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Special Offer for Members - 6 issues at a discount...

Good through Monday, May 29, 2023...

Item # 695833

Currently Unavailable. Contact us if you would like to be placed on a want list or to be notified if a similar item is available.

You are invited to select any 6 issues from a set of nearly 2,000 authentic newspapers, and pay only $100, plus S&H ($15 within the U.S.). Links to the items which qualify are shown belowIn case you "get lost" while browsing, an issue must have the following note at the bottom of the listing to qualify"Included in the Member's Special Offer which expires on May 29, 2023!"

Why? Quite frankly, we need the space, and what better way to create a bit more room than by saying thanks to our members with a special offer.

How to take advantage?

Use the links below to select 6 newspapers you would like to have for a combined total of $100 (plus S&H) - HOWEVER, PLEASE DO NOT PURCHASE THEM. Instead, order this item, and on the last step at checkout include the 6-digit item number for each in the comment field (this comment box is directly above the SUBMIT button at the bottom of the check-out page and looks like what is shown in the photo).

All orders are time-stamped in case more than one person orders the same item. If this happens, we will fil the first buyer's order and contact the one who missed out to obtain an alternative item to complete their order.

Note: If ordering folders, please know one folder will not hold all 6 issues. The ordering of storage will also impact the S&H.

The links:

     All Items Which Qualify
     The 1800's
What if I am not a Member? No problem. If you select a membership at checkout (there is no charge), you will qualify. 

Finally... If you accidentally Submit your order without the six 6-digit items numbers in the Comment Field, do not fret. Just send the six item numbers to me at guy@rarenewspapers.com.

Happy hunting!!!

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