21, 1867

NEW YORK WEEKLY TRIBUNE, Aug. 21, 1867  The years following the Civil War were years of expansion west, causing the inevitable conflict with the Native American tribes. Such reports were not uncommon in period newspapers. This is one such issue.

The front page has: "The Indian War" with some nice accounts taking about one-third of a column.

Eight pages, staining to the front page ... See More  

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Baseball in the West...

Item #547698

August 22, 1867

NEW-YORK TIMES, Aug. 22, 1867.

* Baseball

Page 5 has: "The West Terrible Heat", "Grain Gamblers", "The Late Postmaster", "Senator Yates", "Blessing Status", "An Intemperance Meeting" and much more. Among the topics discussed is paragraph about Base Ball stating: "Our great national game is pretty successfully burlesqued here. A... See More  

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Long Branch beach illustration...

Item #567961

August 24, 1867

HARPER'S WEEKLY, August 24, 1867 (print only) This is a single leaf full page print taken from this issue entitled "The Beach at Long Branch - Wreck of the 'Dora Baker'".  This is a genuine leaf from the issue--not a reprint measuring approximately 10.25 x 15.5 inches and is in good condition.

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Mysterious building at Newport illustration...

Item #567962

August 24, 1867

HARPER'S WEEKLY, August 24, 1867 (print only) This is a single leaf full page print taken from this issue entitled "The Round Tower at Newport"  which is a building that is still of mystery as why it was built in the design it was. This is a genuine leaf from the issue--not a reprint measuring approximately 10.25 x 15.5 inches and is in good condition.... See More  

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"The Landlord & the Tenant"... "The Races At Saratoga"...

Item #173122

August 24, 1867

HARPER'S WEEKLY, August 24, 1867  The front cover features a full page "The Mother and Her Babe". Inside is a nice full page: 'The Beach at Long Branch--Wreck of the Dora Baker'. An article "Death of Miss Sedgwick" includes a small illustration of this author. The full page 'The Races At Saratoga' shows 4 scenes. A full page has 2 scenes: 'The Landl... See More  

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Captain Ames and 800 Indians led by "Santini"...

Item #555734

August 26, 1867

NEW-YORK TIMES, New York, August 26, 1867 

* Battle with the Indians

A front page report, "Battle With the Indians at Republican River", describes the battle on the Republican River between troops led by Capt. Ames and 800 Indians led by "Santini".

Says the village was two miles long & that Capt. Ames "...charged twice through their wigwams....&... See More  

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Much on the Indians of the West...

Item #648247

August 28, 1867

NEW YORK WEEKLY TRIBUNE, Aug. 28, 1867  Page 3 has nice Indian content with heads & subheads: "The Indian War" "Desperate Fight Between Pawnees and Cheyennes--Full Particulars--Attempt to Throw a Passenger Train Off the Track--How the Indians Learned the Trick...Fifteen Scalps Taken..." and then further on is another article: "Abandonment of Old Fort Union--Indian... See More  

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Lengthy report of a baseball game...

Item #564914

August 28, 1867

THE NEW YORK TIMES, New York, August 28, 1867 

* Post Civil War baseball 

The back page has an uncommonly lengthy article headed: "Out Door Sports" "Base Ball--Union of Morrisania vs. Eckfords, of Williamsburgh" followed by a smaller report of another game (see). Eight pages, very nice, clean condition.

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Item #547561

August 28, 1867

NEW-YORK TIMES, Aug. 28, 1867  The back page of this issue has: "Out-Door Sports", "Base Ball--Unions, of Morrisania vs. Eckfords, of Williamsburgh". Has a summary of the game, mentioning in part: "The batting of Aiken, Austin and Birdsall, was the tallest kind, while Goldie and Martin made a home run each by long hits to the centre field, the formers strike being a t... See More  

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Black Americana - black voters, candidates, jurors, and more...

Item #691227

August 30, 1867

NEW YORK TRIBUNE, Aug. 30, 1867  The front page has: "NORTH CAROLINA - COLORED JURORS ALLOWED", "Abortion Case... A Woman Left To Die In The Streets", "The Indian War", "Delaware - A Colored Man Murdered", and more. Also present is a brief account of newly register voters in South Carolina, which includes the mention of blacks.

Page 5 has: "GEORGI... See More  

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McCoole vs. Jones boxing fight announced... Baseball...

Item #570683

August 31, 1867

NEW YORK TIMES, New York, August 31, 1867  The frontpage of this issue contains a small article announcing "The McCool and Jones Prize Fight". "It is understood that the fight between Mike McCool and Aaron Jones for the championship of the United States will take place somewhere in Butler county, Ohio... The fight will commence between 6 and 8 o'clock in the morning." ... See More  

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The Adirondack Mountains...

Item #173124

August 31, 1867

HARPER'S WEEKLY, Aug. 31, 1867 Fullpg. article with 9 illus: 'The Adirondack Mtns.'. 1/3pg. illus: 'Boring for Foundations for the N.Y. & Brooklyn Suspension Bridge'. Great fullpg: 'the Sailors' Snug Harbor, Staten Is., N.Y.' shows 9 scenes. Fullpg: 'Hide & Seek' shows children playing the game.

Complete in sixteen pages.

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