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Premiere of "Patriot Games"... Recent releases of "House Sitter" & "Sister Act.".

Item # 704809

June 05, 1992


* "Patriot Games" - premiere ad and ft-pg. review
* Pre-release, full-pg. ad of "House Sitter"

A terrific issue on the premiere of "Patriot Games", starring Harrison Ford, including a 3-page advertisement accompanied by a frontpage review with pictues.  Additionally, the pre-premier ad of "House Sitter", staring Goldie Hawn & Steve Martin, includes a full-page advertisement. Other popular movie advertisements include: "Class Act", "Sister Act", starring Whoopie Goldberg, "The Last Boy Scout" & a lovely, green tinted, holiday "Beauty and the Beast" ad. More ads, from earlier release dates are shown in images. Perhaps no better issue could be found than this, the leading newspaper from the home of the entertainment industry - the Hollywood area's prime publication. 

Note: Where else might one find authentic, poster-size ads for Opening Day showings, in the most desirable Hollywood-area newspaper - as we were lucky enough to obtain this (and others) indirectly from the Los Angeles Times' own collection? It simply doesn't get any better! In over 40 years of collecting, we have yet to see such unique & dramatic coverage with truly top-shelf, eye-catching displayability (see images).

Includes both the front and Calendar sections, in very good condition. See images for details.

Item from Catalog 343 (released for June, 2024)

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