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James Jeffries vs. Tom Sharkey... boxing...

Item #638007

November 04, 1899

THE GLOBE, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, November 4, 1899

* James J. Jeffries vs. Tom Sharkey

* Heavyweight boxing championship

* 1st ever on film - motion pictures

The top of page 3 has a one column heading: "VICTORY FOR JEFFRIES" with subheads. (see)

Other news and advertisements of the day. Complete in 4 pages, light toning, minor margin wear, should be handled with care.... See More  

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Bill Waklton, Bob McAdoo & Julius Erving...

Item #161346

March 18, 1972

THE SPORTING NEWS, St. Louis, March 18, 1972  This sporting newspaper is about 100 pages in length and is in terrific condition and has never been bound. This particular issue features BILL WALTON OF THE UCLA BRUINS on the front with text about him in the inside pages. Other photos and supporting articles center around Julius Erving and Bob McAdoo. This issue is loaded with sports news & ... See More  

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Ellis Island...

Item #177080

January 19, 1901

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, January 19, 1901  Fullpage illustration Cavalrymen Rounding Up Poachers in Yellowstone Park; Frontpage illustration of the Subway Construction in New York at Union Square; The Nicaragua Canal Treaty; American Troops in China; fullpage illustration "The Goose Cow - A Nebraska Method of Stalking Wild Geese" by Clarke; fullpage illustration "The New ... See More  

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Item #177091

April 06, 1901

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, April 6, 1901 Fullpage illustration "The Great Arch of the Cathedral of St. John the Divine"; The Distributing Stations of the New York Free Circulating Library; The Capture of Aguinaldo; fullpage "Method of Wrapping the Cables of the New East River Bridge"; City of Morocco; doublepage centerfold "The Spirit of Easter" by Wenzell; P... See More  

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War ship Olympia...

Item #634400

March 21, 1896

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, New York, March 21, 1896  The front cover has "The United States Protected Cruiser Olympia" with an accompanying article. Inside the issue is: "A Great Ice Skating Rink, Washington, D.C."; "Preparation of Lamb and Kid Skins for Gloves"; and more articles, illustrations and advertisements.

Complete in sixteen pages and in very nice condition.... See More  

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Item #177074

November 24, 1900

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, November 24, 1900  A Century of Achievement - Music by Philip Hale; Count von Waldersee at Tientsin; fullpage illustration "Unbridled Bits From The Horse Show"; The Close of the Football Season; doublepage centerfold "Four-in-Hand-Driving Competition At The National Horse Show" by Reay; and other news of the day. See photos for full details.

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Roger Maris wins MVP in 1960...

Item #564224

November 10, 1960

THE PRATT DAILY TRIBUNE, Kansas, November 10, 1960

* Roger Maris wins MLB baseball MVP

* New York Yankees

* JFK 1960 election

This 8 page newspaper has a three column headline on page 5: "Maris, MVP Award Winner, Says Yanks Will Win Again" with photo of Maris. (see)

Other news of the day with follow up reporting on John F. Kennedy winning the Presidential election on the front... See More  

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1870 Brooklyn Baseball Game With Box Scores...

Item #201224

August 21, 1870

THE NEW YORK TIMES, Aug. 21, 1870.

Page 5 has: " Base-Ball" "An Exciting Contest in Brooklyn--another Victory for the Blue Stocking--Defeat of the Stars". Summary and box score, with mention of the first appearance by Hicks, the star catcher who played for the Stars. Says the winning Blue Stockings of Forest City were given numerous bouquets from their " lady admirers&q... See More  

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Early baseball...

Item #208832

September 07, 1865

THE NEW YORK TRIBUNE, Sept. 7, 1865  On the front page under The Field & Base Ball is a brief summary and box score of a match between the Gotham and Eckford clubs. There is also a very brief dispatch about the contest between the Maryland club of Baltimore and the National club of Washington, won by Washington. Nice to have on the front page.

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Item #177110

August 17, 1901

HARPER'S WEEKLY, August 17, 1901, from New York. fullpage "Tantalus-in-Town" poem and drawings by Louis Akin; fullpage illustration "Music at Marine Park, Boston" by Toaspern; House-Boat Life in the United States; doublepage centerfold photos "Fifth Avenue, as Seen from the Top of a Stage"; fullpage "The Laughing Girl" by Sir Joshua Reynolds; Old Home We... See More  

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Item #177136

February 15, 1902

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, February 15, 1902 Frontpage illustration "Snow-Bound" by Vosburgh; doublepage photos of The New Home of the Society of the Lying-In Hospital; fullpage photo The Donor and Trustees of the Carnegie University; fullpage illustration "A Visit to the Studio"; The Higher Education of the Horse with photos; fullpage photo A Royal Mother; fullpage &q... See More  

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Item #212297

July 20, 1935

LIBERTY magazine, New York, July 20, 1935. This is the complete issue of this popular title with a nice color cover showing a young lady playing tennis (see photo). The back page has a nice color ad for Lucky Strike cigarettes. Article entitled "Splendid Hazards" by Charles B. Parmer.  Very nice condition, and measuring about 8 1/4 by 11 1/2 inches.

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New York Giants very last baseball game....

Item #590764

September 30, 1957

THE DETROIT FREE PRESS, Michigan, September 30, 1957

* New York Giants (San Francisco)

* Final game played (1st report)

This 48 page newspaper has a small one column heading in the sport's section (page 39): "Fans Go Berserk At the Thought Of Losing Giants"

See photo for 1st report brief coverage on the very last baseball game played by the famous New York Giants before the... See More  

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New York Yankees 1928 World Series....

Item #550546

October 09, 1928

THE SPRINGFIELD UNION, Springfield, Massachusetts, October 9, 1928


* New York Yankees World Series

* St. Louis Cardinals

* Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig era

This 24 page newspaper has a two column headline on the front page: "Cardinals Make Last Stand Today With Sherdel in Box" with subhead.

Much more on page 18 including related photos.You can see a lot of it in the photos b... See More  

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Item #211742

August 22, 1936

LIBERTY magazine, New York, August 22, 1936. This is the complete issue of this popular title with a nice color cover showing a lady water skiing (see photo). The back page has a nice color ad for Lucky Strike cigarettes. Articles include "Battling Baseball" by Johnny Evers and "The Case New Jersey Would Like To Forget" by C. Lloyd Fisher.  Very nice condition, and measuring about 8 ... See More  

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Honus Wagner death...

Item #556637

December 06, 1955

LEOMINSTER DAILY ENTERPRISE, Massachusetts, December 6, 1955  This 12 page newspaper has a two column headline on page 6: "HONUS WAGNER, ALL-TIME GREAT SHORTSTOP, DIES AT 81 NEAR PITTSBURGH"

Other news of the day including a report on the upcoming fight involving Sugar Ray Robinson late in his career. (see)

Light browning at the margins, otherwise in good condition.

wikipedia n... See More  

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Babe Ruth reinstated into baseball...

Item #569136

September 07, 1925

THE WORLD, New York City, September 7, 1925 


* Babe Ruth reinstated into baseball 

* New York Yankees - MLB baseball 

This 24 page newspaper has a one column headline on page 6: "Ruth Reinstated, Will Play To-Day"

Other news of the day. Some browning and little wear around the margins, otherwise good.... See More  

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A wealth of inventions and period ads...

Item #202482

January 01, 1922

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, January, 1922, New York, New York 

This issue contains the following prints, articles and/or ads: America's Domestic Food Supply; The Radio Central; Comets That Have Lost Their Tails; From Steamer to Sailing Ship; With Eye-Piece and Camera; Naval Construction in Japan; Noises for the Movies; Bomb and Bombing Sights; and other articles and ads. This issue is in good... See More  

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Item #177068

May 05, 1900

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, May 5, 1900 The Opening of the Paris Exposition; The Boer War; doublepage centerfold "The Sunday Crowd At The Paris Exposition"; and other news of the day. See photo for full details.

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Item #151853

January 07, 1882

CALIFORNIA SPIRIT OF THE TIMES, San Francisco, Jan. 7, 1882 The ftpg. has: "Base-Ball" "Renos vs. Californias". In the summary it mentions that Johnny Ward, "famous pitcher of the Providence Club", umpired the game and that he would pitch for the Californias the next day. Includes the box score. A few tears at the spine, minor margin tears, traces of foxing.

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Lou Gehrig... Cal Ripken...

Item #161054

September 06, 1995

"STADIUM EXTRA" of the SUN newspaper from Baltimore, dated Sept. 6, 1995, celebrating Cal Ripken breaking Lou Gehrig's record by playing in 2131 consecutive games. See the photo below for the terrific front page, making this a very nice issue for display. This is a 4 page "Extra" edition which is quite scarce, different from the regular newstand edition of that day. Some ye... See More  

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Largest MLB winning margin.....

Item #563278

June 09, 1950

THE NEW YORK TIMES, New York, June 9, 1950

* Boston Red Sox

* Biggest lopsided game

* MLB baseball

This 50 page newspaper has a banner headline on page 33: "Red Sox Overwhelm Browns Second Day in Row, Set 4 Major League Records" with subheads. (see)

Tells of the largest winning margin in Major League Baseball history.

Other news of the day throughout. Light browning with a... See More  

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Longest scoreless MLB game in history...

Item #650993

April 16, 1968

FITCHBURG SENTINEL, Massachusetts, April 16, 1968

* Longest scoreless MLB baseball game ever

* Houston Astros vs. New York Mets

This 22 page newspaper has a three column headline on page 10: "Astros Outlast Mets In 24-Inning Thriller" and related photo. Tells of the longest scoreless baseball game in MLB history which was tied 0-0 until the 24th inning.

Other news of the day. L... See More  

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Item #177137

February 22, 1902

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, February 22, 1902  Frontpage photo Princess Henry of Prussia; The Harvard Astronomical observatory in Peru with photos; fullpage photo of  The Composer of "Manru" - Ignace Jan Paderewski; fullpage photo The German Suspended Mono-Rail System; College Girls and Basket-Ball; fullpage photo Mrs. Craig Biddle; doublepage centerfold "A Morning Rece... See More  

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Item #544497

March 28, 1857

PORTER'S SPIRIT OF THE TIMES, New York, March 28, 1857.

* Chess

As noted in the masthead: "A Chronicle of the Turf, Field Sports, Literature and the Stage", this is a volume 1 issue of a very early sporting publication. Near the back of the issue is a column entitled:  "Our Chess Department", which includes a chess "problem of the week" in addition to the s... See More  

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Nonpareil Dempsey...

Item #604789

March 15, 1886

THE DETROIT FREE PRESS, Detroit, Michigan,  March 15, 1886

* Nonpareil Dempsey (Jack Dempsey)

* Early boxing match - pugilists

The front page has one column headings: "Dempsey Downs La Blanche" "A Fight to a Finish by the Middle-Weight Champions" "Thirteen Desperately Contested Rounds" and more.

Other news and advertisements of the day. Complete in 4 page... See More  

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Prize fighter killed...

Item #605316

March 02, 1883

THE NEW YORK TIMES, March 2, 1883

* Boxing - boxer

* James Elliott murder

* Jerry Dunn

The front page has one column headings: "A PRIZE-FIGHTER KILLED" "James Elliott Murdered By Jerry Dunn" and more. See images for text. Nice to have in this venerable newspaper title.

Other news of the day throughout. Complete in 8 pages, light browning, a little margin wear, other go... See More  

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Potrait sketch of Brigadier-General Joseph Wheeler...

Item #177043

May 19, 1900

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, May 19, 1900  Portrait sketch from life of "Brigadier-General Joseph Wheeler"; The Paris Exposition; The Klondike Output for 1900; colored fullpage political cartoon; and other news of the day. See photos for full details.

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Item #177046

June 09, 1900

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, June 9, 1900 Doublepage centerfold "One Of The Season's Most Popular After-Dinner Speakers" by Walker; The Paris Exposition; Cape Nome; The Boer War; and other news of the day. See photos for full details.

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Item #177124

November 23, 1901

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, November 23, 1901  Front page illustration: "Juding a Tandem" by Klepper; two pages of photos The Annual New York Horse Show; The National Horse Show; full page illustration Pictures at the Pittsburgh Exhibition; National Beagle Trials; doublepage centerfold photos: "Horse-Show Week in New York; several pages of Christmas Book Hints; and other new... See More  

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Item #548537

December 22, 1965

THE EVENING TELEGRAM, Herimer-Ilion, New York, December 22, 1965

* Gale Sayers wins rookie of the year

* The Kansas Comet

* Chicago Bears football

This 12 page newspaper has a two column headline on page 8:

* Rookie of the Year Is Bears Gale Sayers

Also another headline on the same page reads: "Butkus, Sayers Receive Billing as Super-Stars"

Other news of the day. Close ... See More  

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Publication for the farmer's wife... Lou Gehrig in advertisement...

Item #561876

June 01, 1935

THE FARMER'S WIFE, from St. Paul, Minnesota, dated June, 1935  This is a monthly publication with the front cover featuring an illustration of a young lady in a brimmed hat. The issue has a variety of content inside including stories, topics for the farmer's wife, home cooking, recipes and a variety of advertisements, some which are in color.

The backpage of this issue features Lou Gehrig
... See More  

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Willie Mays 600th home run....

Item #564840

September 23, 1969

LEOMINSTER ENTERPRISE, Massachusetts, September 23, 1969

* Willie Mays 600th home run

* San Francisco Giants

* MLB baseball

This 12 page newspaper has a one column headline on page 7: "Mays Wallops Home Run 600". He was only the 2nd MLB player to achieve this at the time.

Other news of the day. Some small binding holes along the spine, otherwise in good condition.... See More  

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The Sporting News . . .

Nearly Every Issue From 1939 - 1988

Item #161374

January 01, 1939

The Sporting News . . . We have an extensive inventory of The Sporting News which contains nearly every issue from 1939 through 1988. If you want an issue with a headline for a particular sport, or an issue from a particular year, feel free to mention this in the comment field when you place your order. Keep in mind, Hall of Fame issues are sold individually at significantly higher prices.

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"Arrival In Paris - No Room"

Item #177042

May 12, 1900

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, May 12, 1900  Doublepage centerfold "Arrival In Paris - No Room" by de Thulstrup. Scenes at the Paris Exposition; The New York Music Season of 1899-1900; and other news of the day. See photos for full details.

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Tennis, Track, Boxing, and Baseball...

Item #217143

July 20, 1935

MID-WEEK PICTORIAL, Supplement to the New York Times, July 20, 1935  Full front page shows the two finalists in the Wimbledon tennis tournament, Mrs. Helen Wills Moody & Miss Helen Jacobs. Near the back is a fullpg. with 4 photos on: "All Star Baseball" with photos including Mel Ott, Pepper Martin & Jimmy Foxx (see photos) in action.  Another photo shows: "
... See More  

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Capture of Bowling Green, Kentucky...

Item #680465

May 23, 1864


* Bowling Green, Kentucky

* Battle of Resaca, Georgia

* Tunnel Hill, Georgia

Among the front page column heads on the Civil War are: "Lee Is Retreating Before General Grant" "Capture of Bowling Green" "News From General Butler" "Campaign in Northern Georgia" "The Great Battle of Resaca" "Captur... See More  

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Sonny Liston vs. Floyd Patterson... boxing...

Item #596266

July 23, 1963

LEOMINSTER DAILY ENTERPRISE, Leominster, Massachusetts, July 23, 1963

* Sonny Liston vs. Floyd Patterson

* Heavyweight boxing title fight

* Prelude to Muhammad Ali

Page 5 has a three column headline: "Liston Remains Champion With First Round K. O." with caption: "It Took 4 More Seconds" 1st report coverage on Sonny Liston retaining his heavyweight boxing title... See More  

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Stephen Douglas & Abraham Lincoln... Early baseball report...

Item #654939

September 07, 1858

THE NEW YORK TIMES, Sept. 7, 1858 

* Stephen Douglass & Abraham Lincoln

* Early baseball in New York City

The ftpg. has headlines & text on: "The Staten Island War" "Further Arrests" "Suspension of Superintendent Tallmadge" and more (see photos).

Pg. 4 has an article headed: "The President & Mr. Douglas" which mentions Lincoln as wel... See More  

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Joe Louis... Heavyweight boxing title fight...

Item #599861

February 01, 1941

THE TOPEKA DAILY CAPITAL, Kansas, February 1, 1941

* Joe Louis - Brown Bomber

* Clarence (Red) Burman

* Heavyweight boxing title fight

The sport's section (page 13) has a seven column headline: "Joe Louis Stops Burman in Fifth With Right Smash to Heart"

with subheads and small photo of Louis. (see photos) Other news, sports and advertisements of the day with much on World ... See More  

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Michael Scott wins The Amateur Championship at 55....

Item #636481

June 25, 1933

THE NEW YORK TIMES, sport's section only, June 25, 1933

* Michael Scott - English amateur golfer

* The British Amateur Championship

* Oldest ever to win

The front page of this section has a one column heading: "SCOTT AT 55 WINS BRITISH GOLF TITLE" with subheads. (see) First report coverage on English amateur golfer, Michael Scott, becoming the oldest winner of The Amateur Ch... See More  

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Pre Civil War Baseball, 1858....

Item #221255

September 11, 1858

NEW YORK HERALD, September 11, 1858  Page 5 report: The Great Base Ball Match between Brooklyn and New York--The New Yorkers Victorious. One paragraph summary of this match played at the Fashion Course says there were over five thousand spectators and that...the New Yorkers won handsomely. Has a box score of the game. Other news of the day includes: "The Norwalk Tragedy" "Th
... See More  

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Walter Johnson...

Item #561192

June 10, 1933

THE NEW YORK TIMES, June 10, 1933 

* Walter Johnson 

* Cleveland Indians 

* MLB baseball

This 28 page newspaper has one column headlines on page 10: "JOHNSON IS NAMED TO PILOT INDIANS" "Signs for This Year and Next After Peckinpaugh Is Dropped as Leader"

Tells of Walter Johnson becoming the new Cleveland Indians manager.

Other news of the... See More  

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Babe Ruth nears end of career...

Item #590116

July 29, 1932

THE OMAHA BEE-NEWS, Omaha, Nebraska, July 29, 1932

* Babe Ruth to return to pitching?

* New York Yankees - NYY

* Major league baseball

This 26 page newspaper has a seven column headline on page 21: "Ruth May Return to Pitching Duty With Yanks" with subheads that include: "Babe Through As Day-To-Day Ball Player" and more. See photos for text here.

Other news, sports a... See More  

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Campaign item against Eldridge Gerry for governor...

Item #584752

March 27, 1811

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, Massachusetts,  March 27, 1811

* Anti-Eldridge Gerry campaign

The front page has a black-bordered item headed: "Oppression Maketh A Wise Man Mad" & "Black List" which is essentially a campaign promotion with a list of American vessels: "...laden with American Property--Sailing under the Authority & Laws of the United States...... See More  

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Charles Comiskey robbery & murder plot...

Item #595526

August 27, 1920

THE BETHLEHEM TIMES, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, August 27, 1920

* Charles Comiskey murder plot

* Chicago White Sox game

The front page has one column headlines: "BOY BANDITS PLANNED TO KILL BASEBALL HEAD", "And Steal Receipts of Chicago White Sox Game", "Expected To Get $40,000", "When 'Babe' Ruth Would Draw Record Breaking Crowd&... See More  

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Mel Ott last career home run...

Item #566846

April 17, 1946

THE NEW YORK TIMES, New York, April 17, 1946  This 52 page newspaper has one column headlines on page 34: "GIANTS' FAST START ROUTS PHILLIES, 8-4" "Ott and Lombardi Hit Homers for 4 Runs in First, Then 2 in Second Game" and more. (see) This was actually Mel Ott's last career home run.

Various other baseball reports with nice photo on page 35 showing President Harry Tru... See More  

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Bob Fitzsimmons vs. James J. Corbett...

Item #591671

March 24, 1897

THE ATLANTA CONSTITUTION, Atlanta, Georgia, March 24, 1897

* Bob Fitzsimmons vs. James J. "Jim" Corbett

* Heavyweight boxing title

This 10 page newspaper has one column headlines on the front page: "FITZ AND JIM HAVE QUIET TALK", "After Taking Soft Drinks They Sit Down in a Corner", "Each Shows His Wounds", "Corbett Asks Fitz... See More  

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Babe Ruth's Yankees contract ?....

Item #564314

March 08, 1930

THE DAY, New London, Connecticut, March 8, 1930

* Babe Ruth nearing the end of his career

* New York Yankees contract disagreement

* MLB baseball

This 18 page newspaper has a two column headline on page 12: "Babe Rejects $160,000 For Two-Contract".

Tells of Babe Ruth dealing with his new contract extension. He would agree with Yankee management the following day.

Other ne... See More  

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1931 Jack Sharkey....

Item #580383

July 22, 1931

MEMPHIS EVENING APPEAL, Tennessee, July 22, 1931

* Boxer Jack Sharkey

* Heavyweight boxing odds

This 16 page newspaper has a nice six column headline on the front page: "SHARKEY IS 3 TO 1 FAVORITE", with subheads (see images). Nice to have this report on the front page and very unusual for such a nice headline here as well. Nice for display.

Other news of the day with period a... See More  

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