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Germany boycotts Jewish businesses: prelude to the Holocaust...

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March 29, 1933


* Jewish holocaust begins
* Boycott order has been made (1st report)
* Nazi Germany - Third Reich

The front page bold, banner headline announces: "JEWS FACE DRASTIC BOYCOTT" with one column heads: "Nazi Troopers To Picket Their Stores April 1" and "No Violence, Leaders Warn Hiterites".
As noted in the National Holocaust Museum website: Less than 3 months after coming to power in Germany the Nazi leadership stages an economic boycott targeting Jewish-owned businesses and the offices of Jewish professionals.
The boycott was presented to the German people as both a reprisal and an act of revenge for the bad international press against Germany since the appointment of Hitler’s government in January, 1933. The Nazis claimed that German and foreign Jews were spreading “atrocity stories” to damage Germany's reputation. Nazi Storm Troopers stood menacingly in front of Jewish-owned department stores and retail establishments, and outside the offices of Jewish professionals, holding signs and shouting slogans such as "Don't Buy from Jews" and "The Jews Are Our Misfortune."
Although the national boycott campaign lasted only one day and was ignored by many individual Germans who continued to shop in Jewish-owned stores and seek the services of Jewish professionals, the boycott marked the beginning of a nationwide campaign by the Nazi Party against Jews in Germany that would culminate in the Holocaust.

There are related items on page two: "Trade Boycott Against German Goods Growing" "Jewish Leaders Deny Any Organized Drive" "Jews In Palestine Boycott German Goods, Movie Films" "Austrian Nazis Attack Jews In Vienna Streets" as well as a photo of Joseph Goebbels, chief of propaganda in Hitler's government.
Complete in 28 pages, this is the "rag edition" printed on very high quality newsprint meant for institutional holdings. In great condition as such, 4 small binding holes at the blank spine.

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