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Attendees on the way to the Gettysburg dedication...

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November 19, 1863

SPRINGFIELD REPUBLICAN, Massachusetts, Nov. 19, 1863

* Ceremony at the Gettysburg battlefield
* Abraham Lincoln's starts journey

 Page 3 has a seemingly inconspicuous and innocuous report, but one which would have much more meaning in American history than anyone on that date could possibly imagine.
Headed: "The National Cemetery Dedication - A Large Attendance Expected". The report tells of the plans for the dedication of the Gettysburg Cemetery noting the various special guests to attend, with Lincoln mentioned almost as an afterthought: "...The train was to connect with the president's company at Hanover Junction, where the president was to be received with appropriate honors & the whole party would then proceed to Gettysburg...".
It was as this event, on Nov. 19, where Lincoln gave his Gettysburg Address.
Four pages, very nice condition.

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