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Significant Act of Congress in response to the Whiskey Rebellion...

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July 09, 1794

THE CONNECTICUT COURANT, HARTFORD, June 23, 1794  Half of page 2 is taken up with an Act of Congress: "An ACT Making Further Provision for Securing and Collecting the Duties on foreign and Domestic Distilled Spirits, Stills, Wines and Teas." At its conclusion it is signed in type by the President; Go. Washington,
This Act of Congress was notable to the troubling Whiskey Rebellion in Western Pennsylvania. An Act from 1791 initiated the rebellion by grain farmers and this Act tried to alleviate some of the issues.  Ultimately, hundreds of Western Pennsylvania farmers attacked the home of a tax inspector despite it allowing trials in state courts if the defendant was farther than fifty miles from the federal district court. Many westerners continued to refuse to pay the tax and the rebellion only grew.
The whiskey tax would be repealed in the early 1800's during the Jefferson administration. Historians argue that this episode, in the long run, strengthened U.S. nationalism because the people appreciated how well Washington handled the rebels without resorting to tyranny.
Four pages, never-trimmed margins, very minor fold wear causes a tiny slit at the fold juncture affecting 3 words in the Act but causing no loss of readability.

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