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Dr. Alice Wynekoop arrested for murder...

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November 24, 1933


* Dr. Alice Wynekoop arrested for murder
* Rheta Gretchen Gardner Wynekoop killing
* Best publication to be had (rare as such)

The front page has a nice banner headline: "DR. WYNEKOOP AND SON HELD" with subheads. More on  pages 2 & 3. Nice related photos are on the back page.
Complete with 36 pages, rag edition in great condition. A few small binding holes along the spine.

wikipedia notes: On November 21, 1933, Wynekoop reported discovering the body of her daughter-in-law, Rheta Gretchen Gardner Wynekoop, on her examination table in her basement surgery. She denied, confessed and then denied again the charges of murder. The motive was ultimately attributed to financial pressures and her motherly protection of her son, Earle, who was miserable in the marriage. Wynekoop was tried twice, the first trial being declared a mistrial because of her poor health. The second resulted in a conviction for murder, as well as a sentence of 25 years. She was incarcerated for fourteen years at the Oakdale Reformatory for Women in Dwight, IL, where in a later news article on the prison, she was described as "the matriarch." She was "a tired, sick, old woman, who did a great deal of knitting for the soldiers during the war." She was released on December 29, 1947 for good behavior.

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