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Very first issue of a very rare American newspaper... dated in 1776...

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June 18, 1776


* Very rare Revolutionary War publication
* Volume 1 Number 1 issue

This is the volume one, number one issue of a very rare newspaper. Its rarity would seem to be sufficient for its desirability, as it lasted for only seven weekly issues, from June 18 thru July 30, 1776. 
But the content is nice as well, particularly given that this issue was printed just 16 days before the Declaration of Independence.
The front page has reports from the: "Grand American Congress" dated May 21 on the treatment of prisoners, beginning: "Resolved, That all persons taken in arms on board any prize, be deemed prisoners, to be taken care of by the supreme executive power in each colony to which they are brought...That such as are taken be treated as prisoners of war, but with humanity..." with much more, including the document: "The Form of the Parole" to be signed. 
Beginning on the front page are: "Instructions to the Representatives of the Town of Boston" which begins: "At a time when in all probability the whole United Colonies of America are upon the verge of a glorious Revolution...We have seen the humble petitions of these colonies to the King of Great Britain repeatedly rejected with disdain. For the prayer of peace, he has tendered the sword;---for liberty, chains;---and for safety---death..." with the balance carrying over to take over one-third of page 2.
Page 2 includes the petition: "To the King's Most Excellent Majesty...." of the leaders of the city of London, pleading for a resolution to the issues with America. It is followed by the King's response which begins: "I deplore with the deepest concern the miseries which a great part of my subjects in North America have brought upon themselves by an unjustifiable resistance to the constitutional authority of this kingdom...".
Inside also has some fine reports from Philadelphia, Canada, Salem, Boston, and Watertown.
Four pages, never-trimmed margins, very slight irregularity at the spine margins, a few very tiny & very discrete archival mends at margins. A very nice and ornate engraving in the masthead. Note also the misspelling of: "Journnal" in the masthead.
In very nice condition and an exceedingly rare title from the Revolutionary War.

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