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The precedent-setting case of American slave James Somersett...

Item #667900
THE GENTLEMAN'S MAGAZINE, London, January, 1773 

* James Somersett's case

* Slaves - slavery

Certainly the most historically significant item in this issue is: "An Argument in the Case of James Somersett, a Negro, Lately Determined in the court...attempted to be Demonstrated the Present Unlawfulness of Domestic Slavery in England" which takes about a full page.

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A slave kills his master...

Item #667030

August 29, 1772

THE LONDON CHRONICLE, England, Aug. 29, 1772 

* Slave kills his master

Beginning on the front page & carrying over to take most of pg. 2 is a report from Boston concerning the Massachusetts Assembly making provisions for support of the governor, and the governor supporting the colony. Included are six "resolves" from the General Assembly concerning such arrangements.

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On the slave trade in the West Indies...

Item #675010

October 04, 1766

THE LONDON CHRONICLE, England, October 4, 1766  The back page has a small report from West Florida on the French traders in Louisiana. Also from Senegal of "... there have been lately upwards of two hundred French trading ships on the coast of Africa; -- which was a principal cause of the price of slaves being so high, the Goree Merchants having contracted to supply the Spanish West Indi... See More  

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Map of Germany... French & Indian War...

Item #585531
GENTLEMAN'S MAGAZINE, London, August, 1760 

* Battle of Quebec

* Map of the war in Germany

* French and Indian War

A feature of this issue is the "French Account of the Raising the Siege of Quebec" which takes over half a page (see for portions). There is also: "A Description of a Water Mill of a New Construction..." for grinding sugar cane in Jamaica, which in... See More  

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