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Election of Abraham Lincoln as President...

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November 17, 1860

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, November 17, 1860  The full front page shows: 'Gen. Guiseppe Garibaldi" who was considered the George Washington of Italy, the person most responsible for uniting the country. There is also a page two article on him.
Other prints include a nice full pg. of: "Fort Moultrie (Sullivan's Island), Charleston, South Carolina in the Distance", a fullpg: "The American Turf--Portraits of Favorite Horses"; a fullpg: "Suffolk and Essex Pigs" and a fullpg. comic print captioned: "Trading Day in the Country--Autumn of 1860". The back page has two political cartoon.
But perhaps the best content is the historic report--albeit brief--of the first election of Abraham Lincoln as President, under the heading: "The Presidential Election". The text reads: "The Presidential Election took place as usual on 6th November & resulted in the choice of Abraham Lincoln for President, and Hannibal Hamlin for Vice-President of the United States. The details of the vote have not come to hand: we publish in the editorial the leading facts as known." And the page 2 editorial report is here as well, headed: "The Presidential Election" & which takes most of a column, a portion including: "...It is certain, however, that Abraham Lincoln, of Illinois, and Hannibal Hamlin, of Maine, have been elected by the people President and Vice President of the United States..." with much more.
Complete in 16 pages.

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