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Native American Interest

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Indian troubles... Angry at the tax collectors...

Item #661836

June 13, 1768

THE BOSTON CHRONICLE, Massachusetts, June 13, 1768 

* Pre Revolutionary War tensions

Included are reports under the heading "America" from Charleston, Philadelphia, Boston, Newport, & New York, including a letter "...from the Cherokee country, informs us...upper Cherokee towns are greatly harassed by several parties of Indians from the Ohio & Mississippi who kill ... See More  

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Regarding Ben Franklin's "A Magic Square of Squares"...

Item #652752

July 01, 1768

THE GENTLEMAN'S MAGAZINE, London, July, 1768 (offered at a significantly reduced price - see note regarding the magic square plate)

Perhaps the most notable content is the article on an inside page titled: "Surprising Properties of Numbers placed in Dr. Franklin's Magic Square of Squares," which is a fascinating article describing Benjamin Franklin's amazing numerical puzzle... See More  

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A plea for separation of church & state... Indian troubles...

Item #621979

September 17, 1768

THE LONDON CHRONICLE, England, Sept. 17, 1768  Over one-third of a page is taken p with a letter concerning: "The establishment of a Protestant episcopate in America is also very zealously contended for; and is very alarming to a people whose fathers, from the hardships they suffered under such an establishment, were obliged to fly their native country into a wilderness in order peaceabl... See More  

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Patriotic plea by John Dickinson... John Hancock & his troubles...

Item #642654
THE GENTLEMAN'S MAGAZINE, London, January, 1769  Contents include: "A New Voyage to the West Indies, Giving an Account of the various Nations that dwell near the great river Mississippi, ..." which is extremely descriptive of the western lands of America and the native American Indians in the area (see for portions) and taking over 4 pages; "...Letter from General Paoli to ... See More  

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Hoping for the duties to be repealed...

Item #645765

August 19, 1769

THE LONDON CHRONICLE, England, Aug. 19, 1769  Page 2 has a report from Charleston concerning: "...the Creek and Choctaw Indians have lately had an engagement near Mobile in which the latter came off victorious..." with more (see). Also a letter from Charleston which mentions in part: "...has begun an association here not to import sundry goods from England until the duty acts a... See More  

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No new taxes for America, & some to be removed...

Item #601363

December 21, 1769


* Pre Revolutionary War tensions

* American colonies & England

Page 2 has a report from Williamsburg, Virginia, headed "America" which notes: "...informs us that they are in daily apprehension of an Indian war in consequence of the late murders committed on those people..." with a bit more. Also a report from Boston which inc... See More  

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Boundary dispute with the Cherokees...

Item #597350

December 25, 1770

THE LONDON CHRONICLE, England, Dec. 25, 1770 

* Cherokee Indians

Page 2 has a short item headed "America" with a Charleston dateline concerning a meeting with Indians over a border dispute.

Eight pages, 8 1/2 by 11 1/4 inches, great condition.

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Discovery of perpetual motion...

Item #617544
THE GENTLEMAN'S MAGAZINE, London, April, 1772  Among the articles in this issue are; "Memoirs of the Life of Sir Henry Fynes" "Characteristics of Saxon and Norman Architecture" "Perpetual Motion Said to be Discovered" and other items. Near the back is the "Historical Chronicle" which has the latest news reports of the day. Included is a report from ... See More  

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Voltaire's accusations against Jews refuted...

Item #620302
THE GENTLEMAN'S MAGAZINE, London, May, 1772  Among the articles within is the continuation of an article begun in the January issue: "Voltaire's Charge Against the Jews Refuted" which takes nearly 2 pages & is continued from a past and in a future issue (see images for portions). One of the accusations refuted is his belief that Jews made it a practice to sacrifice human... See More  

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News from America...

Item #583755

September 13, 1773

THE EDINBURGH EVENING COURANT, Scotland, Sept. 13, 1773 

* Native American Indians

Page 2 has a full column of reporting under "America" with reports from Charleston with much on the situation with the Cherokee & Creek Indians, and also bits noting: "...vessels belonging to Rhode Island...carried into New Providence are, we hear, both condemned. One of them had 18 ch... See More  

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Indian and slave troubles...

Item #638466

November 16, 1773

THE LONDON CHRONICLE, England, Nov. 16, 1773 

* Early American Indians

* U.S. Slaves insurrection

* Pre Revolutionary War

An inside page has most of a column taken up with news from the New  York Gazette, one beginning: "A scouting party of the Oneida Indians...returned from an attack \of some of their enemies to the Southward, either Choctaws or Cherokees..." with mor... See More  

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Trouble with Indians...

Item #638465

November 18, 1773

THE LONDON CHRONICLE, England, Nov. 18, 1773  Half a column on an inside page is headed "America" with reports from New  York and Charleston, including one beginning: "The Seneka Indians have killed four Frenchmen & robbed a canoe..." and another report concerns the slave insurrection in Honduras (see). The same page has over half a column taken up with a letter f... See More  

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Ben Franklin... The "second" Boston Tea Party...

Item #640255

* The Second Boston Tea Party

* Dr. Benjamin Franklin

Among the articles in this issue are: "...Address & Petition presented to the King...previous to his Majesty's signing the Bill for the better Government of Quebec" "Conjectures Concerning the Phenomenon of Saturn's Ring" "A Wonderful Improvement... See More  

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Famous "Unite Or Die" engraving in the masthead...

Item #633692

November 16, 1774


* Benjamin Franklin's "Unite Or Die" cartoon

If there was one graphic which represented the spirit of the Revolutionary War it would have to be the ubiquitous segmented snake with the famous "Unite Or Die" caption.  The engraving, a prominent device in the masthead o
... See More  

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Famous "Unite Or Die" engraving in the masthead...

Item #649969

November 30, 1774

THE PENNSYLVANIA JOURNAL; AND THE WEEKLY ADVERTISER, Philadelphia, November 30, 1774  If there was one graphic which represented the spirit of the Revolutionary War it would have to be the ubiquitous segmented snake with the famous "Unite Or Die" caption.  The engraving, a prominent device in the masthead of this newspaper, shows a snake cut into various pieces, each with a
... See More  

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Trouble brewing in America...

Item #567993

December 06, 1774

THE LONDON CHRONICLE, England, December 6, 1774  The entire front page is taken up with a review of a pamphlet titled: "The Interest of the Merchants and Manufacturers of Great Britain in the present Contest with the Colonies stated & considered", which begins with: "This writer begins with shewing the great obligations the colonists have been under to Great Britain from
... See More  

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Famous "Unite Or Die" engraving in the masthead...

Item #649963

December 07, 1774


* Benjamin Franklin's "Unite Or Die" cartoon

If there was one graphic which represented the spirit of the Revolutionary War it would have to be the ubiquitous segmented snake with the famous "Unite Or Die" caption. 

The engraving, a prominent device in the masthead
... See More  

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America At War...

The Great War Collection...

Item #561531
THE GREAT WAR COLLECTION - A great opportunity for an instant collection encompassing every American war. You get ten (now eleven) original/authentic newspapers, one each for:

French & Indian War, Revolutionary War, War of 1812, Mexican War, Civil War, Spanish-American War, World War I, World War II, Korean War, Vietnam War, and now, a key issue from Gulf War.

The earliest two are Britis... See More  

Wholesale Lot: typically more than one item/set available!

This item is not eligible for free shipping.

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Washington, Howe, and Burgoyne...

Item #651244
THE GENTLEMAN'S MAGAZINE, London, June, 1778  An inside page has a graphic depiction of a: "Plan of the Encampment of a Battalion of Six Companies of Infantry" with related text. An article debates on Burgoyne and the charge against him of: "...employing savages...ever esteemed the Indian alliances, at best, a necessary evil..." with more. Another page has "Gen. W... See More  

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British account of the Battle of Stono Ferry, and the Battle of Chemung, New York...

Item #658748

September 02, 1779

THE AMERICAN JOURNAL & GENERAL ADVERTISER, Providence, Rhode Island, Sept. 2, 1779  A truly rare title from the Revolutionary War, as it lasted for less than 1 1/2 years from March, 1779 to August, 1781.

Nearly one-third of page 2 is a letter from an officer in the British army from Port Royal with his account of the Battle at Stono Ferry, a failed attempt by the Americans, under General... See More  

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Work towards creating a treaty with America... Latest on the war...

Item #658767

September 30, 1779

THE AMERICAN JOURNAL & GENERAL ADVERTISER, Providence, Rhode Island, Sept. 30, 1779  A truly rare title from the Revolutionary War, as it lasted for less than 1 1/2 years from March, 1779 to August, 1781.

The front page begins with a report from the House of Commons concerning the appointment of commissioners to work with America towards a treaty, with 6 of the terms noted. They include:... See More  

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Beautiful masthead... On the Battle of Eutaw Springs...

Item #642512

December 29, 1781


* Battle of Eutaw Springs

* Great masthead engraving for display

I have always thought  this newspaper has one of the finest masthead, featuring an uncommonly large engraving with an Indian and an angel on either side of the "Journal", plus a 3-masted ship & other embellishments (... See More  

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Reaction to the surrender of Cornwallis at Yorktown...

Item #658847

March 26, 1782

THE CONNECTICUT COURANT & WEEKLY INTELLIGENCER, Hartford, March 26, 1782  Page 2 has some nice reporting on the military events further to the west, from a letter from Kentucky dated Dec. 6. It reports on the work of General Clarke near Fort Pitt, Colonel Loughrie, and some events near Detroit. An item mentions: "...that the enemy had evacuated John's Island about six miles from ... See More  

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Ben Franklin asks to resign...

Item #649653

April 22, 1783


* Benjamin Franklin wants to resign

Page 3 has a brief item: "Dr. Franklin has written to Congress requesting permission to resign his public employment, 'the business being too weighty for his old shoulders'. Such was the Doctor's expression."

Page 7 is mostly taken up with: "American News" which talks of ships leav... See More  

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Much on the virtues of coffee... Still with both plates...

Item #654916

December 01, 1785

THE GENTLEMAN'S MAGAZINE, London, December, 1785  Contains a wide range of articles with one of the more interesting being: "Dr. Moseley's Elucidation of the Virtues of Coffee" taking nearly 3 pages. Near the back is news headed: "America" taking almost an entire page and reports on an Indian treaty & other events from the United States & Canada (see).

Con... See More  

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A woman attempts to assassinate King George III...

Item #652664

August 10, 1786

THE LONDON CHRONICLE, England, Aug. 10, 1786 

* King George III murder attempt

* Margaret Nicholson

Beginning on the front page & taking over a column on pg. 2 is a nice account of the attempted assassination of King George III by Margaret Nicholson, an event which received much attention at the time, in fact Wikipedia has a nice account on her. Part of the report notes: "...... See More  

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Botany Bay... Rules for servants... Indian skirmishes in America...

Item #647032
THE GENTLEMAN'S MAGAZINE, London, December, 1786 Inside has nearly a full page relating to Botany Bay being established as a penal colony, headed: "The Botany Bay Business Defended" which is a critical response to the lengthy Botany Bay discussion in the previous issue (see Gentleman's Magazine for November, 1786). One bit mentions: "...they have now comfortable beds. Former... See More  

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Massacre of Indian chiefs...

Item #639039

March 24, 1787

THE LONDON CHRONICLE, England, March 24, 1787  The bottom of the  back page has a report noting "...from North America, which mention that several Indian Chiefs who had assembled for the purpose of holding a council, hostile to the United States, had been surprised & put to death by a party of the American army. The celebrated Joseph Brendt...and another chief escaped the massac... See More  

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"The Slave" (anonymous), a poem from the slave state of Maryland...

Great description of America's first capitol building...

Item #670165
THE MASSACHUSETTS MAGAZINE OR MONTHLY MUSEUM, Boston, June, 1789 This is the 6th issue of this uncommon magazine by famed publisher Isaiah Thomas. When it comes to noteworthy content, it is hard to know where to begin.

Starting from the back is the poem, "The Slave," (author anonymous) which is a thought-provoking anti-slavery poem printed in the slave-state of Maryland. Also interestin... See More  

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Report of the late revolution in France...

Item #620305
THE GENTLEMAN'S MAGAZINE, London England, October, 1789  Among the articles are: "Mr. Badcock to Dr. Priestley" "Accurate Description of Fraser's New Carolina Grass" which includes  full pages plate of it; "The Hill of Howth" in Ireland, which includes a very nice full page plate of it; , and much more.

Near the back is over 4 pages of an: "Acc... See More  

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The slave trade... William Wilberforce... General Wayne slaughters the Indians...

Item #629877
THE GENTLEMAN'S MAGAZINE, London,  July, 1790  Included is an interesting article on an: "Apparatus of Humanity" with a related full page print captioned: "Apparatus For Communicating Heat to Bodies Apparently Dead" (see). Also a review of a new book: "The Slave Trade Indispensable; in Answer to the Speech of William Wilberforce". Further on under the he... See More  

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Thomas Jefferson... Indian troubles on the frontier...

Item #670749

March 17, 1791


* Nice 18th century American publication

Beginning on the ftpg. & take part of page 2 is the continued: "Report of the Secretary of State on the Subject of the Cod & Whale Fisheries" signed in type: Thomas Jefferson.

Page 3 has another letter signed in type: Thomas Jefferson, plus a letter from W... See More  

Item from Catalog 297 (released for August, 2020)...

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Alexander McGillivray & the Creeks Indians...

Item #656510

August 23, 1791


* Alexander McGillivray

* Creek Indians Nation

A front page report from Winchester includes: "...the report of McGillivry [Alexander McGillivray, Creek Indian Chief] having quitted the Creeks is on account of their hostile disposition towards the U.S. is void of foundation..." with a bit more on this.

... See More  

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Discovery of a water route from the Atlantic to the Pacific...

Item #629189

October 01, 1791

THE GENTLEMAN'S MAGAZINE, England, October, 1791  Near the back is news headed: "America" which reports on some troubles with various Indian tribes, plus a note that: " tracing the lakes from Hudson's Straits to the ,Straits of Juan de Fuca [on the west coast of Canada] by a man and a boy, a passage has been discovered from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean without... See More  

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Plan to create a nobility for the United States...

Item #646172
THE AMERICAN MUSEUM, Philadelphia, May, 1792  This title, along with the "Columbian Magazine", has the honor of being the first successful American magazine, both published in Philadelphia. The Museum was published by Mathew Carey and existed from January, 1787 thru the end of 1792.

Content includes a nearly full page: "Meteorological Observations" chart for April; "... See More  

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Achieving a peace with the Indians near Pittsburgh...

Item #666369

January 12, 1793


* 18th century America publication

Page 3 has a half column report from Pittsburgh concerning the arrival of soldiers from Virginia, which notes near the beginning: "...are sincerely inform the inhabitants of the western country that there is now a prospect of a speedy & general peace with th... See More  

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Peace with the Creek Indian Nation...

Item #629053
GENTLEMAN'S MAGAZINE, London, March, 1794  Among the articles is: "Observations on the Jewish Festival of the New Moon" which takes 3 1/2 pages. Near the back is news headed: "America" which is a letter from Augusta, Georgia, concerning relations with the Creek Indian Nation noting in part: " consequence of a meeting which I have had at this place with the ch... See More  

Discounted (as shown) by 50% through October 15, 2020!

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The Chickasaw & Creek Indians... Celebrating Washington's birthday...

Item #665069

February 27, 1795

GAZETTE OF THE UNITED STATES, Philadelphia, Feb. 27, 1795 

* 18th century Native Americans - Indians

* President George Washington's birthday

Most of page 2 is taken up with very lengthy reporting from Congress. Page 3 has a nice report from Knoxville, concerning a skirmish between the Chickasaw and Creek Indians with more as well. Page 3 also has: "The Patriot Festival"... See More  

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Trouble with the Indians...

Item #664227

February 28, 1795


* Native Americans - Indians

Page 2 has an items concerning John Adams as ambassador to The Netherlands. Page 3 has two nice articles concerning relations with Indians, one beginning: "The Western Posts, which have so long been a bone of contention between the U.S. and Great Britain and which are to be delivered up to ... See More  

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Reports on the Indians...

Item #659397

April 22, 1795


* Uncommon title

* Native Americans

Page 3 has a report from "Pittsburgh" prefaced with: "We are informed that a party of land-jobbers from the neighbourhood of Whelin [Wheeling?], have returned there & brought in with them an Indian Scalp. The circumstances as related to us are as follows:..." and... See More  

Item from Catalog 297 (released for August, 2020)...

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Indian troubles near Fort Hamilton...

Item #659391

May 06, 1795


* Northwest Indian War

* Fort Hamilton - Ohio

* Chief Blue Jacket

Page 3 has 3 reports concerning affairs with Indians near Fort Hamilton (see). Various other news of the day and a wealth of ads.

Four pages, never bound nor trimmed, a bit of light damp staining, good condition.... See More  

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Item #655303

October 01, 1795

FEDERAL ORRERY, Boston, Oct. 1, 1795 

* Uncommon title

The ftpg. has two items on the Yellow Fever which was ravaging the East Coast at the time. Inside has: "Peace Between France & Spain" and another item begins: "There has a general and (apparently) sincere peace just taken place between the Creeks and the United States..." with some detail. 

Four pages, ... See More  

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Uncommon title...

Item #652521

October 03, 1795

COURIER OF NEW HAMPSHIRE, Concord, Oct. 3, 1795

* Rare 18th century American title

Certainly one of the less common American 18th century newspapers. The entire front page is taken up with a continued portion of: "New French Constitution - Plan of a Constitution for the French Republic" with much of the inside pages being items from Europe as well. Most of the back page is taken up... See More  

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George Washington writes concerning the Jay Treaty...

Item #665307

November 12, 1795

FEDERAL ORRERY, Boston. Nov. 12. 1795 

* George Washington letter

* re. John Jay's Treaty

Page 2 has: "Indian Intelligence - Of the Creeks" which is most of a column with details on relations with them & other tribes. The report is datelined from Savannah.

Page 3 has a letter signed in type by the President: Geo. Washington, concerning the controversial Jay Treaty, o... See More  

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Repairing St. Paul's Covent Garden...

Item #669083

December 02, 1795


* St. Paul's, Covent Garden

Page 2 has an item from London headed: "St. Paul's Covent Garden" noting: "...repairs of which near 5000 pounds have...been expended was entirely destroyed by fire. The flames broke out in the cupola...".

Page 3 has a report of a meeting between Indian chiefs ... See More  

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Huge treaty with the Indians, signed by Washington...

Item #662711

January 23, 1796

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, Jan. 23, 1796 

* President George Washington

* Native Americans - Indians treaty

Taking most of the front page & a portion of page 2 a treaty, headed at the top of pg. 1 with a script signature of the President: George Washington, and beginning: "Whereas a treaty of peace and friendship between the United States of America & the tribes of Indian... See More  

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George Washington script signatures... Paul Revere...

Item #671157

May 04, 1796

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, May 4, 1796  The ftpg. contains two Acts of Congress with each signed in script type by the President: Go. Washington. One takes over a full column and is: "An Act for Establishing Trading Houses with the Indian Tribes" (see for the beginning).

Among the front page ads is one for: "Church Bells....By Paul Revere..." with further detail

Four pa... See More  

Item from Catalog 298 (released for September, 2020)...

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Only lasted for six issues...

Item #670206
THE LITERARY MUSEUM OR MONTHLY MAGAZINE, West Chester, Pennsylvania, April, 1797  This was a short-lived magazine, existing only from January thru June, 1797.

Among the articles is a very nice: "Description Of The Mississippi River" which takes over 4 pages. Also: "Some Account of the Snakes of North America, and of the Humming Bird" which takes 5 pages.

At the back are ... See More  

Item from Catalog 297 (released for August, 2020)...

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Acorn coffee for the poor... Recruitment ad for the U.S. military...

Item #632725

July 03, 1799

THOMAS'S MASSACHUSETTS SPY OR WORCESTER GAZETTE, July 3, 1799  Page 2 has: "Prospect of an Indian War" mentioning: " Fort Washington, informing him that the Indians were embodying & holding councils--and from every appearance meditating a stroke on some part of the frontiers of the United States...".

The back page has an interesting item: "Acorn Coffee&q... See More  

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Lengthy letter from the Indians to the Secretary of War... Recruitment ad for the U.S. military...

Item #632728

July 24, 1799


* Early Native Americans

* Military recruitment ad

The front page has: "Indian Talk, Of the Western Nations to the Secretary at War" which is a very lengthy letter concerning relations with  the U.S. government, signed in type by several of the Indians (see).

The back page has a very nice recruitment ad... See More  

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