Special Wedding Package...

Are you searching for a unique gift for that special wedding couple? Consider our Wedding Package. To help illustrate the Two Becoming One, the package includes an original newspaper from the day he was born, from the day she was born, and for their wedding date.

Note: Although it rarely happens, we reserve the right to select a date from the "week of" the needed date if any of the dates are key-collectable dates, or if no issue is available for the exact date entered. You are welcome to check your dates in advance by giving us a call if this is not acceptable. Also, our inventory only extends through 2014, so only dates from 2014 and prior will work. If the wedding date (in particular) is from 2015 and beyond, you can still proceed, but we would send an issue from 50 years prior to the wedding date. Although not optimal, upon pon their Golden Anniversary, the couple will remember you as they gaze upon their 100 year old newspaper!

$99.00 Per Package

$99.00 Per Package

Birth date for him:

Birth date for her:

Couple's wedding date:

For Whom:

ex. Mr. and Mrs. Smith

Protective Folder

Include three "Clear Front" acid-free protective folders (additional $45.00)