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With the Supplement issue, containing a great wealth of news on the strained relationship with England...

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February 24, 1775

THE VIRGINIA GAZETTE (with Supplement), Williamsburg, Feb. 24, 1775  This newspaper was published by Alexander Purdie, a distinction to be made since there were three newspapers of this title printed in Williamsburg during the early period of the Revolutionary War.
Page 3 has a letter from South Carolina with items from their Provincial Congress including thoughts on whether: "...rice should be upon the footing with indigo, etc. the resolution of the Grand Continental Congress was confirmed by a very small majority, 87 for confirming it, and 75 against it." This is likely reference to the recent Continental Association concerning exportation and importations with England. Also mention that: "...a day be appointed to take he state of this colony into consideration; to enter such resolutions as the house may agree to on their journals; and, in consequence of such resolutions, to prepare an humble, firm, dutiful, and loyal petition to our most gracious sovereign...it passed in the affirmative...".
Then a quite interesting report in a letter from London, which--if the thoughts came to pass--could have changed the path for England and America dramatically: "The resolutions of the Congress are impatiently expected, and in particular by the friends of America, that they may be able to determine on a proper part to take in this unhappy affair. Many wish to wee deputies here from the Congress, and we have reason to believe, if such should be sent (which we have no expectation of) that at this juncture it would answer a good purpose, and probably tend tee lay a foundation for the restoration of harmony...".
There is an interesting letter concerning the prejudices in America against the Scottish.
The back page is taken up with advertisements including one for the sale of 1114 acres which includes: "...up wards of fifty valuable SLAVES..." with details.
Included with this issue is the single sheet "Supplement" of the same date which has a wealth of fine content, more so that the "regular" issue. 
It begins with a great report of a skirmish between Boston residents and British soldiers on Milk Street. There is much detail but I can find nothing of the event online. Near the end: "...The particulars that happened afterwards are too many to be enumerated in a newspaper. It is sufficient to say that upon the evidence the justices thought proper to bind eight of the officers..." with more.
Also mention that: "...the Farmer of Pennsylvania [John Dickinson] had deserted the cause of the colonies in which he had hitherto been so gloriously and successfully engaged..." with more. Also: "...A despicable pamphlet lately printed here...asserted that the only apology that could be made for the conduct of the Continental Congress in adopting the Suffolk Resolves was that they came into this vote immediately after drinking 32 bumpers of Madeira...".
Fine content carries over to the back page with much from the: "Proceedings of the Convention for the Province of Pennsylvania", including: "...Resolved unanimously, that this convention most heartily approve of the conduct & proceedings of the Continental Congress..." with more on this. Most of the page is taken up with a lengthy list of "Resolves" from the convention, many relate to the strained relationship with England.
Complete in six pages with the Supplement, never-trimmed margins, a handsome coat-of-arms engraving in the masthead, a bit of foxing or staining, generally nice condition

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