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Jefferson and Adams on war...

Item #680404

July 13, 1816

ESSEX REGISTER, Salem, Massachusetts, July 13, 1816 

* Thomas Jefferson and John Adams

* Letters re. war

The front page has a column taken up with a discussion concerning thoughts on war, mostly being: "Mr. Jefferson's Answer" to the topic, datelined at "Monticello, Jan. 29, 1816" and signed by him in type: Th. Jefferson. The top pf pg. 2 has: "Mr. Adams... See More  

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Early for Western Pennsylvania...

Item #680386

September 05, 1822

THE PITTSBURGH RECORDER, Pennsylvania, Sept. 5, 1822

* Early Western Pennsylvania

The volume 1 number 33 issue of a quite uncommon and very early periodical from Western Penna. 

Included are reports headed: "Pitcairn's Island" "Revival of Religion" "Island Creek Sabbath School" and more.

Sixteen pages various foxing throughout, 5 by 8 1/2 inches, good... See More  

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The "downfall of Babylon" and "fake news"...

Item #680383

June 20, 1835

THE DOWNFALL OF BABYLON, New York, June 20, 1835 

* Anti-Catholic

A quite rare & unusual weekly (later semi-monthly) newspaper with strong anti-Catholic leanings published by: "Samuel B. Smith, Late a Popish Priest", as noted in the dateline. This newspaper published from 1834-1839 & features an engraving in the masthead showing various churches in ruin and a subtitle:... See More  

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Sam Houston's 'call to arms' against Mexico...

Item #680321

April 02, 1842

NILES'S NATIONAL REGISTER, Baltimore, April 2, 1842 

* Samuel Houston call to arms - Texas citizens

* Post Texas Revolution - Pre Mexican-American War

Inside has: "President Houston's Proclamation to the Citizens of Texas" which begins: "My Countrymen: Rumours have been brought from the southwestern frontier of invasion...The facts are sufficient to justify immed... See More  

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Madison's state-of-the-union address to the nation...

Item #680255

December 13, 1815

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, Dec. 13, 1815 

* President James Madison

* State of the Union Address

Over two columns of the front page are taken up with the: "Message" signed in type: James Madison. This is the President's annual state-of-the-union address.

Four pages, various foxing, a bit irregular at the blank spine margin, otherwise good.... See More  

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Letters of a signer of the Declaration...

Item #680238

July 12, 1817

NILES' WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore, July 12, 1817 

* Thomas McKean

* signer of the Declaration of Independence

The first four pages are taken up with the: "Letters of Thomas McKean", a signer of the Declaration of Independence who recently died. Other items within include: "Defeat of Sir Peter Parker" "the Locust" "Domestic Manufactures" and m... See More  

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An early set of 4 issues (1600's through early 1800's)...

Item #680107
(4) A set of four early newspapers (1600's - early 1800's)...

A set of four early newspapers, one each from the 1600's, early 1700's, late 1700's, and early 1800's - sent each month for as long as you would like (see note below). The issues are guaranteed to be worth $100 or more, but could be valued at as much as $150/set. The 1600's and early 1700's issues will... See More  

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Treaty of Velasco which ended the Texas War with Mexico...

Item #680072

August 20, 1836

NILES' WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore, Aug. 20, 1836

* Treaty of Velasco

* General Santa Anna

* Texas Revolution ending

Inside has "Latest From Texas and Mexico" which includes a significant letter signed in type by: Antonio Lopez De Santa Ana in which he agrees to the treaty between Texas and Mexico, known as the Treaty of Velasco.

This is followed by the "Articles of the ... See More  

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Texans are victorious at San Jacinto...

Item #680067

June 04, 1836

NILES' WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore, June 4, 1836 

* Battle of San Jacinto victory

* Capture of Santa Anna

* Texas Revolutuion

* War of Independence

An inside pg. has "Capture Of Santa Ana" which includes three letters from him with one that begins: "Having yesterday had an unfortunate encounter, I have resolved to remain a prisoner of war in the hands of the enemy..... See More  

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Hunt's American Enterprise Expedition, or the Astor Expedition...

Item #679875

June 26, 1813

THE WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore, June 26, 1813 

* Wilson Price Hunt - Astor expedition

Pages 1, 2 & a bit of page 3 are taken up with a fascinating article headed "American Enterprize" which is a detailed report on a journey from the Pacific Ocean to Missouri.

This notable event is commonly referred to as the Astor Expedition. An associate of John-Jacob Astor, Wilson Price... See More  

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Special "English Extra" on the Heenan Sayers fight...

Item #679828

April 28, 1860

WILKES' SPIRIT OF THE TIMES--ENGLISH EXTRA, London & New York, April 28, 1860 

* John C. Heenan vs. Tom Sayers

* First World boxing championship match

A quite rare edition put out specifically for the famous boxing match between Heenan and Sayers, the American champion versus the British champion, in what was billed the first "world title" boxing match, which lasted 2... See More  

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Much on Lewis & Clark & their exploration to the Pacific...

Item #679743

August 26, 1807

NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, Washington, D.C., Aug. 26, 1807 

* Lewis and Clark expedition - Pacific

The back page has a very lengthy: "Proposals...For Publishing LEWIS and CLARK'S Tour to the Pacific Ocean, through the Interior of the Continent of North America..." noting the details that will be in "Volume First" as well as "Volume Second". And this is fol... See More  

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Broadside "Extra"...

Item #679733

November 27, 1824

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, EXTRA, (Boston, Nov. 27, 1824)  This is an interesting broadside (printed on one side only) "Extra" with no date in the dateline however a period notation at the top reads "Nov. 27, 1824" and two letters in the text have Nov., 1824 dates. The reports are entirely political. Folio size, single sheet, never bound nor trimmed, minor wear at the margins.

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Great letter on the rush to the gold fields of California...

Item #679724

December 08, 1848


* California gold rush letter

* Early - pre-49ers

The front page has over half a column headed: "The Gold Excitement" which has some great content, including: "...what a spectacle that of whole villages being deserted...rushing pell mell...over the mountains, through forests...into the newly discovered mine region!...Many p... See More  

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Military career of Henry Dearborn... Early on wine...

Item #679685

May 16, 1812

THE WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore, May 16, 1812  Inside has nearly 2 pages taken up with a quite detailed biography of the military history of: "Major-General Henry Dearborn, Commander-in-Chief of the Northern Army" with a great on his career in the Revolutionary War. Also: "Cultivation of the Vine" takes over half a page concerning vineyards.

Sixteen pages, 6 by 9 3/4 inche... See More  

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Stephen Girard and Zachary Taylor...

Item #679527

March 10, 1849

SATURDAY EVENING POST, Philadelphia, March 10, 1849  The front page features a print of: "Stephen Girard" with a lengthy biographical sketch of him. Also a print of: "Girard College" with a related article as well.

Page 2 has a somewhat large print headed: "THE INAUGURATION" showing the ceremonies, and: "THE INAUGURAL ADDRESS OF PRESIDENT TAYLOR" follo... See More  

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Kosciusko's tomb at West Point...

Item #679526

April 24, 1852

SATURDAY EVENING POST, Philadelphia, April 24, 1852  The front page has a nice print of: "The Tomb Of Kosciusko, West Point".

Tadeusz Kosciusko was a Polish military engineer/leader who joined the American forces in 1776. He led the efforts to create fortifications at West Point.

Four pages, large folio size, several folds with minor wear at folds & margins, some damp staining... See More  

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Chasing after California gold in 1848...

Item #679450

December 09, 1848

NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, Washington, D.C., Dec. 9, 1848 

* California gold rush fever

The front page has: "The Gold Mania" which includes: "...intelligence received from the gold region in California has completely taken possession of the minds of a number of persons...Meetings have been held, companies are forming...on an extensive scale to go & look after the preciou... See More  

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Abraham Lincoln... from small beginnings... when he was an unknown...

Item #679449

April 27, 1848

NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, Washington, D.C., April 27, 1848 

* Early in Abraham Lincoln's political career

This newspaper contains on the front page reports from the: "House of Representatives" which includes the results of a vote showing under the "yeas" the name "Lincoln" inconspicuously listed among many others. Plus page 3 has additional coverage from ... See More  

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Pirate Hicks confesses his guilt...

Item #679370

June 06, 1860

NEW YORK TIMES, June 6, 1860

* Albert W. Hicks confesses to his crimes

* Last pirate executed in the United States

 The front page has over half a column headed: "The Murders On the Oyster Sloop" "A Partial Confession from Hicks--He Admits His Guilt & Details Some of the Particulars of the Tragedy".

 His name was Albert W. Hicks, aka William Johnson and &q... See More  

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On the funeral of King William IV of England...

Item #679350

July 07, 1837

THE TIMES, London, England, July 8, 1837

* William IV of the United Kingdom

Page 5 has 2 1/2 columns taken up with reporting on the funeral of King William IV who died on June 20, headed: "His Late Majesty". Subheads include: "The Lying In State" and: "Embalming"

All columns of all 8 pages are black-bordered in "mourning" rules.

Good condition.... See More  

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Relating to Uncle Tom's Cabin... The Fugitive Slave bill...

Item #679337

August 19, 1852

THE NATIONAL ERA, Washington, D.C., Aug. 19, 1852  Among the reports in this anti-slavery newspaper are: "Gen. Pierce and the Fugitive Slave Law". The back page has an ad for: "Little Eva, Uncle Tom's Guardian Angel. A song composed & dedicated to Mrs. Harriet Beecher Stowe, author of Uncle Tom's Cabin. Poetry by John G. Whittier..." with more.

This newspaper ... See More  

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Themed on the military: the last issue...

Item #679335

July 30, 1841

CITIZEN SOLDIER, Windsor, Vermont, July 30, 1841  The motto in the masthead details its purpose: "Devoted to the Interests of the Militia, To Military Science and National Defense in General." This is the last issue of this short-lived newspaper lasting just 52 weeks issues from 1840-1841.

Among the various articles within are: "Fiery Flying Serpent" and a page 2 report: ... See More  

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An 'uproar' at the woman's rights convention...

Item #679333

September 12, 1853

DAILY NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, Washington, D.C., Sept. 12, 1853 

* "Mob Convention" - Woman's suffrage

Page 2 has a report concerning: "The Women's Rights Convention" held in New York.

A few bits note in part: "...Among the speakers in defence of the rights of women were Lucretia Mott...and Mr. R. C. Burleigh. The latter was loudly hissed, whereupon he r... See More  

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Early from 1808 Richmond...

Item #679328

February 23, 1808

THE ENQUIRER, Richmond, Virginia, Feb. 23, 1808 

* Runaway slave ad

The top of the front page has a $100 Reward" ad for a runaway Black man, with further details.

Various news of the day and a wealth of ads.

Four pages some damp staining, generally good.

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1849 gold rush...

Item #679228

April 10, 1849

NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, Washington, D.C., April 10, 1849 

* California Gold Rush

* 49ers - mining - miners

Page three has "Gold" which begins: "We notice that many person doubt the reports of finding lumps, or pieces of pure gold, in California, of several pounds weight. We are assured... a lump of pure gold weighing thirty-two pounds, was discovered in a vein or seam of... See More  

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It triggered the great Financial Panic of 1837...

Item #679106

May 13, 1837

NILES' WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore, May 13, 1837 

* Panic of 1837

* Financial crisis

The front page has a notable report: "Suspension of Specie Payments" which would be the trigger which stated the Financial Panic of 1837. On May 10, 1837, banks in New York City suspended specie payments, meaning that they would no longer redeem commercial paper in specie at full face valu... See More  

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Rare & early print showing a San Francisco celebration upon California joining the Union...

Item #678990

January 25, 1851

ILLUSTRATED LONDON NEWS, England, Jan. 25, 1851  The front page features a very nice print of the: "Procession at San Francisco in Celebration of the Admission of California Into the American Union" with a related article on the next page.

Complete in 16 pages, never-trimmed margins, nice condition.

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Early print of John Charles Fremont...

Item #678989

February 22, 1851

ILLUSTRATED LONDON NEWS, England, Feb. 22, 1851  Among the many prints within is a one column wide back page print of: "Colonel Fremont" with a related article: "The Honourable John Charles Fremont" which takes a full column.

Complete in 16 pages, never-trimmed margins, nice condition.

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Consecrating a Jewish synagogue in London...

Item #678988

April 19, 1851

ILLUSTRATED LONDON NEWS, England, April 19, 1851  

* Rare Jewish synagogue illustration

* Western Synagogue, St. Albans Place, London

* Judaica - Jews

The front page shows; "Good Friday Cross Buns". Inside has a half page print: "Consecration of the Jewish Synagogue, St. Albans Place, St. James's" in London, with a related article. This is the Western Synagogue... See More  

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New invention for separating gold...

Item #678932

March 15, 1856

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, New York, March 15, 1856  The front page features a nice print of a: "Machine For Washing & Separating Gold" with a related article headed: "Addison's Improved Gold Separator". Perhaps not surprising that just a few years after the California gold rush that relating inventions would come to fruition.

The balance of the issue is filled with var... See More  

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Missouri Compromise... Mordecai Noah & his Jewish refuge island...

Item #678715

March 11, 1820

NILES' WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore, March 11, 1820 

* Missouri Compromise

* Maine and Missouri become states

* Mordecai Manuel Noah... Grand Island... Jewish settlement

The top of the front page has an article which announces the approval of the Missouri Compromise: "The bills for the admission of Maine and Missouri into the union have been respectively signed by the president... See More  

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Much on Lewis & Clark & their exploration to the Pacific...

Item #678714

October 02, 1807

NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, Washington, D.C., Oct. 2, 1807 

* Lewis and Clark expedition

Page 3 has a very lengthy: "Proposals...For Publishing LEWIS and CLARK'S Tour to the Pacific Ocean, through the Interior of the Continent of North America..." noting the details that will be in "Volume First" as well as "Volume Second". And this is followed by another d... See More  

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Stephen Austin's lengthy address on the situation in Texas...

Item #678599

April 19, 1836

RICHMOND ENQUIRER, Virginia, April 19, 1836  Half of the front page, and a full column on page 2 are taken up with a very detailed "Address Delivered by S. F. Austin of Texas to...the Second Presbyterian Church, Louisville, Kentucky, on the 7th of March, 1836" which ironically was the day after the Battle of the Alamo.

Austin begins with stating his purpose: "...with the most ... See More  

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Galapagos Islands, ten years before Darwin...

Item #678592

May 17, 1831

NEW YORK AMERICAN, May 17, 1831  The back page has nearly 2 1/2 columns taken up with: "Narrative Of A Mariner Left on An Island in the Pacific", being the Galapagos Islands. This narrative is a lengthy & very detailed account of this island, which would become more famous ten years later with the arrival of Charles Darwin.

Four pages, nice condition.

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Desirable baseball issue... Cricket... "A Tale of Two Cities"...

Item #678576

October 15, 1859

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, Oct. 15, 1859

* Centerfold print of a baseball game in progress

Half of the double page centerfold is a terrific illustration of: 'A Base Ball Match at the Elysian Fields, Hoboken' showing a game in progress. A very displayable print, showing almost the entire field. The other half shows a cricket match.

The frontpage shows: 'A German Beer Garden i... See More  

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First trans-Atlantic telegraph message: Queen Victoria to President Buchanan...

Item #678571

August 17, 1858

THE EASTERN ARGUS, Portland, Maine, Aug. 17, 1858

* Transatlantic telegraph cable

* 1st transmission - Atlantic Ocean

Page 2 has half a column with a report on the first telegraphic transmission across the Atlantic Ocean, headed: "Atlantic Telegraph!" "Queen Victoria's Message", her message to Buchanan reading: "Her Majesty desires to congratulate the President ... See More  

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When Abraham Lincoln was an unknown...

Item #678568

July 22, 1848

NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, Washington, D.C., July 22, 1848 

* Early in Abraham Lincoln' political career

This newspaper contains on the front page reports from the: "House of Representatives" which includes text of discussion, with each speaker's name noted in capital letters. "Mr. Lincoln" spoke twice (see photos). Additionally, page 4 has continued reporting f... See More  

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Working towards a constitution for California... All is not good in California...

Item #678561

December 10, 1849


* Monterey Convention

* California Statehood ?

 Over half of page 2 is taken up with: "The News From California", much of it having to do with the constitutional convention as they work towards statehood. Included as well: "To The People of California" and: "Proclamation To the People of California". ... See More  

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On the victory at San Jacinto, and more...

Item #678557

June 13, 1836

BOSTON COURIER, June 13, 1836

* Battle of San Jacinto

* "Remember the Alamo"

* Texas Revolutuion

* War of Independence

The front page has a report on the Battle of San Jacinto with a small  heading: "Texas"  concerning the murder of Mexicans at the battle of San Jacinto by the Texas troops.

It begins: "The battle lasted 19 minutes and then commenced the... See More  

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The earliest newspaper from Illinois we have offered...

Item #678440

June 05, 1819

EDWARDSVILLE SPECTATOR, Illinois, June 5, 1819  This is the earliest newspaper from Illinois we have offered. Not only that, it is eleven years earlier than the previous earliest newspaper from this state. And it is the volume 1, number 2 issue. Keep in mind that Illinois just became a state six months previous.

It is notable that the two volume reference work "History & Bibliograph... See More  

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Beginning of the Republican Party: nomination of their first Presidential candidate...

Item #678428

June 19, 1856

NEW YORK TRIBUNE, June 19, 1856

* Republican Party is formed

* John C. Fremont nomination

* 1st nominated for United States president

 A very historic issue for the Republican party as it reports their first Presidential nominee, John Fremont. The newly created political party held the prohibition of slavery as the principal issue of their platform.

The top of page 4 has a nice print... See More  

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Much mention of Kit Carson in the mutiny trial of John C. Fremont...

Item #678414

December 18, 1847

NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, Washington, D.C., Dec. 18, 1847  Page 2 has nearly two columns taken up with reports concerning the court martial of John Fremont for mutiny & other charges, including a letter signed in type: J. C. Fremont.

Pages 2 & 3 have much on the Mexican War headed: "The President's Message--No. III".  And the back page has more on the: "Army Cou... See More  

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Wonderful & early report on Sutter's Mill...

Item #678392

June 21, 1844

NEW YORK AMERICAN, June 21, 1844  Page 2 has one of those little gem reports collectors seek: very early mention of a name that would be notable years later.

There is mention of a letter which says in part: "...enclosing the following letter from Don Augustin Sutter, the Alcalde [magistrate in a Spanish town] of the new town of New Helvetia, situated on the river Sacramento, one of the ... See More  

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Mormons heading to California... Taking possession of California...

Item #678356

December 26, 1846

WEEKLY NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, Washington, D.C., Dec. 26, 1846 

* New home of the Mormons ? - settling

The entire front page is train up with editorial commentary on: "The President's Message", meaning his state-of-the-union address of 1846.

Page 2 has much reporting on events in Congress with subheads including: "Admission of the State of Iowa" "Santa Anna... See More  

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Four issue set on Fremont's famous second Western Expedition...

Item #678353

August 19, 1845

NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, Washington, D.C., a set of four issues dated August 19, 21, 26 & 28, 1845 containing the text of: "Captain Fremont's Second Exploring 'Expedition" to the West.

* John C. Fremont

* Western expedition

During the years of 1842–54 Fremont personally led and directed five western expeditions. This set of issues details his lengthy repor
... See More  

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Calhoun's famous speech opposing the annexation of Mexico...

Item #678352

January 08, 1848

DAILY NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, Washington, D.C., Jan. 8, 1848

* John C. Calhoun speech

* Annexation of Mexico ?

When it comes to "famous utterances" of the 19th century, this issue has one.

Most of page 2 is taken up with: "Speech of Mr. Calhoun, of South Carolina, In the Senate of the United States, January 4, 1848." This is a very notable speech by Calhoun, many websit... See More  

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CHESS: Paul Morphy, Harry Staunton, and more...

Item #678329

November 16, 1858

THE NEW YORK HERALD, Nov. 16, 1858  The last column on the front page has: "THE GREAT CHESS TOURNAMENT IN EUROPE", which provides more than 2 1/2 columns regarding Paul Morphy's travel to Europe in 1858 to play Harry Staunton (a match which never took place), and an account of their correspondence related to what is now referred to as the Staunton-Morphy controversy. A great iss... See More  

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Capture of the slave ship "Brothers"... California gold... Indian Wars...

Item #678328

November 15, 1858

THE NEW YORK HERALD, Nov. 15, 1858  The 1st column of page two has: "Arrival of Another Captured Slaver at Charleston", which tells of the capture of the slave ship 'Brothers". Another related article providing additional details is found on page 4.

Page 2 also has: "Our California Correspondence - A Visit to Fraser River - The Gold Diggings and the Yield of the Preci... See More  

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Annual Message... President James Buchanan...

Item #678326

December 07, 1858

THE NEW YORK HERALD, Dec. 7, 1858.


* President James Buchanan

* State of the Union Address

* Much regarding slavery, the slave states, Kansas, etc.

The first column of the front page has: "NATIONAL AFFAIRS", "THE PRESIDENT'S MESSAGE", "New Political Epoch in the United States", and more, which provide the text followed by commentary regardin

... See More  

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