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Great issue with much detail on the death of Joseph Smith...

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July 20, 1844

NEW YORK WEEKLY TRIBUNE, July 20, 1844  The top of page 7 has a very notable report headed: “The Murder of Joe Smith", a report taken from the ‘Warsaw Signal’, “…a paper that has from the first taken a most active part against the Mormons…”.
It includes in part: “…company of about 100 men marched to the jail in Carthage & demanded the prisoners. A rush was made on the guards…For about two minutes the discharge of firearms within the jail was very rapid. Finally, Joe Smith raised the window, exclaimed ‘Oh my God!’ and threw himself out. He fell heavily on the ground, and was soon despatched. Hyrum was shot in the jail…Immediately on the work being done the men fled!…”.
Other particulars as well, noting: “…The burial of the two Smiths took place at Nauvoo yesterday…without causing any excitement…whatever among the Mormons.”
This report is followed by: “Latest From the Mormon Country” which notes in part: “…the Smiths were murdered by the disaffected Mormon faction, whose press had been burnt & themselves expelled from Nauvoo…” with considerably more, as seen in the photos.
The top of page 8 has: “Latest from the Mormons” which includes in part: “We have news from Nauvoo…Every thing remained quiet…Gov. Ford had taken the strongest measures to preserve the peace…upon the first appearance of hostility on the part of the Mormons an exterminating force would be sent against them. It is said that Joe Smith, in his reflection left with his widow, has appointed his son, a lad of 12 years old, Prophet in his place. The Mormons were many of them leaving Nauvoo…” with much more.
And yet another article at the bottom of page 8 has: “The War At An End” which refers to the ongoing Mormon War.
If the above is not sufficient for one issue, page 4 has: "Ohio Moving" which is primarily about politics, but at the very end is a brief item: "We have a Mormon elder here lecturing in eulogy of the 'martyred' Smiths, and in objurgation of their assassins."
Eight pages, nice condition.

Category: Pre-Civil War