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Three Century Birthday Set (3 issues from any month/day)...

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January 01, 1800

(3) This is a unique opportunity to own authentic newspapers from any month and day of your choice - covering three centuries. You provide us with the month and the day, and we will select a newspaper to send to you - one each from the 1700's, the 1800's, and the 1900's. You will receive 3 original issues guaranteed to be printed on the day and month you desire. Issues from the 1900's and 1800's will be American newspapers, and the one from the 1700's will be from what is now called the UK (England, Ireland...) - and will be a newspaper or magazine.

Note: The issues you will receive if selected by us are guaranteed to be more valuable than the price for the set!
Were you, or the one who is to receive the set, born on May 12th? Simply place May 12th into the comment field before submitting the order, and once submitted, as soon as we see the order we will begin our hunt for 3 newspapers, one each from the 1700's, 1800's, and 1900's, which were printed on May 12th. 

All issues will be authentic/original, and no two sets will ever be identical. If you think going to a website to search for "This Day In History" is fun, imagine what it will be like to actually own collectible newspapers from newsworthy dates for a specific month and day of your choosing.

The photos show examples of what could have been sent for three different dates: January 17th, May 8th, and September 12th.

ALERT: If you submit the order and discover you forgot to enter the month and day of your choice in the comment field, there is no need to worry. Simply email us at info@rarenewspapers.com and give us your name and the desired day/month. Even if you forget to do this, rest assured, we will be in touch.

Here is a video showing the selections for the birthdate of one of our staff.

Another video example is found here: Part II

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