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Davy Crockett to end his days in Texas... Terrific content on the Texas Revolution...

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December 05, 1835

NILES' WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore, Dec. 5, 1835  The front page has a brief yet significant report stating: "Col. Crockett has proceeded to Texas--to end his days there. A supper was given to him at Little Rock, Arkansas." How true this statement was, as just 5 months later he would be killed in the Battle of the Alamo.
But certainly the most significant report is an excellent & impassioned letter signed by R. R. Royall, a leader in the Texas Revolution, in which he states the cause of liberty from Mexico & pleads for help from Americans. Bits include: "...determined to address you in behalf of the suffering Texas & to invoke your assistance...thousands have brought their property to this country & invested thousands upon thousands of dollars in land. They have expatriated themselves from their native country...They have given security to the Mexican frontiers from Indian depredations...And now, when we had accomplished all this...is destroyed by the usurper, Santa Anna...To this new form of government the people of Texas have refused to submit..." with more, and noting near the end: "...What number of mercenary soldiers will invade our country we know not, but this much we do know, that the whole force of the nation that can possibly be spared will be sent to Texas & we believe we have to fight superior numbers. But we believe victory in the end will be ours...every one is determined on 'victory or death'. Citizens of the United States of the north--we are but one people!...We have the finest country on the face of the globe. We invite you to enjoy it with us...The cause of Texas is plainly marked out. She will drive every Mexican soldier beyond her limits, or the people of Texas will leave before San Antonio the bones of their bodies...we are now marching to the field of battle reiterating our father's motto, 'to live free or die.'..." with more. A very stirring letter.
This report is followed by a nice account headed: "Capture of Goliad" dated Oct. 22, 1835, providing much detail & referring to the historic Battle of Gonzales (beginning of the Texas Revolution) with: "While all eyes were directed with intense anxiety towards the military operations near Gonzales--supposing that to be the only point from whence we might expect important news--we were astonished by receiving information of the capture of the fort & town of Goliad, (La Bahia), by a party of colonists...Before the party entered the field, most of the volunteers were at Gonzales--and fearing that the harvest of honors would be reaped before they could arrive there--they struck off from La Baca with the daring determination of taking Goliad by surprise...The main army under colonel Austin marched from Gonzales on the 13th inst. against Bexar..." with much more.
Sixteen pages, 6 1/4 by 9 3/4 inches, scattered foxing, good condition.

As noted in Wikipedia, this title: "...(was) one of the most widely-circulated magazines in the United States...Devoted primarily to politics...considered an important source for the history of the period."

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