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1943 Tom Harmon found... WWII airman....

Item #644766

December 03, 1943

THE NEW YORK TIMES, December 3, 1943

* Tom Harmon found alive during World War II

* Michigan Wolverines Heisman trophy winner

* NCAA college football star

Page 9 has an article headed: "Chinese Guerrillas Saved Lieut. Harmon" "Flier Smuggled Through Enemy Lines by Underground" (see) First report coverage on Michigan Wolverines football star, Tom Harmon, found in Japanes... See More  

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The last delivery of slaves to America...

Item #666117

December 12, 1858

NEW YORK HERALD, December 12, 1858 

* The Wanderer (slave ship) lands in Georgia

Page 5 has a brief, discrete but historic report with small heading: "The Yacht Wanderer" with a Savannah dateline. This is an infamous ship, as the Wanderer's notoriety is that it delivered the last load of African slaves to America. See images for reporting here.

Other news of the day with... See More  

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Great horseracing centerfold..

Item #600166

October 06, 1860

LESLIE'S ILLUSTRATED NEWSPAPER, New York, Oct. 6, 1860  The prime print would be the very nice doublepage centerfold which has 14 horse racing-themed prints, the feature print titled: "Planet Passing the Judge's Stand" showing the horse's gait before the invention of photography and they realized how horse galloped (see). There are 8 other horse around the perimeter, wit... See More  

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Golfer Bobby Jones Loses In 1929...

Item #625667

September 05, 1929

THE NEW YORK TIMES, September 5, 1929.

* Golfer Bobby Jones beaten (notable upset)

* Johnny Goodman of Omaha, Nebraska

* United States Amateur Championship (1st round)

The top of the front page has a one column heading: "BOBBY JONES LOSES TO YOUNG NEBRASKAN IN BIG GOLF UPSET" with subheads. (see) More in the sport's section with banner headline: "Jones Loses to Goodman i... See More  

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Marvin Griffin and the 1956 Sugar Bowl controversy...

Item #659527

December 03, 1955

THE SPRINGFIELD UNION, Mass., Dec. 3, 1955

* Georgia Governor Marvin Griffin

* Southern Armageddon at Sugar Bowl ?

* Bobby Grier - 1st African American ?

The sport's section (page 33) has a two column heading: "Governor's Bowl Stand Is Opposed by Regents" with subhead and related pictorial. (see)

Complete with all 40 pages, light toning and minor wear at the margins, gen... See More  

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Whirlaway wins Belmont & triple crown...

Item #652212

June 08, 1941

THE TIMES-PICAYUNE, New Orleans, June 8, 1941

* Whirlaway - horse racing

* Belmont Stakes win (last of 3 wins)

* Triple crown winner

The front page of the sport's section (inside) has a six column heading: "'Whirly' Wins at Belmont, Completes 'Triple'" with subheads. (see) This was the 3rd of 3 historic wins for the famed horse for the triple crown.

Complete ... See More  

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Hack Wilson sets home run record...

Item #654644

August 27, 1930

THE OMAHA BEE-NEWS, Nebraska, August 27, 1930

* Hack Wilson gets home run record (44th)

* Chicago Cubs

This 22 page newspaper has a nice six column headline on the front page of the sport's section (inside): "WILSON SHATTERS RECORD" with subheads (see photos).

Summary of the game and the box score, plus a small photo of Lewis "Hack" Wilson.

Wilson would ultimat... See More  

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Boston Bruins win 1929 Stanley cup...

Item #647930

March 30, 1929

THE NEW YORK TIMES, March 30, 1929

* Boston Bruins - NHL Hockey 

* Wins Stanley Cup title 

* vs. New York Rangers

The sport's section (page 9) has a banner headline: "Boston Beats Rangers, 2-1, for Second Straight Victory and Wins Stanley Cup" with subheads and lineups (see images). First report coverage on the Boston Bruins winning the 1928-29 Stanley Cup by defeat... See More  

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Joe Dimaggio nears the end of his hitting streak...

Item #671131

July 16, 1941


* Joe DiMaggio's hitting streak nears the end

* New York Yankees - Major league baseball

* From his hometown publication (rare as such)

The top of the front page of the sports section (page 17) has a heading: "Still Going; DI MAG SINGLES AND DOUBLES" with the #"55!" with a black border and related photo. (see) The top of 2 of ... See More  

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Bobby Jones wins at Sunningdale Golf Club...

Item #661644

May 20, 1930


* Amateur golfer Bobby Jones

* Sunningdale Golf Club, Berkshire

* Golf Illustrated Gold Vase

The front page of section 2 (sports) has a n ice banner headline: "BOBBY JONES' RECORD 68 WINS GOLF CUP" with subheads. Nice for display. First report coverage on Bobby Jones winning at Sunningdale Golf Club in Berkshire, England.

Other news, sport... See More  

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Brazil football team wins 1994 FIFA World Cup...

Item #679057

July 18, 1994

LOS ANGELES TIMES, July 18, 1994

* Brazil wins 1994 FIFA World Cup of Soccer

* vs. Italy - penalty shoot-out - Rose Bowl

The front page has a three column headline: "Brazil Beats Italy for World Cup in Dramatic Penalty-Kick Showdown" with nice color photo. Much more in the sport's section, see images for portions. Nice to have in this publication as the final was played in the... See More  

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Amelia Earhart... Baseball... Jewish...

Item #211580

April 01, 1939

LIBERTY magazine, New York, April 1, 1939. This is the complete issue of this popular title with a nice color cover showing a young couple in a car at a gas pump asking a gas attendant standing in rain for one gallon of gas (see photo). The back page has a nice color ad for Lucky Strike cigarettes.  Includes a stories entitled "Lady with Wings - The Life Story of My Wife, Amerlia Earha... See More  

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Portrait of baseball player James Maxwell...

Item #673803

September 01, 1866

FRANK LESLIE'S ILLUSTRATED, New York, Sept. 1, 1866  Inside has a one column portrait of: "Mr. James Maxwell, of the Susquehanna B. B. Club, Wilkes Barre, Pa." The same page has an article on him: "Our Base-Ball Illustrations" which begins: "Number six of our portraits of prominent baseball players is that of Mr. James Maxwell, the noted catcher of the Susquehanna... See More  

Item from Catalog 306 (released for May, 2021)...

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Yankee Stadium lore... Kids game w/ Babe Ruth photo...

Item #664904

August 10, 1925


* Yankee Stadium showcases youngsters

* Babe Ruth photo with child player

The sport's section (page 8) has a two column photo showing Babe Ruth with a youngster and heading: "Passing the Tip Along" with text underneath. Reports that their was a baseball game for kids at Yankee Stadium prior to the Yankees & Tigers match-up. Mill... See More  

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Best Chicago Bears defeat Pro Bowl All-Stars...

Item #660702

January 05, 1942


* Chicago Bears vs. Pro football all-stars

* Post Pearl Harbor Pro Bowl

* Best title to be had ? (rare)

The front page of section 2 (sports) has a nice banner headline: "BEARS DEFEAT LEAGUE ALL-STARS, 35 TO 24" with subheads, lineups and related photo. Nice for display.

Much on World War II with nice front page headline. Complete with all 3... See More  

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Los Angeles Rams win NFL football title over Cleveland Browns...

Item #674333

December 24, 1951


* Los Angeles Rams vs. Cleveland Browns

* NFL football championship title game

The sport's page (page 13) has a four column headline: "Rams Defeat Browns 24-17 for Pro Crown" with related photo, stats and lineups. (see) First report coverage on the NFL football championship game between the Detroit Lions and the Cleveland Browns... See More  

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1962 U.S. Open golf.... Jack Nicklaus...

Item #572264

June 18, 1962

SPRINGFIELD REPUBLICAN, Massachusetts, June 18, 1962 

* U.S. Open golf championship 

* Jack Nicklaus 1st title

* Arnold Palmer finishes second 

This 22 page newspaper has two column headlines on the front page that include: "Nicklaus Tops Palmer In U.S. Open Playoff" and more. (see)

More in the sport's section on page 14 with headlines and photos. (see... See More  

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1930 Notre Dame Stadium 1st game...

Item #598953

October 05, 1930

THE SPRINGFIELD UNION, Massachusetts, October 5, 1930

* Notre Dame Stadium opening

* 1st ever game - Fighting Irish

* "Touchdown Jesus" fame

* R101 rigid airship disaster

The sport's section (page 5-B) has a four column headline: "NOTRE DAME TOPS SOUTHERN METHODIST" with subheads that include "Notre Dame Christens New Stadium by Downing Southern Methodist....&... See More  

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1933 Augusta National Golf Course debut...

Item #670387

January 13, 1933

NEW YORK TIMES, January 13, 1933

* Augusta National Golf Club course opens (day of)

* Founded by golfer Bobby Jones - Georgia

The sport's section (page 21) has coverage on the opening day of Augusta National Golf Club course, agreeably the most famous golf course in the country. The one column heading near the top of the page reads: "'JONES'S NEW LINKS WILL OPEN TODAY"... See More  

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Jack Dempsey defends his boxing title...

Item #655501

July 03, 1921

THE COMMERCIAL APPEAL, Memphis, July 3, 1921 

* Jack Dempsey vs. Georges Carpentier

* Heavyweight boxing championship

The front page has a one column heading: "DEMPSEY KNOCKS OUT CARPENTIER IN FOURTH" with subheads. (see) More in the sport's section with related illustration.

Complete with 40+ pages, light toning and some wear at the margins, tape mend on the front page ... See More  

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Coca Cola ad... Baseball... Laurence Olivier...

Item #211619

August 26, 1939

LIBERTY magazine, New York, August 26, 1939. This is the complete issue of this popular title with a nice color cover showing a young lady playing tennis(see photo). The back page has a nice color ad for Coca Cola. Includes stories entitled "32 Years' Bad Luck and now -" about Laurence Olivier and "The Homicide Ball" which is written by by Waite Hoyt. Very nice condition, a bit of loss at t... See More  

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Babe Ruth hits very 1st walk off grand slam HR...

Item #647838

September 25, 1925

THE NEW YORK TIMES, September 25, 1925 

* Babe Ruth - New York Yankees 

* 1st ever player to hit 'ultimate home run'

The sport's section (page 16) has a one column heading: "RUTH'S HOMER WINS; CLEARS BAG IN 10TH" with subheads and box scores. (see) The 'Sultan of Swat" becomes the first modern player to blast an ultimate grand slam, a walk... See More  

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Jackie Fields win Welterweight boxing title....

Item #671345

March 26, 1929

CHICAGO DAILY TRIBUNE, section 2 (sports) only, March 26, 1929

* American professional boxer Jackie Fields

* Wins World Welterweight boxing title

* Best title to be had ? (rare)

The front page has a nice banner headline: "FIELDS WHIPS THOMPSON; WINS WELTER TITLE" with subheads and photo of Fields. (see) Nice for display. Great to have in this Chicago publication, Fields hometown.... See More  

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St. Louis Cardinals win World Series of baseball...

Item #675882

October 09, 1934

TAUNTON DAILY GAZETTE, Mass., October 9, 1934.

* St. Louis Cardinals win World Series

* Major League Baseball Champions

The front page has a three column heading: "Cardinals Win Fourth Contest And Series In Wild Game At Detroit" with scoreboard, lineups and inning by inning description.

Twelve pages, light toning and some wear at the margins with a few tears.... See More  

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John Gaffney, the 'King of Baseball Umpires"...

Item #631448

May 29, 1888

THE PUBLIC LEDGER, Philadelphia, May 29, 1888  Page 5 has a notable article: "The League Umpires" "President Young to Stand by His Staff--Gaffney's System Endorsed". John Gaffney was nicknamed the "King of Umpires", being baseball's first great umpire. He played a pioneering role in the use of Multiple umpires in baseball games. (see Wikipedia for more)

... See More  

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Tennessee Volunteers win 1998 college football title...

Item #673851

January 05, 1999


* Tennessee Volunteers college football

* Wins Fiesta Bowl vs. Florida State

* National Championship game

The front page has a two column photo headed: "Tennessee Is Tops"

The front page of the sport's section has a banner headline: "Tennessee Is Peerless" with subhead and related photo. (see) First report coverage continues inside ... See More  

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Chicago Bears win 1st NFL football championship...

Item #664410

December 18, 1933

THE OMAHA BEE-NEWS, Nebraska, December 18, 1933

* Chicago Bears win 1st NFL football championship

* Bronko Nagurski

The top of page 14 has a six column headline: "Bears Beat Giants for Pro Grid Crown" with subheads, stats and lineups. (see)

Complete with all 20 pages, light toning, a little margin chipping, generally good.

... See More  

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Louis Zamperini wins 1 mile run...

Item #661676

April 12, 1936


* Louis Zamperini of "Unbroken" fame

* University of Southern California - USC

* Track meet - 1 mile winner

The sport's section (page H-B) has a banner headline: "TROJAN'S CRUSHBEAR TRACKMENBY 55 POINT" with subheads and event summaries on page 3H which includes in small, discrete text: "Mile Run--Won by Zamperini (S.... See More  

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Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show...

Item #175740

September 03, 1892

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, Sept. 3, 1892 The full ftpg. is a nice print of: "Mrs. Grover Cleveland". Inside has a nice full page montage of prints by Frederic Remington: "Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show in London--The Cossacks & Guachos", including part of a poster which shows Buffalo Bill himself.

A nice full page "The Last Load" is by A.B. Frost; a full p... See More  

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The Four Horsemen of Notre Dame win...

Item #633632

November 30, 1924

NEW YORK TIMES, Nov. 30, 1924  One column headlines on the front page of the sport's section report: "NOTRE DAME BEATS CARNEGIE TECH, 40-19" "32,00 See Rockne Team Uncover Brilliant Aerial Attack on Snow-Covered Gridiron" and more. (see)  This report is of the regular season Notre Dame win against the Carnegie Tech (Mellon) Tartans. This was the most famous year f... See More  

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Sugar Ray Robinson vs. Jake Lamotta...

Item #621748

February 06, 1943

THE TIMES-PICAYUNE, New Orleans, February 6, 1943

* Sugar Ray Robinson vs. Jake Lamotta

* 2nd fight - Robinson's 1st ever loss

* Boxing - Boxers

This 22 page newspaper has one column headlines on page 9: "ROBINSON WIN STRING BROKEN" and "La Motta Floors Negro as He Takes Decision". This was the famous second fight in which LaMotta beat Robinson.

Other news, sports... See More  

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Lt. General Scott and the major generals...

Item #172498

August 31, 1861

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, Aug. 31, 1861 Nice full front page print of: "General Lyons At the Battle of Springfield" showing him on horseback. Full pg: "Lt. General Scott & the Major Generals of the United States Army" showing McClellan, Dix, Scott, Fremont, and Banks. Halfpg: "The 14th Massachusetts Regiment Marching up Pennsylvania Ave., Washington, in a Storm&qu... See More  

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Color cover... The New York horse show...

Item #631652

November 21, 1891

FRANK LESLIE'S ILLUSTRATED, New York, Nov. 21, 1891  This is one of the very few front page color prints, titled: "A Box Party at the Horse Show" (see). The double page centerfold shows: "Sketches at the Seventh Annual Horse Madison Square Garden, New York City". There is also a full page with ten prints & photos of: "The Game of Football--Scenes on ... See More  

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Jackie Robinson gets 1st hit in MLB...

Item #658902

April 18, 1947


* Jackie Robinson gets 1st hit in MLB

* 1st Negro baseball player

* Texas City explosion disaster

Page 29 has a one column heading: "Rookie Helps Dodgers Cuff Braves, 12-6" with box scores. Text includes: "Infielder Jackie Robinson collected his first safety in a National league game..." (see) This was Robinson's first ever... See More  

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Nadia Comaneci scores the first perfect 10...

Item #632894

July 19, 1976

THE NEW YORK TIMES, July 19, 1976 

* Nadia Comăneci wins overall gold

* Romanian gymnast - gymnastics

* 1976 Summer Olympics in Montreal

The bottom of the front page has a photo with small heading: "Olympic Gold Medalist" (see)

The sport's section (page 39) has a headline that announces: "Miss Comaneci Takes Title on 4th, 5th Perfect Scores" with photo and mor... See More  

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Site for the original Yankee Stadium found?...

Item #649403

September 14, 1920

NEW YORK TIMES, Sept. 14, 1920 

* Old Yankee Stadium site found ?

* "The House that Ruth Built" nears

* Best title to be had ?

As for Yankee history, this issue has a gem report on what was to have become the site for the original Yankee Stadium. The top of page 13 has a column headed: "Terms Agreed Upon For Yankees' Park" "Building Conditions Cause Delay ... See More  

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Hank Aaron's 715th Home Run... tops Babe Ruth...

Item #656228

April 10, 1974

NEW YORK TIMES, April 10, 1974 

* Hank Aaron home run #715

* Breaks Babe Ruth's record

* Atlanta Braves - MLB

The sport's section (page 24) has a two column heading: "Aaron Hits 715th Homer, Breaking Ruth's Record" with box scores and related photo. More on page 23. Lengthy text. 1st report coverage on Hank Aaron passing Babe Ruth for the most career home runs by... See More  

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Earl Wilson throws 1st African American no-hitter...

Item #637096

June 27, 1962

THE SPRINGFIELD UNION, Massachusetts, June 27, 1962

* Earl Wilson throws no-hitter

* Boston Red Sox

* 1st African American in AL

* Major League Baseball - MLB

The very top of the front page has a banner headline: "Wilson Hurls No-Hitter for Boston Red Sox" with subheads and photo. (see) First report coverage on Boston Red Sox pitcher, Earl Wilson, pitching the very no-hitter for... See More  

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1928 New York Yankees... World Series...

Item #604109

October 05, 1928

THE COLDWATER DAILY REPORTER, Michigan, October 5, 1928 

* New York Yankees win game 2

* Early same day report - Fantastic headline 

The front page has a great banner headline:


with subheads, lineup, inning by inning description and box socres. Rare to find such nice headlines concerning the World Series, especially on the front page. Great for ... See More  

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Investigating the 1919 'Black Sox' scandal, and plans for fixing the 1920 Series also...

Item #670248

September 30, 1920

THE KANSAS CITY JOURNAL, Missouri, Sept. 30, 1920

* Chicago White Sox

* Black Sox scandal

* 1919 World Series vs. Red

The top of the front page has a photo of: "Men Who Bared Baseball Gambling Conspiracy".

The ftpg. also has: "Jury Summons Brooklyn Players In Alleged 1920 World Series Plot" with related subheads (see photos). Interesting that, as the report notes: &quo... See More  

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1941 New York Yankees pennant...

Item #571331

September 05, 1941

THE NEW YORK TIMES, New York, September 5, 1941 

* New York Yankees - Major League Baseball 

* Earliest pennant ever won 

This 42 page newspaper has a three column headline on page 25: "Yanks Clinch 12th Pennant" with subheads that include: "FLAG RACE WON IN RECORD TIME" "Yanks' Pennant Victory, Sixth Under McCarthy, Earliest in American League Ann... See More  

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Baseball and cricket reports from 1856......

Item #672572

September 20, 1856

PORTERS SPIRIT OF THE TIMES, N.Y., Sept. 20, 1856  Inside this sporting newspaper is a detailed report: "Cricket" "The Great Match At Hoboken!!!" "The United States Victorious!!" "Canada Vs. United States".

But more intriguing is the report headed: "Base Ball" with gives details of a game between the Eagle team and the Empire team, including ... See More  

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Chicago Bear wins 1941 NFL title...

Item #661331

December 22, 1941

NEW YORK WORLD-TELEGRAM, December 22, 1941 

* Chicago Bears win NFL pro football championship

* Just after the bombing of Pearl Harbor - WWII era

The sport's section (page 21) has a six column headline: "Power, Weight, Spirit Crown Bears Grid Kings" with subheads, related photo and stats. First report coverage on the Chicago Bears winning the National Football League cha... See More  

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Washington Redskins very 1st NFL football game...

Item #673592

September 17, 1937

CHICAGO DAILY TRIBUNE, September 17, 1937

* Washington Redskins 1st NFL football game

* Formerly the Boston Redskins

The front page of section 2 (sports) has a one column heading: "RILEY SMITH AND REDSKINS BEAT GIANTS, 13 TO 3" with subhead and lineups. (see) First report coverage on the very 1st Washington Redskins NFL football game played.

Complete with all 42 pages, this is th... See More  

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Color cover... The New York horse show...

Item #566162

November 21, 1891

FRANK LESLIE'S ILLUSTRATED, New York, November 21, 1891 

* Color cover...   The New York horse show... 

This is one of the very few front page color prints, titled: "A Box Party at the Horse Show" (see photos). The double page centerfold shows: "Sketches at the Seventh Annual Horse Madison Square Garden, New York City" (see photos). There... See More  

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The death of baseball great Ty Cobb...

Item #672935

July 18, 1961

THE RUSSELL DAILY NEWS, Kansas, July 18, 1961 

* Ty Cobb death (1st report)

* Detroit Tigers

* Major league baseball MLB

The top of page 4 has a headline that reads: "Ty Cobb Leaves Fantastic Legacy" (see)

Complete it 6 pages, small library stamp within masthead, a few small binding holes along the spine, nice condition.... See More  

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Seabiscuit wins 1940 San Antonio Handicap...

Item #649149

February 25, 1940

THE NEW YORK TIMES, February 25, 1940

* Seabiscuit wins San Antonio Handicap

* Thoroughbred racehorse racing

The front page of the sport's section (inside) has a one column heading: "SEABISCUIT EQUALS TRACK MARK TO WIN SANTA ANITA STAKE" with subheads and racing summary. (see) First report coverage on famous racehorse, Seabiscuit, winning the San Antonio Handicap in Arcadia, C... See More  

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Secretariat wins in 1972... Belmont Futurity Stakes...

Item #655042

September 17, 1972

THE NEW YORK TIMES, Sept. 17, 1972

* Secretariat wins Hopeful Stakes- Saratoga

* Pre Triple Crown thoroughbred horse racing

The front page of the sport's section has a one column heading: "FUTURITY IS WON BY SECRETARIAT" with subhead. (see) This was Secretariat's 3rd major victory. First report coverage on Secretariat winning the Belmont Futurity Stakes in Elmont, New Yor... See More  

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Frank Sinkwich wins 1942 Heisman Trophy...

Item #626527

December 09, 1942

THE NEW YORK TIMES, Massachusetts, December 9, 1942

* Frank Sinkwich wins Heisman Trophy

* Georgia Bulldogs college football

The sport's section (page 40) has a seven column headline: "Heisman Trophy Scroll Presented to Sinkwich at the Downtown A. C." with subheads and photo (see photos) Always nice to have notable events in history reported in this World famous publication.

... See More  

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Phar Lap mounted... Babe Ruth - Yankees capture League Championship...

Item #585389

September 14, 1932

THE NEW YORK TIMES, September 14, 1932

* Phar lap - Australian thoroughbred racehorse

* New York Yankees capture AL pennant

This 44 page newspaper has a small one column heading on page 18: "Phar Lap Mounted in Yonkers; To Be Exhibited at Belmont". See photo for brief text.

Also page 17 has a five column headline that reads: "League Championship Captured by Yankees" w... See More  

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