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Trumbull's Declaration of Independence... Slave importation prohibited...

Item #665674

November 11, 1818

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, Nov. 11, 1818 

* John Trumbell's "Declaration of Independence"

* Law prohibiting slaves leaving the state

A page 2 report begins: "The Legislature of New Jersey...passed an act last Thursday, prohibiting the exportation of slaves or servants of colour out of that State. It makes it penal in the sum of 2000 dollars, or imprisonmen
... See More  

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Huge & graphic political ad...

Item #665672

March 28, 1818

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, March 28, 1818 

* Great political advertisement as for display

The ftpg. of this issue is dominated by a very large engraving of a ship headed: "Huzza, for the Massachusetts!", part of a political notice in support of John Brooks for governor.

Note that the flag on the tallest mast bears his name, with political slogans on the other flags. Much tex... See More  

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Executions for the Harper's Ferry insurrection...

Item #665667

December 15, 1859

NEW YORK HERALD, Dec. 15, 1859 

* John Brown's insurrection - invasion - raid

* Harpers Ferry WV West Virginia

* Execution of Cook & Coppic (eve)

The top of the ftpg. has column heads: "STATE OF THE UNION" "The Presidential Campaign of 1860" "The Harper's Ferry Raid" "Approaching Execution of Cook, Coppie, Green and Copeland" and mor... See More  

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Buying land from the Indians...

Item #665664

May 01, 1834

THE GLOBE, Washington, D.C., May 1, 1834 

* Indians - Native Americans

* President Andrew Jackson

The front page has more than a column taken up with a treaty for the purchase of land : "...made at the Otoe Village on the River Platte, between Henry Ellsworth Commissioner...U.S. and the united bands of Otoes, and Missourias, Dwelling on the said Platte...". Included are the &... See More  

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State of the union address by President Pierce...

Item #665662

December 07, 1853

DAILY OHIO STATESMAN, Columbus, Dec. 7, 1853 

* President Franklin Pierce

* State of the Union Address

The entirety of page 2 is taken up with the annual state-of-the-union address of Franklin Pierce. It is prefaced with some detail headed: "President's Message" then followed by the lengthy: "Message Of The President" signed by him in type: Franklin Pierce. The ... See More  

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The murder of Samuel Adams by John Colt...

Item #665660

September 27, 1842

NEW YORK HERALD---EXTRA, Sept. 27, 1842 

* John C. Colt murder trial sentence

* Brother of famous gun inventor

This is an uncommon single sheet "extra" edition created for the expressed purpose of reporting: "Sentence of JOHN C. COLT, Convicted On The Murder of SAMUEL ADAMS on the 19th September, 1841".

This murder case was quite a sensation at the time, the detail... See More  

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Battle of Greece begins.... WWII Nazis...

Item #665644

April 06, 1941

LOS ANGELES TIMES, April 6, 1941

* Battle of Greece begins

* Operation Marita

* Nazis invasion

The front page has a banner headline: "YUGOSLAVIA AND GREECE INVADED AS HITLER LAUNCHES BALKAN WAR"  with subheads. (see) Nice for display.

First section only with 32 pages, light toning at the central fold and margins with a little wear, generally good.

... See More  

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Beware of the infatuation for gold...

Item #665641

December 21, 1848

NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, Washington, D.C., Dec. 21, 1848  Page 3 has an article: "Gold" which includes: "...all that has been reported of the gold regions of California to be true...rather a misfortune than a source of congratulation. Visions of golden sands...are filling...the minds of thousands, & if the epidemic continues we may expect to find them soon abandoning the plo... See More  

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People deserting to follow the trail to the gold fields...

Item #665640

November 04, 1848

NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, Washington, D.C., Nov. 4, 1848  The front page has news on the Gold Rush headed: "From California", beginning: "In Upper California the gold excitement is on the increase..." with more.

Four pages, very nice condition.

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Speeches by Lincoln on his way to Washington...

Item #665626

February 23, 1861

NEW YORK TRIBUNE, Feb. 23, 1861 

* President elect Abraham Lincoln

* Journey to the White House w/ speeches

The top of page 4 has some interesting column heads: "No Compromise!" "No Concessions To Traitors!" "The Constitution as it is." plus the printing of the "Mottoes For The Day" signed in type by: Abraham Lincoln.

Page 5 has: "The Presi... See More  

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Rare Hawaii newspaper from 1859...

Item #665465

February 05, 1859

THE POLYNESIAN, Honolulu, (Hawaii), Feb. 5, 1859 

* Very rare 19th century Hawaiian publication

A quite rare newspaper from such an early date, in fact outside of "The Friend" which was more of a missionary newspaper, this is the second oldest Hawaii newspaper we have offered.

It is formatted much like other newspapers of the day with the ftpg. containing both ads & news ... See More  

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First time we've offered this title?

Item #665459

October 05, 1802


* Very rare & early 19th century publication

The ftpg. has: "What is a Federal Republic?" Page 2 has a letter signed in type by: Bonaparte, with other news of the day from this title I don't believe we've offered before.

Four pages, never bound nor trimmed with wide margins, two discre... See More  

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Creating the Territory of California...

Item #665457

December 08, 1846

DAILY NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, Washington, D.C., Dec. 8, 1846  Page 2 has a very early report: "From California" which is quite historic on the creation of the state of California: "The Proclamation of Commodore Stockton, the governor of California" in which he makes the very significant statement: " hereby make known to all men that, having by right of conquest t... See More  

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Matamoras taken, in the Mexican War...

Item #665454

June 06, 1846

THE DAILY CHRONICLE, Philadelphia, June 6, 1846 

* Occupation of Matamoros - Mexico

* Mexican-American War

The ftpg. has nice column heads on the Mexican War with: "WAR NEWS" "Matamoras taken, without Opposition--The Mexican Soldiers deserting in great numbers--Additional Particulars of the Actions on the 8th & 9th of May--Emigrants attacked by Comanche Indians"... See More  

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The churches of New York City... Election of Polk...

Item #665448

November 09, 1844

THE WEEKLY HERALD, New York, Nov. 9,1844  The ftpg. has prints of; "St. Patrick's Cathedral, Prince St." "Saint Paul's Church, Broadway" "Church of the Messiah, Broadway" and: "The Brick Church--Presbyterian" with much detail on all.

Page 5 has an article; "Meeting of the Mormons Last Evening" as well s two reports which seem to insur... See More  

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Proclamation by President Madison...

Item #665445

November 13, 1810

NEW HAMPSHIRE GAZETTE, Portsmouth, Nov. 13, 1810 

* President James Madison proclamation

Page 3 begins with a half column: "Proclamation" signed by the President: James Madison, concerning revoking various edicts against the French in regard to trade.

Four pages, a very handsome masthead, small wear hole at fold juncture, foxing and a central crease.... See More  

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New York & Pennsylvania Canals...

Item #665336

December 28, 1833

NILES' WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore, Maryland, December 28, 1833.  Featured in this issue is report on the Pennsylvania and New York canals. Additional articles include reports on an anti-slavery convention, banking, the Department of Navy, and more.

Sixteen pages, octavo-size, in nice condition.

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Overthrow of Brazil... Ice Floods On Susquehanna River...

Item #665306

March 28, 1829

NILES' WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore, Maryland, March 28, 1829  Featured in this issue is a report on the government overthrow in Brazil, with details from Buenos Ayres.

Additional articles are in regards to ice flooding on the Susquehanna River, a letter signed by John Quincy Adams (signed in block type), and a lengthy speech by Henry Clay regarding Panama.

Octavo size, 16 pages,  ne... See More  

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Rare to find a map of the Mexican War...

Item #665267

May 16, 1846

NEW YORK HERALD, May 16, 1846 

* Rare Mexican-American map

* Near the beginning of conflict

Page 2 has a very nice two column map headed: "Correct Map Of The Seat Of War on the Rio Grande" showing the Corpus Christi area down to Matamoros, and present-day Brownsville and Padre Island, and more. There

 are also nice column heads on the Mexican war such as: "Latest F... See More  

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The historic Dred Scott Decision...

Item #665256

March 07, 1857

NEW YORK TRIBUNE, March 7, 1857 

* Historic Dred Scott Decision

* Famous former slave case

A very historic issue as page 5 has an article headed: "The Dred Scott Case Decided". This text takes about a half a column and includes the historic ruling by the Supreme Court, which begins: "The opinion of the Supreme Court in the Dred Scott case was delivered by Chief Justice T... See More  

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John Cook's confession in the Harper's Ferry raid...

Item #665160

November 29, 1859

NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, Washington, D.C., Nov. 29, 1859 

* John Brown's insurrection - invasion - raid

* Harpers Ferry, West Virginia - John E. Cook

The top of the front page has some nice content on the John Brown raid upon Harper's Ferry, column heads including; "The Harper's ferry Conspiracy - The Confession of John E. Cooke" "The Confession" with a w... See More  

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Opening of the great Croton Aqueduct...

Item #665157

July 02, 1842

NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, Washington, D.C., July 2, 1842 

* Croton Aqueduct opens

* New York City water

The front page has an article of significance to those in New York City: "Opening Of The Croton Aqueduct" begins: "Monday last was  great day for the city of New York; for on that day was opened...the stupendous work known as the Croton Aqueduct, through which the w... See More  

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Detailed account of the capture of a slave ship...

Item #665152

June 27, 1856

NEW YORK TRIBUNE, June 27, 1856 

* Pre Civil War slavery

* African slave trade

Page 7 has: "The New York Slave Trade - Seizure & Condemnation of the General Pierce" with the lengthy article providing much detail on the capture of the slave ship.

Also: "From Fort Kearny" has a report on a skirmish with Cheyenne Indians.... See More  

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Napoleon captures the Papal States in Rome...

Item #665145

August 14, 1809

UNITED STATES' GAZETTE FOR THE COUNTRY, Philadelphia, Aug. 14, 1809 

* Napoleon Bonaparte captures

* Pope Pius VII - Papal States

Page 3 has: "Annihilation of the Pope's Temporal Power" which is a report from Rome concerning Napoleon capturing the papal states, noting: "...has been published...a decrees of his majesty the emperour & king, which unites the sta... See More  

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Mexico's independence in 1821...

Item #665138

January 05, 1822

FARMERS' CABINET, Amherst, New Hampshire, Jan. 5, 1822 

* Mexican War of Independence ends w/ Spain

Page 2 has a very historic report announcing the independence of Mexico: "MEXICO INDEPENDENCE" with the report noting in part: "...the following article from a letter dated 'Mexico, Sept. 28, 1821. The general (Iturbide) entered this city yesterday at the head of 2,... See More  

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LaFayette visits with Thomas Jefferson...

Item #665134

November 22, 1824

BELLOWS FALLS INTELLIGENCER, Vermont, Nov. 22, 1824  Pate 3 has an item: "Gen. Lafayette--The last news of the nation's guest he was at Monticello enjoying the hospitably of Mr. Jefferson. The meeting was very affecting..." and a bit more.

Four pages, never-trimmed margins, good condition.

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Great & detailed account of the Battle of Tippecanoe...

Item #665133

January 28, 1812

NEW HAMPSHIRE PATRIOT, Concord, Jan. 28, 1812 

* Battle of Tippecanoe

* William Henry Harrison

The back page has an excellent and very lengthy, detailed account of the Battle of Tippecanoe, datelined from "Vincennes, December 13th, 1811" and signed in type: Wm. H. Harrison.

This is followed by a "P.S" from Harrison, then a report beginning: "The undersigned&... See More  

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Much on the slavery issue & pros & cons of colonization...

Item #665132

September 18, 1833

BOSTON RECORDER, Sept. 18, 1833  Page 3 has over a full column taken up with the: "Spirit of Slavery" with several letters concerning the slavery issue (see).

Four pages, never bound nor trimmed, damp staining, folder size noted is for the issue folded in half.

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Great article on the slave trade...

Item #665122

January 24, 1846

THE PORTLAND TRANSCRIPT, Maine, Jan. 24, 1846 

* The African slavery trade - slaves

Although primarily a literature paper, there is an article: "Late From Sierra Leone" which reports on the slave trade. Portions include: "...during the period between the 1st of April 1844 to the 17th May, 1845 sixty vessels were captured, on board of which nearly 5000 slaves were found...... See More  

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Very early guitar advertisement... Gaines fights the Indians...

Item #665090

January 31, 1818

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, Jan. 31, 1818  The back page a rather small ad with a small heading: "GUITAR" reading: "For sale cheap--a new, elegant and superior toned English Guitar, together with instruction book, strings, etc. Inquire at the Centinel Counting Room".

Have you ever seen an earlier ad for a guitar?

The ftpg. has: "Indian War" being a lengthy repo... See More  

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Illinois joins the Union as the 21st state...

Item #665089

December 12, 1818

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, Dec. 12, 1818 

* Illinois statehood

The front page has a rather inconspicuous report headed: Journal of 15th Congress" noting in part: "...Messrs. Hunter of R.I. and Edwards and Thomas took their seats this day. The two latter represent the new State of Illinois, the law to admit which into the Union has been signed by the President...The Union is n... See More  

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Broderick-Terry duel...

Item #665048

October 11, 1859

NEW YORK TRIBUNE, October 11, 1859

* Broderick-Terry duel

* David C. & David S.

* Last notable American duel

Page 4 has an article headed: "The Duel Between Broderick and Terry" (see).

Other news of the day. Complete in 8 pages, irregular along the spine, otherwise nice.

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The Mormon War...

Item #664976

November 17, 1838

NILES' NATIONAL REGISTER, Washington City, Nov. 17, 1838  The front page has a very nice item headed: "The Mormon War" portions of which include: "...from the scene of the Mormon difficulties. A meeting of the citizens of Fayette was hear the accounts just brought of 'the most barbarous atrocities'. ..a letter was read from Major Woodward...Oct.25 whi
... See More  

Item from Catalog 299 (released for October, 2020)...

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Early Robert E. Lee...

Item #664918

July 11, 1829

NILES' WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore, July 11, 1829  It's always fascinating to find mention of notable people long before they would become a household name.

Near the back is is a great example. Under a list headed: "Military Academy" area the: "...names of the five most distinguished cadets in each class..." and listed in the "First Class" is a young Robe... See More  

Item from Catalog 299 (released for October, 2020)...

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Why we should not purchase the Louisiana Territory...

Item #664810

July 19, 1803

THE BALANCE & COLUMBIAN REPOSITORY, Hudson, New York, July 19, 1803 

* Debating the Louisiana Purchase

Pg. 2 has a list of 4th of July toasts, including to: "Alexander Hamilton, and the Constitution".

Page 3 has an interesting letter criticizing the purchase of the Louisiana Territory, noting: "When the news was first announced that Louisiana had been ceded to the Un... See More  

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Leaning Tower of Pisa has crashed to the ground... The Mexican War...

Item #664784

August 14, 1847

THE DAILY UNION, City of Washington, Aug. 14, 1847 

* Leaning Tower of Pisa has fallen ?

* Mexican-American War

Inside has content on the Mexican War with the top of pg. 3 headed: "Army And Navy Intelligence" with many subheads (see). Also on pg. 2: "From Vera Cruz" and "Still Later from Vera Cruz". Also of interest is a pg. 2 article: "Fall of the Le... See More  

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Great item on Dickinson College in Carlisle...

Item #664700

February 18, 1803

GAZETTE OF THE UNITED STATES, Philadelphia, Feb. 18, 1803 

* Very early Dickinson College

* Advertisement for admission

The back page has a terrific & quite detailed notice headed: "DICKINSON COLLEGE" which details the stringent requirements of the students, and that: "...trustees & professors are equally solicitous that the seminary should be placed on a respec... See More  

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California Gold Rush-theme print on the front page...

Item #664684

June 25, 1849

NEW ORLEANS WEEKLY DELTA, Louisiana, June 25, 1849 

* Rare & early gold rush print

A very unusual issue as the top of the front page features a nice illustration with a California Gold Rush theme, headed: "The California Porter And the U.S. Naval Officer" with a caption which relates the story from the beach at San Francisco. Prints in newspapers from 1849 relating to the ... See More  

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William Garrison... Davy Crockett... George Washington...

Item #664683

October 22, 1831

NILES' WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore, Oct. 22, 1831 

* re. Anti-slavery publication "Liberator"

* Davy Crockett & George Washington

The bottom of the front page has a small article beginning: "I have received a copy of the 'Liberator', and come in for a share of the editor's reproof for having said that 'a sudden emancipation of the slaves, either by... See More  

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Broadside “extra” from before the Civil War...

Item #664681

May 21, 1842

NEW YORK HERALD, EXTRA, May 21, 1842  A broadside "issue, being single sheet & printed on one side only.  The front page has at the top: “Arrival Of The Steamship Acadia”, plus an engraving of a steamship “15 Days Later From Europe”, bringing news from China & India, Algiers, Spain & France, and “Miscellaneous Items” as well.

Evenly t... See More  

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Early Tallahassee... The Mexican War...

Item #664495

December 02, 1848

THE FLORIDIAN, Tallahassee, Florida, Dec. 2, 1848 

* Rare antebellum title

Nineteenth century newspapers from Florida are uncommon, particularly those from before the Civil War. Here is such an issue from the capital city of Florida, 14 years before the Civil War.

The front page is mostly taken up with the: "Governor's Message"s signed in type: W. D. Moseley. Related repo... See More  

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Harrison's campaign newspaper...

Item #664492

July 31, 1841

THE LOG CABIN, New York, July 31, 1841 

* William Henry Harrison

* Rare campaign title by Greeley

The famous campaign newspaper published by Horace Greeley in support of William Henry Harrison in the 1840 election, its success carrying over to many issues beyond the inauguration--including this one.

As would be expected, a wealth of political reporting but other news of the day as wel... See More  

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First test-tube baby... Pete Rose breaks a record...

Item #664470

July 26, 1978

DAILY NEWS, New York, July 26, 1978

* Very 1st test tube baby born

* in vitro fertilization

* Louise Joy Brown

Noting a significant achievement in science, the top half of the ftpg. announces: "1st TEST TUBE BABY IS BORN" "It's a Girl; Condition 'Excellent' ". The article is on page 3.

Also sharing the ftpg. is a photo of Pete Rose in more honorable days, ... See More  

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Biography of Daniel Boone...

Item #664438

March 13, 1813

THE WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore, March 13, 1813 

* Daniel Boone - Kentucky pioneer

Being from the midst of the War of 1812 it is not surprise that much of the content within these pages related to the war, with some nice battle (land and naval) reports.

But the key content in this issue is found in the "Supplementary" issue which accompanies it, containing on pages 1 thru 4 an... See More  

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John Paul Jones, Bedford Pennsylvania & Madison Indiana in 1854...

Item #664420

July 08, 1854

GLEASON'S PICTORIAL, Boston, July 8, 1854  This title actually precedes Harper's, which did not begin publication until 1857.

The ftpg. has: "In Honor of the Birthday of Paul Jones, Born July 6, 1747". Within are prints captioned: "Bedford Township, Pennsylvania" "Lake George, New York" "Madison, Indiana" "Brandywine Battlefield, New J
... See More  

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The Jew Bill... Jefferson, Adams & Madison lend their support...

Item #664416

February 20, 1819

NILES' WEEKLY REGISTER with the "Supplement To Volume XV", Baltimore, Maryland, Feb. 20, 1819 

* The Jew Bill - president's support

* Equal rights for Jews - voting

Certainly the best content in this issue is in the lengthy "Supplement" to the volume, with an article headed: "Legislature Of Maryland - The Jew Bill--From A Correspondent" which takes... See More  

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Latest on the Mexican War...

Item #664415

December 07, 1847

THE PENNSYLVANIAN, Philadelphia, Dec. 7, 1847   "Mexican War Gleanings" "Army Incidents in Mexico" "Views of General Quitman" "From Vera Cruz" containing nice reports on the Mexican-American War.

Four pages, good condition.

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Money Jefferson owed...

Item #664392

June 13, 1803

BOSTON GAZETTE, June 13, 1803 

* Early 19th century

* Thomas Jefferson

The entire front page is taken up with a huge chart of: "Wholesale Prices Current at Boston" with prices to hundreds of staples, etc.

Page 2 has: "Mr. Jefferson's Paper Money Tender to Mr. Gabriel Jones" concerning money Jefferson owed. Included is a letter from him datelined: "Monticel... See More  

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Death of Martha Washington...

Item #664355

June 01, 1802

THE BALANCE & COLUMBIAN REPOSITORY, Hudson, New York, June 1, 1802 

* Martha Washington death

* Mount Vernon

Inside under "The Knell" is a brief yet very notable death report: "At Mount Vernon, on the 22d ult. Mrs. Martha Washington, relict of the late illustrious Gen. George Washington."

Four pages, 9 1/2 by 11 inches, an old tape mend to an unrelated page,... See More  

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Denmark Vesey followers executed...

Item #664257

August 07, 1822

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, Aug. 7, 1822 

* Denmark Vesey slave revolt

* Executions of slaves - Negroes

* Charleston, South Carolina

Page 2 has a report about the execution of some of the individuals involved in the famous plot for a massive slave insurrection organized by Denmark Vesey. States in part that: "...twenty-two culprits, were executed here for attempts to exc
... See More  

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