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The "fever" for California gold has begun...

Item #670739

September 30, 1848

SATURDAY EVENING POST, Philadelphia, Sept. 30, 1848 

* California Gold Rush

* 49ers - mining - miners

Page 2 has a nice report headed: "The Gold Region" with bits including: "...accounts heretofore received of he existence of gold on the borders of various rivers in California and the made excitement that prevails in all that region to share in the spoils...sailors, prin... See More  

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Yacht club bans the slaver Wanderer...

Item #670668

February 08, 1859

THE NEW YORK TIMES, Feb. 8, 1859

* The Wanderer (slave ship)

* New York Yacht Club bans her

Page 4 has a article with small heading: "The Wanderer And The New York Yacht Club" (see)

Other news of the day. Eight pages, very minor margin wear, nice condition.

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Mormon Temple in ruins... Slavery in California?

Item #670665

October 28, 1848

BURRITT'S CHRISTIAN CITIZEN, Worcester, Mass., Oct. 28, 1848  

* Nauvoo Temple fire disaster - Illinois

* Mormons - Mormonism

* Slavery in California ?

* Uncommon publication

Page 3 has a brief report: "The Mormon Temple In Ruins" mentioning in part: "This magnificent temple was observed to be on fire in the cupola this morning...The flames spread rapidly and ... See More  

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SS Great Eastern maiden voyage...

Item #670439

September 22, 1859

NEW YORK DAILY TIMES, September 22, 1859

* SS Great Eastern

* Maiden voyage

The front page has an article headed: "Trial Trip Of the Great Eastern" "Perfect Success of the Experiment" "She is Pronounced to be the Fastest Vessel in the World" and more. A printing flaw slightly affects the first heading here. (see)

Other news of the day. Complete in 8 pages, ni... See More  

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SS Austria sinking disaster...

Item #670413

September 30, 1858

NEW YORK DAILY TIMES, September 30, 1858

* SS Austria steamship sinking

The front page has an article headed: "The Burning Of The Austria" "Full Particulars Of The Disaster" and more. (see) Lengthy text takes up the entire front page and more.

Other news of the day. Complete in 8 pages, some areas of light toning, a few small archival mends on page 2, generally in good c... See More  

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Lewis Cass for President... Southern slaves...

Item #670203

September 21, 1848


* Lewis Cass Political Ad

* Arrival of slaves in Louisiana

The United States Presidential election of 1848 was the first election in which all states held their election on the same day. This also marked the 1st Tuesday of November as the fixed date for the national election.

This issue in particular has, at the top of the ... See More  

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See the handsome masthead... On the Little Belt Affair...

Item #670178

November 25, 1811

THE WASHINGTONIAN, Windsor, Vermont, Nov. 25, 1811 

* Little Belt Affair

* War of 1812 prelude

The dominant feature of this issue is the displayable masthead, featuring a large engraving of a heraldic eagle with an 11 inch banner.

Page 3 has a: "Message" to Congress signed by the President: James Madison, concerning: "...the aggression committed by a British ship of war... See More  

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Very early Charleston...

Item #670041

February 11, 1803

CHARLESTON COURIER, South Carolina, Feb. 11, 1803  A volume I issue  (number 29) of this famous title from the South. Various news of the day and a wealth of ads. Page 2 has a letter: "To The President - Letter II".

Four pages, spotted foxing, a bit irregular at the spine, nice condition.

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Early and rather famous sporting-themed newspaper...

Item #670015

March 19, 1859

NEW YORK CLIPPER, March 19, 1859  An early sports-themed newspaper with an ornate masthead featuring engravings showing cricket, sailing, boxing, and horse racing.

The front page features a full-figure print of: "Harry Ellis, A Celebrated Canadian Pigeon Shooter". Inside has reports on various sports including: "The Ring" "The Trigger" "Sparring" "... See More  

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Six issues of a failed publishing venture by P.T. Barnum...

Item #669902

March 05, 1853


* Published by P. T. Barnum

A lot of six different issues of this scarce title, all from the first 6 months of its existence.

P.T. Barnum was the co-owner of this early illustrated newspaper which preceded both "Leslie's Illustrated" and "Harper's Weekly". These latter two ultimately becoming immensely more successful. This ... See More  

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First mention of skiing in an American newspaper? Barnum's paper...

Item #669882

March 19, 1853

ILLUSTRATED NEWS, New York, March 19, 1853  P.T. Barnum was the co-owner of this early illustrated newspaper which preceded both "Leslie's Illustrated" and "Harper's Weekly". These latter two ultimately becoming immensely more successful. This effort by Barnum and the Beach brothers would last but 48 issues.

Although an illustrated newspaper, perhaps the most nota... See More  

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Published by P.T. Barnum...

Item #669878
ILLUSTRATED NEWS, New York, Jan. 22, 1853  Among the prints are: "Captain Ericsson Explaining His Invention to the Editors of New York" "Floating Mortar" "Astor Place Opera House" "Ball of the New York Fire Department..." "The Seals of Jerusalem" a nice town view of: "Concord, New Hampshire with 5 smaller prints including "The Reside... See More  

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Ten issues, each with J.Q. Adams's travelogue on the front page..

Item #669861

January 23, 1801

THE PORT FOLIO, Philadelphia, a lot of ten issues from vol. one, 1801 

* Lot of (10) early 19th century originals

Edited by Joseph Dennie under the pseudonym "Oliver Oldschool" and Asbury Dickins, it espoused republican values and was the first important political & literary journal in the United States.

The ftpg. of each issue has one of the series:"Journal of a Tou... See More  
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1858 Salem, New Jersey w/ nice masthead....

Item #669604

February 17, 1858

NATIONAL STANDARD, Salem, New Jersey, Feb. 178, 1858

* Uncommon title

* Nice masthead (heraldic eagle)

This large sized issue measures 25 1/2 x 18 1/2 inches, contains news of the with several interesting advertisements.

Complete with 4 pages, a little light toning at the margins, very minor wear, generally nice.

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The coming Civil War... The new Lincoln administration...

Item #669541

January 31, 1861

NEW YORK HERALD, Jan. 31, 1861 

* President elect Abraham Lincoln

* Pre-Civil War tensions in the South

Among the first column heads are: "An Attack on Fort Sumter Expected" "Revival of Rumors of War" "The President's Views on the Subject" "Condition of the Forts on the Florida Coast" "The Relations of the Seceding States with Foreign P... See More  

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Early issue from 1835 Long Island...

Item #669519

August 12, 1835

THE CORRECTOR, Sag Harbor, Long Island, New York, Aug. 12, 1835

* Rare high class community title

* Pre Civil War era

An early newspaper from Long Island with items including: "Beauchamp, The Murderer" "Rum on the Pacific Ocean" "Great fire in Cleveland, Ohio" "Ship Launch and Dreadful Accident" and more with a wealth of ads.

Four pages in nice condi... See More  

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Thomas Jefferson letter on creating the University of Virginia...

Item #669435

December 15, 1821

NILES' WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore, Maryland, December 15, 1821 

* Thomas Jefferson on founding the University of Virginia

Perhaps the best item in this issue is the nice & lengthy letter under the heading: "University of Virginia", signed by him in type: Th. Jefferson, as Rector of the University of Virginia. It was this letter that sets out the founding of this insti... See More  

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Extremely lengthy on Indian appropriations...

Item #669411

March 10, 1857

NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, Washington, D.C., March 10, 1857  A large size newspaper of 4 pages with most of page 2 taken up with "An Act making appropriations for the...expenses of the Indian Department & for fulfilling treaty stipulations..." with headings for each of the tribes and specifics as to how the money is to be used. Only portions are shown in the photos below. This text... See More  

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Biography of Daniel Boone...

Item #669393

March 13, 1813

THE WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore, March 13, 1813 

* Daniel Boone - Kentucky pioneer

Being from the midst of the War of 1812 it is not surprise that much of the content within these pages related to the war, with some nice battle (land and naval) reports.

But the key content in this issue is found in the "Supplementary" issue which accompanies it, containing on pages 1 thru 4 an... See More  

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Decorative paper which only lasted for twelve issues...

Item #669362

July 16, 1855

THE PROGRESSIVE FARMER, Philadelphia,  July 16, 1855  An interesting & very short-lived publication obviously themed on farming, with a very decorative & intricately engraved masthead (see). This title only lasted for 12 issues before combining with "The Pennsylvania Farm Journal".

Eight pages, 10 1/2 by 13 1/2 inches, nice condition.

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The Amistad slave ship trial...

Item #669361

May 09, 1840

NILES' NATIONAL REGISTER, Baltimore, May 9, 1840 

* African slaves

* La Amistad trial

The top of the back page has a report with a small heading: "The Amistad" which discusses an appeal, and that the court affirmed the decree, and that it would be appealed to the Supreme Court. It concludes: "...The Africans must therefore remain in jail until next January."&nbs... See More  

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Lincoln heads to Washington... Jefferson Davis' inaugural address...

Item #669355

February 19, 1861

NEW YORK TRIBUNE, Feb. 19, 1861 

* Jefferson Davis inaugural

* Confederate President

* Abraham Lincoln en route

Page 5 has column heads with continued & detailed coverage of Lincoln's trip from his home to the nation's capital: "The President Elect En Route" "The Receptions In This State" "Enthusiasm Of The People" "His Arrival In Albany&... See More  

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Much on Lincoln, his new administration, his inauguration, etc...

Item #669343

March 06, 1861


* Abraham Lincoln inauguration

* New administration takes over

* Pre-Civil War tensions escalate

A wealth of fine content on Lincoln & his new administration, as his inaugural was reported in the previous day's edition.

Inside has a lengthy editorial headed: "Mr. Lincoln's Address", a report from Washington beginning: &quo... See More  

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First Jew appointed to a federal post...

Item #669257

June 11, 1801

THE UNIVERSAL GAZETTE, Washington, D.C., June 11, 1801  It is reported in a brief, inconspicuous report on page 2, but its significance is considerable.

It was in 1801 when a significant stride in the recognition of Jewish Americans when President Thomas Jefferson appointed the very first Jew to a federal position by naming Reuben Etting of Baltimore as United States Marshall for Maryland. T... See More  

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Andersonville Prison Trial... Captain Wirz...

Item #668810

October 16, 1865


* Andersonville prison trial

* Henry Wirz

The top of the front page has one column headings: "ANDERSONVILLE" "The Wirz Trial On Saturday" "Evidence Closed On Both Sides" and more. (see) Text takes up over 1 1/2 columns.

Complete with 8 pages, uncut and unbound (uncommon), nice condition.... See More  

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Andersonville Prison Trial... Captain Wirz...

Item #668743

August 26, 1865


* Andersonville prison trial

* Henry Wirz

The top of the front page has one column headings: "Andersonville" "The Trial of Wirz" "Dr. Bates Testimony Resumed" "Evidence of a Loyal Physician" "Sickening Details of Rebel Barbarities" "A Prisoner Killed by a Bloodhound" "Wirz Knocks a Man D... See More  

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1858 Fraser River Gold discoveries...

Item #668613

September 29, 1858

THE NEW YORK HERALD, Sept. 29, 1858.

* Fraser Canyon Gold Rush

* Fraser River discoveries

Front page has: The Fraser River Gold Mines--Indian Outbreak. Other news of the day includes: "Important From The Pacific" "Arrival of $1,570,924 in Gold Dust" "Quicksilver Mines Worth $40,000,000 in Dispute" "The Indian War In Oregon" and more. Comp
... See More  

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Prints from the West before the Civil War... Nebraska and Kansas...

Item #668545

June 21, 1856

THE ILLUSTRATED LONDON NEWS, England, June 21, 1856 Near the back is a full page with 3 scenes headed: "The Nebraska and Kansas Territory" with the prints captioned: "Ancient Bluff Ruins, Nebraska", "Settlers Entering Nebraska, Pappea Creek" and "Steamer Passing Baton Rouge, Nebraska".

There is a related article on the back page.

Complete in 24 pages, very... See More  

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The original Westminster Clock Tower bell...

Item #668540

September 13, 1856

THE ILLUSTRATED LONDON NEWS, England, Sept. 13, 1856 

* Big Ben - Great Bell

* Palace of Westminster

Certainly the most noteworthy print is that of what we know as the original "Big Ben", the largest of the bells in the Westminster clock tower. Although technically Big Ben is just the bell, the name is often used for the iconic clock tower.

This bell would crack before being... See More  

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The President addresses the discovery of gold in California...

Item #668297

December 07, 1848


* President James K. Polk

* State of the Union Address

* Discovery of gold in California

All of the front page & most of page 2 are taken up with the "PRESIDENT'S MESSAGE!" being the annual state-of-the-union address, signed in type: James K. Polk.

Within his message, and on the front page, he devotes much space to ... See More  

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Timely report of the death of President Taylor...

Item #668283

July 10, 1850

PUBLIC LEDGER, Philadelphia, July 10, 1850  Page 2 begins with a black-bordered report on the death of President Zachary Taylor, who died just the previous day.

Headed: "PAINFUL INTELLIGENCE "Death of the President of the United States". The details include in part: "...Gen. Taylor had just served one year and three months of his Presidential term when death deprived the ... See More  

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French language newspaper from New Orleans, nearly 20 years before the Civil War...

Item #668263

December 15, 1842

LE COURRIER DE LA LOUISIANE, New Orleans, Dec. 15, 1842 

* Rare antebellum publication

* 19 years prior to Civil War

A large size newspaper which, save for some notices and advertisements, is totally in the French language. There are four illustrated slave ads.

Four pages, various foxing & light damp staining, never bound nor trimmed, generally good condition. Folder size noted is... See More  

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Planning to be a part of the California Gold Rush...

Item #668212

October 04, 1849

DAILY NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, Washington, D.C., Oct. 4, 1849  Page 3 has: "California Items" which has various news items which relate to the California Gold Rush. Much concerning transportation plans for the West.

Page 2 has: "The Astor Place Rioters".

Four pages, very nice condition.

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President Zachary Taylor proclaims a day for prayer... Virginia gold...

Item #668185

July 04, 1849

DAILY NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, Washington, D.C., July 4, 1849  Page 3 has a report headed: "Virginia Gold" as well as: "A Recommendation by the President of the United States" for a special day of fasting, humiliation, and prayer to be celebrated the first Friday in August, signed in type: Z. Taylor.

Four pages, minor tears at the margins, good condition.... See More  

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Very early California, death of Henry Clay, a notable duel...

Item #668038

August 03, 1852

PLACER TIMES & TRANSCRIPT, San Francisco, California, Aug. 3, 1852  Certainly one of the earlier newspaper we have offered from California, during the midst of the Gold Rush.

And page 2 has two notable reports, one being the death of Henry Clay in two articles, both headed: "Death of Henry Clay" with black borders.

There is also a nice account of a: "Fatal Duel--Death of ... See More  

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Lincoln accepts the Republican nomination for President... The slave ship Wildfire...

Item #668032

May 22, 1860

NEW-YORK HERALD, May 22, 1860  

* Abraham Lincoln accepts presidential nomination

* Republican National Convention in Chicago

* Slaver ship "Wildfire" - slavery - slaves

Page 3 has a report with column heads: "Mr. Lincoln's Acceptance of the Republican Nomination For President"  being a very historic item although inconspicuously reported, indicating ... See More  

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Possibly the 1st Jew lynched within the United States...

Item #667804

August 17, 1868

THE NEW YORK TIMES, August 17, 1868

* Lynching of Samuel Bierfield

* First Jew lynched in United States

* Jews - Jewish - Judaica item

* Ku Klux Klan - KKK members

Near the bottom of the front page is an article with small heading: "Murderous Outrage at Franklin, Williamson County, Tenn.-Two Men Shot Dead", being the account of the killing of a Jewish shop owner and his black em... See More  

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Commenting on the Maryland "Jew Bill"...

Item #667762

January 14, 1826

THE NILES WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore,  Jan. 14, 1826 

* Maryland Jew Bill becomes law

Under the heading "Maryland" is a very nice, editorialized report acknowledging the very recent approval of the "Jew Bill" which allowed--for the first time--Jews to hold public office in the state of Maryland.

The report reads in part: "The affairs of our state begin to... See More  

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1867 Formosa Expedition... Taiwan...

Item #667754

August 24, 1867

THE NEW YORK HERALD, Aug. 24, 1867

* The Formosa - Taiwan Expedition

* USS Hartford (1858) - Pacific Ocean

The top of page 6 has one column headings that include: "THE FORMOSA DIFFICULTY" "Official Reports of the Fight Between the Crews of the Hartford and Wyoming and the Formosa Savages" and more. Text takes up about 2 1/2 columns.

Complete with 8 pages, minor margin w... See More  

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1855 Death of the King of Hawaii...

Item #667751

January 31, 1855

NEW YORK TRIBUNE, January 31, 1855

* Death of Kamehameha III

* King of Hawaii - Sandwich Islands

Page 5 has one column headings: "Death Of King Kamehameha" "Sandwich Islands" "Death Of King Kamehameha III" (see)

Other news of the day. Complete in 8 pages, damp staining to the left portion of the issue, otherwise good.... See More  

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The Grattan Indian massacre...

Item #667747

September 11, 1854

NEW YORK DAILY TIMES, September 11, 1854 

* Grattan Massacre (1st report)

* United States Army

* Lakota Sioux Indians

The front page has an article headed: "Important from Fort Laramie--An Entire Detachment of United States Troops Massacred by the Indians" Early, 1st report coverage on what was known as the "Grattan Massacre". This was the opening engagement of the... See More  

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Massacre by Indians... The Mormons...

Item #667725

October 23, 1860

NEW YORK TIMES, March 20, 1860 

* 1860 Wiyot massacre (1st report)

* Indian Island - Eureka, California

The front page has: "From the Pacific Coast" "Horrible Massacre of Indians in Oregon" "Later By Telegraph To Fresno City" (see).

Other news of the day. Complete in eight pages, nice condition.

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Fifteen newspapers, each with Jefferson content...

Item #667585

January 01, 1803

A lot of fifteen American newspapers, all dating from 1800 thru 1808, and each containing a letter of document signed in type by President Thomas Jefferson. One issue has Jefferson's 1803 state-of-the-union address.

However each is either damaged or in "2nd rate" condition, hence the very low price for an early lot on Jefferson.

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Jefferson writes to Callender...

Item #667563

October 15, 1802

NEW ENGLAND PALLADIUM, Boston, Oct. 15, 1802

* President Thomas Jefferson

* James Callender squabble

Page 2 contains a letter datelined from Monticello, Sept. 6, 1799, signed in type by: Th. Jefferson, sent to publisher James Callender, with whom he had a very contentious relationship.

Four pages, very nice condition.... See More  

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Jefferson signs an Act of Congress, on the front page...

Item #667497

May 18, 1801

THE CONNECTICUT COURANT, Hartford, May 18, 1801  The top of the front page has a half column Act of Congress for allowing franking to delegates from the Northwest Territory, signed in type by both: Th. Jefferson and John Adams.

Four pages, never bound nor trimmed, small posting hole at the top, good condition.

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Thomas Jefferson on the Louisiana Purchase...

Item #667486

October 26, 1803


* President Thomas Jefferson

* State of the Union Address

* re. Louisiana Purchase

Half of page 2 is taken up with the: "MESSAGE" of Thomas Jefferson to Congress, being his annual state-of-the-union address signed by him in italic type: Th. Jefferson.

Not surprisingly, most of Jefferson's address i... See More  

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Jefferson on navigation of the Mississippi...

Item #667461

August 13, 1803

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, Aug. 13, 1803 

* President Thomas Jefferson

* Mississippi River Navigation

Page 2 has a letter of reply from the President to the state of Ohio concerning issues relating to the navigation of the Mississippi River. It is signed in type: Th. Jefferson.

Mention of a  ship Hannah: " Wilmington, N.C. for having received on board 7 negro... See More  

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Early railroad box car advertisement...

Item #667362

February 25, 1845

NEW YORK HERALD, February 25, 1845  Near the top of the front page is an ad: "To Rail Road Companies" for a new box car, with an illustration of it (see). Four pages, nice condition.

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Jefferson's Proclamation declaring neutrality in the Napoleonic Wars...

Item #667349

July 08, 1807

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, July 8, 1807  Page 2 contains the historic "Proclamation" signed by President Th. Jefferson, in which is empathizes the neutrality of America in the Napoleonic Wars, and also notes that: "...requiring all armed vessels bearing commissions under the government of Great Britain now within the harbours or waters of the United States, immediately & w... See More  

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Deaths & funerals of Jefferson and Adams...

Item #667308

July 29, 1826

NILES' WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore, July 29, 1826  The front page has some editorial comment concerning the recent deaths of both John Adams and Thomas Jefferson on the 50th anniversary of the 4th of July, taking over half of the page. Additional items are on the inside pages headed: "Adams and Jefferson" and "Honor To The Illustrious Dead!" with various reports on the ... See More  

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