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A rare & desirable Loyalist newspaper... Reacting to the Intolerable Acts...

Item #687430

September 15, 1774

RIVINGTON'S NEW-YORK GAZETTEER; or, the CONNECTICUT, HUDSON'S RIVER, NEW-JERSEY, and QUEBEC WEEKLY ADVERTISER, New York, Sept. 15, 1774  James Rivington, the famous printer of this newspaper, had an interesting career.

He began this newspaper in 1773 initially with an impartial stance which shifted as a revolution loomed and public opinion polarized, until by late 1774 he was ad... See More  

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Lincoln's Proclamation... Repealing laws of slavery...

Item #682534

July 08, 1864

DAILY NATIONAL  INTELLIGENCER, Washington, D.C., July 8, 1864  

* Abraham Lincoln proclamation

* Slavery in America

Page 2 begins with: "OFFICIAL, By the President of the United States, A PROCLAMATION" noting: "...hereby appoint the first Thursday of August next to be observed by the people of the United States as a day of National humiliation and prayer..." s... See More  

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Proclamation for Fasting and Prayer...

Item #681474

February 21, 1804

NEW ENGLAND PALLADIUM, Boston, Feb. 21, 1804.  The front page has a Proclamation for a "Day of Public Fasting and Prayer", signed in type by the governor: Caleb Strong

Four pages, nice condition.

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From Confederate New Orleans... Capital moves to Richmond...

Item #679253

May 28, 1861

THE DAILY DELTA, New Orleans, May 28, 1861 

* Rare Confederate title

* From the deep South

Truly Confederate newspapers from New Orleans are very difficult to find, as Admiral Farragut entered the mouth of the Mississippi in mid-April, 1862 and finally took New Orleans on April 28. Shortly thereafter Benjamin Butler moved in and took control of the city, it surrendering without a fight... See More  

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Early from the War of 1812... A Proclamation for fasting, humiliation, and prayer...

Item #677794

July 09, 1812

INDEPENDENT CHRONICLE, Boston, July 9, 1812  The front page has a proclamation by the governor of Massachusetts: "PROCLAMATION, For A Day Of Public Fasting, Humiliation And Prayer, signed in block type: CALEB STRONG. Additional reports from the early weeks of the War of 1812 include: "War Or No War" "Commodore Rogers" "Privateers Look Out!!!" "General O... See More  

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Jefferson Davis... Thanksgiving proclamation...

Item #675147

January 26, 1865

DAILY EXAMINER, Richmond, Virginia, Jan. 26, 1865 

* Jefferson Davis Thanksgiving proclamation

* Rare Confederate publication

Not only a Confederate newspaper, but one from the capital of the Confederacy.

The front page includes: "The War News" with various reports from the different fields of battle, subheads including: "Deserters from the Yankee Army" "The B... See More  

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Fall of Fort Donelson... Proclamation by Jefferson Davis...

Item #666384

February 27, 1862

DAILY RICHMOND EXAMINER, Virginia, Feb. 27, 1862 

* Fall of Fort Donelson, Tennessee

* Jefferson Davis proclamation

* From the capital of the Confederacy

A very nice newspaper from the capital of the Confederate States of America.

The front page is entirely taken up with advertisements and notices. The inside pages are rich in war-related reports including: "The Fall of Fort Don... See More  

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A Proclamation and an Address signed by Jefferson Davis...

Item #661714

August 17, 1863

DAILY RICHMOND EXAMINER, Virginia, Aug. 17, 1863  Most of the last column is taken up with two documents, the first a: "Proclamation By the President" which includes: "...Let us rather receive in humble thankfulness the lesson which He has taught in our recent reverses, devoutly acknowledging that to Him & not to our own feeble arms, are due the honor & the glory of vic... See More  

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On the Battle of Guilford Court House...

Item #658557

April 24, 1781


* Battle of Guilford Courthouse

* Greensboro, North Carolina

* General Charles Cornwallis loss

Page 2 has some nice war content. The 2nd column begins with: "By accounts from General Greene's army as late as the 24th ultimo, we learn that Lord Cornwallis is retreating towards Cross Creek and that ou... See More  

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The President responds to Maryland...

Item #646221

March 13, 1799


* 18th century American title

The front page has an appeal: "To Delinquent Customers" signed in type by the famed publisher: Isaiah Thomas. Also: "A Proclamation" for a day of fasting, humiliation & prayer, by the governor. And also an "...Answer of the President to the General Assembly of ... See More  

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The Lawrence catastrophe... Slavery...

Item #619430

January 16, 1860

THE NEW YORK HERALD, January 16, 1860 

* Pemberton Mill disaster

* Lawrence, Massachusetts

* African slave trade

Page 5 has: "The Lawrence Catastrophe" "More Bodies Recovered - Proclamation of the mayor of Lawrence - Tuesday Next to be Observed as a Day of Prayer - Relief for the Sufferers, Etc." Various related subheads as well. This was the collapse of the Pember... See More  

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A rare title from the Civil War, just after the close of the Civil War...

Item #609915

May 03, 1865


* Very rare Civil War title - closing events

* William Gannaway "Parson" Brownlow

W. G. Brownlow, or  Parson Brownlow, was a fascinating personality to say the least. He regarded anyone who disagreed with him about religion or politics as an enemy. The circuit-riding Methodist parson turned to... See More  

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"Johnny comes marching home"...

Item #172892

June 10, 1865

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, June 10, 1865  The full front page is a nice print of: "The Grand Review at Washington--General Meade & Staff Passing the Principal Stand" during a parade of returning Civil War soldiers. Another prime item is the doublepage centerfold by Thomas Nast, titled: "Victory And Death" showing six vignettes of the somber side of war (see).

Othe... See More  

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