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The conspirators in the Lincoln assassination...

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July 01, 1865

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, July 1, 1865  The front page has 2 prints concerning the dedication of the Bull Run monuments, captioned: "Monument Erected on the Field of the First Battle of Bull Run" and: "Consecration of the Bull Run Monuments--Reading the Service". There is front page text on the dedication as well.
Inside has a full page of: "Sherman And His Generals" and another of: "The Military Commission Engaged in the Trial of the Conspirators at Washington". Other prints include: "Camp of Negro Refugees" "Inauguration of the Monument of Napoleon I at Ajaccio" "Mr. Frederick Seward" "The Prince Napoleon" "The Monument Erected at Groveton on the Field of the Second Battle of Bull Run" "The 16th New York Artillery Firing a Salute on the Spot Where Rickett's Battery was Captured by the Enemy" "Ruins of General Lee's Headquarters at Petersburg, Virginia".
There are also individual prints of the Lincoln conspirators, captioned: "Lewis Payne" "J.W. Atzerott" "Samuel Arnold" "David C. Harold" "Edward Spangler" "Michael O'Laughlin".
Complete in 16 pages.

Category: The Civil War