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Item #191036

November 26, 1810

BOSTON GAZETTE, Nov. 26, 1810 Pg. 3 has an ad headed "John Hancock" concerning various items offered for sale. Entire bkpg. is a list of "Wholesale Prices Current at Boston".

No Longer Available


Item #191038

November 10, 1860

NEW YORK TIMES, Nov. 10, 1860 Ftpg. heads: "The Republican Success" "Interesting from Mr. Lincoln's Home--The Latest Cabinet" "The Question of Disunion" "President Buchanan Thinks there will be No Secession During his Term" "Doubts About the Secession of South Carolina" and more. Interesting reading from just after Lincoln's election and just before the outbreak of the Civil War. Light water stain... See More  

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Item #191039

November 06, 1860

NEW YORK TIMES, Nov. 6, 1860 Ftpg. heads: "The Presidential Election" "Immediate Secession Recommended by Gov. of S. Carolina" "Efforts of the Administration to Carry Maryland for Breckinridge" & more on thoughts about possible secession and thoughts of war. Light damp staining at the spine, otherwise nice.

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Very rare paper from an Old West mining town...

Item #191041

January 01, 1880

THE HOMER MINING INDEX, Lundy, California, October 2, 1880 A volume one issue of a very rare & scarce mining town newspaper from Mono County. Various news of the day and a wealth of ads. Never bound nor trimmed & in nice condition. I thought I sold all I had, but one more just turned up.

No Longer Available


Item #191053

July 12, 1865

NEW YORK TRIBUNE, July 12, 1865 Ftpg. has two fine reports, the first being a prophetic report on the emergence of "Prince Petroleum", and some fine text also on "The Assassination" "Interference of Sec. Stanton" "The Health of Jeff. Davis" and more. Nice condition, 8 pages.

No Longer Available


Thomas Edison and the X-Ray...

Item #191061

April 04, 1896

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, New York, Apr. 4, 1896 an inside page takes most of the page with: "The Edison X Ray Experiments, Apparatus & Fluoroscope" which includes two illustrations. A wealth of other science-related articles & illustrations as well. Nice.

No Longer Available


Item #191065

January 01, 1879

KEARNEY DAILY NONPAREIL, Kearney, Nebraska, Jan. 1, 1879 An early volume one issue and a typical "Old West" newspaper, with various news of the day and a wealth of ads, many of which are illustrated. Some browning or foxing to the top half of pg. 1, minor wear. A rare issue!

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Several slave ads...

Item #191067

December 21, 1840

THE CHARLESTON COURIER, South Carolina, Dec. 21, 1840 This issue has a tremendous number of small ads, including four on pg. 3 headed: "Negro Clothing" "$100 Reward" for " negro boy Cuffee..." with details. And "70 Negroes at Public Sale" with details. Also: "Negro Shoes and Dbrogans". Scattered foxing, generally nice.

No Longer Available


Rare title...

Item #191068

March 24, 1809

COLUMBIAN DETECTOR, Boston, Mar. 24, 1809 This title lasted for just 41 issues. Pg. 2 has "President Adams' Letter" signed by him in type: John Adams. Tape along the edges, mostly on the inside pages, various wear, weak library stamp on pg. 2, scattered foxing.

No Longer Available


Slavery... Early Lincoln... And Mormon troubles...

Item #191071

May 26, 1860

THE NEW YORK TIMES, May 26, 1860 Ftpg. has some nice one column heads regarding the slavery issue (see photos) which include: "The Africans at Key West" & "Senate Votes that there is no Need for Congressional Intervention in Behalf of Slavery" plus the front page also has 1 1/3 columns of text on the Mormons with related subheads (see photos). And if this wasn't enough also on the front page is a ... See More  

No Longer Available


Map of gold region of Virginia...

Item #191073

August 01, 1834

NEW YORK AMERICAN, Aug. 1, 1834 The bkpg. has a nice two column map headed: "The Gold Region Of Virginia", beneath which is much text relating to the map. Nice condition.

No Longer Available


Item #191076

June 24, 1856

DAILY PENNSYLVANIAN, Philadelphia, June 24, 1856 Pg. 4 contains a ad supporting "For President, James Buchanan" and John C. Breckinridge for Vice Pres. Never bound nor trimmed, scattered foxing, mostly nice.

No Longer Available


Bob Ford with gun he shot Jesse James...

Item #191077

February 07, 1891

THE ILLUSTRATED POLICE NEWS, Feb. 7, 1891 Inside this issue is a great halfpg. illustration captioned: "Bob Ford Again on the Shoot. The revolver that killed Jesse James wounds saloon-keeper Harden...Ford himself wounded & powder burnt." with a related article (see photos). Great condition, 16 pgs., with a wealth of other crime-related illustrations.

No Longer Available


Item #191082

March 27, 1840

DAILY TELEGRAPH & INTELLIGENCER, Harrisburg, Penna., Mar. 27, 1840 Pg. 3 ads supports "Gen. Wm. H. Harrison" for president. Various political reports and a wealth of ads, many illustrated. An upper corner from the back leaf missing affecting just one word, otherwise nice.

No Longer Available


Death of Daniel Webster...

Item #191083

October 29, 1852

NEW YORK DAILY TIMES, Oct. 29, 1852 Each page has wide black margins for the death & funeral of Daniel Webster. Most of pages 1 and 2 are taken up with various memorials to his life, plus more elsewhere as well. This is a very early issue (vol. 2) of this famous title. Edge wear, mostly nice.

No Longer Available


Crossing the Plains...

Item #191086

July 31, 1849

NEW YORK HERALD, July 31, 1849 The front page includes a great letter from Fort Childs wherein the writer describes his situation in crossing the Plains--great reading! Also on the ftpg. is "The Indian Troubles in Florida". Very nice condition.

No Longer Available


Item #191087

December 14, 1867

WEST AND SOUTH, Cincinnati, Ohio, Dec. 14, 1867 An uncommon newspaper which is a "Vindicator of the Interior Policy for State Sovereignty, Free Trade, and Hard Money Against the Atlantic Policy of Consolidation--The West & South United". Ftpg. has "Charles Dickens' Second Reading in Boston" which takes over half the page. Clasped hands device in the masthead. Water staining at the top, bit irregul... See More  

No Longer Available


Item #191089

June 21, 1856

BALLOU'S PICTORIAL Boston, June 21, 1856 Nice ftpg. device symbolizing "South Carolina" with text on the state above it. Several illustrations within including "The Opening of Friend St., Boston" & "Natives & Their Dwelling Place, Nootka Sound" in British Columbia. Untrimmed, stain in the masthead, some edge wear.

No Longer Available


Item #191092

November 04, 1858

CLEVELAND DAILY PLAIN DEALER, Ohio, Nov. 4, 1858 Ftpg. has: "Great Indian Battle" "56 Warriors Killed" "A Glorious Victory Over the Comanches" with nearly a full column of text. Some edge tears do not affect this article.

No Longer Available


Charles Dickens

Item #191093

May 21, 1870

THE DICKENS SUPPLEMENT TO HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, May 21, 1870 This was a special edition given "gratuitously" to subscribers of Harper's Weekly, with all 4 pages taken up with chapters 6 thru 9 of the Dickens classic: "The Mystery of Edwin Drood". A bit irregular at the spine, some very light damp staining, mostly nice.

No Longer Available


Special Charles Dickens issue...

Item #191094

April 23, 1870

THE DICKENS SUPPLEMENT TO HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, Apr. 23, 1870 This 8 page issue is mostly taken up with chapters 1-5 of his classic "The Mystery of Edwin Drood", with a few illustrations. Ftpg. features a nice portrait of Dickens and a biography of him. Some edge tears but no text loss, light browning.

No Longer Available


Item #191096

August 09, 1815

GALIGNANI'S MESSENGER, Paris, Aug. 9, 1815 Mostly in English but some in French. Pg. 2: "Bonaparte's Portfolio Found After The Battle Of Waterloo" is interesting. Nice black-ink tax stamp in masthead, bit irregular at spine, nice shape.

No Longer Available


South Carolina secedes from the Union...

Item #191097

December 21, 1860

NEW YORK SEMI-WEEKLY TRIBUNE, Dec. 21, 1860 Page 4 contains a very historic report on the secession of South Carolina from the union--the Civil War is about to begin. Much text taking close to a full page. Nice condition.

No Longer Available


Item #191098

August 07, 1878

EVENING STANDARD, Lawrence, Kansas, Aug. 7, 1878 Page 3 items concerning a proposal to nominate General Grant for the presidency. Other news of the day & many ads. Minor edge wear.

No Longer Available


Item #191099

October 25, 1847

NEW ORLEANS WEEKLY DELTA, Louisiana, Oct. 25, 1847 Unusual in that the ftpg. contains a political cartoon (see photo). Also much text concerning the Mexican War. Generally nice, 8 pages.

No Longer Available


Item #191100

October 18, 1856

ILLUSTRATED LONDON NEWS SUPPLEMENT, Oct. 18, 1856 This is the "Coronation Of The Emperor Of Russia Supplement" issue with its own special masthead (see photo). Ftpg. also shows "The Cathedral of St. Basil at Moscow, Illuminated." Much text and many more illustrations in this 16 page issue concerning the coronation, including a nice doublepage centerfold. Great condition.

No Longer Available


Nice Judaica item...

Item #191101

October 21, 1876

LESLIE'S ILLUSTRATED, New York, Oct. 21, 1876 Within is a nice halfpg. illustration captioned: "Observance of the Feast of Tabernacles in the Booth Erected by the Congregation of the 42nd St. Synagogue." with a related article on another page. Complete 16 page issue with other unrelated articles and illustrations. Bit irregular at the spine.

No Longer Available


Texas war for independence...

Item #191104

May 28, 1836

THE NEW-YORKER, New York, May 28, 1836 A vol. one issue by the famed Horace Greeley. Inside contains several reports headed: "Important From Texas" telling of the event there, including "The Great Victory of Houston & the Capture of Santa Ana still farther confirmed" and other subheads including: "Santa Ana beheaded--Half of the Mexican Prisoners shot & the rest held as hostages..." and more. Near... See More  

No Longer Available


Item #191105

October 11, 1890

DESERET EVENING NEWS, Salt Lake City, Utah Territory, Oct. 11, 1890 Ftpg. has an interesting article: "LINCOLN'S CABIN" "Sold for $1000 & will be Exhibited on the World's Fair" Not a lengthy article but curious. Also ftpg: "Civilizing the Indians". Some browning at folds, never bound.

No Longer Available


Item #191108

December 18, 1860

NEW YORK SEMI-WEEKLY TRIBUNE, Dec. 18, 1860 Over half of pg. 2 is taken up with: "The Secession Movement" with even more on page 5 as well. Pg. 5 also has: "The Slave Trade". Nice condition.

No Longer Available


Item #191110

October 01, 1876

THE CENTENNIAL RECORD, Portland, Maine, Oct., 1876 A short-lived, vol. one newspaper focused on the centennial celebration. Many illustrations, very decorative masthead. Some light brown staining, otherwise good.

No Longer Available


83 illustrated ship ads...

Item #191112

October 24, 1805

NEW YORK GAZETTE & GENERAL ADVERTISER, Oct. 24, 1805 Certainly the best feature of this issue is its displayability with the 83 illustrated ship ads which take most of the front page--see the photo. Piece from spine of the back leaf, otherwise rather nice.

No Longer Available


Anti-slavery newspaper...

Item #191120

November 15, 1841

HERALD OF FREEDOM, Concord, New Hampshire, Nov. 15, 1841 Motto in masthead: "I enter into no compromise with Slavery. I am for Justice, in the name of Humanity & according to the Law of the Living God." An uncommon title with an anti-slavery theme, although some other content as well. Tear at the top extends into the text but causes no loss of readability

No Longer Available


Item #191122

July 01, 1887

OUR HOWL, New York, July, 1887 A quite rare and unusually-titled amateur newspaper which almost certainly was short lived, this being vol. 1 #5. Small size, with poems and other tidbits. 4 pages, 6 by 9 inches, bit of lite staining.

No Longer Available


Item #191124

July 01, 1876

SAN BERNARDINO WEEKLY TIMES, California, July 1, 1876 Ftpg. has: "Attempted Stage Robbery" and "Fight With Sioux" which is datelined Cheyenne, June 24, and tells of Crook's efforts (day before Custer's massacre). "Man Hanged" & more. Many edge & margin tears but no loss of test. Rare title.

No Longer Available


Great issue on the Hamilton & Burr duel...

Item #191132

July 21, 1804

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL & MASS. FEDERALIST, Boston, July 21, 1804 Most of the front page is taken up with the final correspondences between Burr & Hamilton up to the day before the fatal duel, with nice prefacing remarks including: "The shocking catastrophe which has recently occurred, terminiating the life of Alexander Hamilton & which has spread a gloom over our city...demand that the circumstances w... See More  

No Longer Available


Very handsome masthead...

Item #191202

May 09, 1803

THE INDEPENDENT CHRONICLE, Boston, May 9, 1803 Beyond the very handsome & ornate masthead, the ftpg. features a document by "Thomas Jefferson, President of the United States" which is a treaty with the Seneca Nation of Indians with the "X" signatures of 12 Indians including Cornplanter, and the document is signed in block type: TH. JEFFERSON. Scattered foxing otherwise nice.

No Longer Available


Texas war for independence...

Item #191203

July 21, 1836

DEMOCRAT & ARGUS, Easton, Pa., July 21, 1836 The ftpg. has a nearly 2 column article headed: "TEXAS" which begins with a terrific & prophetic statement: "The fall of the Alamo and the massacre must be fresh in the memory of every American...". Further in the report is an account of the fate of Davy Crockett which differs from other accounts, noting that he was among six Americans taken prisoner wh... See More  

No Longer Available


Illustrated volume for 1859...

Item #191215

January 01, 1859

HARPER'S WEEKLY, a complete bound volume for the year 1859 with all 52 weekly issues. Presuming you are familiar with this famous illustrated periodical you know of the wealth of prints within, but I will mention some of the highlight prints, several of which are shown in the photos below.

Several shipwreck scenes; blacks in Cuba; ice skating scene; gold in the treasury; Cornelius Vanderbilt; murd

... See More  

No Longer Available


Davy Crockett in Congress... Andy Jackson...

Item #191219

January 09, 1830

NILES' WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore, Jan. 9, 1830 The bkpg. has reports from Congress including an item about a vote which mentions "Crockett", being Davy Crockett some 6 years before he would die at the Alamo. Also two documents signed in type by the President: Andrew Jackson. Small-size paper, 16 pages, scattered, lite browning.

No Longer Available


Early Georgia...

Item #191221

October 24, 1840

THE DAILY GEORGIAN, Savannah, Oct. 24, 1840 A rather uncommon title from the South over 20 years before the Civil War. Various news of the day & a wealth of ads including a "Martin Van Buren For President" ad. Very light water staining, otherwise nice.

No Longer Available


Apache Indians...

Item #191225

July 23, 1881

DENVER TRIBUNE, Colorado, July 23, 1881 The ftpg. contains a nice article headed: "The Apaches Again" with related subheads, concerning trouble with the Indians in the Santa Fe area. Uncommonly lengthy details taking close to half a column. A few minor margin tears and a ftpg. tape mend, generally nice. Great to have such a report in a newspaper from the West.

No Longer Available


Item #191228

October 16, 1807

THE ENQUIRER, Richmond, Va., Oct. 16, 1807 The ftpg. has nearly a full column, carrying over to take most of pg. 2 on: "The Trial of Aaron Burr". A wealth of detail, and a very early newspaper from Richmond! Scattered browning.

No Longer Available


Slave ship captured... S.C. secedes...

Item #191229

December 11, 1860

NEW YORK SEMI-WEEKLY TRIBUNE, Dec. 11, 1860 Pages 1 & two have first column heads concerning "The Secession Movement" of South Carolina, with a considerable amount of text on both pages. Plus the bkpg. has a lengthy report: "Capture Of A Slaver--705 Slaves on Board". Nice condition, 8 pgs.

No Longer Available


Early Lincoln...

Item #191234

November 24, 1860

NEW YORK WEEKLY TRIBUNE, Nov. 24, 1860 The ftpg. has a fascinating article, taking most of a column, headed: "An Hour With Mr. Lincoln", plus the 3rd column has related heads concerning "The Jubilee at Springfield" "Speech by the President Elect" and more. Nice condition, 8 pgs.

No Longer Available


Tremendous baseball content...

Item #191248

September 30, 1882

THE NEW YORK CLIPPER, Sept. 30, 1882 Near the back is an advertisement for a production of "The Latest Sensation, the Ford Brothers, Slayers of Jesse James" with a few more details (see photo). But the prime content is the 1 1/2 pages of "BASEBALL" reporting, featuring an illus. and biography of "Martin Powell", first baseman with the Detroit club. There are reports and box scores on no fewer than... See More  

No Longer Available


Execution of John Brown & much more..

Item #191249

December 10, 1859

NEW YORK WEEKLY TRIBUNE, Dec. 10, 1859 Page 2 head: "JOHN BROWN'S INVASION--The Execution of Capt. Brown" & a related head: "The Execution on Friday Last" & more. The entire page 2 is taken up with John Brown content which carries over to take all of page 3 as well, including a crude diagram of the scaffold, etc. (see photo). Other heads include: "John Brown's Remains" "John Brown's Last Letter to... See More  

No Longer Available


Item #191256

June 27, 1874

DENISON DAILY NEWS, Texas, June 27, 1874 Ftpg. has two nice heads concerning trouble with the Indians: "The Red Devils" "The Cheyennes on the War Path" being a report from Wichita. Not a lengthy account. Binding holes at the spine, some very light damp staining.

No Longer Available


Mormon content...

Item #191257

May 30, 1866

FLAKE'S WEEKLY BULLETIN, Galveston, Texas, May 30, 1866 A page 4 report is headed: "General Sherman After Brigham Young" and a pg. 6 report is headed: "Indictment Of Jefferson Davis". Complete in 8 pages, even browning throughout, generally nice.

No Longer Available


Mississippi to join the Union...

Item #191266

July 01, 1817

THE DEMOCRATIC PRESS, Philadelphia, July 1, 1817 Page 2 contains "An Act to enable the people of the western part of the Mississippi territory to form a constitution and state government & for the admission of such state into the Union on an equal footing with the original states.", signed in type: James Madison. Another Act on this page as well also signed by Madison. Some folds, never bound nor ... See More  

No Longer Available

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