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Steamer Mackinac explosion disaster...

Item #629094

August 19, 1925

SPRINGFIELD REPUBLICAN, Massachusetts, August 19, 1925

* Steamer Mackinac

* Boiler explosion disaster

* Newport RI Rhode Island

The front page has a two column heading: "Panic Aboard Ship Follows explosion; Four Dead, 74 Hurt" First report coverage on the boiler explosion of the Steamer Mackinac near Newport, Rhode Island. An early report here as the number of dead would rise si... See More  

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Touro Synagogue honored....

Item #627970

March 09, 1946

THE NEW YORK TIMES, March 9, 1946

* Touro Synagogue in Newport, Rhode Island

* Declared a National Historic Site

Page 15 has one column headings that include: "NATION SETS APART TOURO SYNAGOGUE" "Shrine of Judaism at Newport, Oldest in Country, Designated as a Historic Site" "Relic Of Colonial Beauty" "Clergy of Other Faiths Join in Extolling Memorial to E... See More  

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Governor Sullivan as Minister of Starvation...

Item #619630

May 21, 1808

THE PROVIDENCE GAZETTE, Rhode Island, May 21, 1808  Page 3 has; "Practical Construction of the Embargo". A satirical pg. 3 item begins: "An extraordinary missive from President Jefferson to Gov. Sullivan, appointing him Dispenser of Favours, and Minister of Starvation for Massachusetts, has appeared..." (see).

Four pages, nice condition.

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USS S-51 submarine disaster...

Item #615259

September 28, 1925

SPRINGFIELD REPUBLICAN, Massachusetts, September 28, 1925

* USS S-51 class submarine

* United States Navy

* 'City of Rome' collision  disaster

The front page has a four column headline: "NO RESPONSE FROM WITHIN SUNKEN SUBMARINE S-51; HOPE FOR LIFE STILL HELD" with subheads. (see) Coverage on the sinking the USS S-51 (SS-162) submarine near Block Island off of Rhode I... See More  

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News from Grant, Sherman and Sheridan...

Item #612561

September 15, 1864

MANUFACTURERS & FARMERS JOURNAL, Providence, Rhode Island, Sept. 15, 1864  Page 2 has reports on the Civil War with: "Official War Bulletin" "Dispatches "From General Grant & Sherman" "Effusion of Blood Saved by Promptly Filling the Armies" "Good News From Sheridan" and more.

Four page, large folio size, irregular at the spine.

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First month of the Civil War...

Item #611115

May 07, 1861

NEW YORK HERALD, May 7, 1861  Among the front page first column heads on the Civil War are: "THE WAR" "Virginia to be Put on a War Footing" "The Difficulties of the Government with the Volunteers" "Alexandria to be Occupied To-Day by the Rhode Island Troops" "A Visit to Alexandria & Description of that City" with more.

Eight pages, very n... See More  

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Early lot of 6 newspapers...

Item #602985
THE AMERICAN, Providence, Rhode Island  A lot of six issues from 1808-1809, each complete in 4 pages, small folio size, cut cleanly at the spine with ample margin, and otherwise in nice condition.

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Document signed by President Monroe...

Item #599067

March 15, 1822

RHODE ISLAND AMERICAN, Providence, March 15, 1822  Page 2 has over a column headed: "Independence of S. America" which is a document from the President to Congress, signed: James Monroe. Also: "Interesting Trials" "Bankrupt Bill" "Latest From Europe" and more.

Four pages, rejoined at the spine, very nice condition.

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A gift for your barber...

Item #598613

February 01, 1831

RHODE ISLAND AMERICAN & GAZETTE, Providence, Feb. 1, 1831  Page 3 has a very interesting illustrated advertisement for a barber, with text on the service he provides including; "...to know where to cut and where to leave the hair so as to hide as much as possible all deformity of the head..." (see).

Four pages, rejoined at the spine, tape mend on pg. 2 affecting nothing, light ... See More  

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France to take over Rhode Island...

Item #598297

December 18, 1779

EDINBURGH EVENING COURANT, Scotland, December 18, 1779 

* Revolutionary War 

* Rhode Island

Page 3 has an item: "Now that Rhode Island is evacuated it is said D'Estaign will take immediate possession of it in the name of his Most Christian Majesty as it is expressly stipulated in one of the articles between the French King and the Congress that the French shall have... See More  

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Latest war reports...

Item #597737

October 20, 1777

EDINBURGH EVENING COURANT, Scotland, Oct. 20, 1777 

* Rare Revolutionary War title

Page 2 has a report noting: "....from New  York but by which there were many private letters confirming the repulse at Staten Island. A letter from Rhode Island...says that Gen. Pigott was arrived there to take the command of the troops...were in no fear of the provincials, whose number...was sa... See More  

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Rumors about the war...

Item #597528

August 02, 1777

EDINBURGH EVENING COURANT, Scotland, Aug. 2, 1777  Page 2 includes: "The last advices received from Gen. Howe...mention that he was then in motion with the main body of the army in the Jerseys to attack Philadelphia...consequently that the various reports of the defeat of Gen. Howe and Lord Cornwallis are without foundation....Notwithstanding all that has appeared in the papers about Gen... See More  

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Very early on ventriloquism...

Item #597167

September 10, 1822

RHODE ISLAND AMERICAN, Providence, Sept. 10, 1822 

* Uncommon title

Page 3 has an interesting and unusual article taking close to have a column titled: "Ventriloquism" (see photos). Four pages, very nice condition.

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War will be over in a few months...

Item #597076

May 19, 1777

EDINBURGH EVENING COURANT, Scotland, May 19, 1777  Among page 2 war-related items are: "Massachusetts Bay is to raise 15 battalions for Washington's army. These levies were appointed to rendezvous at Cambridge & other places...on the 10th of March. After they were to join the Continental army. As cloathing is exceedingly scarce...Till these necessaries were collected, or rather t... See More  

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Comfort with the conquered Carolinas...

Item #594939

February 12, 1780


* Revolutionary War

Page 2 has: "So secure do government suppose themselves in th3e entire conquest & reduction of Carolina, that they have written letters to most of the principal gentlemen in England...who possess the most considerable property there, requesting them to return to the enjoyment of their estates & prom... See More  

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Early Birmingham, England...

Item #592559

March 11, 1771

ARIS'S BIRMINGHAM GAZETTE, England, March 11, 1771  The front page has an: "Extract of a Letter form New York" with an interesting report of a tragedy (see). Page 2 has a letter form Newport, Rhode Island (see). Four pages, minor archival mend inside, very nice condition, folio size.

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From the Revolutionary War era...

Item #592230
THE GENTLEMAN'S MAGAZINE, London, May, 1779  A fine opportunity to purchase a magazine from during the Revolutionary War at a reasonable price, as I find almost no American content in this issue. At the back under the "Historical Chronicle" is mention that the New York, Quebec & Newfoundland fleets have set sail under the convoy of Admiral Arbuthnot. The balance of the news ... See More  

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Naval events and more...

Item #587319

February 18, 1777

THE LONDON CHRONICLE, England, Feb. 18, 1777  Page 2 has a report from Commodare Peter Parker concerning his work in Rhode Island, including: "...the Continental fleet is in Providence River beyond our reach at present...the 18th December I retook the Betty transport..." with a list of the American ships taken & retaken by the British ships under command of Parker (see).

... See More  

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Is there harmony among the troops?

Item #587111

September 13, 1781

THE LONDON CHRONICLE, England, Sept. 13, 1781  The front page has a report which includes: "From New York...we have a letter from a field officer...which says, 'Count Rochambeau having found the attack upon New York, as planned by Mr. Washington, to be impracticable, proposes to retire with his troops to Rhode Island. General Clinton will certainly attack Washington's lin
... See More  

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Benedict Arnold... Victory at Camden...

Item #586957

August 04, 1781

THE LONDON CHRONICLE, England, Aug. 4, 1781  Page 2 has a report which includes: "...that since some of Washington's letters were intercepted, discovering the intention of his army in conjunction with the French troops on Long Island to attack Gen. Clinton, a misunderstanding has taken place between Washington and the French General Rochambeau, which is expected will be of more good ... See More  

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Supporting the Non-Importation agreement...

Item #586322

July 21, 1770

THE LONDON CHRONICLE, England, July 21, 1770

* Non-Importation agreement support

The front page has an item headed "America" with a Boston dateline, noting in part: "....sense of our merchants, traders, etc. respecting the non-importation agreement, as meeting was called the day following at Faneuil Hall...it was voted almost unanimously that we would still strictly adhere to ... See More  

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News from America...

Item #583755

September 13, 1773

THE EDINBURGH EVENING COURANT, Scotland, Sept. 13, 1773 

* Native American Indians

Page 2 has a full column of reporting under "America" with reports from Charleston with much on the situation with the Cherokee & Creek Indians, and also bits noting: "...vessels belonging to Rhode Island...carried into New Providence are, we hear, both condemned. One of them had 18 ch... See More  

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Prohibition in America starts...

Item #579926

January 19, 1920

THE SCRANTON TIMES, Scranton, Pennsylvania, January 19, 1920

* Prohibition in America starts 

* No beer - liquor 

This 20 page newspaper has one column headlines on the front page:

"SUPREME COURT IS SPEEDING UP DRY DECISION" "Permits Rhode Island To Institute Original Proceeding To Test" "Validity Of Prohibition Act" which tells of the start of prohi... See More  

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British & American forces in America...

Item #578283

February 03, 1781

THE LONDON CHRONICLE, England, Feb. 3, 1781  Several pages are taken up with reports from the "House of Commons" which includes one bit noting: "...Lord Howe complained of a late publication in which he had been accused of having carried on a correspondence with Dr. Franklin, a little before he took the command in America--the fact was true, but the whole of that treasonable co... See More  

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USS Bennington explosion disaster in 1954...

Item #574041

May 26, 1954

FITCHBURG SENTINEL, Massachusetts, May 26, 1954 

* USS Bennington aircraft carrier

* Explosion disaster

This 30 page newspaper has a nice two line banner headline on the front page: "100 Seamen Die, 220 Injured In Fire Aboard Aircraft Carrier Bennington" with subhead. (see)

Tells of the explosion disaster on board the USS Bennington in Narragansett Bay.

Other n... See More  

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Babe Ruth suspended....

Item #573941

June 20, 1922

NEWPORT DAILY NEWS, Newport, Rhode Island, June 20, 1922  This 10 page newspaper has one column headlines on the front page that include: "RUTH SUSPENDED THREE DAYS AGAIN" "Removed by Johnson for Altercation in Monday's Game" and more. (see)

Tells of Babe Ruth being suspended for arguing with umpire. Ban Johnson warns Ruth to behave or be suspended for the whole Summer.... See More  

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USS S-51 submarine disaster...

Item #572788

September 28, 1925

THE OMAHA MORNING BEE, Omaha, Nebraska, September 28, 1925  This 8 page newspaper has one column headlines on the front page that include:

* Crew Alive ? Diver Hears Faint Knock

* Sub Fishers Spurred to New Effort by Life Sign; May Raise Hulk Today

and more. (see)

This tells of the sinking the USS S-51 (SS-162) submarine near Block Island off of Rhode Island.

Other news of the da... See More  

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E.W.Kemble prints

Item #177846

October 29, 1910

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, October 29, 1910  Contains a great double page print, "Old Man Ananias: 'Welcome, Theodore; That Plank Makes You A Life Member' ", drawn by E.W.Kemble.  Also by Kemble is "The Political Juggler On The Slack Wire".  The front page has "The Late David B. Hill".  Additional prints, news of the day, and period adv... See More  

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James Montgomery Flagg print...

Aeroplane Flight... measuring the altitude...

Item #177844

January 15, 1910

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, January 15, 1910  This issue contains the wonderful double page centerfold print, "Better Than Sugar", by James Montgomery Flagg.  Another print of note is, "A Winter Cargo From Maine", by H.M. Brett.  Also included are: "The Most Important City Official In The World", "The Senatorial Hall Of Fame", by E.W. Kimbl... See More  

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Following the surrender of Burgoyne at Saratoga...

Item #569685

May 16, 1778

THE LONDON CHRONICLE, England, May 16, 1778 

* re. Battle of Saratoga surrender 

* General John Burgoyne 

Page 2 includes: "Yesterday...General Burgoyne arrived in town from Rhode Island...The purpose of Gen. Burgoyne's message is said to be to solicit a ratification of the convention he concluded at Saratoga with Gen. Gates or if that cannot be done (because such a... See More  

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Creating the Committee of Correspondence...

Item #568278

July 13, 1773

THE LONDON CHRONICLE, England, July 13, 1773  An inside page has over half a column headed "America" with news reports from New York and Newport, Rhode Island, the former noting: "...from Surinam...who informs us that the disturbances with the Negroes at that settlement were settled by a smart engagement in which many of them were killed..." and also: "...letters from... See More  

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Ralph Bunche wins Nobel Peace Prize....

Item #565130

September 23, 1950

THE NEW YORK TIMES, New York, NY, September 23, 1950

* Ralph Bunche wins Nobel Peace Prize

* 1st negro winner

* Arab-Israeli mediator

This 32 page newspaper has a two column headline on the front page: "Bunche of U.N. Is Selected For 1950 Nobel Peace Prize" with subhead: "Palestine Mediator's Award First to Negro...." with photo of Bunche.

Tells of the first negro to... See More  

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Great Atlantic Hurricane...

Item #564425

September 15, 1944

THE NEW YORK TIMES, New York, September 15, 1944 

* Great Atlantic Hurricane w/ photos 

* World War II - WWII reporting

This 34 page newspaper has one column headlines on the front page that include: "HURRICANE TEARS DESTRUCTIVE PATH 500 MILES ON COAST" "Jersey and Long Island Towns Hit Hard--Atlantic City's Boardwalk Destroyed" "80-Mile Blasts Ri... See More  

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Item #546576

January 19, 1944

PM DAILY, New York, N.Y., dated January 19, 1944.

Headlines on the frontpage read "Russia's Reaction To Pravda 'Peace' Row" "Jail Terms in Bad Wire Case" "Anti-Semitism Spreads to Rhode Island Towns" "Hitler Plans Fake Anti-Nazi Putsch in Spain". The paper features other war news and stories of the day.

This is a complete issue and is in good conditi... See More  

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Tribute to Arnold Bennett.... Christmas Issue...

Item #177634

December 16, 1911

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, December 16, 1911

The front page of this issue is an illustration of "Christmas Memories" W. E. Mears.

This issue is a Christmas issue, so there are many short stories and color tinted illustrations. These full page illustrations include "Christmas Eve on the Flat-House Roof" by F. Strothmann; "The Great Divide" by George Watson Ba... See More  

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Oscar Bluege...

Item #543198

October 09, 1925

NEWPORT DAILY NEWS, Newport, Rhode Island; dated October 9, 1925.

* Oscar Bluege

* World Series Game Postponed

This issue of the Newport Daily News contains a front page headline which reads:  "Rain Causes Postponement of Third World Series Game".  A photo of Oscar Bluege reads:  "Washington Third Baseman Disabled by Pitched Ball in Thursday's Game". ... See More  

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Item #177602

April 15, 1911

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, dated April 15, 1911

There is a full color cover page on this issue. The front page of this issue is a photo of "An Evangelical Ambassador."

This issue has an illustration of "The Opening of the Extra Session--Shadow and Sunshine in the House" by Kemble. There is an article of "The Thief in the Sky" by D. J. McAdam with illustratio... See More  

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Item #177583

November 26, 1910

HARPER'S WEEKLY,  New York, November 26, 1910

There is a full color cover page on this issue. The front page of this issue is a photo of "Tolstoi, The Tragic Philosopher."

This issue has an illustration of "'The Fight for Progressive Popular Government has Merely Begun'--Theodore Roosevelt" drawn by Kemble. There are photos of "Painting With the Came... See More  

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The Death of Mark Twain....

Item #177563

May 07, 1910

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, dated May 7, 1910  The front page of this issue has a photo of "The Nation's Leading "Fan."" which shows President Taft throwing out the first ball at the Washington Nationals vs. Philadelphia Athletics game.

In this issue, there is an illustration of "Training the Cabinet Birds" by Kemble. There is an article with photos of ... See More  

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The "Florida"/ "Republic" ship crash....

Item #177359

February 06, 1909

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, February 6, 1909  There is a color cover on this issue. The front page of this issue has a photo of "The Old "Maine" and the New in Havana Harbor."

This issue has photos and an article of "The Latest Drama of the Sea." There is a double page illustration of "In 1902 - Still At It" and a full page illustration
... See More  

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Lincoln Centerary Committee.... Automobile Cup...

Item #177351

December 19, 1908

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, December 19, 1908  The front page of this issue has a photo of "Where Night has a Thousand Eyes".

This issue has photos of "Weapons in the War against Tuberculosis"; "The Winning of the Gold Automobile Cup" and a full page photo of "The Lincoln Centenary Committee of New York City." There is a photo of "Edith Wynne M... See More  

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Governors and Guests and White House Conference...

Item #177498

May 30, 1908

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, May 30, 1908  There is a front pg. illustration, "The Prodigal Returns from Brownsville" by W. A.. Rogers. In this issue, there is are photos of "Governors and Distinguished Guests at the White House Conference"; San Francisco's Welcome to the Fleet"; a double pg. illustration of "Cross-Country Run of the Fav... See More  

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King and Crown Prince of Portugal murdered...

Item #177483

February 15, 1908

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, February 15, 1908 There is a front page illustration, "The Mountain and Mahomet" by W. A.. Rogers. There is an article with photos of "The Royal Tragedy at Lisbon." There are photos of "Thirty Years After--Two Views of the Ame Section of New York from the Top of the Brooklyn Tower of the Brooklyn Bridge"; &q... See More  

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The "Rhode Island"....

Item #177480

January 25, 1908

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, January 25, 1908 There is a front page illustration, "Good Business! - Mr. Bryan is Said to Have Made $52,000 Last Year From his Lectures" by W. A.. Rogers. There is an article with photos of "The Work and Play of the Fleet" by Robert Dunn. There are photos of "The Fight Across A Grave for a Dukedom"; an ill... See More  

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The President in Panama....

Item #177422

December 08, 1906

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, December 8, 1906  There is a front page photo, "The President Steam-Shoveling for Facts at Panama" by Underwood & Underwood. There are photos of "An Example of President Roosevelt's Method of Getting in Touch With the Work"; "The President Quizzing Foremen Whom he Called up Beside the Steam-Shovel at Pedro Mi... See More  

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The Death of Lady Curzon.... H.G. Wells...

Item #177405

August 18, 1906

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, August 18, 1906 There is a front page illustration, "The English Cousin Arrives" by George McEvoy. There is both an article, "The Future in America" by H. G. Wells, author of War of the Worlds, and illustrations by Vernon Howe Bailey and E. V. Nanherdy to go with the article. "Japan's Capacity for the Supremacy of the ... See More  

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Tommy Milton Wins Indianapolis 500...

Item #220835

May 31, 1923

THE DETROIT NEWS, Michigan, May 31, 1923.

* Race Car Driver Tommy Milton

* Indianapolis 500 Auto Race

This 44 page newspaper has a banner headline on the front page: "TOMMY MILTON REPEATS 500-MILE VICTORY BEFORE 150,000" with subheads that include: "2 Smash-Ups and Death Mar Speedway Classic" and more. Other news of the day throughout. Usual browning with some margin wear. Should be handled with
... See More  

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Lt. Perry drowns in 1822...

Item #219828

July 10, 1822

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, MA, dated July 10, 1822.


* Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry brother drowns

Page 2 has a report: The native places of the naval officers who were lately drowned on the coast of Chili, were as follows: Lt. Perry, Rhode Island, a brother of Com. Perry... Other news of the day includes: "Fourth Of July" "Horrid Murder" "Navy Affairs" "Steam Boat Line" and mo
... See More  

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Joseph Mckean Bowdoin College 1802....

Item #213833

September 10, 1802



* Joseph McKean

* 1st Bowdoin College President

* 1802 Original

Brief report on page 3: The Rev. Joseph McKean, was formally inducted into the office of Bowdoin College, on the 2d inst. The College Edifice is called Massachusetts Hall.

Other news of the day includes: "Fever At Philadelphia" "The Indians Becoming Tr
... See More  

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Martin Van Buren In 1839...

Item #213395

April 22, 1839



* Martin Van Buren Act

* 1839 Concord NH

* Florida Indians

An Act making appropriations for the...expenses of the Indian Department, and for fulfilling treaty stipulations with the Various Indian tribes, for 1839, signed in type: Martin Van Buren. Other news of the day includes: "Florida Indians" "New York Electi
... See More  

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