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Reaction to the surrender of Cornwallis at Yorktown...

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March 26, 1782

THE CONNECTICUT COURANT & WEEKLY INTELLIGENCER, Hartford, March 26, 1782  Page 2 has some nice reporting on the military events further to the west, from a letter from Kentucky dated Dec. 6. It reports on the work of General Clarke near Fort Pitt, Colonel Loughrie, and some events near Detroit. An item mentions: "...that the enemy had evacuated John's Island about six miles from Charlestown & still maintained their post at the Quarter House; that General Greene's head quarters was at Pon-Pon...that the advance of his army commanded by Colonels Laurens and Lee was at Dorchester...General Wayne with about 700 men has reached within seven miles at Savannah..." with more.
There is also a letter from Camden, S. Carolina which notes: "...I have only to inform you that General Greene's army still remain quiet at the widow Charles Elliot's plantation, Sandy Hill...Charleston is greatly alarmed and it is the opinion that it must fall pretty soon."
There is a letter from Augusta which reports on events with the Cherokee Indian nation.
Page 3 begins with a letter from London: "I cannot fine that there is a disposition to give up America. All men now believe the existence of the empire depends upon it, and I hope...as soon as they get over the present shock, the national spirit will rise and we shall yet recover from our misfortunes with honor." with more.
Then another letter from London beginning: "I wrote you...the effects which Lord Cornwallis's misfortune in Chesapeake had upon the nation, and acquainted you that the American war would not be abandoned, which I now repeat...Our friends in New York may safely stand their ground. Government here does not intend to give up the contest, and I am convinced they will send out all their force that can be spared from this country & Ireland early in the spring..." with more on this.
See the photos for additional reports concerning the war.
Four pages, a few tiny archival repairs at margins, very nice condition.

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