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Roentgen's x-ray discovery...

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January 25, 1896

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, New York, Jan. 25, 1896 

* Discovery of the X-ray
* Wilhelm Roentgen

Page 3 has: "Professor Rontgen's Wonderful Discovery" (Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen) which is reporting of his discover of the x-ray.
Other topics throughout.
Sixteen pages, minor spine wear, generally nice.

wikipedia notes: In late 1895, Röntgen was determined to test his idea. He carefully constructed a black cardboard covering similar to the one he had used on the Lenard tube. He covered the Crookes–Hittorf tube with the cardboard and attached electrodes to a Ruhmkorff coil to generate an electrostatic charge. Before setting up the barium platinocyanide screen to test his idea, Röntgen darkened the room to test the opacity of his cardboard cover. As he passed the Ruhmkorff coil charge through the tube, he determined that the cover was light-tight and turned to prepare the next step of the experiment. It was at this point that Röntgen noticed a faint shimmering from a bench a few feet away from the tube. To be sure, he tried several more discharges and saw the same shimmering each time. Striking a match, he discovered the shimmering had come from the location of the barium platinocyanide screen he had been intending to use next.

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