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An authentic Sporting News issue - all birth years from 1939 - 1988.

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Historic issues may be priced higher! - Although rare, certain dates have "key" historic content/headlines and will therefore be priced higher than a basic sports issue price. If this is the case, we will be in touch.

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Additional Items

Protective Folder

Preserve your newspaper with this 24 in × 18 in acid-free folder. Provides excellent long-term protection and won’t lift print from pages.

Hardcover Portfolio

Easily and safely transport your documents with this 24 ½ in × 18 ½ in bi-fold hardcover portfolio. Provides protection from fingerprints and looks great on display.

Certificate of Authenticity

All items we sell are original and authentic. This official Certificate of Authenticity from Timothy Hughes Rare & Early Newspapers will prove that your newspaper is genuine.

Shrink Wrapping

This option is best for resellers. A Protective Folder or Portfolio is a better option for long-term archival storage.