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Early British Columbia, Canada...

Item #705987

April 17, 1878

MAINLAND GUARDIAN, New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada, April 17, 1878  A quite uncommon title from this town in British Columbia, with various news and literary items of the day and a wealth of ads a well, several of which are illustrated.

Complete in four pages, typical folio size, never bound nor trimmed, a news agent's stamp in the upper right corner, nice condition.

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Sam Houston's 'call to arms' against Mexico...

Item #705733

April 02, 1842

NILES'S NATIONAL REGISTER, Baltimore, April 2, 1842 

* Samuel Houston call to arms - Texas citizens

* Post Texas Revolution - Pre Mexican-American War

Inside has: "President Houston's Proclamation to the Citizens of Texas" which begins: "My Countrymen: Rumours have been brought from the southwestern frontier of invasion...The facts are sufficient to justify immed... See More  

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Post Abraham Lincoln assassination events...

Item #705625

May 13, 1865

CONCORD DAILY MONITOR, New Hampshire, May 13, 1865

* American Civil War ending events

Page 2 & 3 has some reporting soon after Robert E. Lee's surrender and Abraham Lincoln's assassination. (see images)

Complete with 4 pages, a little irregular along the spine, nice condition.

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The Lowry War in North Carolina...

Item #705517

April 15, 1872

NEW YORK HERALD, April 15, 1872 

* Lowry's War - gang

* Pembroke, North Carolina

* Scuffletown outlaws

* Sheriff Reuben King murder trial

The Lowry War is a notable event in North Carolina history. Led by Henry Berry Lowry, whose father and brother were murdered by men of the Confederate Home Guard, a band of American Indian, White and African-American men waged a guerrilla war a... See More  

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For the Masons in 1858...

Item #705378

October 27, 1858

MASONIC MIRROR, Philadelphia & New  York, Oct. 27, 1858 

* Masonic - free masonry - Masons

* Pre American Civil War era

In the dateline is: "Devoted To The Diffusion Of Masonic Intelligence, Fine Arts, Literature, News, etc." This little newspaper published for the Masons has a very graphic, Masonic-theme engraving in the masthead (see).

Twelve pages, 8 1/2 by 11 1... See More  

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1826 - "Life of the Marquis De Lafayette"...

Item #705303

January 01, 1826

Book: "Life of the Marquis De Lafayette", by Robert Waln, Jr., 1826

The full title is: "Life of the Marquis De La Fayette; Major General in the Service of the United States of America. In The War Of The Revolution". This appears to be the 1826 "Second Edition", published by J.P. Ayers, Philadelphia. See images for a few highlights.

Complete in 506 pages, lo... See More  

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Pair of issues with the constitution of Maine...

Item #705182

September 09, 1820

THE WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore, September 9 and 16, 1820  A pair of issues within which is the complete text of the: "Constitution of Maine" which begins in the Sept. 9 issue & includes the Preamble and articles 1 thru X on nearly 7 pages, with the balance of the Constitution found in the Sept. 16 issue, beginning on the front page and carrying over to take 3 pages.

A significa... See More  

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Account of an 1812-1813 expedition from Louisiana through Texas...

Item #705180

August 28, 1819

THE WEEKLY REGISTER (Supplement), Baltimore, Aug. 28, 1819 (note - this does not include the Supplement to the entire volume XVI - vol. 16).

Page 42 begins: "Province of Texas" which includes a "...brief history of an expedition in 1812 and 1813, from Louisiana into the Texas..." and "...The expedition carried on against the government of Spain in the Provine of... See More  

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1850 Magazine by the famed Charles Dicken...

Item #705129

June 15, 1850

HOUSEHOLD WORDS, London, England, June 15, 1850

* Charles Dickens publication

This 24 page issue is in nice condition and measures 6 x 9 inches. This was a weekly journal which was conducted by Charles Dickens as noted in the masthead. This magazine has mainly literary reading (stories, poems etc.), some by Charles Dickens himself.

wikipedia notes: "On 21st January 1846 Charles Dick... See More  

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An April Fool's report on the abolishment of Nauvoo... Deranged by Millerism...

Item #705091

April 01, 1843

NILES' NATIONAL REGISTER, Baltimore, April 1, 1843  The back page has what is apparently an "April Fools" report concocted by the normally staid editor, headed: "Nauvoo Abolished". It reports: "In the Illinois legislature...the senate repealed the law creating the Nauvoo legion, military corps. They also repealed the charter of the Mormons City of Nauvoo. The vote... See More  

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1858 Salem, New Jersey w/ nice masthead....

Item #705047

July 15, 1857

NATIONAL STANDARD, Salem, New Jersey, July 15, 1857

* Uncommon title

* Nice masthead (heraldic eagle)

This large sized issue measures 25 1/2 x 18 1/2 inches, contains news of the with several interesting advertisements.

Complete with 4 pages, minor wear at the folds and margins, generally nice.

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Supporting William H. Harrison for President...

Item #705035

May 26, 1840

THE MADISONIAN, Washington City, May 26, 1840

* William Henry Harrison for president

This issue has on the inside page a political cartoon print of a log cabin (for Wm. H. Harrison) and a heraldic eagle engraving with "Harrison & Tyler" on a banner in the eagle's beak (see). Much political reporting.

Four pages, light creasing at the folds, nice condition.... See More  

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Lafayette College...

Item #705030

* Lafayette College
* Illustrations of the College
Inside has a twelve page article about "Lafayette College" containing fifteen illustrations including larger illustrations of the "Reading Room" the "Assay Room" "Class Day Exercises" the "Entrance To Grounds of Lafayette College"
... See More  

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Capitol Pediment artwork of Luigi Persico is completed and unveiled...

Item #705029

November 08, 1828

NILES' WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore, Nov.  8, 1828  Page 4 has a very detailed article on the completion of the carved artwork of Luigi Persico, the artist who created the "Genius of America" pediment which fronts the Capitol building in Washington. It was work in progress from 1825 - 1828 and this report describes the work, beginning: "The scaffolding and shed whic... See More  

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1808 pamphlet - John Quincy Adams & Harrison Grey Otis...

Item #705028

January 01, 1839

Pamphlet: "REMARKS and CRITICISMS on the Hon. JOHN QUINCY ADAMS'S LETTER to the Hon. HARRISON GRAY OTIS", by William Coleman, a law partner of Aaron Burr, and printed by Joshua Cushing, Boston, 1808

Critique of John Quincy Adams' thoughts on the War of 1812 as presented to Harrison Gray Otis. Wordery comments: "It offers insight into the political debates of the time and ... See More  

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Early Negro baseball team... Hampton University...

Item #705024
HARPER'S MONTHLY, New York, October, 1873  Inside has a fourteen page article about the Hampton Normal and Agricultural Institute. Has a total of eleven illustrations of the buildings and activities at the Institute, plus a nice print (see photos) of the Ball Club that measures about 2 3/4 by 3 inches. The Institute, founded as a co-educational school for negroes shortly after the Ci... See More  

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Death of the Massachusetts governor...

Item #704862

December 23, 1808

UNITED STATES' GAZETTE FOR THE COUNTRY, Philadelphia, Dec. 23, 1808  Page 3 has: "Death Of Governour Sullivan" with the report from Boston noting: "His excellency Governour Sullivan died this morning at his mansion-house in Summer St. All the bells in the town wee tolled for half an hour. This is the fourth Executive Officer who has died in office in Massachusetts since the... See More  

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The Forest Ridge disaster (Bussey Bridge train calamity)...

Item #704858

March 26, 1887

FRANK LESLIE'S ILLUSTRATED, New York, March 26, 1887  The front page has a dramatic illustration of the train wreck on the Bussey Bridge in the Roslindale section of Boston (near Forest Hills). The inside page (paginated #88) has several related illustrations. 

Additional prints within the issue include a full-page on the fire and resulting destruction of The Richmond Hotel and St. ... See More  

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Death of Brigham Young, and three more Mormon reports...

Item #704856

September 06, 1877

AMERICAN SOCIALIST, Oneida, New York, Sept. 6, 1877  Page 7 under "Items Of News" has 4 Mormon items, one noting: "Brigham Young died on the 29th ult. after a brief attack of cholera morbus & inflammation of the bowels. He was buried on Sunday, the 2d."

Another has: "Brigham Young discouraged free schools, but he sent several of his children to the best educa
... See More  

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Buffalo Soldier... "Saddle Up!" Frederic Remington on the front page... Polo at Newport...

Item #704810

September 04, 1886

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, September 4, 1886  The full front page is a very nice (and famous) Frederic Remington print: "Abandoned" which has a Western theme. There is a related article on an inside page: "Our Soldiers In the Southwest" which also has a Remington print titled: "Saddle Up", which includes two buffalo soldiers (black soldiers). Also within the ... See More  

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Electric Edison torpedo...

Item #704807

July 26, 1890

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, New York, July 26, 1890  The front page has an illustrations "The Sims-Edison Electric Torpedo -- The Torpedo at Full Speed -- Sectional View of the Torpedo" with an accompanying article. Inside the issue is: "The Steel Cruiser Chicago, as She Appeared in the Mediterranean"; "Redwood Logging in California"; and more illustrations, articl... See More  

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Execution of a Negro in 1869...

Item #704714

May 29, 1869


* African American Execution - hanging

* Frederick County, Maryland

Page 3 has an article headed: "The Death Penalty" "Execution in Frederick, Md., of a Negro for the Murder of a White Man" and more. (see images) Lengthy text takes up almost 2 full columns.

Other news of the day. Complete with all 12 pages, good condition.... See More  

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Beginning work on the Washington Monument... Nauvoo, the Mormon city...

Item #704692

January 08, 1853

ILLUSTRATED NEWS, New York, Jan. 8, 1853

* Nauvoo, Illinois - Mormons

* Washington monument

A short-live newspaper which preceded the first issue of "Harper's Weekly". This is the volume 1, number 2 issue. P.T. Barnum was a "Special Partner" in this publication.

The front page shows: "The Late Collision on the Mississippi--Loss of the Steamer Western World&quo... See More  

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Print of San Francisco... The new Mormon Temple...

Item #704691

July 25, 1857

BALLOU'S PICTORIAL, Boston, July 25, 1857  

* Very early view of San Francisco

* Salt Lake Tabernacle under construction

Formatted much like the more common Harper's Weekly, this illustrated paper printed several years earlier.

The front page features a print of a: "View Of San Francisco, California" which a related article on it as well. Very early view of the young... See More  

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Nice & detailed content on the Jack the Ripper case...

Item #704681

November 13, 1888

THE TIMES, London, Nov. 13, 1888 

* Jack the Ripper Whitechapel murders

* Killing of Mary Jane Kelly (last victim)

* Best title to be had (very rare as such)

"Jack the Ripper" reports were common in the latter half of 1888, capturing the interest of people on both sides of the Atlantic as evidenced by the reports in many newspapers in the United States. It was the internatio... See More  

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First issue of a P. T. Barnum publication...

Item #704596

January 01, 1853

ILLUSTRATED NEWS, New York, Jan. 1, 1853  This is the very first issue of what would become a short-lived publication which had "P.T. Barnum, Special Partner" involved in its publication, as noted on one of the back pages.

This is one of the earliest illustrated periodicals in the United States, preceding both Leslie's Illustrated and Harper's Weekly.  The format would... See More  

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Thomas Jefferson letter... Creating the University of Virginia...

Item #704594

December 15, 1821

NILES' WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore, Dec. 15, 1821 

* Thomas Jefferson on founding the University of Virginia

Perhaps the best item in this issue is the nice & lengthy letter under the heading: "University of Virginia", signed by him in type: Th. Jefferson, as Rector of the University of Virginia. It was this letter that sets out the founding of this institution by Jeff... See More  

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Emma Cunningham & the Burdell murder...

Item #704551

August 06, 1857


* Emma Cunningham

* Dr. Harvey Burdell

* Murder case

The front page has an article headed: "THE BOGUS BURDELL BABY" with subheads. (see images) Lengthy text takes up nearly the entire front page.

Complete in 8 pages, minor spine wear, otherwise nice.... See More  

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1874 Charley Ross kidnapping...

Item #704548

November 18, 1875


* 4 year old boy - Charley Ross kidnapping - FOUND ?

* 1st American for ransom in U.S. (media coverage)

Page 2 has an report headed: "Charley Ross" "He Is Probably Found At Last..." and more. (see images)

Complete with 4 pages, nice condition.

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Edgar Allan Poe Parents Theatre Ad In 1808...

Item #704532

November 10, 1806

BOSTON GAZETTE, Nov. 10, 1806

* Edgar Allan Poe's father theater ad

* David Poe Jr.

The top of page 3 under "Boston Theatre" is a  notice for the performance of "JANE SHORE", with Mr. Poe as "Bellmour" re. the father of Edgar Allan Poe.

Complete with 4 pages, minor margin wear, generally very nice.

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On arresting Joseph Smith...

Item #704487

July 22, 1843

DAILY NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, Washington, D.C., July 22, 1843 

* On the arrest of Joseph Smith

* Mormonism - Mormons

* Nauvoo, Illinois

Page 3 has a somewhat brief article with a small heading: "Joe Smith" noting in part: "The sheriff of Jackson county...published a long letter explaining the manner in which he arrested this distinguished personal & the troubles...... See More  

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Death of General Macomb... Mormons arriving from Quebec, bound for Illinois...

Item #704486

July 10, 1841

NILES' NATIONAL REGISTER, Baltimore, July 10, 1841  Page 3 has a lengthy account of a loss in the military: "...the melancholy intelligence of the exit of the distinguished ALEXANDER MACOMB, the late major general commanding-in-chief...". Included is a small graphic of "The Hearse" with the positions of the pall bearers.

The back page has a brief item concerning the: ... See More  

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Last sermon of Brigham Young before Utah... Nice on the capture of slave ships...

Item #704483

March 21, 1846

NILES' NATIONAL REGISTER, Baltimore, March 21, 1846  The front page has an editorial concerning the Mexican War: "Shall We Have Peace or War?" Page 3 has a report: "Slavers Captured" being an account of the capture of the slave ships Panther, Patuxent, and Pons. Note that although slavery continued until the Civil War, the importation of slaves was outlawed in 1808.

A... See More  

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Mormons in New Jersey... President Tyler vetos the Bank of the U.S. bill...

Item #704482

August 21, 1841

NILES' NATIONAL REGISTER, Baltimore, Aug. 21, 1841

* Mormons - Mormonism

* Toms River & Hornerstown

* Monmouth Co. New Jersey

 Inside has the lengthy: "Veto Message from the President of the United States, Returning, with his Objections, the bill to incorporate the Fiscal Bank of the United States" signed in type: John Tyler

The back page has a brief item con... See More  

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Joseph Smith as a candidate for President...

Item #704481

May 18, 1844

NILES' NATIONAL REGISTER, Baltimore, May 18, 1844

* Mormons leader Joseph Smith

* Election campaign for president

* 1st presidential candidate to be killed

Page 2 has a report under: "Political--Presidential" which discusses the various candidates for the presidency. Included in the discussion is mention of Joseph Smith, leader of the Mormons.

It is not known by many to... See More  

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Mormons vs. the Anti-Mormons... On Iowa & Wisconsin joining the Union... The Mexican War...

Item #704480

September 19, 1846

NILES' NATIONAL REGISTER, Baltimore, Sept. 19, 1846

* Illinois Mormon War - Mormonism

* Nauvoo, Hancock County

* Wisconsin & Iowa joining the Union

* Mexican-American War

 Page 5 has a report headed: "States Ofd The Union - The New States--Iowa and Wisconsin" with reports on both. Iowa formally joined the Union in December, 1846, and Wisconsin not until May, 1848.

... See More  

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Report on the Mormon colony in Utah...

Item #704479

January 08, 1850

NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, Washington, D.C., Jan. 8, 1850 

* Mormons - Mormonism

* Early Salt Lake City, Utah

The front page has: "From The Valley Of Salt Lake" which is an early report on the Mormons at their new home. Bits include: "...states that the Mormon colony at the Valley of the Salt Lake was in a prosperous and happy condition. The crops had been abundant...The Mo... See More  

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Creating the Naval Academy at Annapolis... Arresting Brigham Young...

Item #704478

January 31, 1846

NILES' NATIONAL REGISTER, Baltimore, Jan. 31, 1846 

* United States Naval Academy is born

* Brigham Young arrested - Mormons

Near the back is a nice article on the establishment of the Naval Academy at Annapolis, headed: "The Naval School At Annapolis", which includes: "It is generally understood that in September last the military post at Annapolis, Md., was vacated... See More  

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The very first official Memorial Day observance...

Item #704400

May 31, 1868

NEW YORK HERALD, May 31, 1868 

* Very 1st Memorial Day observance

Page 10 begins with: "THE UNION DEAD" "Decorat5ion of the Graves of Soldiers at the Cemeteries" "Muster of the Veterans of the War" "Patriotic Addresses & Affecting Ceremonies" "In Memoriam".

The first national celebration of Memorial Day took place May 30, 1868, at ... See More  

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1875 Georgia Negroes insurrection...

Item #704377

September 02, 1875

THE NEW YORK HERALD, Sept. 2, 1875 

* Negroes uprising - insurrection 

* Sandersville & more, Georgia

The top of page 4 has a one column heading: "THE GEORGIA NEGROES" with subheads. (see images) Text takes up almost 2 full columns.

 Complete with 12 pages, nice condition.

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Rare 19h century women's suffrage newspaper...

Item #704376

March 31, 1888

THE WOMAN'S JOURNAL, Boston, March 31, 1888

* Rare publication

* Women's suffrage

Rare women's suffrage paper founded in 1870, produced by--among others--Lucy Stone, Alice Blackwell, Julia Ward Howe, and Mary Livermore. Published: " the interests of Woman, to her educational, industrial, legal & political Equality, & especially to her right of Suffrage" as... See More  

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Capture of Pensacola Florida... Seminole War...

Item #704372

July 25, 1818

NILES' WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore, July 25, 1818 

* Battle of Penscacola

* Spanish West Florida

* First Seminole War

* General Andrew Jackson

Featured in this issue is a detailed report of the capture of Pensacola, Florida during the Seminole Indian war.  Also a report on the death and funeral of General Richard Montgomery.

Sixteen pages, 6 by 9 1/2 inches, some foxing, gen... See More  

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One of the earliest newspaper mentions of Lincoln to be had... Early Joeseph Smith mention...

Item #704359

August 12, 1837

NILES' WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore, Aug. 12, 1837  An inside page has a report headed "Illinois" being an account of activities in the state legislature, with an inconspicuous--yet very significant--listing of "Lincoln" in the "negative" column of those who voted on a specific resolution.

This is a very early mention of Abraham Lincoln from when he was just 2... See More  

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Report of the murder of Joseph Smith in a British magazine...

Item #704358

September 01, 1844

THE GENTLEMAN'S MAGAZINE, London, September, 1844 

* Joseph & Hyrum Smith murders

* Carthage, Illinois jail

* Lynch mob killing

Near the back under "Foreign News" is a report from the "United States" noting: "Joseph and Hiram Smith, the Mormon prophets, were murdered in June last, at Carthage in Illinois, by a mob of 60 or 70 persons."

Keep in m... See More  

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Eight-hour workday established in 1869...

Item #704342

May 22, 1869


* Eight-hour workday (government employees)

* President Ulysses S. Grant proclamation

Page 3 has an article headed: "WASHINGTON" "The Eight Hour Law Proclamation" "More Colored Office-Holders" and more signed in type: U.S. Grant (see images).

Other news of the day. Complete with all 12 pages, nice condition.... See More  

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1879 North Brookfield, Massachusetts...

Item #704340

May 07, 1886


* Worcester County

* 19th century original

A uncommon publication with news of the day and several interesting advertisements throughout.

Complete with 4 pages, light toning, minor wear at the folds, generally in good condition.

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1889 Mardi Gras carnival ad...

Item #704332

February 18, 1889

THE DAILY PICAYUNE, New Orleans, February 18, 1889

* Mardi Gras carnival advertisement

This uncommon title from the deep South has news of the day with many advertisements. Page 4 has a advertisement for the upcoming Mardi Gras celebration headed: "The Carnival (Mardi Gras), March 5, 1889" (see images) Probably only found in a New Orleans publication, rare as such.

Complete in 8 ... See More  

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The first full-fledged Broadway musical...

Item #704206

September 13, 1866

NEW YORK TIMES, September 11, 12 & 13, 1866 (3-issue set)

* "The Black Crook" opening premiere

* Very first musical theatre performance of the first ever modern day musical!

* Niblo's Garden - Broadway - New York City

A terrific and very historic trio of newspapers relating to the first theatrical musical, "The Black Crook".

As Wikipedia notes: "Its signif... See More  

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First Jewish-American appointed to a federal post...

Item #704141

June 11, 1801

THE UNIVERSAL GAZETTE, Washington, D.C., June 11, 1801 

* Extremely Historic from the turn of the 19th century

* First Jewish American Appointment to a federal position

* A significant report for any Judaica collection

It is reported in a brief, inconspicuous report on page 2, but its significance is considerable.

It was in 1801 when a significant stride in the recognition of Jewish ... See More  

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Edison invents the phonograph... Baseball science...

Item #704140

November 17, 1877

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, New York, Nov. 17, 1877 

* Historic Phonograph invention

* Thomas Edison - inventor

* Early baseball science

A page 2 article headed: "A Wonderful Invention--Speech Capable Of Indefinite Repetition From Automatic Records" reports this about Edison's latest invention: "...The possibility is simply startling...a strip of indented paper tr
... See More  

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