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Lasted just 56 issues... an 84 year old woman pregnant... ?

Item #190851

September 01, 1682

THE LONDON MERCURY, Sept. 1, 1682 According to Crane and Kaye this title lasted for just 56 issues, and is held by only four institutions in the United States. Notable content includes a ftpg. report stating that "The New-England Agents have been before the Committee of Council, and made known their Requests, and had a very favourable acceptance, notwithstanding some Prints and Papers have told t... See More  

No Longer Available


Early Charleston... front page runaway notices...

Item #190853

September 29, 1820

THE CHARLESTON COURIER, Charleston, S.C., Sept. 29, 1820 On the ftpg. at the top of the first column is a notice offering a "Twenty-Five Dollars Reward" for the return of a "Negro Wench Charlotte, otherwise called Charlotte Tobias", with details and woodcut of a female runaway. A notice below this one offers a "Twenty Dollars Reward" for the return of "two Negro Fellows named Billy and Davy", wi... See More  

No Longer Available


Item #190854

July 21, 1832

THE DUBLIN PENNY JOURNAL, Dublin, Ireland, July 21, 1832 Taking almost half the ftpg. is an engraving of: "Carlingford Castle, County Louth" plus a detailed article about the town of Carlingford, with mention of its delicious oysters. Obviously has much Irish-related content. A volume I issue (number 4). Quarto-size, 8 pgs.

No Longer Available


Item #190855

February 14, 1852

THE CARPET-BAG, N.Y., Feb. 14, 1852 An unusual name for a publication, with a large image of a carpetbag on the front page. Has mostly literary-related content, including, on pg. 5, the poem "The Prisoner Of Chillon" by Lord Byron, with an illustration of Chillon prison. A volume I issue (number 46). A bit smaller than Harper's Weekly, has 8 pgs.

No Longer Available


Item #190857

June 03, 1837

BANNER AND SPY, Phila., June 3, 1837 An unusual name for a newspaper, with an interesting engraving in the masthead. Has literary content, topical items, anecdotes, and ads. A volume I issue (number 27). Has the subscriber's name written in the blank margin above the masthead, lite fold rubbing on the ftpg., lite dirtiness in part of the masthead, lite general wear, occasional foxing.

No Longer Available


Lasted only five issues...

Item #190858

March 20, 1809

AMERICAN REPUBLICAN, Boston, March 20, 1809 According to Brigham this title was published as the weekly edition of the Boston Patriot, but it was discontinued after five issues because there was "little support". This is the volume I (number 2) issue. We found this issued in a bound volume of the Boston Patriot, and it was used as replacement issue in the sequence of the Patriot issues (between is... See More  

No Longer Available


Item #190859

January 01, 1805

THE INTELLIGENCER, & WEEKLY ADVERTISER, Lancaster, Pa., Jan. 1, 1805 Early for Lancaster, this title began publishing in 1799. Taking a full column on pg. 2 is: "The Carrier's ADDRESS To The Patrons Of The Intelligencer". Dampstaining through the middle affecting each leaf, but all the copy is still quite readable. Untrimmed.

No Longer Available


Item #190860

July 04, 1844

THE OBSERVER, AND WESTERN INTELLIGENCER, Lewisburg, Va., July 4, 1844 This is the volume I (number 17) issue of this title, from a town that is now located in West Virginia. A pg. 2 ad endorses the Clay-Frelinghuysen ticket and it includes a list of the "Presidential Electors" as well. A pg. 3 ad headed "Stop The Runaway! 25 Dollars Reward" provides a description and other details about "a Negro ... See More  

No Longer Available


Item #190861

October 19, 1839

THE BAY STATE DEMOCRACY, Boston, Mass., Oct. 19, 1839 A campaign newspaper, this title was published by the Bay State Democrat. Ftpg. has an ad endorsing Martin Van Buren for President, as well as candidates for Governor and Lieut. Governor, plus various candidates for State Senator. Mostly political and campaign-related content. This is the volume I (number 8) issue. Has a decorative masthead. Fi... See More  

No Longer Available


Item #190862

December 04, 1844

HANOVER SPECTATOR, Hanover, Pa., Dec. 4, 1844 A volume I issue (number 10) of this title from a small community in south-central Pennsylvania. Has general news and content and ads. Small inked library stamp inside at the spine, very lite fold rubbing on the ftpg.

No Longer Available


Rare “Shaker” publication...

Item #190863

January 01, 1874

SHAKER AND SHAKERESS MONTHLY, Mt. Lebanon, Col. Co., N.Y., 1874 A rare and unusual monthly newspaper "Published By The United Society", more commonly known as the Shakers. Mostly religious-related content but other items as well. Quarto-size, 8 pgs., in very good condition. Note: month and day will be different than the one shown in the photo, and the issue will be dated in 1874, but wil... See More  

No Longer Available


Item #190866

May 26, 1803

CONNECTICUT JOURNAL, New Haven, Conn., May 26, 1803 Ftpg. has three "Acts" each signed in type: TH: Jefferson. Has a small woodcut in the masthead. Small hole at the fold juncture on the ftpg., narrow line of vertical foxing on the ftpg. as well, otherwise in good, untrimmed condition.

No Longer Available


Front page Paul Revere ad...

Item #190873

October 14, 1807

NATIONAL AEGIS, Worcester, Mass., Oct. 14, 1807 Ftpg. ad headed: "Church Bells. Paul Revere, & Son" and reading in part: "Have constantly for sale, Church and Academy BELLS, which they will warrant equal to any made in Europe or this country." Although Paul Revere ads are somewhat common, it is quite rare to find one on the ftpg! Has ornate lettering in the masthead. Archival mend to a very small ... See More  

No Longer Available


For women... From the Old West...

Item #190876

January 01, 1877

WOMANS EXPONENT, Salt Lake City, Utah, 1877 Edited by a woman, and apparently for women. Has much Mormon-related news and content, commentary, some literary content and topical reports. Uncommon to have a newspaper for women from this period! Quarto-size, 8 pgs., occasional foxing, otherwise in good condition. Note: month and day will be different than the one shown in the photo. Only one of ... See More  

No Longer Available


From the oldest city on the Mississippi... from before the Civil War...

Item #190880

January 26, 1854

THE DAILY COURIER, Natchez, Miss., Jan. 26, 1854 Nice antebellum newspaper from the oldest city on the Mississippi River. Has three ads on pg. 3 under the "Negroes For Sale" section, each with details and a small woodcut. A volume 2 issue. Lite staining in parts of the margins, lite even foxing. Generally in very good condition.

No Longer Available


Death of President Garfield...

Item #190883

September 24, 1881

PORTLAND TRANSCRIPT, Maine, Sept. 24, 1881 Page 2 has a black-bordered report headed: "Death Of President Garfield", with various details (see photos). An 8 pg. issue, great condition.

No Longer Available


Jack the Ripper...

Item #190885

October 12, 1888

PUBLIC LEDGER, Philadelphia, Oct. 12, 1888 The ftpg. has a one paragraph report (see photo) headed: "The Whitechapel Murders--A Charge Against the Chief of Police" tells of a chilling note by Jack the Ripper: "I have murdered 4 & will murder 16 more before I surrender myself to the police" written on a shutter, which was erased by the Chief of Police before authorities could photograph it. Some ed... See More  

No Longer Available


Item #190886

November 27, 1860

THE CHARLESTON MERCURY, South Carolina, Nov. 27, 1860 From the city where Southern secession from the Union would begin, and from just a few months before the outbreak of war. Items include: "Cushing On Secession" "Dr. Tyng & Secession" "The Work Goes Bravely On" "Arms for the South" and ftpg: "Mr. Buchanan & Secession" plus more. Various wear, browning at folds, some separation and wear holes, ed... See More  

No Longer Available


Rare title from Nevada...

Item #190889

December 06, 1879

GOLD HILL DAILY NEWS, Gold Hill, Storey, County, Nevada, Dec. 6, 1879 Various Old West news reports and a wealth of ads, however most of the back leaf is missing, so more of a display issue. Old tape mends at sine & some in text. Few edge tears.

No Longer Available


Death of President Polk...

Item #190890

July 07, 1849

THE OLIVE BRANCH, Boston, July 7, 1849 Page 2 report headed: "The Death & Interment of James K. Polk". From the middle of the Gold Rush, not surprising to find a back page article: "Tests to Detect Gold". Mild wear & browning.

No Longer Available


Death of Dolly Madison...

Item #190892

July 21, 1849

THE OLIVE BRANCH, Boston, July 21, 1849 See the photo for the page 3 article headed: "Death Of Mrs. Madison", with various details. Never bound nor trimmed, minor foxing.

No Longer Available


Andy Jackson on the War of 1812...

Item #190894

October 25, 1814

CONNECTICUT COURANT, Hartford, Oct. 25, 1814 The back page contains a nice letter signed: "ANDREW JACKSON" concerning the battle at Mobile, plus a supporting letter from Wm. Lawrence (see photos). Several tape mends do not deter readability.

No Longer Available


A suffragist newspaper... Women's rights...

Item #190902

May 04, 1882

THE NEW NORTHWEST, Portland, Oregon, May 4, 1882 Unusual to find a suffragist paper from the Far West, but here is one. Heads include: "Woman's Western Conquest" "Washington C. Suffragists" "Woman as an Inventor" "English Wife-Beaters' Punishment" "A Neglected Right of Women" & more. Bkpg. has a report of the death of Captain Jack, the Ute Indian chief. An 8 pg. issue, some black stains at the bla... See More  

No Longer Available


From this famous town of the Old West…

Item #191001

June 20, 1882

BLACK HILLS DAILY PIONEER, Deadwood, Dakota, June 20, 1882 A quite rare & famous newspaper from one of the more "romantic" towns of the Old West. Ftpg. includes an interesting account of a stage coach problem while crossing the Cheyenne River. A wealth of other typically western reports, plus many ads as well. Four page, some tears at margins.

No Longer Available


Item #191003

December 13, 1879

THE MENDOCINO BEACON, California, Dec. 13, 1879 Uncommon from this northern Calif. coast town. Pg. 3 has a report of an outlaw captured. A wealth of ads, many of which are illustrated. Some margin tears.

No Longer Available


Item #191004

December 01, 1877

THE PHOENIX, Brooklyn, Dec., 1877 An interesting & rather rare amateur newspaper with various tidbits, puzzles, ads, etc. Four pages, quarto-size, great condition. A great masthead makes this issue displayable!

No Longer Available


Tiny newspaper...

Item #191005

January 01, 1867

THE O.C. DAILY, 1867 No, its not from Orange County, but rather from the Oneida Community in New York. This is a tiny newspaper, measuring just 4 by 5 inches, four pages. Various tidbits, great condition. Note: month and day will be different than the one shown in the photo.

No Longer Available


Item #191007

September 27, 1879

THE DAILY GRAPHIC, New York, Sept. 27, 1879 A great companion piece to item #1 above, as this issue contains a great half page illustration of: "The City of Deadwood, Dakota Territory, Destroyed by Fire Yesterday". An 8 page issue, very nice condition.

No Longer Available


Item #191009

January 17, 1860

NEW YORK TRIBUNE, Jan. 17, 1860 Page 4: "Slavery In Nebraska" mentions a law was passed prohibiting it, with details. Pg. 7 has a report on "The Mormons". Nice condition.

No Longer Available


Item #191012

April 25, 1874

BELLINGHAM BAY MAIL, Whatcom, Washington Territory, Apr. 25, 1874 Rare title from 15 years before statehood! Various news reports from the West at that time plus ads as well. Nice condition, and a volume one issue.

No Longer Available


View of Leadville, Colorado...

Item #191015

October 13, 1879

THE DAILY GRAPHIC, New York, Oct. 13, 1879 Large, fullpg. Illustration captioned: "The Gold Medal Mine, Bird's-Eye Gulch, Leadville, Colorado", the famous mining town. Eight pages, nice condition.

No Longer Available


Item #191018

October 18, 1879

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, New York, Oct. 18, 1879 Full ftpg. has 3 scenes captioned: "Edison's Electric Generator" with a related article on an inside page where is found two additional prints of "Edison's Electric Motor". A displayable issue with this nice Edison front page. Great condition.

No Longer Available


Great War of 1812 issue...

Item #191019

June 07, 1813

INDEPENDENT CHRONICLE, Boston, June 7, 1813 Page 2 of this issue has some great War of 1812 reporting, including some uncommonly nice one-column heads, including: "Glorious News! Capture of Fort George" with details, and "Attack Upon Sacket's Harbor & Defeat of the Enemy" & "More Good News!" "Repulse of the Enemy at Sacket's Harbor..." and "Chesapeake and Shannon" plus other reports as well! A wea... See More  

No Longer Available


Jefferson bids adieu...

Item #191020

March 02, 1801

THE NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, Washington City, Mar. 2, 1801 Not only is this a very early issue of this famous title--volume 1, number 51--but page 2 features a half column letter signed: Th. Jefferson, in which he takes leave of his offices as Vice President of the U.S. and President of the Senate, in preparing to be inaugurated President of the United States. Scattered, light foxing, library stamp... See More  

No Longer Available


Sydney, Australia views... Omaha views...

Item #191023

January 26, 1880

THE DAILY GRAPHIC, New York, Jan. 26, 1880 A fullpg. contain 8 prints captioned: "Scenes in & Around Sydney, New South Wales". The back leaf contains a nice fullpg. with 7 prints captioned: "Views in Omaha, Nebraska".

No Longer Available


Irish troubles in America...

Item #191027

March 17, 1866

THE WORLD, New York, Mar. 17, 1866 The ftpg. has some very nice first column heads concerning "The Fenian Excitement" in America, with an engraving of a flag as well. A great St. Patrick's Day issue with much related text. Great shape, 8 pages.

No Longer Available


Item #191028

May 30, 1835

THE LIBERATOR, Boston, May 30, 1835 A very early issue of this famous anti-slavery newspaper from its 5th year of existence. One column heads include: "The Immediate Abolitionists" "Slavery" "Resolutions Passed at the 2nd Annual Meeting of the American Anti-Slavery Society" & "Impossibility of Man Flying" plus more. Great engraving of a slave auction in the masthead. Very nice condition.

No Longer Available


Item #191031

May 10, 1844

PITTSBURGH DAILY AMERICAN, Penna., May 10, 1844 Pg. 2 presidential campaign ad supports Henry Clay for president. Other news of the day, a wealth of ads including many illustrated ads. Tear & a bit irregular at the spine, plus a tape mend near the spine as well.

No Longer Available


Jesse James issue...

Item #191033

October 15, 1881

NATIONAL POLICE GAZETTE, New York, Oct. 15, 1881 See the photo for the interesting advertisement for a special edition of this newspaper on "The Outlaw Brothers, Frank and Jesse James" with much detail. Good evidence that Jesse James was well known even before his death, which would happen less than 6 months later. A piece is clipped from an unrelated inside page, otherwise rather nice & complete ... See More  

No Longer Available


Item #191036

November 26, 1810

BOSTON GAZETTE, Nov. 26, 1810 Pg. 3 has an ad headed "John Hancock" concerning various items offered for sale. Entire bkpg. is a list of "Wholesale Prices Current at Boston".

No Longer Available


Item #191038

November 10, 1860

NEW YORK TIMES, Nov. 10, 1860 Ftpg. heads: "The Republican Success" "Interesting from Mr. Lincoln's Home--The Latest Cabinet" "The Question of Disunion" "President Buchanan Thinks there will be No Secession During his Term" "Doubts About the Secession of South Carolina" and more. Interesting reading from just after Lincoln's election and just before the outbreak of the Civil War. Light water stain... See More  

No Longer Available


Item #191039

November 06, 1860

NEW YORK TIMES, Nov. 6, 1860 Ftpg. heads: "The Presidential Election" "Immediate Secession Recommended by Gov. of S. Carolina" "Efforts of the Administration to Carry Maryland for Breckinridge" & more on thoughts about possible secession and thoughts of war. Light damp staining at the spine, otherwise nice.

No Longer Available


Very rare paper from an Old West mining town...

Item #191041

January 01, 1880

THE HOMER MINING INDEX, Lundy, California, October 2, 1880 A volume one issue of a very rare & scarce mining town newspaper from Mono County. Various news of the day and a wealth of ads. Never bound nor trimmed & in nice condition. I thought I sold all I had, but one more just turned up.

No Longer Available


Item #191053

July 12, 1865

NEW YORK TRIBUNE, July 12, 1865 Ftpg. has two fine reports, the first being a prophetic report on the emergence of "Prince Petroleum", and some fine text also on "The Assassination" "Interference of Sec. Stanton" "The Health of Jeff. Davis" and more. Nice condition, 8 pages.

No Longer Available


Thomas Edison and the X-Ray...

Item #191061

April 04, 1896

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, New York, Apr. 4, 1896 an inside page takes most of the page with: "The Edison X Ray Experiments, Apparatus & Fluoroscope" which includes two illustrations. A wealth of other science-related articles & illustrations as well. Nice.

No Longer Available


Item #191065

January 01, 1879

KEARNEY DAILY NONPAREIL, Kearney, Nebraska, Jan. 1, 1879 An early volume one issue and a typical "Old West" newspaper, with various news of the day and a wealth of ads, many of which are illustrated. Some browning or foxing to the top half of pg. 1, minor wear. A rare issue!

No Longer Available


Several slave ads...

Item #191067

December 21, 1840

THE CHARLESTON COURIER, South Carolina, Dec. 21, 1840 This issue has a tremendous number of small ads, including four on pg. 3 headed: "Negro Clothing" "$100 Reward" for " negro boy Cuffee..." with details. And "70 Negroes at Public Sale" with details. Also: "Negro Shoes and Dbrogans". Scattered foxing, generally nice.

No Longer Available


Rare title...

Item #191068

March 24, 1809

COLUMBIAN DETECTOR, Boston, Mar. 24, 1809 This title lasted for just 41 issues. Pg. 2 has "President Adams' Letter" signed by him in type: John Adams. Tape along the edges, mostly on the inside pages, various wear, weak library stamp on pg. 2, scattered foxing.

No Longer Available


Slavery... Early Lincoln... And Mormon troubles...

Item #191071

May 26, 1860

THE NEW YORK TIMES, May 26, 1860 Ftpg. has some nice one column heads regarding the slavery issue (see photos) which include: "The Africans at Key West" & "Senate Votes that there is no Need for Congressional Intervention in Behalf of Slavery" plus the front page also has 1 1/3 columns of text on the Mormons with related subheads (see photos). And if this wasn't enough also on the front page is a ... See More  

No Longer Available


Map of gold region of Virginia...

Item #191073

August 01, 1834

NEW YORK AMERICAN, Aug. 1, 1834 The bkpg. has a nice two column map headed: "The Gold Region Of Virginia", beneath which is much text relating to the map. Nice condition.

No Longer Available

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