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Phar Lap, Australian racehorse wins...

Item #688405

February 22, 1931

THE NEW YORK TIMES, February 22, 1931

* Phar Lap - Thoroughbred racehorse

* Wins Futurity Stakes (MRC) - Australia

Near the bottom of the front page of the sport's section (at the back) is a two column heading: "Phar Lap Wins Claulfield Stakes in Sydney, Bringing Total Turf Earnings to $250,000" (see)

Eighty + pages, rag edition in very nice condition.

... See More  

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Seabiscuit wins Marchbank Handicap...

Item #648844

April 18, 1937

THE NEW YORK TIMES, April 18, 1937

* Seabiscuit wins Marchbank Handicap

* Thoroughbred racehorse racing

Page 6 of the sport's section (inside) has a one column heading: "SEABISCUIT VICTOR AS 25,000 LOOK ON" with subheads and racing summary. (see) First report coverage on famous racehorse, Seabiscuit, winning the Marchbank Handicap. Always nice to have notable events in history... See More  

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Boat-Racing by sail and motor....

Item #177450

June 22, 1907

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, June 22, 1907  There is a front page illustration, "Sawdust Will Out" by W. A. Rogers. There are photos of "The Momentous Haywood Trial in Idaho"; "Accuser and Accused"; "Richmond's Greatest Confederate Reunion" and "Racing by Sail and by Motor to Bermuda."There also are two illustrations,... See More  

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Tiger Flowers 1st Negro middleweight champ...

Item #681731

February 27, 1926

THE DETROIT NEWS, Nebraska, February 27, 1926

* Tiger Flowers vs. Harry Greb

* 1st African-American middleweight champ

* Boxing - boxers

The sport's section (page 13) features a nice banner headline: "FLOWERS BEATS GREB AND IS FIRST NEGRO 160 POUND CHAMPION" with subheads. (see) First report coverage on Theodore 'Tiger' Flowers becoming the 1st African-American middl... See More  

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Christmas issue....

Item #177681

December 14, 1912

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, Dec. 14, 1912 (with color cover) This issue is a Christmas issue and has a color cover sheet over it. The front page of this issue has an illustration called "A National Calamity."

In this issue there are many short stories and illustrations including "Stories of the Christ-Child" by Charles Johnston; "Treasure Trove" by Madison Cawein ... See More  

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Bill Johnson wins Olympic Gold in alpine skiing...

Item #686958

February 17, 1984

THE NEW YORK TIMES, Feb. 17, 1984

* Bill Johnson wins gold medal at Olympics

* First American male to win in alpine skiing

* Scott Hamilton wins in Men's figure skating

The front page has a one column heading: "Alpine Gold Is First Ever By U.S. Man" with photos. More in the sport's section. Also first report coverage on Scott Hamilton winning gold in Men's figure skat... See More  

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1946 MLB all-star game... Mt. Tom airplane crash...

Item #612413

July 10, 1946

THE NEW YORK TIMES, July 10, 1946 

* MLB all-star game - Ted Williams 

* Fenway Park - Boston Red Sox 

* Mt. Tom MA Massachusetts airplane crash

This 44 page newspaper has a one column headline near the bottom of the front page: "23 Die at Mt. Tom In Airplane Crash" 1st report coverage on the B-17 Flying Fortress crash at Mount Tom, Massachusetts.

Also of in... See More  

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Mendoza & boxing as "a disgrace of society"...

Item #664692

February 02, 1790

THE LONDON CHRONICLE, England, Feb. 2, 1790 

* Daniel Mendoza - The fighting Jew

The back page has: "...Sir Sampson compelled Mr. Mendoza to give bail for his good behavior in future, which he did, himself in a penalty of 200 pounds...Thus the rage for boxing has received a very proper be hoped the magistrates throughout the kingdom will be no less vigilant in their ende... See More  

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Babe Ruth agrees with the Yankees for $160,000...

Item #685630

March 11, 1930

THE NEW YORK TIMES, March 11, 1930

* Babe Ruth signs contract

* New York Yankees

* MLB Baseball

* Best title to be had ?

The sport's section (page 30) has a banner headline: "Ruth Hits First Homer After Signing Contract, but Yanks Lose to Braves, 7-5" with subheads and box scores. (see) First report coverage on Babe Ruth signing one of his final contracts with the New York Y... See More  

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Baseball President... May Day in the Country...

Item #597852

May 16, 1868

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, May 16, 1868  The front page contains a quarter-page illustration of "George Sands, President of the National Base-Ball Association" with an article headed "The Base-Ball President". Also on the front cover is a half-page illustration entitled " 'See-Saw'--An Illustration for the Juveniles" which shows children see-sawing on... See More  

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Death of Frank Chance in 1924

Item #218959

September 16, 1924

THE DETROIT FREE PRESS, September 16, 1924.

* Death of Frank Chance

* Chicago Cubs

This 28 page newspaper has a banner headline on the front page: "FRANK CHANCE, FAMOUS DIAMOND STAR, IS DEAD IN WEST" with subhead: "Suddenly Stricken, Lives Only Half Hour" and more. More headlines and photo in the sport's section. Other news of the day throughout. Usual browning with li
... See More  

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British Railroad....

Item #177470

November 16, 1907

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, November 16, 1907  Contains a front page illustration, "1907", by W. A. Rogers. There are photos of "The Wireless Transatlantic Service in Operation"; "Two Notable Paintings in the Year's Exhibition of the New York Water-Color Club"; "The Newest Sport Royal--King Alfonse Shooting Sea Gulls from His Yacht"... See More  

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1953 Maurice "Rocket" Richard 50th goal...

Item #590457

March 19, 1945

THE NEW YORK TIMES, March 19, 1945

* Maurice 'Rocket' Richard 

* National Hockey League 

* Montreal Canadians 

* Becomes 1st to score 50 goals in season (1st report)

This 32 page newspaper has a very small one column heading in the sport's section on page 15: "Richard gets 50th Goal". 1st report on Maurice 'Rocket' Richard becoming the ve... See More  

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LSU Tigers win 2003 college football title...

Item #673855

January 05, 2004


* LSU - Louisiana State University

* Wins Sugar Bowel vs. Oklahoma

* Wins National Championship

* Nick Saban's first college football title

Near the bottom of the front page is a three column color photo of Nick Saban celebrating his first national championship with his players. Also a heading: "LSU Defeats Oklahoma; USC Beats BCS" (see)

The... See More  

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Jimmie Foxx death...

Item #637798

July 22, 1967

THE SPRINGFIELD UNION, Massachusetts, July 22, 1967

* Jimmie Foxx death 

* Philadelphia Athletics - Boston Red Sox 

This 38 page newspaper has a one column headline on the front page: "Jimmy Foxx Dies at 59; Hit 534 Home Runs" with photo of Foxx. (see)

Tells of the death a famous major league baseball star Jimmie Foxx.

Other news of the day. Good condition.

wi... See More  

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Davey O'Brien... TCU football star...

Item #672854

August 27, 1939

CHICAGO SUNDAY TRIBUNE, section 2 (sports) only, Aug. 27, 1939

* Davey O'Brien to play in All-Star game vs. Giants

* Texas Christian University TCU Horned Frogs

The front page of this section has a nice, colored illustration of Davey O'Brien with heading: "O'Brien Reaches High Point Of Career" Nice for display. Curious that the number on his jersey is "1" whe... See More  

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Fatty Arbuckle death in 1933...

Item #626946

June 30, 1933

THE NEW YORK TIMES, June 30, 1933

* Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle death (1st report)

* Silent film actor, comedian and director

Page 17 has one column headings that include: "FATTY ARBUCKLE DIES IN HIS SLEEP" "Film Comedian, Central Figure in Coast Tragedy in 1921, Long Barred From Screen" "On Eve Of His Comeback" and more with photo. (see) Always nice to h... See More  

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Muhammad Ali's 6th pro fight...

Item #648074

April 21, 1961

THE NEW YORK TIMES, April 21, 1961

* Muhammad Ali - Cassius Clay

* 6th professional boxing match

* Very rare report when still unknown

The sport's section (page 45) under a very small and discrete one column heading: "Wednesday Night Fight" is a brief and inconspicuous report reading: "Cassius Clay, 192, Louisville, knocked out Lamar Clark, 181 1/2, Cedar City, Utah, 2&q... See More  

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Willie Mosconi 1st World billiards title...

Item #636303

April 08, 1941

THE NEW YORK TIMES, April 8, 1941 

* Willie Mosconi's 1st billiards title 

* World Straight Pool Championships

The sport's section (page 34) has small & somewhat discrete one column headings: "MOSCONI CLINCHES TITLE"

"Gains Pocket Billiard Crown by Victory Over Lauri"
First report coverage on Willie Mosconi's very 1st World Straight Pool ... See More  

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Editors Law in 1933 Germany...

Item #688694

October 06, 1933

THE NEW YORK TIMES, October 6, 1933

* Editors law of the Third Reich

* Freedom of press no more in Germany

* Nazi censorship of Jews

* Joseph Goebbels propaganda

* 1933 World Series coverage

The top of the front page has a one column heading: "REICH PRESS LOSES LAST OF ITS RIGHTS; MUST SERVE STATE" and more. (see) Lengthy coverage continues inside. Feels like whats going on tod... See More  

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Red Grange scores vs. Ohio State...

Item #685866

November 25, 1924

THE SPORT'S SECTION ONLY of the The Detroit Free Press, Nov. 25, 1923

* Red Grange "The Galloping Ghost"

* University of Illinois Fighting Illini

* Year of the National Championship

* Ohio State Buckeyes - college football

The front page of the sport's section has a five column heading

"ILLINOIS BEATS OHIO AND STICKS IN TIE AT TOP" with subheads that include:... See More  

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War Admiral wins at Havre de Grace in 1937...

Item #686722

April 14, 1937

THE DETROIT NEWS, April 14, 1937 

* War Admiral - horse racing

* Calvert Purse at Havre de Grace, Maryland

* Pre Triple Crown Kentucky Derby win

The top of page 34 has a banner heading: "War Admiral Looms as Derby Threat After Impressive Victory" with subheads. (see)

Complete with 60 pages, rag edition in nice condition.... See More  

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Doug Ford wins 1957 Masters golf tournament

Item #650854

April 08, 1957

THE NEW YORK TIMES, April 8, 1957

* Doug Ford wins Masters Tournament

* Augusta National Golf Club - Georgia

The sport's section (page 27) has a banner headline: "Ford Takes Masters Golf With 66 for 183, Beating Snead by Three Strokes" with subheads, 2 related photos and scores. First report coverage on Doug Ford winning the 1957 Masters Golf Tournament in Augusta, Georgia. Al... See More  

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Item #215110

December 16, 1939

LIBERTY magazine, New York, December 16, 1939.


* Sailor, parrot and young lady Cover

* Charles Lindberg article

* Boxing stories

* Fibber McGee and Molly

* Colored Ads

The color cover of this issue has a very nice print of a sailor and young lady with a very noisy parrot (see photos). There is no related article on this inside.

The issue contains

... See More  

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Jesse Owens races horse photo...

Item #687628

December 29, 1936

THE NEW YORK TIMES, December 29, 1936

* Jesse Owens vs. a horse photo

* Olympic star sprinter

The sport's section (page 27) has a three column photo with heading: "Jesse Owens And Horse He Beat With Aid Of Handicap" with brief text. (see)

Other news, sports and advertisements of the day. Complete with all 42 pages, light toning and a little wear at the margins, generally goo... See More  

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Joe Louis becomes boxing Champion...

Item #594765

June 23, 1937

THE BETHLEHEM GLOBE-TIMES, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, June 23, 1937


* Joe Louis wins World Boxing Heavyweight title
* James Braddock in defeat

This 22 page newspaper has a four column headline on the front page of the sport's section (page 13): "Joe Louis Becomes New Heavyweight Champion" with subheads and photo. This was Joe Louis' 1st time as cham
... See More  

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Nice football print...

Item #175652

October 31, 1891

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, Oct. 31, 1891 Full front page: 'At the Statue of Joan of Arc, Fairmount Park Drive, Phila.'. Displayable early football print: 'Out of the Game' shows an injured player in the foreground, plus game action in the background.

Most of a pg. has 3 illus. of: 'High Buildings in Chicago'. Half page: 'New Hotel Chamberlin at Old Point Comfort, V... See More  

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Game of the Century... Norte Dame vs. Ohio Buckeyes...

Item #580995

November 03, 1935

THE OMAHA BEE NEWS, Omaha, Nebraska, November 3, 1935


* Ohio State vs. Notre Dame

* Famous comeback win

This 36 page newspaper has a nice four column headline on the front page of the sport's section (inside): "Fighting Irish Blast Buckeye Lead in Final Period, 18-13" with subheads, stats, lineup and tow large photos of Wayne Millner and Andy Pilney.

... See More  

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Item #177471

November 23, 1907

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, November 23, 1907   There is a front page illustration, "Penance" by W. A. Rogers. There are illustrations of "The Younger Generation" by Charles H. Wright and a double page illustration of "The Emotions--Resignation" by James Montgomery Flagg; and "Motoropolis" by Hamilton Williams. There are photos of... See More  

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Leon Spinks defeats Ali in 1978...

Item #679528

February 17, 1978

THE NEW YORK TIMES, Feb. 17, 1978

* Leon Spinks pulls off big upset

* Muhammad Ali - Cassius Clay

* Heavyweight boxing title fight

Page 21 has various reporting on the big upset in boxing history with headings that include: "Ali Couldn't Con Two Judges" "Spinks Mapping A Busy Schedule" and more with related photo. (see)

Complete with 52 pages, address label on the ... See More  

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Ron Blomberg... 1st MLB designated hitter...

Item #596569

April 07, 1973

THE NEW YORK TIMES, April 7, 1973 

* Ron Blomberg becomes 1st 'DH' 

* New York Yankees 

* MLB baseball

The front page has a two column action photo of Ron Blomberg with text that includes: "A First In Boston: Ron Blomberg of the Yankees at bat as the first Designated hitter..."

In the sport's section (page 23) has one column headings that include... See More  

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Edward Ward Carmack....

Item #177451

June 29, 1907

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, June 29, 1907   There is a front page photo, "A Democratic Presidential Possibility--Edward Ward Carmack--Ex-Senator From Tennessee." There are photos of "Richard Croker, Derby Winner." There also are two illustrations, one of "In Camp With the Seventh New York" by Gordon Grant, and the other by James Montgomery Flagg... See More  

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1915 Federal League lawsuit begins...

Item #681503

January 20, 1915

EVENING TRIBUNE, San Diego, Jan. 20, 1915

* Federal League antitrust lawsuit (begins)

* vs. American & National Leagues

* Organized MLB baseball

The front page has a banner heading: "ORGANIZED BASEBALL IS FIGHTING IN COURT FOR ITS EXISTENCE" with subhead. (see) Surprisingly this issue is in good condition being from the "wood pulp" era. Very hard to find issues th... See More  

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Jack Sharkey Defeats Max Schmeling... Nikola Tesla....

Item #626030

June 22, 1932

THE NEW YORK TIMES, June 22, 1932

* Jack Sharkey vs. Max Schmeling

* Heavyweight boxing championship fight

* Nikola Tesla - father of radio

The front page has none column headings that include: "70,000 SEE SHARKEY OUTPOINT SCHMELING TO WIN WORLD TITLE", "Boston Heavyweight Triumphs Over German in 15 Rounds in New Bowl", "OFFICIALS VOTE 2 TO 1" and more (see) ... See More  

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1926 Miami, Florida hurricane...

Item #659512

September 20, 1926

THE NEW YORK TIMES, September 20, 1926

* Miami, Florida hurricane disaster 

The front page has a nice banner headline: "1,000 DEAD IN FLORIDA STORM, 3,000 HURT; MIAMI WORST HIT; 60-MILE SWATH OF DESTRUCTION LEAVES 38,000 HOMELESS; SCORES OF TOWNS ARE RAZED OR FLOODED; SHIPPING WRECKED" with subheads, related map and partial list of the dead. Nice for display. Much
... See More  

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Sandy Koufax's World Series strike out record game...

Item #674449

October 03, 1963


* Sandy Koufax's strike-out record game

* Los Angeles Dodgers vs. New York Yankees

* World Series of baseball - game 1 at Yankee Stadium

The bottom of the front page has a photo showing Sandy Koufax in action with small heading: "Koufax Sets A Series Record" Also a three column heading also on the front page reads: "Mantle... See More  

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Item #622215

February 23, 1944

THE NEW YORK TIMES, February 23, 1944

* Kasturba Gandhi death

* Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi wife

* The Mahatma

This 32 page newspaper has one column headlines on page 19: "MRS. GANDHI DEAD; WIFE OF MAHATMA" "Succumbs to Heart Ailment at Poona, Where She and Husband Were Held in Detention" and more with one column photo of Mrs. Gandhi. (see)

Other news, sport and adverti... See More  

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Item #177457

August 10, 1907

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, August 10, 1907  There is a front page illustration, "Not Yet--But Soon" by W. A. Rogers. There are illustrations of "The Catch of the Season" by Alden Dawson, "The American Suffragettes" by James Montgomery Flagg and "There Are Just as Good Fish...." by R. G. Vosburgh; photos of "Privileges of the... See More  

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Washington crew wins Olympic gold in 1936....

Item #683098

August 15, 1936

THE COMMERCIAL APPEAL, Memphis, August 15, 1936

* University of Washington Huskies

* Wins Olympic gold in rowing

* Famous upset vs. Nazi Germany

The top of page 10 has a two column heading: "Washington Crew Wins" with subheads. (see) First report coverage on the University of Washington Huskies crew winning the gold medal vs. Nazi Germany in the 1936 Summer Olympics in rowing.

C... See More  

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1931 World Series of Baseball...

Item #688282

October 09, 1931

FITCHBURG SENTINEL, Extra, Massachusetts, October 9, 1931

* Philadelphia Athletics vs. St. Louis Cardinals

* World Series of baseball (game 6)

* Early, same day coverage

The front page has a nice banner headline proclaiming: "ATHLETICS TIE WORLD SERIES" with subheads, box scores and inning by inning description. Nice to have all related coverage on the front page and great for di... See More  

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Boston College wins Lambert Trophy....

Item #617733

December 12, 1940

THE NEW YORK TIMES, December 12, 1940

* Boston College Eagles football

* Lambert-Meadowlands Trophy

* Northeast Division 1 best

The sport's section (page 40) has one column headings: "TROPHY PRESENTED TO BOSTON COLLEGE" "Very Rev. W.J. Murphy Accepts Lambert Award on Behalf of Unbeaten Eleven" and more with photo. (see) First report coverage on the Boston College E... See More  

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1925 Red Grange... professional football...

Item #668204

December 08, 1925

THE NEW YORK TIMES, December 8, 1925

* Red Grange - Chicago Bears

* Polo Grounds - professional football

The front page has a one column heading: "GRANGE'S TWO DAYS HERE YIELD $370,000" with subheads.

Other news, sports and advertisements of the day. Complete with all 52 pages, light toning at the margins, a little irregular along the spine, generally nice.... See More  

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Walter Johnson death...

Item #571136

December 11, 1946

THE NEW YORK TIMES, New York, December 11, 1946 

* Walter Johnson death 

* Washington Senators 

This 64 page newspaper has one column headlines on page 31 that include: "WALTER JOHNSON DIES IN CAPITAL, 59" "Pitching Star for Washington Senators 21 Years Held Many Baseball Records" and more with photo of Johnson. Nice to have in this famous NYC title.

... See More  

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Assualt wins Triple Crown... 1946 horse racing...

Item #658235

June 02, 1946


* Thoroughbred racehorse 

* Assault wins Belmont Stakes 

* Triple Crown champion

The front page of section 2 (sports) has a seven column headline: "Assault Wins Belmont Stakes For Triple Crown" with subheads. (see) First report coverage on Assault winning the triple crown in horse racing. Always nice to have notable even... See More  

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1913 World Series... Christy Mathewson....

Item #633888

October 11, 1913

SPRINGFIELD REPUBLICAN, Massachusetts, October 11, 1913

* World Series of baseball  (game 4)

* New York Giants vs. Philadelphia Athletics

* Chief Bender wins 2nd game of series

The top of the front page has one column headings that include: "BENDER WINS AGAIN" "Macks Increase Lead" "Giants Fight Vigorously" and more with box scores and photo. (see) Covera... See More  

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Horton Smith wins 1936 Masters golf tournament

Item #650801

April 07, 1936

THE NEW YORK TIMES, April 7, 1936

* Horton Smith wins Masters Tournament

* Augusta National Golf Club - Georgia

The sport's section (page 32) has a banner headline: "Great Stretch Drive Gives Horton Smith First Prize in Masters' Tourney" with subheads, photo and scores. First report coverage on Horton Smith winning the 1936 Masters Golf Tournament in Augusta, Georgia. Alwa... See More  

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1943 Tom Harmon found... WWII airman....

Item #686095

December 03, 1943

THE DETROIT FREE PRESS, December 3, 1943

* Tom Harmon found alive during World War II

* Michigan Wolverines Heisman trophy winner

* NCAA college football star

Page 9 has an article headed: "Pals Saved Harmon" with subhead. (see) First report coverage on Michigan Wolverines football star, Tom Harmon, found in Japanese infested China.

Complete with 28 pages, light toning and a lit... See More  

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Jesse Owens as Ohio State track star...

Item #670256

June 02, 1935

THE NEW YORK TIMES, sport's section only, June 2, 1935

* Jesse Owens on the World stage

* Ohio State Buckeyes track star

* Leading candidate for Berlin Olympics

Page 2 of the section has a two column heading: "Owens's record-Breaking Feats Presage Brilliant Olympic Mark" with subhead and photo of Owens crossing the finish line. (see) This was just a week after his famous ... See More  

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Al Capone in Jail for 1 Year In 1929...

Item #686475

May 29, 1929


* Al 'Scarface' Capone - Chicago Beer baron 

* 1 Year Jail term - Avoids murder for hire 

* Holmesburg Prison, Philadelphia, Pennsyvania

The top of page 3 has a small one column heading: "Al Capone Says His Jail Isn't So Bad, And Neither Is He" (see) Probably only found is a Chicago publication. Capone entered the j... See More  

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Joe Louis joins the service...

Item #689220

January 13, 1942


* Joe Louis joins U.S. Army

* Heavyweight Boxing Champion

The front page of the sport's section (page 13) has a 4 photo pictorial headed: "Army Puts O. K. On Our Best Bomber" Page 14 has a four column heading: "MARCH BOUT FOR SOLDIER LOUIS" (see)

Complete with 18 pages, light toning and minor wear at the margins, s... See More  

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