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Nice plates, including a cross section of a ship...

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THE GENTLEMAN'S MAGAZINE, London, August, 1748  Among the articles are: "Description of Aix la Chapelle & history of the Protestant Religion There" "New Astronomical Observations" "Of the Late Lunar Eclipse" "Of Saturn & Its Rings" (with full page plate) "Description of the City of Lima, from Betagh's Voyage Round the World..." "Particular Description of Locusts" "Method of Ordering Bees in Greece" and more. Near the back are various news reports from throughout Europe.
Typically the plates found in many of these early magazines were removed many years ago, but this issue still has 2 of the 3 called for and they are nice.
Included is a full page plate of "The Solar System" and "The Artificial Sphere" with a related article; a full page captioned: "An East View of Chelsea College & the Rotunda in Ranelagh Gardens"; and a nice full page showing 3 different cross section views of a ship, with related text. 
Complete in 48 pages, 5 by 8 inches, full title/contents page featuring an engraving of St. John's Gate, very nice condition.

A very nice pre-Revolutionary War magazine from the "mother country" with a wide range of varied content. This was the first periodical to use the word "magazine" in its title, having begun in 1731 and lasting until 1907.

Category: The 1600's and 1700's