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Joe Louis becomes boxing Champion...

Item #594765

June 23, 1937

THE BETHLEHEM GLOBE-TIMES, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, June 23, 1937


* Joe Louis wins World Boxing Heavyweight title
* James Braddock in defeat

This 22 page newspaper has a four column headline on the front page of the sport's section (page 13): "Joe Louis Becomes New Heavyweight Champion" with subheads and photo. This was Joe Louis' 1st time as cham
... See More  

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Greatest baseball series ever played...

Item #177371

November 02, 1912

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, November 2, 1912  The front page has: "The War in the Near East." Also present is the article: "The Greatest Baseball Series Ever Played," by Edward Bayard Moss, with a related photo. The double page illustration is called "Our Mrs. Partingtons and the Democratic Ocean,"  by C. J. Budd. Towards the back is "THE FINISHING T... See More  

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1st game at Kinnick Stadium.... Iowa Hawkeyes...

Item #671448

October 06, 1929

THE NEW YORK TIMES, October 6, 1929

* Kinnick Stadium debut (Nile Kinnick)

* Iowa Hawkeyes NCAA college football

The sport's section of this issue is loaded with college football reports from the previous day. Page 4 of this section has small and somewhat discrete headings at the bottom of the page that read: "Iowa On Top, 46-0" and "Has Easy Time With Monmouth as New Sta... See More  

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USC Trojans win the 1932 Rose Bowl & are 1931 champions...

Item #681227

January 02, 1932


* Rose Bowl: USC Trojans vs. Tulane Green Wave

* Become NCAA national college football champions

The front page of section 2 (sports) has a great banner headline: "U. S. C. BEATS TULANE FOR NATIONAL TITLE" with subheads, lineup and related photo. Nice for display. Always nice to have notable events in history reported in this World famous pu... See More  

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Slaves delivered to America... Return of slaves from the "Echo" slave ship...

Item #683749

December 12, 1858

NEW YORK HERALD, Dec. 12, 1858  Page 4 has a brief, yet historic report with a small heading: "The Yacht Wanderer" with a Savannah dateline. This is an infamous ship, as the Wanderer's notoriety is that it (illegally) delivered the next-to last load of African slaves to America. It notes in part: "...succeeded in evading the vigilance of the cruisers & landed a cargo of... See More  

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Philadelphia Win World's Championship...

Item #205515

October 15, 1929

THE TOPEKA DAILY CAPTIAL, October 15, 1929, from Topeka, Kansas. Column headline "Macks' Bats Sound Taps For Bruins" with subhead "Staging a Sensational Ninth Inning Rally, Philadelphia Athletics Win World's Championship, Defeating Cubs 3 to 2 - Snatch Victory From Defeat" along with an article "How a President Acts At World Series Game" with subhead "Altho Showing No Partiality, Hoover's Eye... See More  

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Yachting... Tennis...

Item #177214

August 08, 1903

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, August 8, 1903 Frontpage illustration of The Statue of Liberty; Photos This Week's International Tennis Matches; The "Kanawha" Wins the International Cup for Steam-Yachts; illustration "Transforming the Metropolitan Opera House, New York" by Vernon Howe Bailey; "A Hundred-Foot Dive in Army Practice"; Doublepage illustration... See More  

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Item #177070

August 18, 1900

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, Aug. 18, 1900  Crisis in China; The Paris Exposition; doublepage centerfold "The Race-Track At Manila"; The New Croton Dam; The Leper Settlement of the Hawaiian Islands; The New York Yacht Club's Annua Cruise; and other news of the day. See photos for full details.

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Arthur Brisbane... Yachting... Polo...

Item #177160

August 09, 1902

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, August 9, 1902 Frontpage photo Americans of To-Morrow, Arthur Brisbane; fullpage photos The President at Seagirt; fullpage photos The Great Event of the American Yachtsman's Season; fullpage photo Mrs. Robert J. Collier; fullpage illustration "The New Ships of Our Navy"; fullpage photos The International Lawn-Tennis Championship; fullpage illustrat... See More  

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Item #177830

April 08, 1916

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York City, New York, April 8, 1916 (no color cover)

In this issue, there are several articles including "A Reply to Mr. Wilson" by Lincoln Steffens; "Rumania's Man of Power" by Gerald Morgan; "The Humanness of Advertising" by Milton Goodman; "Trails of the Little Neutrals" which includes several photos; "Huerta and the Tw... See More  

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New York Yankees 1937 World Series....

Item #223177

October 08, 1937

THE NEW YORK TIMES, New York City, New York, October 8, 1937  


* New York Yankees verses New York Giants...  

* World Series...  

This 48 page newspaper has a three line, one column headline on the front page: "YANKS ROUT GIANTS, LEAD, 2-0, IN SERIES; RUFFING VICTOR, 8-1" with subheads that include: "58,000 See Right-Hander Hurl Masterfully and D
... See More  

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1925 Christy Mathewson death...

Item #578254

October 08, 1925

CHRONICLE AND NEWS, Allentown, Pennsylvania,October 8, 1925

* Christy Mathewson death - New York Giants (1st report)

* Pittsburgh Pirates vs. Washington Senators

* World Series Game 2 (pre game)

This 28 page newspaper has one column headlines on page 10: "MATHEWSON DIED LATE LAST NIGHT", "Men of Game 'Big Six' Loved and Played So Well Mourn His Passing", with ph... See More  

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Hayes-Wheeler ticket... Wyoming Seminary (SEM) advertisement...

Item #629532

November 06, 1876

THE MORNING REPUBLICAN, Scranton, Pennsylvania, November 6, 1876 

* The Hayes-Wheeler ticket

* Wounded vets to not receive promised compensation

* Illustrated Wyoming Seminary advertisement from the Levi Sprague era

This interesting report on the front page regarding wounded soldiers not receiving their promised compensation, multiple reports on the election 1876 throughout, a printin... See More  

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Thomas Nast print...

Item #174620

December 10, 1881

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, December 10, 1881  Front page print by Thomas Nast: "From Grave to Gay". One-third pg print: "Guiteau on the Witness Stand" 1/4 pg: "Electric Tower, San Jose, Calif." Nice fullpg: "Lawn Tennis at the 7th Regiment Armory", being played inside. Ask about supplement.

Other news and advertisements of the day are included. Com... See More  

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Charles Dickens... Race Horse Cresceus...

Item #177181

March 15, 1902

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, March 15, 1902 Frontpage photo Mrs. Cornelius Vanderbilt; several pages of photos of Prince Henry's American Tour; full page photo Memorial Services for President McKinley; Cresceus's Wonderful Campaign; The Tammany Man; fullpage illustration "American Editors. XII.-Charles Emory Smith" by W.A. Rogers; fullpage photo The Railroad Nearest the No... See More  

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Ice Yachting... Mark Twain Anecdote...

Item #177290

February 04, 1905

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, February 4, 1905  Front page illustration "The Upheaval" by W. A. Rogers; Ice-Yachting and Skate-Sailing on the Shrewsbury River, in New Jersey; Match Games of "Curling" in and Around New York; The Automobile Show at the Madison Square Garden, New York; Plans for the New Terminal Station of the New York Central Railroad at Forty-Second Stree... See More  

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Item #177217

August 29, 1903

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, August 29, 1903 Frontpage illustration of The Statue of Liberty; Photo, The Great Naval Parade Off Oyster Bay; The Intercollegiate Golf Matches; "Championship Diving at Highgate, England"; River-Diving in Maine---Down Stream on the Trunk of a Tree; Sculpture at the World's Fair--Mr. Bela L. Pratt's "Light and Darkness"; Doub... See More  

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Bicycling in Virginia...

Item #176196

January 16, 1897

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, January 16, 1897  Full front page illus. of "Snow-Bucking on the Northern Pacific Railroad." Inside is a 1/2 pg. illus. of "Fog-Bound on the East River." Full pg. of illus. of "The New Water Supply for Boston and Its Adjacent Cities and Towns."

Full pg. of illus. of "The Wool-Growing Industry of Australia." Full pg. illus... See More  

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A hold-up by masked men...

Item #175008

August 29, 1885

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, August 29, 1885  Nice full ftpg: 'The Jam at the Entrance to the Brooklyn Bridge'. Two half page prints on: "Defending the 'America's' Cup--The American Representative Yachts". The doublepage centerfold is an very dramatic & extremely displayable print of a stagecoach hold-up: 'Hands Up!--An Incident of Travel on the Plains&... See More  

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White Sox win 2005 World Series...

Item #660934

October 27, 2005

USA TODAY, Washington, D.C., October 27, 2005

* The Chicago White Sox Sweep World Series

Front page heading has, "Sox sweep into history", which tells of the White Sox winning the World Series.

Complete issue, in very nice condition. See images for details.

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"To Put Up a Pheasant in the Woods is a Bright, Exhilarating Episode" by Frost...

Item #177093

April 20, 1901

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, April 20, 1901  Frontpage illustration "An Okahoma Home-Seeker"; the Unveiling of the Statue of General John A. Logan; fullpage "To Put Up a Pheasant in the Woods is a Bright, Exhilarating Episode" by Frost; doublepage centerfold "Opening Reception of the Twenty-Third Annual Exhibition of the Society of  American Artists" by&nb... See More  

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Joe Louis...

Item #211935

June 24, 1939

LIBERTY magazine, New York, June 24, 1939. This is the complete issue of this popular title with a nice color cover showing a young lady trying her luck at baking but the cookbook has fallen into the batter (see photo). The back cover features a color ad of Lucky Strike cigarettes. A story entitled "I Will Mash Joe Louis" by Tony Galento with photos. Very nice condition, a bit of loss at ... See More  

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President Wilson's Inauguration...

Item #177173

November 08, 1902

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, November 8, 1902  Frontpage photo Americans of To-Morrow, Michael I. Pupin; President Wilson's Inauguration; William M. Chase's Recent Work; The New Yale Square with photos; fullpage illustration "The Development of the Upper New York" by Pettit; fullpage illustration "The Men Who Long for the Fray, But Must Always Wait" by Giles... See More  

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John Dillinger letter to his father...

Item #659607

June 29, 1934

THE NEW YORK TIMES, June 29, 1934

* Gangster John Dillinger

* On the run in Chicago ?

* Letter to his father

The back page has one column headings that include: "DILLINGER IS ALIVE HIS FATHER ASSERTS" "Farmer Shows Letter From Bandit, Dated 3 Weeks Ago, Saying He Is 'All Right'" "Ridicules Death Stories"  and more (see images) The text includ... See More  

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Whirlaway wins the Preakness in 1941...

Item #583623

May 11, 1941

THE SPRINGFIELD UNION, Massachusetts, May 11, 1941 

* Whirlaway - horse racing 

* Preakness Stakes win (2nd of 3 wins) 

* Triple crown winner

This 40+ page newspaper has two column headlines on page 4 of the sport's section (inside): "Whirlaway Captures Preakness With Ease" and more (see photos). This was the 2nd of 3 historic wins for the famed horse for... See More  

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"Trout-Fishing in the North Woods" by Frost...

Item #177104

July 06, 1901

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, July 6, 1901 The Sad Story of Philadelphia; The Disaster in West Virginia;  doublepage centerfold "Trout-Fishing in the North Woods" by Frost; The Woman's National Tennis Championship at Philadelphia; and other news of the day. See photos for full details.

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Views of Leadvville, Colorado...

Item #174360

June 21, 1879

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, June 21, 1879  Front full pg. Nast illus. of "The Old National Spirit is Gone (For the President)." Inside is a full pg. illus. of "The New Iron Pier at Long Branch, Now in Process of Construction." Three large illus. pertaining to "Leadville" including "View in Chestnut Street," "Interior of Shaft House," and &q... See More  

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Ken Norton defeates Muhammad Ali....

Item #612106

April 01, 1973

SPRINGFIELD SUNDAY REPUBLICAN, Massachusetts, April 1, 1973

* Ken Norton vs. Muhammad Ali

* Heavyweight boxing title fight

The front page of the sport's section (inside) has a four column headline: "Unknown Norton Beats Ali" with action photo. (see) 1st report coverage on Ken Norton winning a split decision over Muhammad Ali to win the NABF heavyweight title.

Other news, spor... See More  

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Seabiscuit wins Scarsdale Handicap....

Item #649882

October 25, 1936

THE NEW YORK TIMES, sport's section only, October 25, 1936

* Seabiscuit wins Scarsdale Handicap

* Empire City (Yonkers Raceway)

* Thoroughbred racehorse racing

The front page of this section has a one column heading: "SEABISCUIT FIRST BY NOSE AT EMPIRE" with subhead. Article continues inside with a photo of the finish. (see) First report coverage on famous racehorse, Seabiscu... See More  

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Babe Ruth Ends Career w/ Yankees in 1934....

Item #581380

October 01, 1934

THE NEW YORK TIMES, October 1, 1934.

* Babe Ruth ends career with New York Yankees

* Negro baseball league - early Satchel Paige

This 36 newspaper has two column headline on page 22:

* Ruth Makes Last Bow as Regular as Senators Top Yankees, 5-3

* Crowd of 15,000 in Washington Honors Baseball's Idol as He Ends 21 Glamorous Years on the Diamond--Gehrig Hits 49th Homer
... See More  

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Edison's invention... University of Nebraska...

Item #175902

March 24, 1894

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, March 24, 1894 Fullpg. with 9 scenes of: 'The House of Refuge, Randall's Island, N.Y.' Fullpg: 'A Reception at the White House'. Great halfpg: 'Edison Kinetoscopic Record of a Sneeze' showing 81 frames. Fullpg. with 4 scenes of: 'The University of Nebraska'.

Complete issue.... See More  

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Philadelphia Athletics baseball champions...

Item #654647

October 08, 1930

THE DAY, New London, Connecticut, October 8, 1930 

* Philadelphia Athletics baseball champions

* St. Louis Cardinals

* World Series final game

This 18 page newspaper has a four column headline on the front page: "Athletics Win World Series Taking Fourth Victory Over Cardinals, 7-1; Simmons and Dykes Belt Homers," with subhead and inning by inning recap also on the front page... See More  

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Item #160328

July 07, 1928

MID-WEEK PICTORIAL, July 7, 1928 Full ftpg. photo is a nice portrait of Al Smith, Gov. of NY and the Democratic Candidate for President. An inside pg. has nearly a fullpg. photo of Bobby Jones and Johnny Farrell, who had just defeated Jones for the National Golf Open. A bit of wear at the top, some foxing in the margins on the ftpg., otherwise very good.

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Knute Rockne's last collegiate game.....

Item #604339

December 06, 1930

THE NEW YORK TIMES, December 6, 1930

* Notre Dame Fighting Irish vs. USC Southern California Trojans

Last official collegiate game coached by Knute Rockne before death (DAY OF)

* ND to repeat as National Champions after this game

The sport's section (page 22) has one column headlines that include: "NOTRE DAME FACES S. CALIFORNIA TODAY", "South Bend Eleven and Trojans ... See More  

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Polo... Rowing...

Item #177153

May 10, 1902

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, May 10, 1902 Frontpage illustration "A Run Along the Boards"; fullpage photo Spring Sports of the Millionaire; The Ocean Trip of the Submarine Boat "Fulton" with photos;  fullpage photo The Secretary of War; fullpage illustration "A 'Quiet' Hour After Dinner" by Pitney; Cactus-Hunting in the Sonoran Desert; fullpage ill... See More  

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Babe Ruth's farewell to Fenway Park...

Item #672454

August 13, 1934

THE NEW YORK TIMES, August 13, 1934

* Babe Ruth - New York Yankees

* Final game played at Fenway Park

* MLB - Major League Baseball

The sport's section (page 17) has a banner headline: "Ruth Gets Rousing Ovation in Farewell Boston Appearance as Yanks Divide" with subheads and box scores. This was Babe Ruth's final game played at the famous  baseball stadium. Always n... See More  

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Armstrong - Ambers Boxing...

Item #211157

December 02, 1939

LIBERTY magazine, New York, December 2, 1939. This is the complete issue of this popular title with a nice color cover showing two football players in a tackle play  (see photo). The back page has a nice color ad for Camel cigarettes. Also has an boxing article "How I Will Take Another Title From (Henry) Armstrong" by Lou Ambers  Very nice condition, and measuring about 8 1/4 by... See More  

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Sugar Ray Robinson vs. Jimmy Doyle...

Item #615716

June 25, 1947

THE DETROIT FREE PRESS, Detroit, Michigan, June 25, 1947

* Sugar Ray Robinson vs. Jimmy Doyle

* Death in the boxing ring

This 28 page newspaper has a seven column headline on page 18: "Sugar's 8th-Round KO Punch Sends Doyle to Hospital" with subheads that include: "Challenger in Critical Condition" and more.

Other news of the day throughout. Light browning with m... See More  

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Buffalo hunting in the Wild West...

Item #174896

August 02, 1884

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, August 2, 1884  The full ftpg. is a Thomas Nast political cartoon: "The Key-Note of the Great Presidential Trial". Inside has a fullpg: "At the Mouth of the Columbia River" which includes a view of Astoria, Oregon. There is a terrific fullpg. print: "Buffalo Hunting" which shows 9 scenes. Also a full page: "The Rescue of the Su... See More  

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Joe DiMaggio photo....

Item #672782

March 22, 1936

THE NEW YORK TIMES, sport's section only, March 22, 1936

* Rare spring training photo in St. Petersburg, Florida

* Joe DiMaggio - New York Yankees - MLB baseball

* 1st year (rookie) before major league debut in May

The top of the front page of this section has a four column photo showing Joe DiMaggio batting at Spring training in St. Petersburg, Florida. This was very early in his care... See More  

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Item #177309

June 17, 1905

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, June 17, 1905 Front page illustration "A Good Example" by W. A. Rogers; Snap-Shots of the Present Champion and Three Prominent Players of the Metropolitan Golf Association; A German Sense of Humor; and other advertisements of the day. See photos for full details. ... See More  

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Autobiling... Bohemian Club of San Francisco... Motor-Boat Racing...

Item #177316

August 05, 1905

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, August 5, 1905 Front page illustration "Putting a Cutting Edge on it" by W. A. Rogers; The Automobile Tour and Record-Breaking Climb up Mount Washington for the Glidden Trophy; Secretary Taft and His Philippines Party, Guests of the Bohemian Club of San Francisco; Types of Sea-Going Craft Completing in the First Long-Distance Race of Motor-Boats; ... See More  

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Baseball in 1908....

Item #177494

May 02, 1908

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, May 2, 1908  There is a front pg. illustration, "A Hard Proposition" by W. A.. Rogers - Negro Vote - Labor Vote. In this issue, there is an article with photos of "The Scourge of the Yaquis" by Marc M. Reynolds; photos of "As New York Grows Upward"; "Baseball In 1908" by E. B. Moss"; "Opening New York's Baseb... See More  

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"Mud-Hen Shooting" by Frost...

Item #177119

October 19, 1901

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, October 19, 1901 Fullpage "Old and New - The Two Bridges Connecting New York and Brooklyn"; Munich's New Theatre; doublepage centerfold "Mud-Hen Shooting" by Frost; Football - The Season of 1901; fullpage "Pictorial Notes of Current News"; and other news of the day. See photos for full details.

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"Ruffed-Grouse Shooting" by Frost...

Item #177123

November 16, 1901

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, November 16, 1901 The Rehabilitation of New York; Election Night in New York; fullpage photos "A New Implement of Warfare - The Pneumatic Aerial Torpedo"; Li Hung-Chang; fullpage illustration "View of Upper Manhattan from Top Story of the Highest Apartment House in the World"; fullpage photos "Transportation Methods in China"; doubl... See More  

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Golfing with Francis Wilson...

Item #177112

August 31, 1901

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, August 31, 1901 Constantinople;  The New Regime at Saratoga; Labor Troubles in Maritime business at San Francisco; fullpages "Out for a Pleasure Trip!" by Wright; On the Links with Francis Wilson; doublepage centerfold photos Play-day on the Prairie - How the Farmers Enjoy Themselves"; and other news of the day. See photos for full details.

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Celebrating the Declaration of Independence...

Item #176244

July 03, 1897

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, July 3, 1897  Full front page  illus. of "Jefferson Reading the Rough Draft of the Declaration of Independence to Franklin."

Inside is a 1/2 pg. illus. of "Meeting of the Eighteenth National Saengerfest, At Philadelphia, June 21-26." Full pg. illus. of  "The Reunion of Confederate Veterans at the Tennessee Centennial and Inter... See More  

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Rutherford B. Hayes is inaugurated... Republican elephant...

Item #174124

March 24, 1877

HARPER'S WEEKLY, Mar. 24, 1877 Full ftpg. shows: 'Our New President Taking the Oath'. Great dblpgctrfld: 'Our New President--General View of the Inauguration Ceremonies' at the Capitol. Two other halfpg. scenes. re. the inauguration. Nice fullpg. Nast cartoon: 'Another Such Victory & I am Undone' shows a wounded Republican elephant in bandages. Fullpg: 'Pres. Gr... See More  

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Joe DiMaggio in cigarette advertisement...

Item #626012

October 01, 1941

THE NEW YORK TIMES, October 1, 1941

* Joe DiMaggio in fullpage cigarette advertisement

* New York Yankees vs. Brooklyn Dodgers

* World Series of baseball

The back page has a great full page advertisement with Joe DiMaggio promoting Camel cigarettes. One photo shows DiMaggio actually smoking a cigarette with caption: "You Bet I Smoke Camels. Along With All That Swell Flavor, Camels Ar... See More  

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Red Sox win 2004 World Series...

Item #660935

October 28, 2004

SAVANNAH MORNING NEWS, Georgia, October 28, 2004

* Red Sox break the curse - win World Series

Front page heading has, "FROM CURSED TO FIRST!", which tells of the Red Sox beating the Cardinals to win the World Series.

Includes sections A, B, and D, in very nice condition. See images for details.

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