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The slave trade while Kansas was bleeding... Pike's Peak - Boom or Bust (?)

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June 14, 1859

THE NORWALK EXPERIMENT, Huron County, Ohio, June 14, 1859

* Pike's Peak - Gold "Boom" or "Bust"?
* Selling Kansan slaves to southern states

Page 2 has a troubling article, "GREELEY MEETS A SLAVE DEALER", which tells of a man thanking Horace Greeley for his efforts to see Kansas and Missouri become free of slaves. The man goes on to state that he himself is also doing his part - that is, by selling them in New Orleans. Horrified, Horace exclaimed: "Great God! What! A dealer in human souls!", which was met with the reply, "Yes Sir... I buy and sell negroes. I am indebted to you for the profits of my business...", and more. If true (or if a fictionalized account of what was occurring), once again the worst of humanity rears its ugly head.
This issue also contains three articles regarding Pike's Peak: "The Pike Peak Bubble Burst", "From Pike's Peak - Six Hundred Dollars Worth of Gold Dust", and "Pike's Peak". The first two are on page 2 and the 3rd is on the front page. Together, they provide divergent perspectives on the success of gold mining in the region.
Other news of the day with period advertising is found throughout.
Four pages, a slightly rough left spine, the lower margin of the 2nd leaf is close-trimmed, but otherwise the issue is in good condition.

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