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Dealing with the British living in America...

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July 20, 1812

INDEPENDENT CHRONICLE, Boston, July 20, 1812  Two columns of the front page are taken up with: "A Proclamation" for a day of Thanksgiving in support of the war, signed: James Madison. As well as four Acts of Congress each signed by Madison, one: "For the More Perfect Organization of the Army of the United States".
Also within: "Federal Recommendation of the War" "Frontier News" "and page 3 has 3 documents concerning British living in America, one a: "Notice to British Subjects" and: "An Act Supplementary of hate Act entitled 'An Act Respecting Alien Enemies' "and the other beginning: "All British subjects within the United States are required forthwith to report to the marshals...of the respective states...within which they may reside..." with more detail.
Four pages, nice condition.

Category: War of 1812