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The Louisiana Purchase Treaty is signed....

Item #661782

July 14, 1803

AMERICAN MERCURY, Hartford, July 14, 1803 

* The Louisiana Purchase Treaty

* Signed by U.S. & France ministers

A page 3 report headed: "Official" reports: "The Executive has received official information, that a Treaty was signed on the 30th April, between the Ministers...of the United States and the Ministers...of the French Government; by which the United S
... See More  

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Early and rather famous sporting-themed newspaper...

Item #661764

January 08, 1859

NEW YORK CLIPPER, Jan. 8, 1859  An early sports-themed newspaper with an ornate masthead featuring engravings showing cricket, sailing, boxing, and horse racing.

Page 2 has a boxing article: "The Ring" "The Championship - Woods' Deposit Covered by the Friends of Benicia" concerning an upcoming championship bout between Woods and Heenan. Other sports reporting througho... See More  

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The trial in the John Brown/Harper's Ferry insurrection...

Item #661761

November 09, 1859

NEW YORK HERALD, Nov. 9, 1859 

* John Brown's insurrection - invasion - raid

* Harpers Ferry, West Virginia trial

Much of the ftpg. is taken up with election results. Page 4 has over half a column headed: "The Harper's Ferry Outbreak" "Proceedings of the Court--The Case of Copeland--Trial of Cook--His Confession Read in Court--Stephens Handed Over to the Federal ... See More  

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Death of "The Liberator", Simon Bolivar...

Item #661757

February 19, 1831

NILES' WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore, Feb. 19, 1831

* Death of Simon Bolivar 

* Venezuela independence leader

The back page has a nice report concerning the death of Simon Bolivar.

Bolivar was one of most important historical and political figure in Latin American history. He is considered in Latin America as a hero, visionary, and a revolutionary. During his short life he lead Boliv... See More  

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Working to abolish slave trading in the nation's capital...

Item #661670

September 14, 1850

DAILY NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, Washington, D.C., Sept. 14, 1850 

* re. Fugitive Slave Act of 1850

* United States Senate debates

* Southern slave holders & Northern Free-Soilers

* Best title to be had from our nation's capital (rare)

Being the mouthpiece of the federal government it was typical that reports & documents emanating from Congress would appear in print first in... See More  

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Carrier's Address... A title willing to both praise and blame...

Item #661625

January 04, 1854

INDEPENDENT PRESS, Lawrenceburgh, Indiana, Jan. 4, 1854

* The Carrier Address to the subscribers - re: the New Year

Taking a full column and a bit more on pg. 2 is the: "Carriers Address To The Patrons Of The Independent Press, January 1, 1854."

News of the day with period advertising is found throughout. The newspaper describes itself in the masthead as: "A Family Newspaper ... See More  

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Death of Dred Scott... Slave ships...

Item #661567

September 21, 1858

NEW YORK TRIBUNE, Sept. 21, 1858 

* Dred Scott death

* Famed Slave

* Slavers - ships

Page 4 contains a very brief, yet significant, report headed: "Death of Dred Scot" with the actual text not much longer, reading: "Dred Scott died in this city on Friday night last." with a dateline of St. Louis, Sept. 20, 1858.

In the same column on this page is "Later From... See More  

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One of the earliest Louisiana newspapers we have offered...

Item #661558

December 24, 1819


* Very rare & early publication

This is one of the earliest newspapers from Louisiana we have had the pleasure to offer. The front page has a lengthy obituary report and an article: "Adam Poe's Contest with Two Indians" plus many ads (some in French), which the back page has a report concerning Indians in an: ... See More  

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Print of the Mormon city of Nauvoo...

Item #661552

July 22, 1854

GLEASON'S PICTORIAL, Boston, July 22, 1854

* Nauvoo, Hancock County, Illinois view

* The Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

* Mormons - Mormonism         
                               &n... See More  

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The charitable works of Florence Nightingale, & the controversy which resulted...

Item #661476

August 02, 1855

NEW YORK DAILY TIMES, Aug. 2, 1855  The front page has a nearly half column article headed: "Florence Nightingale Again--Christian Charity and Sectarian Bigotry". The focus of the article is less on the charitable works of the noted Florence Nightingale but on whether she was Catholic or Protestant based on her actions in the field tending to the wounded from the Crimean War. The ar... See More  

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Tourists heading west, before the Civil War...

Item #661441

July 23, 1858

NEW YORK HERALD, July 23, 1858  The last column of the front page, all of page 2, and a bit of pg. 3 are taken up with a terrific & extremely detailed "travelogue" for those tourists venturing to the West. Extremely early for such, with some fascinating reading under the heads: "THE GRAND AMERICAN TOUR" "Pleasure Trip from the Atlantic to the Pacific"  &... See More  

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Preparing for the famous Heenan - Sayers boxing match...

Item #661430

March 17, 1860


* John C. Heenan

* Tom Sayers

* Famous boxing match

The double page centerfold features nine prints headed: "Great International Fight in England Between John C. Heenan (Benicia Boy) and Tom Sayers for the Champion's Belt of England." with a bit of text as well. The prints show both men in training fo
... See More  

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Capture of a slave ship... Lincoln being considered as a candidate for President...

Item #661378

May 14, 1860

NEW YORK HERALD, May 14, 1860 

* Famous slaver "Wildfire" captured

* African slave trade print fame

* Abraham Lincoln for president?

Most of the first column is taken up with a fascinating article: "The Slave Trade" "Full Particulars of the Capture of the Slaver Wildfire". The article begins: "The great event of the past fortnight...has been the capt... See More  

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Item #661376

March 24, 1800

THE LONDON PACKET; OR NEW LLOYD'S EVENING POST, England, March 24, 1800  The masthead features a coat-of-arms. Various news from Europe, mostly from England.

Four pages, red ink at the top of the ftpg., good condition.

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John Brown petitions for his death sentence to be overturned...

Item #661090

November 25, 1859

NEW YORK HERALD, Nov. 25, 1859  

* John Brown's insurrection - invasion - raid

* Harpers Ferry WV West Virginia

* Fights to reverse execution sentence

Half of page 3 is taken up with reports on the trial of John Brown for his raid at Harper's Ferry, with first column heads: "John Brown's Writ of Error" "His Petition to the Court of Appeals of Virginia--... See More  

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Death & funeral of President Harrison...

Item #660888

April 10, 1841

NILES' NATIONAL REGISTER, Baltimore, April 10, 1841  Wide black "mourning" rules on all columns on all 16 pages for the death of the President. Page 3 has the report headed: "National Affairs" "Death of the President of the U. States" with various particulars (see for portions). Additional details carry over to the following pages with: "Report of the Ph... See More  

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Uncommonly early newspaper from Kentucky...

Item #660717

February 26, 1829

THE KENTUCKIAN, Frankfort, Kentucky, Feb. 26, 1829 

* Rare antebellum title

Page 2 has seven "Law of Kentucky" recently passed by the state legislature. Other news reports and ads of the day.

Four pages, wide, never-trimmed margins, rejoined at the spine, very nice condition.... See More  

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Slaver Erie captured... Nathaniel Gordon....

Item #660684

September 27, 1860

THE NEW YORK HERALD, September 27, 1860

* Slaver ship Erie

* Captain Nathaniel Gordon

Page 7 has one column headings: "Activity In The Slave Trade" "Capture of Two More Slavers--The Erie and Storm King" "Nearly Fifteen Hundred Negroes Found on Board" (see photo).

This slaver Erie has historical significance as the Captain, Nathaniel Gordon, is only American sl... See More  

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1871 Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin...

Item #660682

September 15, 1870

THE FOND DU LAC DAILY, Wisconsin, Sept. 15, 1870

* Scarce title from the early Midwest

A rare volume 1 title has news of the day with several interesting advertisements. Was an early settlement for Native Americans next to Lake Winnebago.

This issue is not fragile as newsprint from this era was made of cotton and linen rags, allowing them to remain very pliable and easy to handle. Four page... See More  

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Much on Lincoln as he heads to Washington...

Item #660625

February 18, 1861

NEW YORK HERALD, Feb. 18, 1861 

* Abraham Lincoln as the president elect

* His journey to Washington D.C.

Among the front page column heads are: "Arrival of President Davis at Montgomery" "Southern Rights and Institutions to be Maintained at All Hazards"  "The Southern Confederacy".

Page 4 has much on Abraham Lincoln, including many comments on the e... See More  

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Camanche Iowa & Albany Il tornado disasters...

Item #660613

June 07, 1860

THE NEW YORK TIMES, June 7, 1860

* Camanche, Iowa & Albany, Illinois

* Tornado disasters

The front page has a report headed: "The Terrible Tornado" "The Towns of Camanche, Iowa, And Albany, Ill., Entirely Destroyed..." (see)

Other news of the day. Complete with all 8 pages, a little spine wear, otherwise very nice.... See More  

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John Anderson the fugitive slave... "headsman of the Tower" will not be replaced...

Item #660540

March 09, 1861

THE ILLUSTRATED LONDON NEWS, England, March 9, 1861 

* Extradition case of John Anderson

* Canada West escaped slave w/ print

“The Fugitive Anderson” on page 3 is about John Anderson, the famous fugitive slave who escaped to Canada evading the pursuit of bounty hunters. While on the run he killed a farmer who intended to legally recapture Anderson and send him back into his... See More  

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First election of Abraham Lincoln...

Item #660381

November 08, 1860

NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, Washington, D.C., November 8, 1860  This is the tri-weekly edition of this famous newspaper which is perhaps the best newspaper to have with news on any Presidential election, being from the nation's capital.

The front page has a report: "The Presidential Election" which begins: "As it has been currently supposed within the last few weeks that the i... See More  

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Early ballooning in 1859... John Wise...

Item #660367

July 10, 1859

THE NEW YORK HERALD, July 10, 1859

* John Wise (balloonist)

* Ballooning - "Atlantic"

* Mississippi River to Lake Ontario flight & more

The top of the front page has one column headings that include: "Sailing In The Air" "The Balloon Voyage from the Mississippi to Lake Ontario" and more. Lengthy text takes up full column on the front page and 3 columns on ... See More  

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1856 "Bleeding Kansas"...

Item #660321

May 31, 1856


* Bleeding Kansas

* Missouri border invasion

* War on slavery

Page 3 has a report headed: "THE KANSAS WAR" "Further Particulars of the Attack on Lawrence" and more (see) which is concerning the trouble in Kansas over the slavery issue.

Eight pages, a little spine wear, nice condition.... See More  

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"Lively Turtle" by Charles Dickens...

Item #660279

October 26, 1850

HOUSEHOLD WORDS, London, England, October 26, 1850

* Charles Dickens original writing within his own publication

Starting on the front page is "Lively Turtle", an original writing by Charles Dickens. While Household Words was a Dickens' publication, most of the literary contributions were made by others. Although he did make ongoing contributions, nearly all are unattributed.

... See More  

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Celebrating the birthday of John Adams...

Item #660185

November 06, 1802

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, Nov. 6, 1802 

* President John Adams

* Celebrating 67th birthday

The front page has over a full column of text concerning the birthday of John Adams. Headed: "Tribute of Gratitude", it begins: "Saturday last being the Birth Day of the Hon. JOHN ADAMS, late President of the United States, the same was celebrated at Quincy...".

Included is... See More  

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Climbing Pike's Peak... Ad supporting Lincoln for President...

Item #660161

November 02, 1860


* Abraham Lincoln for President notice

The front page has nearly 2 columns taken up with a great & detailed letter headed: "Climbing Pike's Peak".

Page two has a political notice supporting: "For President, ABRAHAM LINCOLN, of Illinois - For Vice President, Hannibal HAMLIN, Of Maine" with a bit more.

Four pages,... See More  

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Monroe's state-of-the-union address... Alabama to join the Union...

Item #660160

December 14, 1819

THE NORTHERN WHIG, Hudson, New York, Dec. 14, 1819 

* Uncommon title

The entirety of page 2 is taken up with the "Message" signed in type by the President: James Monroe. This was Monroe's annual state-of-the-union address, reflecting upon all that transpired in the year.

Page 3 has a notable report on Alabama concerning Alabama joining the Union, headed: "State Of Al... See More  

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"Mitigation of slavery"...

Item #659987

January 01, 1819

(lot of 8 issues) NILES' WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore, Maryland, 1819

* Slavery in America 

* Emancipation hopes

Here is a group of eight issues of this title, each containing an installment of an editorial entitled the "Mitigation of Slavery".

In the "Mitigation of Slavery--No. 1 (May 8, 1819 issue) Hezekiah Niles, the editor and publisher of this title, explain... See More  

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Masons... The Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Massachusetts...

Historic Green Dragon Tavern (Boston)...

Item #659936

December 02, 1820

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, December 2, 1820 

* The Historic Green Dragon Tavern (Boston).

* The Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Massachusetts

The first column of the front page has 2 wonderful advertisements: one for a meeting which was to be held at the (now) historic Green Dragon Tavern, and the other for a meeting to be held by The Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Massachusetts (Masons).

A... See More  

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re. African slave trade...

Item #659797

May 06, 1860


* African slave trade - Kongo

* re. Slaver Storm King escape

* Indictment of officers

The back page has a report headed: "The Slave Trade In New York" "The Escape of the Alleged Slaver Storm King...." (see)

Other news of the day. Complete in 8 pages, a few printing flaw near beginning the mentioned report (see), otherwise nice.... See More  

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Salisbury Connecticut... Hunterstown, Canada...

Item #659742

June 10, 1854

GLEASON'S PICTORIAL, Boston, June 10, 1854 

* Andrew Jackson

* The Tocconuc Mountains

This particular issue has the following woodcuts: Monument to the late Richard Johnson, at Frankfort, Kentucky - Equestrian Statue of Andrew Jackson, at Washington - Tocconuc Mountains, and Twin Lakes, Salisbury, Connecticut - Site of the Revolutionary Foundry, Salisbury, Connecticut - Lumbering e... See More  

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"Douglass & Van Scoy"... Daguerreotypes advertisement...

Item #659740

May 02, 1855

THE CORRECTOR, Sag-Harbor, (Long Island), New York, May 2, 1855   Page 3 has a rare ad for "Photographs & Daguerreotypes... [by] Douglass & Van Scoy", noteworthy early American pioneers in photography. Other news of the day, including a thought provoking short story which tells of a young girl who leaves home to find a job in order to help support her widowed mother, is f
... See More  

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Jamaica Long Island...

Item #659739

October 07, 1856

LONG ISLAND DEMOCRAT, Jamaica, N.Y., October 7, 1856

*Buchanan-Breckinridge endorsement

A nice front page endorsement for the Buchanan-Breckinridge ticket which appears near the top of the first column. Includes candidates for state offices too. Uncommon to have a presidential endorsement on the front page.  Long Island Railroad Autumn/Winter Schedule is surrounded by interesting classified... See More  

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James Monroe's Presidential Tour...

Item #659737

April 24, 1819

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, April 24, 1819

* Details About James Monroe's Visit to Nags Head and Roanoke Island

* Monroe Support of Albemarle Sound Direct Outlet

* Response to Citizens of Plymouth, Signed in Type 

On the frontpage under "President's Tour" are details about James Monroe's visit to N. Carolina stating his boat anchored at Nags Head, and later visit... See More  

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Portraits of various dog breeds...

Harlam River... Fishing... Lake George, New York...

Item #659736

September 23, 1854

GLEASON'S PICTORIAL, Boston MA, September 23, 1854

* Images of various dog breeds

* View of Lake George, New York

This 16 page newspaper is one of the few illustrated newspapers of that time. The famed Harper's Weekly didn't start until 1857. The woodcuts in these issues give the public a sense of what was going on around America at the time. This particular issue has the follo... See More  

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1852 view of Newport, Rhode Island...

Item #659734

July 24, 1852

GLEASON'S PICTORIAL, Boston, July 24, 1852

* Newport, Rhode Island prints

* Boston's asylum for the blind

Nice ftpg. portrait of Henry Clay seated at a chair with a dog resting on the floor, plus text. Two page article inside has nearly a halfpg. view of Newport, Rhode Island plus a "View Of the First Beach" and four smaller illus. of notable landmarks. Bkpg. has two ... See More  

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Early views of Chicago, Charleston & other towns...

Item #659730

March 24, 1855

BALLOU'S PICTORIAL, Boston, March 24, 1855 

* Early views of Chicago & Charleston

* Shelburne Falls

Inside are various small prints showing scenes at Shelburne Falls, North Adams, the Deerfield River, Saddle Mountain, Hadley, Mount Holyoke, & Mount Tom. There is a nearly half page bird's-eye view of the: "City of Charleston, South Carolina" and a bit smaller p... See More  

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The 'Know-Nothing' candidates endorsed...

Item #659729

March 20, 1856

THE EVANSVILLE DAILY JOURNAL, Indiana, March 20, 1856 

* The endorsement of the "Know Nothing" candidates

An endorsement at the top of the first column on pg. 2 supports the "Know Nothing" candidates with: "For President, Millard Fillmore, Of New York. For Vice President, Andrew J. Donelson, Of Tennessee." Title appears just above the endorsement. Perhaps o... See More  

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Scenes from North Carolina... 1857...

Item #659689
HARPER'S NEW MONTHLY MAGAZINE, New York, March, 1857.  Featured in this issue are interesting prints of scenes in the State of North Carolina, which includes lengthy text. See images for details. Other articles with supporting text are found throughout.

Complete in 150+ pages, disbound without wrappers. A Reader's Digest-sized issue, minor spotting on the front page, but in overall n... See More  

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Grinnell Arctic Exploration... Cotton cultivation...

Item #659626
HARPER'S MONTHLY, N.Y., March, 1854 Beginning on the ftpg. is a 14 pg. article about the "Grinnell Expedition", which has 29 small illustrations of various scenes of the region: the "Interior of a native hut", the "Inspectors' house at Lievely", "Devil's Thumb", "Melville Bay", and more. Another article, "Cotton and Its Cultivation... See More  

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The Clay & Frelinghuysen ticket... Millard Fillmore for governor...

Item #659588

October 19, 1844


* Elections in 1844

Page 5 has a nice ad/endorsement for the "Whig Nominations" re. the Clay & Frelinghuysen ticket. Includes a woodcut of the flag. It also endorses "MILLARD FILLMORE" for governor. The image shown is a stock photo showing the ad. 

Eight pages with diagonal fold in top right corner of front pag... See More  

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Published by Horace Greeley...

Item #659584

September 10, 1836

THE NEW-YORKER, September 10, 1836 

* Very early by Horace Greeley

Has various bits of news, some literary content, original compositions and ads. Ornate lettering in the masthead. A very early publication done by the famed Horace Greeley. 

Complete in 16 pages, measures 9 1/2 by 12 1/4 inches, in good condition save for some light browning/foxing, and 1 archival mend to an inside... See More  

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Enormous creature... Full front page eyewitness retelling of Baltimore Mob Riot of 1812...

Item #659583
NEW YORK HERALD, August 15, 1812 

* Baltimore riots of 1812

* Scudder's American Museum

A back page notice for the: "Mammoth Turtle In Scudder's American Museum" takes nearly half a column and offers many details about this enormous creature. Includes a rather large woodcut of the turtle's head as well.

The front page coverage of the Baltimore mob action on July ... See More  

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Rothschild seed money for 1st Jewish Hospital in Jerusalem... Daguerreotype...

Item #659580

June 24, 1843

NILES' NATIONAL REGISTER, Baltimore, Maryland, June 24, 1843  The back page has two interesting articles, one with historic relevance. Under the heading, "JEWISH HOSPITAL," is an article mentioning seed money being provided by Baron Rothschild for the establishment of a Jewish hospital in Jerusalem, under the condition that a school for both sexes be annexed to it. Approximately... See More  

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Indian Council... Dexter-Gray governor ticket... James Madison signatures...

Item #659579

March 17, 1814

INDEPENDENT CHRONICLE, Boston,  March 17, 1814

* Two Acts signed in block type by James Madison

* Proposal made to various Indian Chiefs

* Woodcut of a ship which includes the famous phrase: "Don't Give Up The Ship"

Front page contains two political Acts, each signed in type by Vice President: JAMES MADISON.   The second page contains "...the substance of ... See More  

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General Lafayette Departs from the U.S...

Item #659574

September 17, 1825

NILES' WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore, Maryland, September 17, 1825  Featured in this issue is a nice report report on the departure of General Lafayette after his long visit in America. See images for details.

Additional articles provide news from various regions throughout America, and include political reporting.

Complete in 16 pages, measures 9 3/4 by 6 1/4 inches, a bit of foxing, but ... See More  

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Letter from James Monroe... Goodwin and Dodd... Watchmaking...

Item #659571

February 01, 1816

CONNECTICUT MIRROR, Hartford, February 1, 1816 

* Letter from James Monroe w/block signature

The front page begins a letter from then Secretary of State James Monroe, continued on page two and signed in block type: JAMES MONROE.  The back page has a business ad for "Goodwin and Dodd," which offers "A large assortment of English and French Watches" - plus tools f... See More  

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Indian treaty with the Mennatarees... Thomas Jefferson's financial troubles...

Item #659569

February 18, 1826

NILES' WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore, February 18, 1826  The front page has an article which begins: "A treaty with the Belantse-etea, or Mennatarees, was concluded between gen. Atkinson and maj. O'Falon & many chiefs of this tribe at the Lower Mandan village...It provides for a friendly intercourse between the parties..." with more.

Also on the ftpg. is a report which rea... See More  

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