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Seabiscuit and his "little biscuits"... Jockey George Woolf...

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July 10, 2003

LOS ANGELES TIMES, July 10, 2003  Just a few weeks prior to the premier of the blockbuster film, "Seabiscuit", the Los Angeles Times had a full banner headline on page B2: "'Seabiscuit' May Put Restaurant in the Money", with subheading: "The Derby, founded by jockey George Woolf, who rode the horse, may see a run as film opens." The coverage provides a bit of background re: The Derby, George Woolf, and Seabiscuit, with a mention of his "little biscuits". The article is quite interesting and provides a large related photo. See images for details.
Other news of the day is found throughout.
Included are most major sections of the newspaper, in very good condition.
Note: The restaurant was still in business as of the creation of this listing.

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